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Independence Twp Aftercare Programs for 2014-2015

We used Sunny Day's Aftercare program for the last 2 years. Sunny Days is no longer doing this service. I was wondering what other parents are doing for Aftercare???

submitted 5 hours ago by Rascal.on.the.mnT

Life-Saving Surgery Needed for Hackettstown Native

I'm trying to spread the word for my friends sister. She is suffering from gastroparesis, an illness which paralyzes the stomach to the point that she is unable to eat anything and must use the help of feeding tubes and the illness is now causing further medical complications. She is hoping to get a pacemaker placed in her stomach however her insurance has denied the surgery three times now. Her friends and family are trying to raise money so that she can become healthy again and get back to living the life a vibrant young person should be living.... More

submitted 10 hours ago by Gpwarrior

Happy Birthday Computer Sharp aka RyanOMac!

Happy Birthday Computer Sharp aka RyanOMac!Not sure what name he's going by these days, but it doesn't matter! It's his birthday!

Happy Birthday! Have a fabulous day!

submitted 13 hours ago by Calico696

ISIS Beheads US Journalist

Journalist Thomas Foley was beheaded by ISIS today. They are also holding two more hostages and said they will do the same to them tomorrow. These guys need to be taken out immediately as they have served notice that will be coming after us.

submitted 21 hours ago by kb2755

Family in need of supplies for baby girl

Hi everyone! A friend of mine is having a baby soon and donated all of her daughters baby stuff before she knew she was having another daughter, times are hard right now and the baby is coming soon and she needs some stuff for her, I'm wondering if anyone knows where you can get baby stuff for free or if anyone on here has some stuff they can donate , I have seen people do amazing things on here.

submitted 23 hours ago by Ciaracakes

FOUND Beagle - Panther Valley

Posted from Classifieds. No photo.

""Found dog on bald eagle. Female beagle. Call Lisa 908-619-4162""

submitted 23 hours ago by Nature Lover

Gunshots or fireworks in Kenwood?

Anyone hear the 6 blasts in kenwood moments ago?

submitted 23 hours ago by Njchia

Found baby kittens

My boyfriend found 1-2 week old baby kittens on his property. We called animal control but did not receive an answer. I am looking for advice as to how to keep these kittens safe until 1) their mother comes back 2) if they have been abandoned until they are picked up and hopefully brought to a shelter. Is there anyone who could offer advice, or anyone who knows anyone who would be willing to care for this kitten family?

PS. we leave for vacation tomorrow, so that's the urgency. Thanks

submitted 1 day ago by helpthekitty

Top Ten Songs by Month/Year

some songs from your time


submitted 1 day ago by ignatz

Electrician Recommendations for Service Upgrade & other needs

I searched the forum and see over a year old recommendations. I am posting again, since some businesses maybe no longer be in business and there could be new ones. I would appreciate it if the moderator will keep this post.

Looking for electrician to do a service upgrade, sub panel, generator panel, and some outdoor lighting.

submitted 1 day ago by Townie70

Soccer/Sports Equipment

I'm looking to purchase some soccer equipment for my 5 year old (this is his first year on a team). Does anyone know where I would get the best deal on shin guards and socks and cleats?


submitted 1 day ago by megan

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