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Excited to see the upcoming new Atari VCS on NJ 12 News!


submitted 5 hours ago by Josh

Help with credit card debt

Hi, does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle a lot of credit card debt and loans? Are there any services that have helped you if you were in this situation?

submitted 10 hours ago by 1catmom

Any Sign Language interpreters in the area?

Does anyone know of a local sign language interpreter?

submitted 1 day ago by SusieQue

car vinyl top replacement?

a vinyl top on my car is all cracked and badly peeling along the whole roof's surface. exposed roof is already rusty.
How much do you think it'll cost to have someone to replace the old vinyl with new, including rust sanding/removal? full roof. 75 Olds Cuttlas

submitted 2 days ago by Pyc

Missing cat

Missing catOur front door blew open in the middle of the night and our cat got out. Warren Street. She is a gray, white tabby with a few black stripes. She is an indoor cat, microchipped and extremely friendly. Her name is Rosie.
We are devastated and pray she comes home. If you see her please contact me.

submitted 2 days ago by Jacqui

Great Meadows

Great MeadowsPros and cons of The Meadows. What do you like about it?

submitted 3 days ago by Mervin

Price for basic tire rotation

Hey all,

I do the maintenance on my wife’s 2019 Honda passport and it’s due for a tire rotation. Having only one Jack and no Jack stands, I’d have to Jack it up a corner at a time and use the donut to hold the car up while I rotate. Pain in the butt but doable. Was wondering what a 4 wheel rotation would cost. $30? $40? I just called HDT twice but no answer. If it’s anymore than $40 I’d just do it myself. Thoughts?

submitted 3 days ago by Consigliere

Need something interesting to watch

Duke Farm now has to eaglets in the nest and one egg to go - and Cornell has an abundance of live cams of all sorts of wonderful things: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/cams/

submitted 3 days ago by 4catmom

Cardiac ablation

Has anyone had cardiac ablation for SVT? If so, did it correct the condition?

submitted 4 days ago by Wonderful One

Water Testing- Real Estate Sale

The prior post on this was closed due to its age. Wanted input on peoples experiences on water testing companies for a real estate sale.

Who have you used, were you happy.


submitted 5 days ago by Mark

Work for 14+ years old

Looking for any referrals to places that hire young adults, particularly aged 14 and 15 years old. Hackettstown please! Thanks for your help!

submitted 5 days ago by kelleo22

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