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Today at RDJ Service Center

Today at RDJ Service CenterThere was a problem with a tractor trailer today at RDJ Service center in Great Meadows.

submitted 4 hours ago by Urge

Best places to visit in Point Pleasant area?

Going down to Point Pleasant soon - haven't been in years.

Anyone know good shops, bars, restaurants, night spots to hit?

Thanks! Happy Safe Summer to all!!

submitted 8 hours ago by MAN

Iran Nuclear Deal

Are you against or in favor of congress rejecting the Iran Nuclear Agreement?

submitted 9 hours ago by JudeSilve

Recommendation for kidney doctor?

Looking for a good kidney doctor. Having a little issue and have never used a kidney doctor before.

submitted 12 hours ago by Earnhardt

Potholes or Pensions


Yet another low intelligence sick proposal from the NJEA. Anyone agree to send money for roads to pensions?

submitted 15 hours ago by iJay

Cat boarding?

I am going away for a few days and am looking for a place to board my cat. Any recommendations?

submitted 23 hours ago by pmnsk

LOST Cat, Grand View Area H'town/Mansfield; "Skittles"

LOST Cat, Grand View Area H'town/Mansfield; "Skittles"Grey and white cat missing since Saturday afternoon. Blue Grass Lane in Grand View section of Hackettstown/Mansfield. Approximately 10 pounds. 4 years old. Answers to Skittles but very shy. Purple collar. If seen please call 480-390-5266. Thank you!

submitted 1 day ago by Elin

Fake stone panels

We had to demo our entire exterior chimney and we're now ready to rebuild it. Because of the increased footings, effort, weight and cost, we're looking at different alternatives to real stone. We'll frame it with wood and plywood. Originally was looking at doing a cedar shingle exterior, but also thought of fake stone. Has anyone had experience with some of the faux stone panels out there? They say some look very realistic and some don't.


thanks for the help!

submitted 1 day ago by Bill Scott NJ

RADIO programmer

Can anyone program vintage Kenwood TK-310 12 Channel handheld radio? This is a UHF unit. Let me know if you can or have a friend in the business.

submitted 1 day ago by Ben Chadwick

Fiberglass deck repair?

Does anyone know of a good fiberglass deck repair company in the Hackettstown area?

submitted 1 day ago by kurt

Happy Birthday kelleo22!

Happy Birthday kelleo22!Happy Brithday! I hope you had a great day!

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

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