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Bright lite with spikes in sky 6:30 pm

Anyone else see the bright lit spike thing in the northern sky? Its not a plane or planet.

submitted 4 hours ago by Sandy Tomlinson


Hi there. I am starting a small business and need help with the accounting aspect and the bookkeeping of it all. If you know of a CPA or Bookkeeper that works privately with different clients and is reliable please post down below! Thanks!

submitted 10 hours ago by Sarah

National Squirrel Appreciation Day 1/21!

National Squirrel Appreciation Day 1/21!It's National Squirrel Appreciation Day. Throw some nuts out into your backyard today.

submitted 14 hours ago by Calico696

Diaper donation

Looking for a place to donate diapers. I tried to post this before and it got removed saying there was a convo about this already but my search found no results similar to my question that I could find. Anyone know where I can donate please?

submitted 1 day ago by Camper

Yellow Lab Found - Rockport & Karrsville Rd area

Saw this posted on the Mansfield Neighborhood Watch facebook page. My neighbor has the dog.

UPDATE: ACO Rob took him to Common Sense.

submitted 2 days ago by YellowLab

HL Breakfasts

What happened to the HL Breakfasts? Used to be posts about weekly Sunday meetings for breakfast even if a few people were going and that has not happened lately.

submitted 3 days ago by reisident08

Necklace found at Walmart

Necklace found at WalmartFound this necklace in the Walmart parking lot around 10:30 am. Gave it to customer service in case anyone is looking for it.

submitted 3 days ago by Thecatsmeow

Madaras Family Dental

Any reviews? This dentist was in top dentists, and he is also in my plan..

submitted 5 days ago by Townmom

Maria Bonita on fire

Structure fire, upstairs apartment.

submitted 6 days ago by Mouse29

Birds in park at Fish Hatchery off Willow Grove Road

Last few times I’ve been in the park I’ve seen these two guys calling to a bird that then flys down close to them then flys back into the trees. Today I see them in the parking lot holding up what appears to be a dead bird from the tip of its wings as it dangles there. Anyone know what theses guys are up too? It’s very odd.

submitted 6 days ago by Nj

2019/2020 MLB Offseason / Hot Stove

Cora and Hinch canned... start the Doomsday Clock for Beltran. There's no way he survives the cheating scandal and makes it to Port St. Lucie in less than four weeks.

submitted 6 days ago by ianimal

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