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Urgent > Lost Dog on Allen /Airport Road

Urgent > Lost Dog on Allen /Airport RoadTrying to get him home before the Storm.

Please Contact Becky asap with siting
If you live in area of Allen road and Airport


submitted 1 week ago by Concerned Townie

Portable Solar Generators

Anyone have any experience with portable solar generators - I was thinking of purchasing one for emergencies but don't know how good they are. Some of them cost in the $$thousands but that's out of my reach. Any comments (pro/con) from someone who has one would be appreciated.

submitted 1 week ago by Margaret

mail order madness

Which ones are your favs? I'lls start:

I recently started with davidovich bakery. https://artisanbagels.com/

The bran muffins are unique and softball sized.

Never have a black n white, wow --- did not expect that.

Nor the Bobka.

Now I now what a flagel is.

Can't say I love all the pastries, hold on the lox, but what I like, I love.

Very healthy ingredients, old time Jewish bakery. Brooklyn based but mail order is out of NJ. No way out of shipping price, and it's a bit pricey I think. But a great treat.

submitted 1 week ago by babbit

Junk Removal Service

I'm starting this topic because all the information on here is years old.
I would like to find someone who I can hire to come in and remove a lot of "junk" I have accumulated in my house, basement, and shed. I need someone who will carry the stuff for me. I have mattresses, air conditioners, a small sofa, microwave, humidifier, a couple tvs, etc. A fine mixture of 50 years of life in one house.
I also want someone I can trust that will definitely take it to the landfill and not just dump it somewhere in the... More

submitted 1 week ago by Lonesome Dove


Anyone know where I can purchase pears by the bushel around Hackettstown at a reasonable price. Thank you in advance

submitted 1 week ago by Linda

Fresh Turkey?

I'm thinking of spending a bit of $ to get a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving. Any recommendations? I searched on here but didn't find any prior posts on this.

submitted 1 week ago by friendly one

Neurosurgeon recommendation

Bumping up this subject since the last discussion was in 2015. TIA.

submitted 2 weeks ago by dan l

Panther valley community sales

Are they having parking lot garage sales tomorrow?

submitted 2 weeks ago by Lee

Bad credit used car dealership

Don't have good credit. Around 610ish. Make decent money but can't qualify for financing at most dealerships without a co-signer. Anyone know any places that would work with bad credit? Thanks for any help

submitted 2 weeks ago by Bad credit

Pick up stolen On Janes Chapel Rd

A pick up was stolen sometime between 8 pm Friday and 8 am Saturday on Janes Chapel Rd.in Mansfield.Make sure you keep your vehicles locked.Also,please report any suspicious activity to Mansfield PD.

submitted 2 weeks ago by Boomer 50

Washington garage sales

Does anyone know when the Washington garage sales are?

submitted 3 weeks ago by Tim

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