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State of NJ craps on Great Meadows again!

Many of you may not know this but the state of NJ is going to create vernal pools in the muck lands of Great Meadows near Alphano Rd and close to Allamuchy.

The township has been totally against this. The town master plan has this area remaining agriculture as I understand it. As residents of the area we don't get a vote on this. Aside from the agriculture end there is the Zika virus that the township is very concerned about. The state tells us to not have standing water around and then they turn around and... More

submitted 15 hours ago by Magpie

School laminator

I work in a school and am looking to have a technician come and service our USI Laminator. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a service technician who works on this type of machine. Thank you.

submitted 18 hours ago by Robin Hall

Top Soil?

Looking for some recommendations locally for top soil......
Thanks in advance....

submitted 20 hours ago by Bill L.

HL'ers get togethers

Just curious if the H'town Lifers still get together occasionally for happy hours, meals or fun. If I remember correctly, this was a popular activity a few years ago.

submitted 1 day ago by slade v 2.0

Lost brand new "Hurry Cane"

My mom was at Shop Rite this morning (Wednesday, April 27) and left her brand new black "Hurry Cane" in the shopping cart! When she got home and realized it was missing, she immediately called Shop Rite. But so far, no one has turned it in.

Please, if you know anyone who suddenly has a brand new Hurry Cane, please urge them to return it to the courtesy desk. Mom is 85 years old, and I just bought this new cane for her last week!

submitted 1 day ago by Bachi Bachi

Anyone switch to Farmers Insurance for home?

Considering switching to them for home insurance, still going through comparing pricing. Any experience with them? They are relatively new to NJ market.

submitted 1 day ago by OnTheEdge

Looking for revolving door in the area

Pretty weird request i know, but:

Can anyone think of a place - open to the public -that has a revolving door in the Hackettstown area?

I can't think of any - any help would be appreciated :)

submitted 1 day ago by LV2

Reclaimed Wood Boxes?

Does anyone have any ideas where to get reclaimed wood boxes? Around the sizes of 12"x6"x3.5" and 14"x10.75"x3.5". Doesn't need to be exact, but around those sizes?

Looking to use them as card boxes for a wedding. :)

submitted 1 day ago by MelissaT

Urgent recommendations needed for transmission work

Jrsemom had to rescue me from the side of the road last night. The old van's transmission decided it didn't like its fluid anymore and vomited it up all over Continental Drive. Of course, it was 9:30PM, pitch black and in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks to Officer Laver of the NJ Park Police for hanging around with me until she showed up.

Now it's time to find someone to fix it. I'm pretty sure it's just a gasket/seal/hose as there was no warning and did start to work after adding fluid into it. Just leaks everywhere. PLEASE let it be... More

submitted 2 days ago by Mike Guida

Sirens 4/26

Whats going on with all the sirens and fire whistle going on. Been hearing them on and off for 2 hours.

submitted 2 days ago by Christine

2016 Thunderstorm Thread

A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued for our area until 9:00 pm. There is some heavy stuff on the radar already.

We had a real doozy of a storm roll through Oxford around 2:30 this morning. Did it hit H'town as well? I have no idea which direction it was traveling.

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

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