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Looking for a County tax return preparer with low cost

Okay help me direct me here years ago there used to be free in the county to those that couldn't afford an accountant. Are there any of them still around I usually do my own taxes but there's been a complication with my IRS thanks to two Banks screwing it up on me and I need to get that money back from Washington. I hate to go to h&r block and give them like $200 when I only have a few items that are complicated done, and the rest you could just breeze through.
Thanks in advance.

submitted 2 days ago by Outdoors Women

Allstate homeowners insurance could go up more than 55%

"Allstate is warning customers their homeowners insurance premiums could be hiked more than 55% after the insurer asked the state to approve a series of rate hikes. Allstate broke the news to customers in an undated letter that was mailed sometime after its most recent request to regulators. It asked for an increase of 36.9% in a filing with the Department of Banking and Insurance on Feb. 14. The hike is in addition to several other increases, approved in late 2023 and early 2024, of 6.9%, 4.9% and 7.0%, it said."

For Allstate customers here what, if any, companies are you... More

submitted 2 days ago by OnTheEdge

Missing Kitten (Found)

My Grandaughter's kitten has disappeared. Iggy is a young kitten, mostly black hair with a spot of white hair between his back legs. He lived on Canal Lane but could be up in the Hills of Dependence or Second Street.

My Granddaughter is very upset and is hoping that he is returned or finds his way home.

Thank you.

submitted 4 days ago by SED

Hackettstown Urban Legends and All Weird Things


Anyone who's been a local for decades care to shed some light on Hackettstown urban legends, interesting people, weird incidents, or crazy stories?

I've read about Shades of Death, the Rockport train wreck, the biker club shootout, but would like to hear of anything interesting in a similar vein. Thank you very much!

submitted 7 days ago by SmokeyJoe

Assisted Living Community

Recommendations for an assisted living facility for my father in law. He is wheel chair bound. Already looked at Paragon and Heath. Any reviews of House of Good Shephard, Colonial Manor, or others? Thanks!

submitted 1 week ago by kelleo22

Tax Breaks

Hi all.. I decided to save money this year and do my son's income tax return for
'23. he is a college student and worked three jobs last year. Since this is my first go at it, does anyone know of any tax breaks this year for college students. Dylan is 21.
I hope someone is able to help me along Thanks!

submitted 1 week ago by rose eskow

Aldi Coming To Our Area

Aldi Coming To Our AreaFor all those Aldi fans, they will be building one in Mount Olive just west of the former Trading Post on route 46 eastbound side. Opposite where HomeGoods was Dino's Pizza, Dunkin' Donuts etc.
I have only ever been to one in Germany. I guess I'll stop in when it's complete.

submitted 1 week ago by Greg

House siding

I am looking for recommendations for contractors to replace the siding on my house. I checked past history but didn't see anything recent. Thanks in advance!

submitted 1 week ago by Iris

Private LPN or RN

Any recommendations for short-term LPN or RN, maybe retired or recently graduated? Looking for help with my elderly father.

submitted 1 week ago by Jules

Lost cat

Lost black cat near Peach Tree village on February,11
If you have any information please let me know

submitted 2 weeks ago by Seacat

Comcast - No CBS!!! No Super Bowl

Am I alone?

submitted 2 weeks ago by EVV

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