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Happy Birthday 4paws!

Happy Birthday 4paws!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 1 hour ago by Calico696

Christmas Lights

Looking for Christmas lights to check out. Does anyone know where there are some with music set to them?

submitted 11 hours ago by Walking Girl

Christmas lights at 109 Fifth Street

Lights are on every day from 5 to 10 tune to 107.5 for the music. Santa and the elves will be handing out hot chocolate and cookies sat night the 10 th. Enjoy the show the Reeds

submitted 12 hours ago by Kevin reed

Bar or restaurant with live 80s-90s music

Hello everyone! Looking to go out with husband for a break after work week on a Friday/Saturday night. A bar or a restaurant that plays music of the 80's and 90's. Those kind of music by Kenny Rogers, Barry M, America, James Taylor, ect. Hoping to hear from you guys. Thank you in advance.

submitted 1 day ago by may_raf

Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary

Pearl Harbor 75th AnniversaryRemembering all who perished that day.

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Business lawyer recommendation?

Looking for a local lawyer dealing in small business law. Any personal recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

submitted 1 day ago by DaveB

Travel agent for honeymoon

Hi! Does anyone have experience with the Skyland Travel agency in town to recommend or not for help with planning a honeymoon? Or any other suggestions on agencies in the surrounding areas? We are a bit overwhelmed with resort choices and think it would be best to work with an agent.

submitted 1 day ago by TK

EMA Mixed Martial Arts Class

Good Day,

I am a local resident and I am looking to see if any parents on this site are currently enrolled in the 8-12 Age Group for the Mixed Martial Arts courses. The reason is I am seeking to inquiry about a possible carpool process if one exists or can be created. I am a commuting parent as many in the area are but I would truly like to see what moves can be done before my son becomes 8 and enrolls in the older group sessions. I am not looking to start until March however any and all... More

submitted 1 day ago by David T.

New gun store in town?

has anyone heard anything about a new gun store moving to hackettstown on main st.

submitted 1 day ago by erick

Tipping Movers

How much would you tip 4 movers who are hired for a full day of packing and then the next day they will be loading a truck and moving everything to storage...?

submitted 1 day ago by hmmthoughts

Where to buy Hackettstown sweatshirt?

Hi - Does anyone know where around town I can buy a Hackettstown sweatshirt or t-shirt? Thanks!!!

submitted 1 day ago by KAT1

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