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Who has had or has mice and how did you get rid of them?

submitted 1 hour ago by Bob bob

Opossum removal

Question about possum removal. Warren county wildlife animal control charged me over $500 to set a trap in my tenants basement (nothing has been caught yet). That is for one possum and more money will be charged for each additional possum. Does this sound accurate? It seems excessive to me. I’m reading that they are easy to trap/catch etc, especially when inside a home. I’m worried because my tenants say they can hear multiple hissing noises in the ceiling of the basement now. Tia.

submitted 15 hours ago by NoUseForAname

Fire Place Insert Install

Can anyone suggest someone local who does this? Thanks

submitted 17 hours ago by William Kuster

Happy Oktoberfest 2018

Happy Oktoberfest 2018The 2018 Oktoberfest kicks off today in Munich! Great time for all!

I spent a week there one day back in the 1990's. Ah the good old Spaten tent.....




submitted 2 days ago by Greg

Happy Birthday Old Gent!

Happy Birthday Old Gent!Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696


Has anyone ditched cable and found a source of streaming wpix channel? It is the only channel I can not find a streaming source for. Only reason I care is for the yankee game dates they cover. Tried an hd antenna also with no luck.

submitted 2 days ago by Jdem

Central air condenser unit outside need to be relocated

I am coming on Hackettstown Forum for some advise. Our liquid propane tank had a leak in outside line today. Technican came and fixed it no problem. He noticed that our central air conditioner condenser unit of 20 years is located to close to the propane tank. He told us we need to have condenser located farther away from liquid propane tank due to safety issues. The delivery men never noticed this. Would probably need to move it from the side of our house to behind our house... More

submitted 2 days ago by maybebaby

Who does towing for Washington TWP police?

Anyone know?

submitted 2 days ago by Hit girl

Hurricane Florence Rescued Dogs for Adoption in NJ

Hi, please come and adopt- here is the link:
wwwhomeforgooddogs.com- Berkeley Heights NJ


submitted 3 days ago by AJMS

Driving to Gulf Coast Florida

I need some advise please. I will be heading to the gulf coast of Florida within the next 10 days. I am traveling with a teen and 2 cats. Sadly I cannot get an early morning start. Figuring leaving here around 10 or 11 am. WIth the flooding going on in NC and SC and I95 closed right now in several areas...Im not sure on a good route. I will be the only driver and need to find pet friendly hotels along the way. Im also not used to long drives altho... More

submitted 3 days ago by Hockeymom115

Stay at Home Moms who need extra income

From what I am hearing...it is almost as expensive today for Mothers with youngsters still at home to send them to preschool or daycare as it is for them to go back to work. I am thinking of another way for these Moms to bring in some income and still be able to be at home during the day and that would be to sell items on consignment"for us oldtimers or others who really do not know much about taking pictures and selling on the internet. They could sell these items on Facebook or Craigslist or... More

submitted 3 days ago by joyful

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