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Riverfront park hours?

I went to walk at the park early this morning - 6:00, but the gate was closed. I have been there earlier on other days and been able to drive into the parking area - does anyone know if there has been a change in hours? It was well past sunrise, and when I went back at 6:30, it was still closed. Others were also driving up and turning around as I had done.

submitted 38 mins ago by pmnsk

Why did they cover the mural in town

Why did they paint over the mural in town it was so nice. Was it chipping off badly or was it the person who hung there advertising banner their?

submitted 55 mins ago by Yep

Brush/Dirt Removal

Can anyone recommend a method or a service to remove dirt and brush from our yard? We have been doing some work in the back and we've got a growing pile of dirt, sod, sticks, rocks, etc that need to be removed.


submitted 10 hours ago by Anom

Help with classified

I have items listed in classified and when people are sending me emails with questions I can't return an answer. Help anyone?

submitted 11 hours ago by Cindy

Randolph Oral Surgeons (in Hackettstown)

Anyone have experience with them? Son needs wisdom teeth taken out and that is who was recommended.

submitted 16 hours ago by Dallas

Kutztown Folk Festival

Has anyone been recently. We have been considering going this year and would welcome any reviews/recommendations.
Thank you in advance!

submitted 21 hours ago by pmnsk

Who has the BEST peaches in the area?

And when will they be ready?

submitted 1 day ago by mel

What the heck is growing on these leaves?

What the heck is growing on these leaves?Found these odd yellow growths on the leaves of one of the trees near the house. It's mostly shady.

Let it live, treat it, or kill it?

submitted 1 day ago by Blackcat

P & G Championships from St. Louis

Anyone watching the competition tonite? --------what an amazing group of women! It always amazes me what these athletes can do. Such hard work and dedication to perfecting their craft. So inspiring.

submitted 3 days ago by happiest girl

Phillipsburg Question

Going up to P-Burg to shop a bit and was wondering if anyone has been to Sauce N Smoke? Would like to eat somewhere other than a chain, decent food, casual and reasonable. Not as area I'm familiar with at all. I know there are some posters that live that way and might see this. If I get your suggestions too late, there's always next time.

submitted 3 days ago by Bessie

HHS Football Team members to compete at Rutgers 7on7

Very exciting that HHS Footbsll is competing at the Rutgers 7 on 7 tomorrow morning at the Rutgers stadium. Quite a few NJ schools will be participating with these 25 minutes games. Press is welcome, making this a wonderful opportunity for HHS. THANK YOU COACH ROBINSON!

submitted 3 days ago by Tiger Fan Family

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