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Too many fishing lines on the ground.

Please... anyone who gets a "bird nest", in their reel, take the extra line home with you. If you really don't want to, then roll up in a little ball and cut it into tiny pieces. Little birds will use the line, to help build their nests and our larger, river critters won't have to spend the rest of their life in agony, with lines tangled in their necks and legs.
Also, carry out your "partying" evidence. Way too much broken glass, also.
Just don't want any of our cool , river animals to have to live a life of suffering,... More

submitted 8 hours ago by sparksjbc1964

Memorial Day Madness 2016

Wow! What a turnout of cars and spectators...I was one of the spectators and while there placed a vote for Best in Show. Anyone know which car won that category?

submitted 8 hours ago by Wonderful

Truck vs...?


has anyone gone through this?

Truck versus bigger SUV with a trailer.

Pros of a truck:
Big bed that is always there
Less space taken up in the driveway
Because I want a truck
Crew cab
Towing if or when I buy a trailer
Haul stuff without worrying about getting storage dirty
New diesel that's rated to get 31mpg on highway which is most of my commute anyways.

Pros of an SUV with trailer
Seats 5-7 comfortably
Storage in the back for items that need shelter
Wife feels more comfortable driving it
Don't always need a trailer or bed space

submitted 9 hours ago by fujixt1

Planting Advice

Planting AdviceHey, green thumbers. I just tore out the bushes here and need to plant some new things. Any ideas? Obviously it's pretty much all shade.

submitted 17 hours ago by Nicholas

Another scam call

This guy named "Malcolm ", with a heavy southern accent, asks for "just $10, to help veterans in the hospital ". Now, of course I support and greatly appreciate our veterans, but I could tell by the conversation (I kept him talking, politics, how my day was going, etc.) He eventually got really frustrated with me, and just said "have a good day, Ma'am ", right in the middle of my blabbing. Like I'm virtually doing now!
Anyway, the number shows up as Washington, NJ. The number, already disappeared . I know there's an armory out that way...I hope I'm right... More

submitted 1 day ago by sparksjbc1964

Permit for Garage Sale in Independence?

Just wondering if anyone knows if you need to obtain a permit to hold a garage sale in Independence?

I know some towns require that first...


submitted 1 day ago by gsaleinquiry

HHS Wins Two Freddy Awards!

Great job to all the kids, parents, stage crew, and if course Mrs. Higgins and Mr. Step. On to next year!

submitted 1 day ago by Geekmom

LOST 2 large tan dogs HOME!

LOST 2 large tan dogs HOME!Our two dogs got out sometime between 12 am and 8 am. One is a hound dog and one is a lab/chow mix. Both friendly and have collars. Animal control and Mansfield police have been notified. We have been driving around all morning without any luck. They have been found before around Burger king to Diamond Hill.
Very concerned with the weather and possible fireworks.
Pictured is Snoopy the lab/chow mix

submitted 1 day ago by Cheryl

Where are the hummingbirds?

I have had my 2 feeders up for over 2 weeks now, with zero glimpses of any hummingbirds. They have always shown up the first week of May here. I keep changing the water, but feel like it's a waste w/no sightings. Anyone else, or is it just me? I'm by the hospital.

submitted 1 day ago by missing my hummers

Owners of VW TDI

This is for any other fellow owners of a TDI that is wrapped up in "dieselgate". What are your thoughts on the potential "fix or buyback"?

I don't want them to touch my car. I'm getting on average of 45 MPG. I don't like hurting the environment either, but when I see these oversized SUV's/trucks that are getting 13-18 MPG on the road, how is that any better for the environment?

Curious to hear some other thoughts from other owners. Thanks!

submitted 1 day ago by Jenn

Wedding Rehersal Dinner Ideas

Looking for a venue in the area that is good but not too expensive.

submitted 2 days ago by Sophia

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