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Red Wolfe Inn

Trying to get in touch with the restaurant since noon. Does anyone know if it is closed, or on vacation?

submitted 11 hours ago by USAfirst

Bollard Installer Recommendation

I am trying to sell my home in Hackettstown and they have new CCO laws which require a bollard to be installed near any water heater residing in a garage. I have never even heard this word before; it is a metal post to prevent a vehicle from driving into the water heater. This requires drilling into the concrete floor. Home Depot, Lowes and the plumber who installed the water heater do not install this.

Does anyone know anyone who could do this? The township said it would need to be 3 feet tall, 30" in front of the water... More

submitted 15 hours ago by Jason M

Disability lawyer/Rheumatologist recommendations

Looking for a reasonable Disability lawyer and any helpful info.concering disability.Also any recommendations for Rheumatoid Arthritis doctor

submitted 19 hours ago by Twin pines

Independence first aid

I could not find a way to send direct

to the members all of you
Thank you for being a big part of saveing my moms life you came to our house and took her to warren hospital she was suffering from a ruptured aortic anurisum in the abdomen warren hospital put her in a chopper to another hospital she was operated on and is recovering well

I cant say thank you enough
claude eroh (caged animal)

submitted 1 day ago by Caged Animal

Scam targeting businesses

I searched forum topics for " scam " and didn't see what I was looking for. Has any business owner gotten an email from someone who said they are hearing impaired and wanted to schedule or buy services and can only email or text ? I knew right away it was a scam but kept the email thread going to gather evidence. They asked for costs right away etc. I finally asked to speak to someone in person and got a call right away from a man who I had trouble understanding. After... More

submitted 1 day ago by just coach

NJ Clean Energy Progam and Rebates

For folks looking at AC, Appliances: Refrigerator/Water Heater/Clothes Washer or Dryer, Cooling Equipment or Heating Equipment, Appliance Recycling - Refrigerators, Freezers, Room A/C, Dehumidifiers, you may save a few beaners by going here: http://www.njcleanenergy.com/?utm_source=July+2018&utm_campaign=July+2018&utm_medium=email

Often your AC vendor might overlook these because it's extra work for them to fill out the paperwork which is a page full of model numbers and the like. Up to $500 back on central air.

You used to be able to get deals on LEDs and CFLs but didn't save anything over a HDepot sale price.

submitted 1 day ago by strangerdanger

Happy Birthday Greg!

Happy Birthday Greg!Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Looking for endodontist

Does anyone recall the name of the endodontist on Rt.10 ( west bound side ) ..in Roxbury / Succassunna ?

I had a great experience with him few years back, can't seem to find contact info.

submitted 1 day ago by steven

Please curb your dog!

From what I observe, dog walkers are generally respectful of property in residential neighborhoods.
However, I seem to see that lacking for Main Street at times and places like the island on Prospect Street, Public Library and Historical Society front lawns.
Please pick up after your dog EVERYWHERE!

submitted 2 days ago by WCGuy

Sirens in Hackettstown 7/16

Lots of sirens..anybody know what's going on?

submitted 2 days ago by Bug3

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Some real good deals this afternoon on Amazon Prime for Prime members . TV firestick with Alexa 19.99 , kindle paperwhite 79.99 , Fire HD8 49.99 . I already have the latter two , but got the firestick for a second tv - that way when I switch to youtube tv , with the Roku Express on one tv , firestick on the other I'll be covered for both sets .


submitted 2 days ago by 97XBAM

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