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Local taxi for in-town errands?

Any recomendations reliable taxi services just for local errands mostly in town or Mansfield??
I see taxis around town but never seem to be able to jot down info as they drive by.

submitted 14 hours ago by carols mom


Hello, I posted a little while back about fishing spots and got great responses. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if it is common to have termites around here? I don't know that I have them. I am looking to see how common they are and ask if anyone knows a good reputable company that is fairly priced to inspect for them.

submitted 2 days ago by Friendly neighbor

Nutritionist who accepts insurance?

Can anyone recommend a nutritionist around the Hackettstown area who accepts insurance? Thanks!

submitted 2 days ago by Libertyres

Hackettstown Animal Hospital - RIP Montaque

This is a message of Thank You

Over the last 9 yrs you have taken care of my pal and best friend Montaque the cat. To day I was to do a hard thing and I had to put him down and he will be missed very much .
Blessed be to all of you who post on this forum

submitted 2 days ago by Caged Animal

FOUND small dog

Anyone loose a small dog, no collar or tags, totally soaked, must have been loose all night. Owner must provide proof of ownership pictures and description of the lost dog before being released to you.

submitted 2 days ago by C.J.

Traffic expectation Route 46 Hackettstown to Clifton

Hello- I'm thinking of moving to Hackettstown and am spooked by hearing about traffic on 80. What is traffic flow like on 46 between Hackettstown and Clifton?

submitted 2 days ago by Bill Cahill

HDTV Antenna

Has anyone tried these HDVT Antenna's?

To eliminate the cable or dish cost - they have these 50 mile antenna's but think there is a Cable TV antenna in Port Murray old Storer Cable set-up...just wondering? Don't think they have to reach NYC.

Not sure if people realize that the Federal Government requires HD signals to be public so if have a good antenna you can get as many as you can pluck out of the air - legally.

Just wondering if any luck with them?


submitted 3 days ago by ru

Subway gone on the hill

I was just wondering what happened to the Subway by the Exxon on route 46? Went to Burger king last night and saw that Subway was empty and all the signs gone. Today went to Chili's in Flanders and saw that Macaroni grill was also gone! WTF is going on here!

submitted 3 days ago by Sergio Qureshi

Any local police wearing body cams?

Any local police wearing body cams? And, if not should they be?

submitted 3 days ago by OnTheEdge

Any suggestions for a make up artist?

I'm looking for a make up artist for a function in August and was wondering if anyone knew of any one in the area or has used anyone in the area

Thank you for any input!

submitted 3 days ago by Summer

FOUND small fawn & black dog, green collar

2nd posting, in my haste the email was wrong
ound this dog today friendly but won't let me catch him. So I was able to give him water and got him into my dog pen. green collar. anyone know who owns him-I called Hackettstown police, they are contacting animal control. contact me or them if you know who owns him.

Hackettstown/ Independence -may have wandered.

submitted 3 days ago by carol

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