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Easter Bread Rolls

Does anyone know where to buy prune, poppy, nut, or fruit rolls for Easter?

submitted 1 hour ago by rose

Local hate action

Local hate actionHard for me to believe this happened nearby

submitted 3 hours ago by 4catmom

Apartment Complexes in Hackettstown/Mansfield

My son, 28 and single, is seeking an apartment in the Hackettstown/Mansfield area.
He is interested in either a 1 or 2 bedroom unit. He is a teacher and has no pets.
I would like to refer him to a complex where current or recent residents have had a
positive living experience.
Any recommendations would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks.

submitted 18 hours ago by Evergreen'69

Lost Dog - Bella

Lost Dog - BellaBella has been missing since March 24th.
Corner of Stoll St and Ledgewood Rd, Netcong
She is 17 years old and very friendly.
Family is missing her and is very worried about her.

submitted 1 day ago by Bella

IPad Generation Question

can someone tell me what generation this IPad is:

I need 8th Generation or newer. Thnks.

submitted 1 day ago by AJMS


Has anyone heard when there might be an apothecary opening in Hackettstown? Heard something about June.?

submitted 5 days ago by Lisa

Who does Macbook repairs?

Who does Macbook repairs?Anyone know a shop that does good repair work on older Macbooks? Trying to get a couple things replaced on my A1708. Thanks.

submitted 7 days ago by googy

Washington Car Wash Reopened

Went to the newly reopened car wash in Washington on Rt. 57 near the Exxon station. They are running a 1/2 off special for the next two weeks. The premium wash price was $9.50. The wash was decent enough and the people were very friendly.

submitted 1 week ago by Calico696

Lawyer recommendation / car dealer dispute

My neighbor brought his car to the dealership to change the thermostat. On his way home the car started to overheat and the dealer towed it back. It turns out the dealership service dept didn’t put some clips or fasteners in the correct places and my neighbors car leaked all the coolant and it overheated.

They “fix” the car and he drives off. A short while later the transmission overheats and is apparently toasted. My neighbor has the car towed to a mechanic that was a dealer tech for the same brand for years and now owns his own shop.... More

submitted 2 weeks ago by Consigliere

C-17 cargo jet

Anyone catch that C-17 that circled once really low ?

submitted 2 weeks ago by Panda Panda Koala

Balloon Artist

Looking for a Balloon Artist for a one year old birthday party. Any recommendation?

submitted 2 weeks ago by Sarah

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