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New Voice at WRNJ

I must have missed the introduction...who is the new morning voice at WRNJ and what became of Dave Kelber?

submitted 4 hours ago by Evergreen'69

Recommendations for snow removal?

Hi, does anyone know of any reliable snow removal services?

submitted 1 day ago by Lisa Maca

Disposing of Storm Door

I need to get rid of a storm door, any recommendations on where?

submitted 2 days ago by HTown mom

Long Valley doctor

RIP Dr Munson. You are truly missed.

submitted 2 days ago by Bernie

Survey in the Mail

I received a large envelope from something called Ipsos Research Center. Since I usually open everything, even if I think it is junk mail, I opened it to discover a survey and a $5 bill enclosed for "my trouble". I will receive an additional $10.00 if I complete the survey & return it. The questions were fairly innocuous, but I don't give out my email address or telephone number, so that was the end of that. Just wanted to let you know, if you get one of these surveys, there is $5 in it for you.

submitted 2 days ago by Lonesome Dove

Hackettstown Board of Education candidates

I understand mail-in ballots are coming soon and wanted to share some information about your candidates for the Board of Education.

My name is Jami Cavanagh. I have served on the BOE for 1 term (closing in on 3-years) and, unfortunately, I missed the deadline to turn in my petition. I thought it was on a Tuesday, but it was on a Monday. I had a lot of time to turn it in, but kept telling myself, I have enough time.. Until it was too late. I was literally about to leave for the courthouse to turn it in when... More

submitted 5 days ago by Jami Cavanagh

CenturyLink Internet

Has anyone else experienced many outages and disruption in service with CenturyLink Internet lately? I have just about enough of this terrible company!

submitted 5 days ago by Zipp

Car registration

My husband and I need to switch the names on two of our registrations and titles. When I research it, I can only find info as if I am giving/selling to someone out side our household. We do not want new plates, etc. Thank you for any info and shared experience.

submitted 6 days ago by Timetoswitch

Small Black Cat Rte 46 E (Deceased)

Sorry to report a small black cat who appears to have recently passed is located in the grass on the corner (near the bank entrance) on Rte 46 E just past Stiger. I haven't seen any recent lost cat postings, but someone may be looking.

submitted 6 days ago by Weebiekins

Hackettstown Fire - 9/20/21

RNJNEWS: HACKETTSTOWN, NJ (Warren County) - A fire at a Jersey Central Power and Light substation on West Stiger St is causing a power outage to nearly 3,000 customers.

submitted 7 days ago by Real1

Government Medicare Handbook

Has anyone received the Official U.S. Government Medicare Handbook for this year 2021 yet?

This is coming into the "season" to make any changes or not.


submitted 1 week ago by Bernie

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