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Drill at Warren Hills HS 5/24


Tomorrow, 5/24 around 9am, there will be multiple emergency apparatus and possibly helicopters in the area of the High School for activities relating to their SADD day. No need to to panic or dial 911. Thanks in advance. — Warren Hills Regional High School.

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Wheelchair ramp installation

Looking for recommendations for local installer/construction of wheelchair ramp for exterior steps.
Thank you

submitted 1 day ago by Gardenfish

Happy Birthday Colette!

Happy Birthday Colette!Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

2018 Memorial Day Weekend Happenings

So, what is going on this weekend? There is practically nothing listed on the HL Calendar. What events are going on besides the car show at Mars and the parade on Monday? Please share here.

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Power outages 5/22, 5/23

Power outage Barkers Mill Rd.

submitted 1 day ago by Jonelle

Lost Olympus Camera / Orange Case

I lost my work camera on Tuesday in the area of Liberty street. It is an Olympus with an orange case. If you find it please call me Floyd 732-598-1281 Thank you.

submitted 1 day ago by Floyd Campbell III

Boat bellows in need of repair

Does anyone or know anyone who knows how to repair boat bellows?

submitted 1 day ago by Outter

Click It or Ticket

So I see Hackettstown and Mansfield received grants to participate in this money grab. Expect to see the one cop sitting in the back of the pick up parked by the bed and breakfast while the rest stand in the municipal parking lot waiting to jump in front of your car.
They should take the grant money and try to stop the drug overdoses or better yet, fix some pot holes.

submitted 2 days ago by irishresq

Memorial Day Parade 2018

Any info on the Memorial Day Parade? Wondering what groups are involved this year or how to sign up... thanks in advance for your help!

submitted 2 days ago by Towngirl2316

Bird flying into window

We have trees outside two of our front windows. For the past few days, we have had a bird repeatedly flying into the windows. It seems like it's trying to take off and ends up hitting the upper corner of the window and it ends up landing back on the tree. This goes on for 15-20 minutes at a time sometimes. I was thinking maybe it doesn't see the glass and doesn't realize it's there. Any suggestions on what we can do? I'm sure it's hurting the bird....and it's getting quite annoying.

submitted 2 days ago by Htown Resident

National Vanilla Pudding Day 5/22!

National Vanilla Pudding Day 5/22!Talk about boring. LOL


submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

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