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Muffler repair

Does anyone recommend a mechanic for a muffler repair. I think mine is loose.

submitted 10 hours ago by Res2

Brown LAB running loose near Citco/Diner

Is anyone missing a brown lab, or know someone who is? Please get it out to them.

At approximately 6:00 pm, there was a brown lab at Citco Gas Station on Rt. 57, across from River Star Diner.

Please pass the word around. I hope someone catches him ASAP, it's rush hour. He was running next to the gas station and in BACK of.

submitted 13 hours ago by Hackresident

Hackettstown HS - Godspell

Hackettstown HS - GodspellI know I'm a little be biased towards a certain cast member, but honestly Godspell is the best show I've seen at HHS - There is not one weak link - they are all amazing - So crowded with talent - it's one of those shows when all of the main cast get their moment to shine and even the chorus/ensemble get their moment too!

Oh and watch out for the humor - pay attention there are some great jokes in there especially if you've seen previous HHS shows.

Love one certain kiddo, but really it's a job well done! Way... More

submitted 23 hours ago by ~trekster3

Hills of Independence - builder?

Does anyone know who the building contractor was for the the Hills of Independence community (Overlook Drive) 20 something years back?
Thanks in advance!

submitted 1 day ago by HillsOverlooker

Merle Norman

Is the PV location still around and if so anyone have experience there with the people or with the makeup? Thanks!

submitted 2 days ago by Townies

Knee Brace Success?

My doctor recently prescribed an "unloader brace" for my arthritic knee. After two days, I'm so frustrated with it. It keeps loosening up and sliding down to my ankle. As I await his return call today, I am wondering has anyone had any success with this type of thing? It seems like another medical scam, and I'm so sorry that Medicare will end up paying for this.

submitted 2 days ago by Lonesome Dove

Hackettstown Community Day

Can someone tell me when Community Day is and is it still held behind the hospital?

submitted 2 days ago by stressed out

RIP Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush has passed away at 92.


submitted 3 days ago by Calico696

Looking for a Pedro Diaz

Dies anyone know a Pedro Diaz on Grand Ave in Hackettstown?
I have a mis-labeled package belonging to him. If I can find him, it will save his package being sent back to shipper. Thanks!

submitted 3 days ago by Spence

Hackettstown swim team

Looking for information about the swim team...practice times, cost, frequency and locations of meets, etc.

Thank you!

submitted 3 days ago by Spence

Hackettstown Discount Tire

I want give a big Thank You to the guy at Hackettstown Discount Tire. On my way to work this morning something did sound right on my car so I got out on Main St and saw that my tire was flat. Stopped at Hackettstown Discount Tire and explained to the person that I was going to be late for work at Pargon Village Taken care of a elderly women and she waits for me every morning. He plugged my tire in less then 15 minutes and didn’t even charge me. I never got his name but just... More

submitted 3 days ago by Lizzy16

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