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Happy Birthday Cherie!

Happy Birthday Cherie!Happy Birthday! Enjoy it!

submitted 2 hours ago by Calico696

Happy Birthday Snoopy!

Happy Birthday Snoopy!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 2 hours ago by Calico696

Former location of Tandoori already rented out

I saw a family going in there today while at the stop light and they took the for rent signs off.

I drove by last night and they had a help wanted sign up.

Does anyone know what this location is turning into?

submitted 4 hours ago by AnthonyB

Live music

Hi there friends! My birthday is on Saturday and I'm really trying to find a bar/restaurant that has live music. Id prefer acoustic music... Nothing loud and crazy. We went to Mcnalleys last year which was great but too loud for what I'm looking for this year. I once was at Mattars and there was a guy playing his acoustic guitar all night. I loved every second. Can anyone recommend something like this for Saturday night? Thanks!

submitted 11 hours ago by Anom

New Ice Cream Shop

It's a little out of town, but we stopped in Das' Creamery tonight in Budd Lake after seeing it mentioned on the sidebar under the Mt Olive Forum. Homemade ice cream in all kinds of interesting flavors. A nice mix of traditional (vanilla, chocolate, etc.) and more funky flavors (smoked peach, banana Oreo, strawberry coconut). The very friendly owner spent time talking with us about the shop and the ice cream. Great experience.

submitted 13 hours ago by Mom of 1&1

Italian Deli, The Pantry, Coming to Netcong

There is an Italian Deli and catering place called The Pantry, in Netcong. It is where the Italian deli use to be and where Jerry's Seafood was. They were working on it today when I passed by earlier. I can't wait! :)

submitted 14 hours ago by Wild Angel

Farms or Soccer Fields?

Once again progress might take another Warren County farm. However this time it's fifty acres of black, glacial soil that will be permanently removed from the food chain if the Allamuchy bond issue is voted for. Farms with this type of soil left over from the glaciers are very limited in the tri-state area, let alone here in Warren County.

How do you think the kids would feel about being the cause for losing this special soil for play fields that will be used less by them than the farmers and eventually the local customers? Why not buy land like... More

submitted 14 hours ago by One-Eyed Poacher

Joan Rivers on life support Melissa in denial

Pull the plug and let her go with dignity but I guess that no talent daughter has to figure out what she's going to do without the golden goose.

submitted 23 hours ago by Mr Negative

2014/2015 Wood Pellet Prices

It's that time again to start thinking of stocking the garage with pellets.

Has anyone been pricing them out? and if so how much have you been seeing them for?

Lowes and Home Depot's are priced high at $239 a ton.

submitted 1 day ago by Nosila

H'town Cop at Elsie's on Waterloo

Saw a cop this afternoon sitting at Elsie's and it appeared he was radaring for speeders. Don't think that is Hackettstown - pretty sure it's Allamuchy State land.

Thought the tracks were the border of H'town on Waterloo and Elsie's is at least a mile past the tracks.

Years ago didn't they get slapped down for writing tickets at the NJ Armory - I don't know maybe they are testing the waters again but heads up.

submitted 1 day ago by RU

Hackettstown Football

Does anyone have any information or news on how the Tigers made out in their scrimmage game today against Belvidere? I heard the defense needs a lot more practice..

submitted 1 day ago by big sports fan

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