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Cost to refinish (stone facade) a fireplace?

Hi everyone.

My wife and I are about to start a project fixing up our house outside.

We are tearing off our rotting front and back decks, rebuilding and as part of it we want to dress up the concrete foundation in stone facing.

We also want to have the existing chimney (zero clearance like a townhouse would have) external cladding removed and stoned to match.

The existing fireplace oddly stops above the ground and a small basement window is below it- so that will need to be boxed in to make it look like a real fireplace that goes to the ground and... More

submitted 2 hours ago by Josh

Memorial at cemetery?

I just want to go to the Memorial at the cemetery. About what time does that start? I know the parade starts. at 10:00 am.

submitted 3 hours ago by Outdoor Woman

RIP Bart Starr

One of the all time great players in football and arguably the greatest Packer to ever wear the uniform.

He led Green Bay to six division titles, five NFL championships and wins in the first two Super Bowls. Not bad in a 16 year stretch with Green Bay. He and the great Vince Lombardi were class all the way. Unlike Brady / Belichick no asterisks next to their names.

submitted 5 hours ago by Greg

Happy Birthday Rob Durana!

Happy Birthday Rob Durana!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 15 hours ago by Calico696

Gregg Allmans Guitarist and Band at Roys Hall in Blairstown tonite

Atlanta Cafe opening.. anyone else going?

submitted 1 day ago by fw

Lowes Hardwood Floor Installation

Has anyone used Lowes to install hardwood
flooring? If so, how was your experience and
would you recommend using them?
Thank you for your feedback.

submitted 1 day ago by Ginny

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Looking for information about this place which I just heard about. I read there are boardwalks and flat paths there which is something we need ...... any info / feedback would be appreciated. Thank-you!

submitted 1 day ago by happiest girl

Hackettstown HS wins Freddy Award for Tuck Everlasting!

A big congratulations for the Hackettstown HS for winning the Freddy award for "Outstanding Overall Production by a Smaller School"for their performance of Tuck Everlasting. I personally saw the hard work and dedication that went into this and thought the show was amazing and well deserving of this award. With there home theater being out of commission they stepped it up and went the extra mile(s) (quite literally) to make this work. What a great, talented group of kids with a great leader to put on this production. We should all be proud of our school.

submitted 2 days ago by JB400

Happy Birthday colette!

Happy Birthday colette!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 3 days ago by Calico696

Travel hockey

Hello, where do your mites go for travel hockey? Is there any good programs in the area? My research shows nothing closer than an hour of drive. Thank you

submitted 4 days ago by AM

Collection of Old and Unusual Coins

I have a couple of dishes full of various coins (don't know why I saved them all these years) and also some of the collectible coins that you were able to buy years ago that were limited edition. Is there anyone local to the Hackettstown area that might be into coin collecting or can help me with deciding if any of these have value?

submitted 4 days ago by joyful

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