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New sex offender warning

New sex offender warningI just received the attached from my gov. monitoring service - apparently this person is living in the Walmart parking lot, is that possible?

submitted 16 hours ago by Reggie Voter

A HUGE Thank you!

Thank you SO MUCH to whoever found my wallet today at the food truck festival and turned it in. I asked who you were so I could thank you in person and buy you a treat from the trucks, but no one could say. I was carrying my nephew and I must've dislodged my wallet from my pocket when I shifted him on my hip... It had all my money for the festival and my gas money for the week... You're a truly good person, God Bless!!!

submitted 18 hours ago by Weebiekins

Nielsen Radio Diary

Has anyone received a request in the mail from Nielsen Radio Diary to complete a booklet for one week of your radio listening? It asks for times, station, and place your were (like at home, at work, in a car). They also included $2.00 with the pamphlet. I can't see any harm in doing this and mailing it back, but I'm such a distrusting skeptic, it makes me nervous.
They thanked me for agreeing to do this survey, but I never agreed prior to receiving the diaries in the mail (they sent 2 of them). There was a... More

submitted 18 hours ago by Lonesome Dove

Happy Birthday Nosila!

Happy Birthday Nosila!Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day my friend!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696


Is there anyplace in hackettstown or surrounding area that have bingo night?

submitted 1 day ago by HS

RIP Peter Fonda "Wyatt"

RIP Peter Fonda "Wyatt"A legend gone.

Captain America that he (Wyatt) rode in Easy Rider is one of the most recognizable motorcycles in the world. They will be forever linked.

submitted 1 day ago by Greg

Small red & white snake very close to my house

My wife went out to walk the dog.

She came right back in.

There was a small red & white snake right at the bottom of my stairs in the driveway.

I know nothing about snakes but he reared up and lunged at me twice.

I covered him to trap him as I don't want it going in my garage or car or house or attacking my wife or dog.

I'm not a hunter and 100% say let animals be- until they come into or close to my home....

Not thrilled about the concept of squishing it, but also don't want it invading my... More

submitted 1 day ago by Josh

Paving Scam 8/16/19

Please be aware C&C Paving is driving around town today knocking on doors and offering to pave your driveway at a discount. They claim to be working on a paving project on College View (or perhaps some other road on the opposite side of town depending on where you live). They 'finished early' and have a crew just hanging around with nothing to do. Looking for a quick project and will give a great discount, today only.

DPW says they don't have any paving project going on at College View today. It's a high pressure tactic to... More

submitted 2 days ago by hktownie

Professional Resume Writers

I did a quick search and found a thread on professional resume writers back in 2013. I might be in the market for a professional resume service. Any recommendations for one? The resume would be for the information technology field.

submitted 2 days ago by Frank The Tank

Found: Skateboard

Found: SkateboardAnyone missing a skateboard. One has shown up leaning against a tree in my backyard.

submitted 3 days ago by Earnhardt

Local OB that delivers at Morristown or St Clare’s

I want to see if anyone has had any good experiences with a local OB that delivers at either Morristown or St Clare’s AND is doula friendly. Doula recommendations also welcome!

My current GYN does not do OB anymore and I wanted to see if anyone had recommendations on a local practice. I probably would be going to midwife route, but because of some complications with conception I may need a couple more ultrasounds that normal.

submitted 3 days ago by First time mom to be

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