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This area could become the mecca of NJ Marijuana growth

With all the farmland here, monies should be invested in this area to grow marijuana in large scales for CBD and other THC product, for both medical and recreational. Think about the enormous economic growth and job creation in the area while maintaining an agricultural presence, not having to bring in nature destroying industry to do it.

Would truly be a "Garden State venture"

submitted 1 day ago by JohnBrown

Verizon Service Today

Good morning.
Is anyone having problems making & receiving
calls today from cell phone?
Calls will connect, but then drop.

submitted 5 days ago by Puden

Day trip with older parents

Any suggestions for an outdoor adventure to do with older parents. Looking for something like a garden

submitted 7 days ago by KC

Student car Brakes

Are there any side mechanics or writers that can do brake jobs for a HS students car? Money is a bit tight and big companies charge way to much. Looking for a local mechanic that is reasonable. Thank You

submitted 7 days ago by DJ

West End Farmer's Market

I am looking for your feedback on Hackettstown's new West End Farmer's Market. I I have a home-based business and am interested in participating but was hoping for some experiences you might have had and how well it is attended. Thank you!!!!!

submitted 1 week ago by Blankets Extra

Rt 46 East closed tonight 5/23

Tonight at about 9:30 pm Rt 46 East was closed at East Ave. Anyone know what was going on, accident? Fire ? Was detoured onto East Ave to Drakestown Rd.

submitted 1 week ago by Mr 4Paws

Medicare Fraud

The Medicare Fraudsters finally caught me. Someone, somehow, despite all my careful attempts, got hold of my Medicare number and has started filing claims that aren't mine. Most of them are for $96 for Covid tests, but there was another rather large one for catheters. I have reported all of them to the Fraud Department at Medicare and was advised that they are getting many, many reports of this type of thing.
Check your claims regularly. I go on-line often to check and that's how I stumbled on to this mess. The lady at Medicare was very... More

submitted 1 week ago by Lonesome Dove

A bear visit E. Prospect St Htown

I have had a bear break a 2 pc gate off my fencing; ripped it off. THe bear took
down and smashed a few feeders. He also pulled a metal pole over in half
Today May 22 my third visit by bear, ripping off other side gate; There were NO feeders outside I bring them in at night; He tore down a blue bird house;
ripped it off pole and killed 3 baby blue birds. Keep your eyes open I thought bears migrated else where.

submitted 1 week ago by Toni J Torchia

5/20/23 Power Outage

No power issues in Hackettstown this morning? Lots of power issues just west of Hackettstown since 10:30PM or so last night. Hearing parts of Independence are out. Liberty and Oxford are almost all out. JCP&L has a 2AM restoration time...

submitted 1 week ago by Lenny Rock

Minebrook Golf Club

Heard rumor that Minebrook Golf Club was sold. New owner is previous owner, Rocco. New name: Mountain Ridge??? Can anyone confirm this?

submitted 1 week ago by Big Al

Tomato Plants

I've been told when watering to be careful to not water the leaves. What about when it rains?

submitted 1 week ago by Parental Unit

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