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How to get the car title after paying off the loan

Hi, I was hoping if anyone could help me.

I paid off my car loan and received a letter of lien release from the bank.
I need to get the title, but I'm not sure what form to fill out.

I thought "Universal Title Application" ( https://www.state.nj.us/mvc/pdf/vehicles/OS-SS-UTA.pdf) was what I needed to mail in to DMV, but any of the types listed in "Step 1 – Title Transaction Type" don't seems to applicable to my situation.

Here are types listed:
- Initial NJ Title (New Owner) : Applications must include this form and a completed out-of-state title. In-state title transfers only require the... More

submitted 16 hours ago by Akako

Lost dog

Lost dogOur dog ran out of the house last night off of Blau road into bluegrass drive . She is a 3 year old beagle mix named cookie . She is small black and white . If found please call 908-377-4411

submitted 2 days ago by Ryan Antonucci

Car show at Wendys

I have searched the threads, but they are from years ago. Does anyone happen to know if there will be the car show in Wendy's parking lot tonight? And if so, what are the hours? Thanks in advance

submitted 2 days ago by Kit

McDonald's Mountain Avenue

McDonald's on Mountain Avenue will be closing for renovation on 9/20. If all goes well it should reopen with the play area on or about 10/6. Where will we get our $1.00 soda's now.

submitted 3 days ago by Hungry Already

Heritage House- Hackettstown Senior Housing

I'm looking for information about the apartments here. If anyone knows someone who lives there or lived there. I would like to find out the size of a studio apt. also if it has a full size stove and refrigerator. I have already contacted the manager of the building. I cant get answers about these things. Any information is appreciated.

submitted 3 days ago by BevBighead

Lost Keys

My son lost his keys yesterday, they were on a laniard with a highschool ID. If someone finds them near Realtime Fitness or Washington St please message me. Thanks!

submitted 7 days ago by rose eskow

Street fair weekend of sept 19th?

Hi, does anyone know if there is a street fair next weekend in town?

submitted 7 days ago by Sandy Tomlinson

Pat Harper R.I.P.


submitted 7 days ago by Bug3

Farm with farm animals to see?

Hi, sorry if this had been asked, but does anyone know where I can bring my 2yr old to see some farm animals this weekend? His new current obsession are cows and horses and sheep, etc. TIA!

submitted 7 days ago by Ltl

Apple Picking

Looking forward to the fall season after this crazy summer. Does anyone know if there are any apple orchards open yet? Thanks.

submitted 7 days ago by lsricc

Found Keys Valentine and Washington street Hack

Found a set of keys on Valentine and Washington in the street. They had a pet Value rewards card and Stop and Shop rewards card. Called Pet Value who will try to contact the owner. Thought I would try this avenue also, will drop them at the police station in Hackettstown by end of day.

submitted 1 week ago by Kitty

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