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Snake Identification

Snake IdentificationAnyone know what kind of snake this is?

submitted 20 hours ago by Dangernoodle

Herb Identification

Herb IdentificationI’m pruning back some of the overgrown herbs around my house (from the previous homeowners) and just want to know what some of them are.

So far I’ve got sweet mint, Greek oregano, rosemary, lavendar, and I think some type of basil.

Can anyone confirm if that’s what this is, and maybe what type? I don’t really use them for cooking but I’ll leave them grow for looks or in case friends want a few sprigs.

submitted 1 day ago by Mark Mc.

Hack Board of Ed

I see on the school website there was a special meeting this past Wed., 7/11. No agenda has been posted. Does anyone know what this was about?

submitted 2 days ago by TownFriend

Siamese Breeders


Does anyone know of any Siamese breeders? I am looking for a seal point female kitten.

submitted 2 days ago by Dolce_Vita

Happy Birthday Missrx!

Happy Birthday Missrx!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

Ruby Tuesday Fire

Fire department was dispatched earlier today for a smoke condition in Ruby Tuesday in Mansfield. There is no answer when calling the restaurant tonight. Does anyone know if there was any damage to the building?

submitted 2 days ago by Kevin

Ever hear of a $75 fee to transfer Dental Records?

For reasons that I won't go into, my family is changing dentists. We were at Great Smiles (Zuckerman) on 517, and they are telling us that it will cost $75 per person to have our dental records transferred to another dentist. I have never, ever had a medical professional charge me to transfer records. Is this common?

submitted 2 days ago by RC

Found Dog in Hackettstown HOME!

Found Dog in Hackettstown HOME!On Thursday morning(7/12/18) an older female terrier mix was found on Miller Street near the fire house, she is black and white with black spots and has a red electric fence collar. She is not chipped as we checked, no boarders will hold her because of unknown vaccine records and risk of getting other dogs or herself sick. I, myself work at East Plane Animal Hospital and this old gal is currently being fostered by my friend until an owner is found. If anyone has any information or knows who this sweetgirl belongs to please call 908 850 9494 and... More

submitted 2 days ago by Lindsey Kruse

Event at Rutherfurd Hall Tonight

There is a concert at Rutherfurd Hall tonight, does anyone who might be attending know if food and beverages are available for purchase.

submitted 2 days ago by Nature Lover

Herding dog puppies

So I am looking for a working/ herding breed to protect my chickens and ducks. Every breeder I have looked into wants over $2000 for puppies. Rescues have not responded, more than likely due to the fact that they want the dogs to be indoor dogs. (Just an FYI... the dog would come inside at night and kept indoors during inclement weather. The dog would be a family member). Anyway, does anyone know any Breeders, farmers, etc... that may breed any of the herding dogs.

submitted 2 days ago by Jesse132

Does town have Labor Day parade?

Does anyone know if Hackettstown has a labor day parade?

Thank you

submitted 3 days ago by courtney

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