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Furnace Cleaning/Service

I need my furnace serviced for the season. It is natural gas / forced hot air.

Called Bill of Scotty and Sons and he is booked until end of November. TGM can’t do it for is a couple of weeks and don’t service anyone after after 2:30 pm. We are a working couple.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you.

submitted 4 hours ago by gwtwqueenie

Princess Towers - Bilby Road

Whatever happened to the adding apartment buildings to Bilby Road?

submitted 6 hours ago by Susieq

Happy Birthday Embryodad!

Happy Birthday Embryodad!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 10 hours ago by Calico696

National Nut Day 10/22!

National Nut Day 10/22!It's National Nut Day!!!! I love nuts, they are delicious and nutritious. They make the best snack. Cashews are my favorite.

submitted 10 hours ago by Calico696

Subaru coolant

What type of coolant for a Subaru Crosstrek?
My level is down below minimum. Some people tell me to get Subaru brand but is that necessary?
Thanks for your help

submitted 20 hours ago by Scoobieguy

Hackettstown Field Hockey

Yay!!! Our HS field hockey team beat warren hills in overtime and won the title!!! I believe the last time we won the title was almost 15 years ago!! Great job ladies!! So proud that my daughter will be playing FH next year when she gets to HS!!


submitted 1 day ago by H-town Mama

Adult Halloween parties

Does anyone know of any good Halloween costume parties 10/26 or 10/27? Preferably something a bit more than your local bar. Local or not so local is fine.

submitted 1 day ago by aaeadena

Traffic light at Rte 57 & Mtn Ave

Had anyone else noticed the wait at the light? Did the they change it? Who would have to be contacted to correct it?

submitted 2 days ago by LV Girl 4 Life

Mega Millions and Powerball!

Wow, no winner last night in the Mega Millions. Tuesday's drawing is projected to be $1.6 Billion. Yes, BILLION with a "B". The cash option would be $904 Million!!!

The Powerball is projected to be $470 Million tonight, with a cash option of $268 Million!!!

That's crazy money right there. Who is playing? I haven't bought any tickets so far. Might have to get some.

Also, what would everyone do if they won? I'd retire and be out of NJ, that's for sure.

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

Fireworks or explosion sounds at ITC Crossing this PM?

I was at the ITC Crossing shopping center outside of Bed Bath and Beyond today around 3:30pm. There was what sounded like an extended period of fire works coming from the Trade Zone area maybe near the Fedex building on Clark Drive. It sounded very strange (maybe because the area is so open and it was echoing back from the buildings) there was smoke in the sky where the sound was coming from. Everyone just stood in the parking lot looking in the area of the explosions - someone mentioned it might be fireworks -... More

submitted 3 days ago by Treetops

Comet or Meteor?

Comet or Meteor?Saw this while traveling South on route 287 just north of Boonton today around 5pm. It was visible for about 15 minutes. Anybody know what it was. I checked the news for a meteor or comet but didn’t see anything.

submitted 3 days ago by Res2

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