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Spencer's Gift shop

I just saw on Indeed. Com that they are opening up a Spencer's Gift shop(the same company that used to be in the malls) someplace in Hackettstown. They are hiring for all positions. Has anyone heard where this will be? Just curious as to where they could possibly be opening.

submitted 5 hours ago by Doreen

Propane prices 2019-2020

Checking with Amerigas propane customers who have a fixed price for the 2019-2020 heating season. I'm in a neighborhood program with a price of $2.79/gal. Thanks.

submitted 8 hours ago by mike l

2019/2020 Winter Heating Oil Prices

Hackettstown Oil - $2.56 online, $2.66 phone

Liberty Discount Fuel - $2.399 online

Greenworks - $2.449 online

submitted 13 hours ago by Calico696

Salt Spa in Mansfield

Anyone know anything about the new Salt Spa that's opening next to Piggy's deli in Mansfield?

submitted 1 day ago by Bear Mom

Infinity golf in Phillipsburg

Went last night and had the best time, under new management , really nice owners and staff to help ,, definitely going back ,,,

submitted 1 day ago by DLDW

turkey help

Hey all,

Does anyone know where can I get a local (NW NJ/ Lehigh valley area PA) free range organic turkey for thanksgiving?

Thanks in advance!

submitted 1 day ago by TurkeyPlease

Happy Birthday ianimal!

Happy Birthday ianimal!Happy Birthday, Buddy! Have a great one!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Direct TV with AT&T

Does anyone know who services Direct AT&T in the Hackettstown area?

submitted 2 days ago by Eta

Found Phone in Hackettstown

Contact me ASAP. I'll give it a few minutes and then turn it into HPD. We are charging it so you can use your locator service.

submitted 2 days ago by alpha1beta


Fire on E Baldwin St / 6th Street this morning.

Hope no one is hurt. Could see the flames coming thru the center of the house.

Fire trucks slow in getting there.

submitted 2 days ago by Bernie

PSA: Voter Registration

**Thread not intended for political discussion**

Just wanted to remind everyone that if they haven't voted or are unsure about their choice of politicians in the upcoming year you can add/change your voter affiliation to "Independent" now. Doing so will allow you to vote in the primary of your choice when the time comes. Note that voting in the primary will automatically affiliate you with that party, so if you ever change your mind you'll have to change you affiliation back to Independent.

Your current voter information here:

Declaration forms can be found here:

Address to send the Declaration form to:

submitted 3 days ago by justintime

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