Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit something I posted?

Calendar - Click on your event on the calendar and click on Change Event on the bottom right.

Classified - Click on Edit Classified Ad link that is below your ad. If you changed computers or deleted your cookies, simply fill out the contact form for your ad and you will be emailed a link to edit your listing.

Forum - If you are the latest post in a thread and it was recently posted, you can press 'edit' on the bottom left of your post. This will remove your original post and allow you to edit the text and re-post.

Why does it say my name is already in use?

To prevent multiple people using the same name and users being confused, the forum will automatically block new users that try to use a name someone else is already using.

It does this by matching each name to the email address that is posted with it. For example, if JohnSmith posts with, someone else can not come along and post as JohnSmith with the email

Why was my post removed?

This site uses a combination of algorithmic methods and human moderation to keep things civil and fun for everyone. 99% of the time your post is not showing up for one of the following reasons:

This site is privately owned and has no affiliation with the Town of Hackettstown or any of it's businesses. You're use of the site is a privilege, not a right.

How do you protect my email address?

We never email you directly, send you mass messages or share your email address with anyone.

Users do have the ability to send you a message privately via the web site, but this does not reveal your address. We also use your email to generate a Gravatar, which gives you a unique avatar next to your posts.

Why are email addresses not required on the forum?

Many people have suggested that we make email addresses required on the forum to keep people honest. Unfortunately, people will just type in a random email address to get past this, so it is not that useful in practice.

We have tried in the past to authenticate the emails to prevent this, but it turned out that 90% of the posts would never show up. Regular users of the site couldn't figure out how to click the link that would authenticate them.

We do record enough information to track people for legal purposes and an email is not necessary to do this. We relinquish enough information to authorities to identify people using the site when ordered by the courts.