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RIP Raceway Park

well the loss of another NJ Icon the Englishtown drag strip is no more what a shame

submitted 11 hours ago by Caged Animal

Raw food sources for dogs

Looking for a butcher that sells variety organs and raw meats for my dogs. If anyone does feed their dogs a raw diet where do you source your meat from? Shoprite doesn't have enough variety and i feel that a butcher might be more flexible to get end cuts..cheaper deals for bulk as well..

submitted 15 hours ago by Lina

Road conditions 1/17/18

Does anyone knows how the roads are from Mansfield and Rt 80. Have to head to White Plains this morning. Thanks.

submitted 22 hours ago by Baci's mom

Closings/delays 1/17/18

Hackettstown Schools have a 90 min delay

submitted 1 day ago by jrsemom

Does anyone have Directv with AT&T?

I currently have Directv with Verizon internet/phone. I have been having issues with internet service as it relates to my devices (i-PAD, PC, laptop) and frequently need to unplug the modem to get service again. I recently recorded a couple of shows on regular channels and when I went to watch them, a message came up on the screen that read "buffering". I have had this happen during Netflix once in awhile, but haven't ever had it happen before while watching recorded shows.
I called Verizon and after a 45 minute phone call, I was told that I... More

submitted 2 days ago by subaru1

Suggestions for cleaning drapes

Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning drapes besides spending a lot of money to have them dry cleaned?

submitted 2 days ago by Tigerfan

RIP Dolores O'Riordan

She was great. I loved her. Too young to go for sure. RIP.


submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

Panther Valley Pub

I haven't been around for a few years. I used to love going there. Great food and great service. There are all new faces and no one I recognize. Did they replace the staff ?

submitted 2 days ago by Genie

Working at M&M Mars

Does anyone have any information on what it is like to work for Mars Corp. I've always been super interested in working for the company and wanted to see if anyone has any information regarding what it's like there. Many people in my family is and have worked in the factory part but I am looking for details regarding the corporate/sales side of the company as I have a Bachelor's Degree is Business Management.

submitted 2 days ago by Brian L

Security cameras for outside

anyone have experience with "cost effective" cameras for outside ( ie; Home security ).

What is easiest set up with minimal expense ?

Thank You All in advance for your feedback.


submitted 3 days ago by Steven

Linux OS

I would like to get some instructions on how to install and use the Linux Puppy or Linux Mint operating systems. Are there any classes that are offered locally? I have an old Intel Atom netbook that uses Windows 7 Starter, and it has become very slow because it can no longer handle the Windows operating system. The netbook has a 1.66GHz Intel Atom Processor N455 & 2 GB of memory. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

submitted 3 days ago by Pooder

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