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School Regionalization

There is a meeting Tuesday night at 7pm in Great Meadows School to discuss regionalization of Hackettstown, Great Measows and Liberty. This will make our taxes in Hackettstown go even higher. Children from here will need to be bused to there. The Superintendent is saying our schools here in Hackettstown are overcrowded. If that is the case how were Hatchery Hill students able to be absorbed into Hackettstown buildings? I do realize that some were bused to Great Meadows.

This whole idea is ridiculous. Our school taxes are high enough. We need to stop this now! We need our... More

submitted 9 hours ago by Sport

Lost Pitbull, Marble Hill Rd. GM; "Blue" (FOUND)

Lost Pitbull, Marble Hill Rd. GM; "Blue" (FOUND)Has anyone seen me I'm a friendly blue pitbull named blue I live at 62 marble hill Rd great Meadows NJ 07838 I went to pee and chased a deer my daddy and kid have been out looking since 830 for me please contact my owner

I am Grey with a white stripe down my chest and I am a beefy pitbull but I am a total love bug

Jess 908-283-1037

there is a very upset little boy waiting for me at home

submitted 14 hours ago by Jessica Croucher

Found: Husky type dog on Allen road

Mansfield Police just posted a couple of photos of a husky type pup. Who was found on Friday on Allen road near Warren Village. She is currently at Common Sense For Animals.

submitted 18 hours ago by Natari

Out of town police vehicles at Centenary

I was driving by the Centenary this morning and couldn't help but notice many parked police vehicles all around the college and the neighborhood. Cars from all over including Ogdensburg, Passaic, Wall township, State Park police, Rutgers police, etc. It doesn't seem like there is an issue there but possibly some type of seminar or something for the police in the area. Anyone have any idea?

submitted 20 hours ago by JB400

Prime Self Storage - Washington

Hi Guys,

I am curious if anyone has ever used Prime Self Storage on Route 31 in Washington. (Across From Shop Rite Looking for any kind of reviews - I am debating moving out of my current storage unit and over there because prices are much lower. Lower prices means lower quality, but I can't stand to pay so much to have a pile of stuff in a box for so much a month!

Looking for any help at all before I make the move.

Thanks in advance!

submitted 1 day ago by Eric

Sunday Nights - things to do?

Anything to do around town on a Sunday night these days?

submitted 1 day ago by HappyTeacher

Coyote problem

The coyotes seem to be so active and plenty of them this year. Has anyone noticed an increase in activity with them?
There are 2 packs behind my house and for some reason 1 pack keeps coming down by my horses and I am concerned.

They are howling and barking all hours during the night and sometimes during the day .

Any suggestions?

submitted 1 day ago by Summer

Fireworks just now in Hackettstown 11/18

Anyone know what the Fireworks were for and where just now in Hackettstown? Saw them through the tree's in the rain just now

submitted 2 days ago by Carol

TCM on Demand Issues

I enjoy watching the movies on TCM. I have COMCAST cable and have noticed some anomalies with TCM on demand. Some of the movies stop about half way through, while with certain others the audio and video are out of synch. I have two different cable boxes and the anomalies occur on both. Wondering if anyone else had experienced similar issues.

submitted 2 days ago by BC

Looking for volunteer opportunities in the area

I'm thinking about trying to find an organization to volunteer with during my free time on Saturdays. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm really open to anything. Just been feeling like I need to give back lately.

submitted 2 days ago by snowballcat

Yet Another Rocker Gone - Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young of AC/DC. I spent many a day rocking my drums to those guys back in the day.

submitted 2 days ago by Greg

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