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2018 New Years Resolutions

Anyone else contemplating this?

I think mine are going to be a bit more spiritual and self-improvement-related this year than usual. (Don't worry, I fully realize I'm an odd duck lol.)

- Aim towards having compassion in every act. (I can't imagine I could achieve this in even a lifetime of trying, but aim high, right?)
- Develop a modicum of patience!

submitted 1 hour ago by Rebecka

Happy Birthday Mike Golic

My favorite TV and radio sports personality, Mike Golic, is 55 today. He covers sports with a sense of humor and keeps it fun, a style I've tried to emulate in my local efforts in this Hackettstown area. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :-D Happy birthday, big guy (and I don't say big guy to many people)!

submitted 2 hours ago by Andy Loigu

Christmas Lights 2017

Let's post here on where to find the best Christmas Lights. I know they are working on the dancing lights on 5th Ave as of Sunday. That is always one of our favorites.

submitted 5 hours ago by Dede

Happy Birthday Blackcat!

Happy Birthday Blackcat!Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

submitted 5 hours ago by Calico696

AT&T and T-Mobile Service in the area

Anyone using anything but Verizon in the area. I am looking to switch from them but curious about the coverage/speed.

I have seen better deals than Verizon but not sure if the quality of service is good.

submitted 10 hours ago by Dodgeball

Best Jelly Donuts

I am wondering where the best place to get jelly donuts is in the Hackettstown area. I need them for Friday.
Thanks in advance!

submitted 16 hours ago by Iris

Ordnance detonation, Port Authority NYC

To anyone commuting in by bus or going to midtown there was an explosion at the port authority

[AM NY]( https://www.amny.com/news/explosion-port-authority-1.15412810) is reporting that the NYPD says the suspect was injured, but there were no other injuries reported.

submitted 1 day ago by Skippy

Snow Monday Night/Tuesday 12/11-12/12/17???

What do you guys think for snow tomorrow night??

submitted 1 day ago by Birduphigh

Empanada Mamasita - Washington

This place opened up on Friday. Has anyone tried it yet?

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Prayer Groups for the Rosary

Do any local churches have the Legion of Mary or prayer nights for the rosary?

submitted 2 days ago by HappyTeacher

Kids looking to shovel

If there are are any kids out there looking to make some money they should put their contact on the classified ads. I know i'm looking for someone.

submitted 2 days ago by The Man

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