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Low Cost Dental Insurance to cover dentures for Seniors

Does anyone know of any dental insurance coverage for low income Seniors over 65 that would include dentures or implants? Any local dentists who would take this type of insurance?

submitted 19 hours ago by Wendy

Do you tip????

I have been ordering more items online and having them delivered than I ever have because of Covid. I would like to show appreciation to my mail carrier - any suggestions?

submitted 1 day ago by Treetops

2020 Tree Lighting

Is this happening this year? Dont see anything on the BID or the calendar here?

submitted 1 day ago by Daisy 90210

multifocal catarect surgery with laser

has anyone had the multifocal lens put in for cataract surgery and can you tell me how your vision is, especially night driving? Trying to decide which way to go. having mine done in abut 2 weeks. Wanting to hear from those who actually have the multifocal lens. I am so undecided.

submitted 2 days ago by carol

What phone companies service the town?

I am looking to see what phone companies service the town. My mom presently uses Verizon and her bill was just $80 with only $3.59 cents in long distance calls. I had changed the plan two months ago to save her money, only to find out that there was a $13.99 minimum fee for long distance! I was never told this before. '

I live in Great Meadows and my house phone is less than $30 without long distance I have Century Link.

Thanks for recommendations.

submitted 2 days ago by magpie

Verizon 5g in Hackettstown

Can anybody get a 5g signal on a Verizon cell phone in Hackettstown...5g works great in Mount Olive and Belvedere

submitted 3 days ago by Bug3

Happy Birthday to "The Duke"...

A very Happy Birthday today on his 90th birthday to my husband "The Duke". Always with all my love.....Joyful..

submitted 4 days ago by joyful

Boxing Fans- Two Geezers Get It On Tonight

I'm watching the undercard now. Intrigued to see two of the greats- "Iron" Mike Tyson Vs Roy "Captain Hook" Jones Jr. At 54 for Mike and 51 for Roy the bout should be interesting.

The jokes write themselves with a fight of this nature.

Who will win? Depends...

I'll let myself out...

submitted 4 days ago by Greg

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy ThanksgivingLet us take a few moments and be grateful for all we DO have in our lives.

submitted 7 days ago by Jade

Black and White Tuxedo Cat: Missing

Has anyone seen a black and white tuxedo cat with a clipped ear in the vicinity of the Washington Street School in town? She has been missing about a week now.

submitted 7 days ago by Lee

Italian Bread

Does anyone know where to get good Italian bread that's soft on the inside and crusty outside?

submitted 7 days ago by Leigh

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