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Polar Express Phillipsburg

Ever taken the kids on the Polar Express train ride in Phillipsburg? How was it? What happens on the train for the children? Opinions please

submitted 7 hours ago by Blue Seas

Sleeper sofa

I need one that is for everyday use. It needs to be very comfortable so I dont really care if its ugly. Of course money matters so a crazy high end one is out too. However I do have good credit and can finance a decent one.

Please can you give me suggestions?
Thank you.

submitted 7 hours ago by Icicle

Best way to commute to NYC?

Beside the train, is there a better way to commute to NYC? Might wind up having to work out of Mid-town, Grand Central area.
Is the Park and Ride on Rt. 46 functional? It always looks deserted. Driving all the way in is out of the question. Any other bus, or other service?

submitted 10 hours ago by Rick S.

46 Closed 12/10 - Another Water Main Break


submitted 11 hours ago by thomasnj

Clock Repair

Does anyone know someone who can repair an old cuckoo clock?...thank you

submitted 15 hours ago by citychick

Assistance for Children's Gifts

I am trying to help a young woman in our church who recently lost her husband. Does anyone know of an agency that may be able to help her with Christmas gifts for her three children? Much appreciated, thank you!

submitted 15 hours ago by rose

Soccer league U30

Anyone knows a soccer league around the Hackettstown area. The soccer league most be 30 and over.

submitted 1 day ago by Alejandro A

Missing cat in PV

Missing cat in PVBlack cat with white socks on front paws and white hind legs missing since Thursday night. Indoor/outdoor cat, female named Max.

submitted 1 day ago by Renee

Fresh corn masa - where to get it?

So I've been on a homemade corn tortilla kick. Started making my own about a year or two ago and cannot eat store bough anymore.

I went from using standard masa harina (Maseca) to now using a combination of canned hominy (pureed in food processor) and masa harina. I want to try making it with fresh masa now (but don't want to make and ground my own nixtamal.)

Fruitimex doesn't have it. The cashier suggested a store in Dover might have it. So, rather than just walking up and down... More

submitted 2 days ago by emaxxman

Loose Black Dog on 46 in Independece

Just saw a black lab like older dog with a collar on RT 46 in Independence. I stopped and tried calling him/her but the dog ran towards Vienna Farm.

submitted 2 days ago by Dolce_Vita

Happy Birthday 4paws!

Happy Birthday 4paws!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

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