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Seeking Good Fish N Chips

Hi, I would like to pick up some good quality fish n chips for my Dad's upcoming birthday. I would really appreciate some recommendations in the area! Thank you!

submitted 11 hours ago by LVres

A Big Thank you to Physical Therapy Plus

Having been the recipient of a few trips to Rehabilitation places over the years for several types of rehab including Cardiac Rehabilitation, just before the Holidays I found myself in need of a few weeks of rehab on a foot my Orthopedic Doctor diagnosed after xrays with a heel bone spur and Achilles Tendinitis. I was given meds, a cream to use and a walking boot and a list of several places I could call to start my rehab.. In the past I have had some not so good experiences with several such places for various things... More

submitted 18 hours ago by Joyful


Does anyone know where I can buy fresh macaroons? I have found coconut macaroons but am looking for the traditional (French?) macaroons. Thanks.

submitted 1 day ago by SK

Pellet stove smells like burning plastic

Pellet stove is 5 years old and all of a sudden in the last couple days it smells like burning plastic or burning steel, anyone else have this problem?

submitted 1 day ago by Paula Romain

Accident on Schooleys Mountain

Did anyone see the aftermath of the accident on Schooleys Mountain? It looked pretty bad, hoping no one got hurt! Looked like one if not both vehicles were totaled! It was right at the crosswalk for the Columbia Trail.

submitted 1 day ago by Block


Does anyone drink kombucha on a regular basis? Wondering how much per day you drink and what benefits you are getting from it. Also, do you buy it on tap or already bottled.

submitted 1 day ago by happiest girl

Flemington Area Breweries and Distilleries

Has anyone been there yet? I was thinking of trying it. It's in Flemington.


submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Removal of spider veins

Has anyone had spider veins removed, and if so, did it work and was it painful?

submitted 1 day ago by Nature Lover

Dog wandering near house PV

Hi I live on cardinal drive in Panther Valley and since yesterday there has been a dog who looks to be a bit American bulldog and something else has been wandering. He is white with brown spots. I can't catch him and he was in the street. Seems very sweet

submitted 1 day ago by Danielle

National Popcorn Day 1/19!

National Popcorn Day 1/19!Happy National Popcorn Day! Enjoy!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

The Best Family

I'm so sad to hear that Mrs. Best passed away. Her kindness will be deeply missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the Best family.

submitted 2 days ago by Independence Farmer

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