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Ice skates left at rink

A pair of pink and white toddler ice skates were left at the rink in the Tannery Field parking lot. They are hanging on the sign at the first entrance. Size is 10J.

submitted 12 hours ago by Concerned parent 2


Hi, I just wanted to let HL know that Desiderio's is closed. Sorry if I missed this on the forum. My family and I found Desidero's on HL and was our favorite pizza place. We just didn't go there all too often as it is a bit of a drive from where we live. Last year Desiderio's told me they put lights outside to let people know that they were still there after A&P closed and left the strip mall lifeless. If anyone is making delicious brick oven pizzas like then please let me know. :(

submitted 1 day ago by Renter

Blue Planet 2

It premiers tonite at 9pm.
Perfect ending to a perfect day!

submitted 1 day ago by happiest girl

Dr. Hennie

Can anyone share experiences with Dr Hennie, the family doctor at the midwives practice? I'm looking for someone who will take a holistic approach, and her bio looks impressive.

submitted 1 day ago by Spence

Centerpoint Wellness

Grand opening was yesterday. The place looks great... Anyone know if health insurance covers any of these wellness services?

submitted 1 day ago by thaimaster18

Women's March

Anyone going?

submitted 2 days ago by happiest girl

Gel-One Knee Injection

My husband has been having trouble with his knee for a few months. At first it was suspected to be a meniscus tear and he was given a cortisone shot. When that didn't help he was sent for an MRI. The MRI revealed that he has a severe loss of cartilage behind his knee. Ortho suggested this Gel-One injection. Of course we have read up about the particulars of it online, but I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with these type of injections? Were they helpful or not?

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

Street lamp light bulbs out along Main Street and Route 46

I was surprised to see that almost one-third of all of our street lamps along Main Street and Route 46 are not lighting up at night time. Is there a reason why they are not being maintained, or did no one else notice?

submitted 2 days ago by Lili


Hello, So I’m looking to add some more taxidermy to my collection. Can anybody let me know of a good place to look, or does anybody on here have for sale? I am open to anything. Thanks in advance

submitted 3 days ago by Christopher

Trucks on Rt80

A Hackettstown couple was killed yesterday on Rt80 by a dump truck that blew a tire and swerved into them. I travel rt80 everyday and can't help but notice that most truckers drive like complete a-holes. Some people will argue that truckers are professional drivers. I disagree for truckers in this area. I see them on the phone and swerving all over the place. I also think that state police should be cracking down on inspections on these rigs. Some I see clearly with bald tires and fenders being held on with zip ties. It's really pretty bad. What are... More

submitted 3 days ago by LJRubi

RIP Raceway Park

well the loss of another NJ Icon the Englishtown drag strip is no more what a shame

submitted 4 days ago by Caged Animal

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