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Lost Lab/Rottweiler mix, White Twp.

Posting for a friend:

Our dog Leo ran away around 5:15 tonight! We live Somerset Dr. in White twp. He is very friendly and very playful as he is just a year old! Please call or text 201-400-4143 he is a lab Rottweiler mix. He is black and brown and about 55 pounds.

submitted 12 hours ago by Diana

Drafty Windows

Cellular Shades vs. Window Inserts (storm windows). Living in a old Victorian home in Hackettstown with big, beautiful, drafty windows. Looking into options to keep the house warm and also from losing heat. Stopped by Lowes and I am considering Cellular Shades. Levolor, energy shield. Does anyone have any input on these? Also....Came across an accredited website called windowinserts.com that sells push-in indoor inserts with stripping to completely block drafts and is also a less costly method but need to be removed in the summer months. Any experienced input would be appreciated!! Thank you

submitted 16 hours ago by Allison

Physical Paper Phone book? Mythical or Real?

Frustrated senior citizen in search of a REAL paper phone book for the Hackettstown area. Where for the love of Mike does one get one?

submitted 19 hours ago by ccbw

Oceanfront getaway

Looking for a short get away...need to have view ocean ....any suggestions...could also be a lakefront....within 3 hours of Hackettstown...

submitted 20 hours ago by Bonnie

Autoimmune Specialist/Functional medicine

Can someone recommend a good functional medicine doctor/autoimmune specialist? The last one I went to wanted $2000 up front so I could start a program with her. I just don’t have that kind of money on hand. I really need some guidance. I’ve done my own research but believe I need help with possible supplement recommendations and I need a thorough bloodwork panel to see what I’m dealing with currently.


submitted 20 hours ago by Megan

Warren County in the News 2019

Driver faces 11 citations in crash. 11 citations????


submitted 23 hours ago by Calico696

2019 MLB Season

I guess it's time to start this thread, since the 2019 HOF inductees were announced.


Mariano Rivera was voted in unanimously. Roy Halladay (posthumously), Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina round out the class.

I'm so glad to hear that Moose got in. I was wondering if he was going to be one of those players that just sat on the list until time ran out.

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Pink Road/Rock Salt

Hi, just wondering if anyone can tell me what is the new wave of "pink salt" being put down? it is better, and why? Where can you get it as well


submitted 1 day ago by AJMS

Optimum Altice Internet

Does anyone have internet through Optimum? I know Comcast/XFinity is the primary cable internet provider in town, but Optimum's website assures me they offer service in our area, even though I just had quite the back-and-forth with a customer rep who indicated they do NOT service our area. Trying to confirm 100% before I figure out my next move

submitted 1 day ago by The R

Bathroom rennovation & Painter recommendations

Can anyone help us with information small projects contractors who can renovate the 2 bathrooms without costing a ton. We are looking for simple and modern change but nothing extravagant.

Also please recommend interior painting for whole house of 3500 sq feet.

Thank you so much in advance

submitted 1 day ago by John

Online Video Sharing - How to Share with Password Protection?

Looking to share holiday videos and photos online with the extended family.
Does anyone have any experience with sharing online this way? Are there programs that will allow you to share via passwords or a selected group?
Thank you for any insight :)

submitted 1 day ago by Goodvibes

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