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custom mirror cut

I am looking for somewhere/one to custom cut a piece a mirror for a frame that I have. I used to use warren county glass, before they left Washington Street. Has anyone used anyone semi local to our area for this type of service?

submitted 6 hours ago by lulu

Waters Edge Restaurant - Belvidere

I have gone here to eat in the past and liked it. However, they have a new chef/cook and live music Wednesday nights. I chose a meal from the 'daily specials' on my recent visit and food was better than expected. What a refreshing destination for those of us west of Hackettstown.

submitted 9 hours ago by DM in GM

Smart Cell Phones/Chargers/Batteries

I have a few questions about Smart Phones/Chargers and Batteries. I hope someone can answer this.

How do you know that your Smart Phone needs a new battery (and if so, WHO in/around Hackettstown replaces Smart Phone Batteries?)

At work today, I used my charger, and it only went up 1% in 15 minutes!! Can I assume that the CHARGER isn't working, or something is wrong with my cell phone?

If you charge it beyond 100%, by 1 hour, can that ruin the battery or phone?

Thank you!

submitted 1 day ago by Hackresident

Town Residents Interested In Serving On a Board

Just saw this on the town's website. It looks like there are openings if anyone is interested. It seems as many comments in the past were about the LUB, so here is your chance to have an official say!!

"Looking for any town residents who have an interest in serving on a Municipal Board, Commission, or Authority. Several openings are available. You can email your interest to the Town Administrator at": kuster@hackettstown.net

submitted 1 day ago by Richie

Happy Hanukkah!

I wish all those celebrating Hanukkah eight joyful days and nights!

submitted 2 days ago by maja2

how to register car w/o title?

How does one register a car bought in another state without title?

submitted 3 days ago by car title

Dietician for Kidney disease

Hi All, I noticed the old threads on dieticians have been closed. So curious if anyone can recommend a dietician to help with chronic kidney disease. I know stage three leans towards low sodium and protein but the whole thing is mind boggling. Hackettstowns shoprite no longer offers any help. I also tried Jessica Wolcott in Long Valley but her msg states she not available right now. Thanks!

submitted 3 days ago by Grascal

Auto Salvage Garage

Does anyone know of a salvage garage around? The engine blew in my son's car and he has spent so much money replacing other parts. He hoped to get back some of the money dispensed

submitted 4 days ago by rose

Tire Service at Walmart

Hi, just got a very competitive quote for tires at the Walmart in Mt Olive ( Budd Lake Trade Zone)..
Has anyone used their services and can provide some feedback, thanks

submitted 6 days ago by AJMS

PV Police Activity

Anyone knows anything about a possible shooting and/or hostage situation? Hope everyone involved is Ok.

submitted 6 days ago by CuriousPVmom

Senior Housing

The old link was not of help. Anyone know of any senior living places.? The building next to the hospital has a waiting list

submitted 7 days ago by rose

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