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concerned with young cats weight

I feel like all my posts are about cats, whether they are mine or someone else, so my username is becoming more fitting:

Anyways, I have two cats (litter-mates that are almost 2 years old). One has always been skinny and the other has been a big boy, although both are fed the same amount. Lately, I have noticed the bigger cat has become skinnier (without putting him on a diet or increasing play time) and it has me concerned because it is a noticeable difference in size where I can see his hip bones and he stomach almost "indents" in.... More

submitted 9 mins ago by helpthekitty

Modular 'Built' Homes

Has anyone had there home built for them this way?
Any thoughts on the idea?
Would you purchase this way if you were able to?
Do you think its safe?


submitted 3 hours ago by HomeOwner

"Free-Range" Kids...

A couple in Maryland was investigated for child neglect for the heinous offense of allowing their children to play outside unsupervised... are you kidding me?


submitted 3 hours ago by ianimal

National Pound Cake Day 3/4!

National Pound Cake Day 3/4!You know why they call it pound cake? It traditionally had a pound of everything. Butter, sugar, eggs, flour....

If you eat too much of it, you will pack on the pounds as well. LOL


submitted 3 hours ago by Calico696

Road Conditions 3/4?

Has anyone been out on the roads yet this morning?

submitted 7 hours ago by pmnsk

School closings/delays 3.4.15

Heaven Sent has a DELAYED OPENING this morning. Classes begin at 10:15 am.

Hackettstown Schools have a 90 minute delay.

submitted 7 hours ago by Lorinda Ravo

Gift card expirations

Does the law apply to private establishments or just big box retailers? I want on the Consumer of Division Affairs Web site and it did not specify types of businesses, so I'm hoping it applies to all.

I have a gift card from a privately-owned business--I don't want to say because I'll probably call them--that clearly states that it expires one date from year of issuance. If the terms are spelled out, I guess I'm out of luck. It's just over a year old.

submitted 14 hours ago by ess

Apartment needed by 4/1

my girlfriend and i need to find an apartment by april 1st.
if anyone knows of any place for rent between belvidere and mt olive please let me know. we can afford as much as 775 per month with one month security 1 br
i have one cat who is very friendly and clean, would be willing to pay 15 more per month to have cat if need be.

thank you

excellent refs
both employed
quiet people

submitted 18 hours ago by BrianL

Pets "free to good home" - Advice

I am not on here to start a war or point fingers at those who have listed a pet as "free to good home" but I couldn't help but notice that there are currently two dogs under classifieds listed as free. Please, please, please if you are re-homing your pet, for their safety, require some kind of re-homing fee! Even if it's $75 or $100. Do your research, all you have to do is Google it... Dogs that are listed as free end up in the wrong hands way too often. Just recently here in hackettstown a man got... More

submitted 20 hours ago by Anom

Road Conditions 3/3/15

Just got home , I work in sussex county, just take it easy, I witnessed a jeep grand Cherokee sliding to the other side of the road in 206, good thing it didn't cause an accident, and by quick check in Hackettstown, a Nissan sentra on the side of the road,

I believe towns don't have much salt, so just just drive safly please. Do it for the sake of people that love you.

submitted 20 hours ago by TinkoDinko

town yard sale?

Does anyone know when this year's town wide yard sale is?

submitted 22 hours ago by jamie d

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