Saw a sign for this place - guess it's going into Piggy's location...

Or as y'all would call it up here, PrimoSubs!

alpha1beta alpha1beta
October 13th

Jersey Mike's all the way!!! All their subs are great...even their GF bread is amazing!!

A philly chain. An institution down there. Very good. And yes they are HOAGIES! Go Eagles!!!!!

Great, another chain restaurant. Another overpriced sub chain like jersey mikes lol

October 13th

Excellent sandwiches and a million times better than Jersey Mike’s

Hadenough Hadenough
October 13th

The bread is what makes a sandwich. Mike's sandwiches are good but overpriced. Sub shack has always been our place but now the grove has been renewed . We just need a good cheese steak.

Pookietoo Pookietoo
October 13th

Jersey Mike's is good, not cheap but fair given the quality ingredients. Looking forward to trying PrimoHoagies.

Not a fan of Jersey Mike's. I don't like the generic, no name, meat and cheese they put on their subs. According to the company website they use Thumann's Meats so it sounds promising.

Stay Woke
October 14th

Great another chain food store. I guess it will last longer than the non chain pho place that looks ready to board up.

Primo Hoagies is outstanding! I used to go to one in Ewing, NJ several times a week. It's a real Italian deli and the hoagies are amazing!

Don Keydick Don Keydick
October 15th

Hey - you have to go where you competition is at and go head to head....imo
Think Mike's is much larger in scale franchise...

Never had Primo's but they have 5 different kinds of Italian that's seems legit to me and I miss Piggy's so I would have eventually walked in the place and bought something.

Peace out

Jersey Mikes is Ok. Really only a step up in quality above Subway. Primo looks to be a step above that. Will give it a try but will still take a good ol’ homegrown Jersey sub place any day of the week before any of these chains. And yes de bring back Piggies.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
October 16th

Jersey Mikes is expensive, not very large for l/2 sub and not worth the drive. Can't beat SUB SHACK but watch the time. They close ealy often.

Sub shack is good but the fact that they don’t accept credit cards has kept me from going there probably a dozen times. I’ll be out and about and decide to pick up some dinner or lunch for the family. The thought of sub shack goes through my mind but I rarely carry cash so the thought quickly passes and I end up going to one of the 20 other food options that do accept credit.

October 18th

They are also putting in a Premio Hoagies by the Rockaway Mall.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
October 19th

Consigliere, Subshack has an atm righ inside the shop - I rarely carry cash too, but I can easily withdraw right there....

Who wants to pay atm fees....

Subshack is also on Door Dash now.

Weather Buff
October 22nd

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