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Happy Birthday Firefly!

Happy Birthday Firefly!Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day!

submitted 20 hours ago by Calico696

Granite or stone counter

I want to put a sink on my patio. any ideas where I can get a counter with a hole for the sink?

thank you

submitted 1 day ago by seby Montan

401K changes for 2020


Required minimum distributions (RMDs) are suspended for 2020.

Penalty-free withdrawal from your retirement plan.

Retirement plan loan amount is doubled.

Best to read article for details, or find another source.

submitted 1 day ago by OnTheEdge

Happy Birthday Mommyof3!

Happy Birthday Mommyof3!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Quarantine A Movie

Quarantine A MovieLet's have some fun. Rename a movie to fit the current situation. I'll start.

Saturday Night Cabin Fever

submitted 3 days ago by Calico696

Any reviews for Trinity Air? (Central air conditioning)

Hey all,

At the end of last season my outdoor condenser unit (at least, I think that’s what it’s called) was running sporadically and the house wasn’t cooling like it used to. I’d like someone to come over and give the old unit a once-over and also go into the attic and check the air handler etc. I did a little googling and found Trinity Air, LLC. I believe the guy’s name is Scott. Has anyone used him? If so, can you give me a quick “yea or nay” in regards to a recommendation?


submitted 3 days ago by Consigliere

Donations for local restaurants to feed healthcare workers

What a great idea. We donate to this cause for local restaurants to send meals to our healthcare workers. Helps two groups in need of our support as we all/most sit home wondering what we can do. Please consider.


submitted 3 days ago by JB400

light on budd lake hill

what is it?

submitted 4 days ago by nosy

Blue Ribbon to Support for First Responders/Healthcare Providers

Neighbors by me are trying to start a movement to place blue ribbons on trees and front windows to show support & appreciation for all first responders and healthcare providers. I think it's a great idea. Yes, I know it's just a small token of our appreciation & support for what these unbelievably selfless people are out there on the front lines doing for us each and every day. But, wouldn't it be great for them to see neighborhood streets lined with blue ribbons as they travel to/from their daily shifts? Please share with as many friends as possible! Tip:... More

submitted 5 days ago by charliegrace

Book’s online

I’m an avid reader and now that the libraries are closed, can anyone recommend an online bookstore that offers free shipping? I don’t have amazon prime. Come this week I’ll be unemployed for a few weeks. Plenty of time to read!
I was also thinking of setting up a swap book drop on my property for us Hackettstown readers!

submitted 6 days ago by Maria


With all the park closures, what are your camping plans?

submitted 7 days ago by Really???

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