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Independence Township Budget

Does anyone know if Independence Township adopted a budget for 2020. I received an estimated tax bill, the quarterly amount due on August 1st, but it was much higher than I expected it to be. I am wondering how they arrived at the amount if the local and county budgets haven't been passed yet, which would provide us with a tax rate.

submitted 4 hours ago by Lonesome Dove

What is that howling noise?

I am in Independence and I Am hearing a siren type penetrating noise for about 2 hours, Where is it coming from? No dinner out on the deck! Tonight! I have lived here since 1963 never heard this so loud before

submitted 15 hours ago by Lilindependence

Aircraft marking lights

Are there any aircraft vessels with white steady light?

submitted 15 hours ago by Pyc

Yellow jackets in AC, help!

We have a built in ac unit (we are renters this is not our house) and it seems as though yellow jackets have made it their home this summer. We have been increasingly seeing them go in and out but we can’t tell exactly where they are going, if they are going into the actual unit, into the insulation that surrounds it, or into the wall somehow. The unit is right by our main entrance into the house so I’m really getting paranoid about it.

Has anyone else had similar issues and if so what was the best route to... More

submitted 2 days ago by Camper

Dr. Theune @ Plaza Family Care

Does anyone know where Dr. Theune from Plaza Family Care has moved on to??

I'm not looking for any negative opinions of her care so please only answer if you know the answer.

Thank you!

submitted 2 days ago by HtownResident

Montclair State University Commute

Hi, does anyone have experience with taking the train from town to the university? I saw on their website that there is a train that runs from the campus, thanks in advance.

submitted 2 days ago by Pumpkin43

Lost Cat-MV

Lost Cat-MVRascal has been missing 11/2/2018. Corner of Nikitin and Baldwin in Mansfield Village. She's petite and has never been outside. She was strictly an indoor cat. She is microchipped! Without any solid sightings of her I am thinking someone took her in. I need to know what happened to her and ultimately get her home. She's an important member of my family, my best friend. My heart is missing a huge piece. My daughters are now old enough to experience the joys of having a pet and they LOVE cats and I'd really love to share that with them. I... More

submitted 3 days ago by AshleyJ

Crayfish living in my yard

I live by the hatchery and this is the second year I discovered a lobster looking animal
Burrowing in my backyard. It stood up on its back tail and tried to attack my dog with its pincers tonight. A google search said I may have crawfish/crayfish infestation??
Is this possible?
In New Jersey?
In my backyard?

submitted 3 days ago by H-Town Mama

Looking for ducklings

Hey all,

I am looking to buy ducklings locally. I don't want to order online and have them shipped. Looks like I was too late for Tractor Supply. Does anyone know where I can go?

Thanks for the information.

submitted 3 days ago by MommyNJ4

Comet Neowise - Need Good View of Sunset

I'd like to go view this comet tonight, at sunset, but would like to know where, nearby, can you see the western horizon. Here is a link with info, for any that are interested:

submitted 3 days ago by Rich

Big sister gift

My sister is pregnant with her second child due in November. I'm looking to get ideas for a big sister gift for my niece who will be 10 in August. We all know a new baby is going to take a lot of time and energy from mom and I don't want my niece to "lose" her baby sibling excitement; so I thought a fun gift would help since mom and baby will be getting a ton of them. We won't know if she's having a boy or girl until just before her due date...any ideas are welcome!

submitted 4 days ago by Second time aunt

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