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Missing Dog Panther Valley

Missing Dog Panther ValleyKeep an eye out for Zeus!!

submitted 8 hours ago by Greg

Pride month

Happy pride month one and all!!

submitted 12 hours ago by Proud liberal

RIP Mrs. Gannett


submitted 1 day ago by CF

RIP Charles Krauthammer

I giant in a wheelchair. He will be dearly missed.

submitted 1 day ago by DannyC

No 3-Day Holiday this 4th of July?

Boy! The Independents Day Celebration Sees No 3 days this year!
"That Rots!".....

The kids asked, "What are we doing this 4th Dad?" It''s a Hump Day Holiday?"

I said, " We usually go down the shore, and meet up with Gramps; but this year, I think we will just take the day at home, and ea our Hot Dogs; as we look at each other on our Cell Phones using "Face Time", or "Skype! "..........

The they's, ( Law makers / Federal Govt ) should have patched this years 2018 celebration, by declaring the Monday after the 1rst, the Day to celebrate... More

submitted 1 day ago by Embryodad

Stroudsburg area restaurants

Wondering if anyone can suggest a restaurant in the Stroudsburg area to take a 15 year old for lunch. My co worker wants to take her niece for lunch on Sunday but is looking for a place with a bit of atmosphere or fun. It can branch out from Stroudsburg, she’s willing to travel a bit. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

submitted 1 day ago by Bessie

Princess Doe

There were previous threads regarding Princess Doe, but all of them have been closed for comment.

The case facts will be presented again this Sunday at the Blairstown Museum.


Here are the previous HL threads on Princess Doe:



submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Weenie Wagon

There is a woman in Hackettstown with a hot dog cart. I think she calls it the Weenie Wagon or Wiener Wagon. I need to contact her about an event. Can anyone help me with contact info?

submitted 2 days ago by Melanie Thiel


is there any places that do bingo anymore like firehouses ect. is that no longer popular.

submitted 2 days ago by bingo

Forcing towns to merge (amongst other ideas)

Things could get real interesting in northwest nj

New Jersey public workers could see cuts to their health care and pensions, motorists could travel on more toll roads and towns could be forced to consolidate if lawmakers embrace recommendations being considered by a high-powered group formed by ...

submitted 2 days ago by Bug3

Where to pick up pool badges?

Can someone tell me where we pick up pool badges that are already purchased? Thank you!

submitted 2 days ago by Spence

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