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Winter Funnies

Winter FunniesLOLOL

submitted 8 hours ago by 4catmom

Hope Dunkin Donuts

Just FYI that it exists in the old bank building across Rt 80 by Tramountain Harley Davidson. Pretty amazing that after a number of failed businesses and casual restaurants, this guy opens up and they are streaming in. And they don't even make the donuts there!!! (they do make the other stuff).

EZ drive through (like a bank's without the tubes), very nice accommodations inside (like a bank....) and always a nice stream of people coming in hopefully keeping those donuts moving and fresh.

submitted 10 hours ago by strangerdanger

White Christmas?

Looking like snow on Christmas Eve, this might be our best chance in recent years!

submitted 12 hours ago by ChristmasSnow!

School closings and delays 12/14/17

Hackettstown schools are on a 90 min delay.

submitted 17 hours ago by littlelu

Dental Clinic

Has anyone gone to a dental clinic for a root canal lately? I called UMDNJ//Rutgers earlier and they would not give prices over the phone. I just want to see if is worth me making the appointment for the evaluation or if I should just pay out-of-pocket for a dentist around here. Thanks!

submitted 1 day ago by Rmmjs

Snow 12/13-12/14/17

Snow 12/13-12/14/171-2" expected for our area tonight into the early morning. The ground is so cold, it should all stick to the roads.

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

RIP - Father Andrew Apostoli

A true man of God. Probably unknown by anyone who doesn't watch EWTN which is most people :)

It gives me hope that there are so many people like him, outside of 'pop culture', that tirelessly, and without widespread recognition, try to make the world a better place.

RIP Father Apostoli. Pray for us.


submitted 1 day ago by scottso

RIP Pat DiNizio- Smithereens Lead Singer

What a voice, what great shows they put on, farewell Pat DiNizio at only 62 years old, lead singer of the NJ band the Smithereens.

Saw him and the band many times, was looking forward to them going back on the road next year after his latest health issue- but that time will never come.

RIP Pat.

submitted 1 day ago by The Rhyme Animal

Police activity in Budd Lake

Anyone know why there's a helicopter circling the manor house section of Budd lake ??

submitted 2 days ago by Curious George

Lost white and black cat, Valentine St.

If anyone in Hackettstown around Valentine Street, Grand Avenue, Main Street area has seen or picked up this cat can you please contact me immediately. Shes very friendly about a year old. She kind of runs away to strangers but will do not harm. Its hard to prevent her from going outside but she has been on and off. Always comes back in everyday. But it has been 4 days now and no where abouts. Please help me find her. Please. Contact me

submitted 2 days ago by Reyanne 9084551219

Moving & leaving my young adult behind, what you think?

I been in USA for 24 years, I'll be 40 years old next year.
I been working since the third day I got here, I have 4 kids one will be 21 by the end of December, 12,10 and 6 years old.
My husband is from Puerto Rico and we want to take our 3 little kids to my country (Ecuador) my adult child still live with us, last week we told my kids we are moving to our small house in Budd lake so we can be able to pay our mortgage with in 15 years so we can... More

submitted 2 days ago by Eli

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