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Camping at Stephens State Park

Has anyone camped there? Is it okay to bring a cooler with beer, wine etc? Are there outhouses and other amenities? Looking for a place to camp for a few days just to get away.

submitted 5 hours ago by mel

Truck hit wires over house, didn't stop

A truck hit wires over our house, took off some siding, and we have no cable or internet. If any info please call Independence Twp Police. Barkers Mill Rd, pm for full address and pictures if you know something.

submitted 9 hours ago by Erin

Stream cleanup

Due to lack of rain, the stream that runs between Greenview apartments and Victora Village then under Victoria Ln between Greenview and Van's apartments is now a dry streambed. Couldn't ask for a better opportunity to clean out all the weeds, branches, toys and other debris that clogs that little waterway. Some government agency, property owner or service group might want to step up.

submitted 13 hours ago by Frank

How to get a Municipal Parking permit?

How do I get an annual parking permit for mainstreet municipal parking?

submitted 14 hours ago by Ricky

Tim Kaine

I did not know much about him until I heard his speech today in Miami.
What an amazing person -- so genuine, intelligent, caring, and what a background.
I think he is a wonderful person and I'm thrilled Clinton chose him for her VP.

submitted 1 day ago by happiest girl

2016 Corn

Had corn from Donaldson's last week. Sunday it was excellent, had it Wed. and it was good, had it again today and thought it was bland.

submitted 1 day ago by The Man

Who maintains the area near the Billy Yank statue?

I was just wondering if someone knows who is responsible for maintaining the area near the Billy Yank statue at the Five Corners intersection.

My son and I stopped there this afternoon after noticing the American flag and POW/MIA flag were on the ground. It appears that someone cut the rope on the flagpole. We folded up both flags and left them on one of the benches near the statue. If someone knows who maintains this area, please let them know.

submitted 1 day ago by Snow

Number of dogs

Does anyone know the number of dogs allowed on one premises in Mansfield Twp?

submitted 1 day ago by boomer

Transformer problems?

Good evening all. Is anyone else experiencing your lights going out for a few seconds at a time with a loud boom? It's happened 4 times at my home with the latest happening about 15 minutes ago. I live between the Hastings Community and the Heath Village. Should I be worried? Thanks.

submitted 2 days ago by Tabby

Anyone goin to Big Beer and Food fest Saturday?

150 to 200 craft beers, food trucks and other vendors and live music... 1 till 5. at State Fairgrounds in Augusta....anyone going? ( hear they have lots of pavilions and shade...

submitted 2 days ago by TGIS

Possible terror attack in Germany

And another possible terror attack.

submitted 2 days ago by Ollie

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