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Weenie Wagon

There is a woman in Hackettstown with a hot dog cart. I think she calls it the Weenie Wagon or Wiener Wagon. I need to contact her about an event. Can anyone help me with contact info?

submitted 9 hours ago by Melanie Thiel


is there any places that do bingo anymore like firehouses ect. is that no longer popular.

submitted 10 hours ago by bingo

Forcing towns to merge (amongst other ideas)

Things could get real interesting in northwest nj

New Jersey public workers could see cuts to their health care and pensions, motorists could travel on more toll roads and towns could be forced to consolidate if lawmakers embrace recommendations being considered by a high-powered group formed by ...

submitted 11 hours ago by Bug3

Where to pick up pool badges?

Can someone tell me where we pick up pool badges that are already purchased? Thank you!

submitted 11 hours ago by Spence

Neighborhood Bingo

Neighborhood BingoI have moved out of the area but, I saw this and I fortunately/unfortunately thought of this site. Let's play Bingo Everyone!! :-)

submitted 15 hours ago by halloweenguy

For HL women- Men with beards...

Silly question but do you like beards on men? Noticing a lot of men these days with beards, long, short etc. Just curious.

submitted 1 day ago by Tusk

Male Black lab? On Danville Mtn Rd

Anyone lose this Male dog? No collar. Possibly black lab. Ran when I shooed it away from my yard. I would have tried to help but my 2 dogs were on the patio with me and thankfully didn't see him! Neighbor says he jumped in her car open window but left when she shooed him. Hate to think he's an abandon dog.

submitted 1 day ago by Crystal Cahill

Dave Ramsey Money Coaching

I'm retiring from my corporate IT exec job this month and transitioning to something I love - helping people get their finances in order and get out of the debt ditch. I've been a personal finance junkie since I was in my 20's (looong time ago - hint: disco was in vogue but I hated it - I turned off the radio when Led Zeppelin broke up).

Anyhoo, I listen to Dave Ramsey's great get-outta-debt radio show/podcast and I'd like to host one of his Financial Peace University seminars here in Hackettstown. Three local churches host them locally but none have... More

submitted 1 day ago by BH2

Happy Birthday Bryan!

Happy Birthday Bryan!Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day our dear weather forecasting friend!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Lost Gray/White Cat with Black Nose

Lost Gray/White Cat with Black NoseCat lost on South Lincoln Avenue - Washington Borough. Gray and white with black nose. 13 years old. Chubby. Declawed. Missing One front tooth. Female. Microchipped. Answers to Pearl.

submitted 2 days ago by Troy

2018 Patio Hardscaping recomendations

Looking to have some patio work done. Any new recommendations out there.

submitted 2 days ago by CraftBeerBob

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