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PanDan Room (Vacation Schedule)

Called to order take-out about an hour ago at 1ish. No answer, mailbox full. Husband stopped by - door locked; dark inside. No notice on door for vacation, etc. Do any of you H'lifers know if they are closed today or on vacation or closed forever? Thanks.

submitted 19 hours ago by Mrs. Pipes

James st fireworks

Was driving and saw fireworks on James St. Looked like someones’s yard or street but they were big legit real fireworks. New to NJ and the town, is this legal? Do they do this every year?
Just curious not trying to be a Karen..

submitted 2 days ago by New2town

Venue for Family Reunion

Looking for outdoor venue,possible park to have 40 people ,An overhang in
case of rain would be great, thankyou!

submitted 3 days ago by rose

Foul Burning Smell

Anyone else notice a foul burning smell in the Hackettstown- Independence area. I noticed it a few nights ago and it’s quite strong tonight. Any thoughts as to the cause?

submitted 4 days ago by BC

Found some older Hackettstown Photos

Found these by accident while looking at photos from old NY. Seems the photographer took many photos around NJ towns. Mid 70s- early 80s.


submitted 4 days ago by Kb2755

RIP Jack

I saw Jack Pace owner of Jack's Scissor Wiz passed away.
He was an icon in town for many years. God Bless you Jack and your family !

submitted 5 days ago by Bob K

Lost cat!

Please post back if anyone has seen a black fluffy cat with orange eyes around peach tree and the neighborhoods next to it.

Thank you in advance.

submitted 5 days ago by Victoria

Eye surgeon

Wondering if anyone has seen Dr Vora for cataract surgery.he' s in Newton Thank You

submitted 5 days ago by Betsy Ross

Cafe 57 Washington

I passed this place all the time and never realized it was there. It is a hidden gem...legit homemade baked goods - crumb cake, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, eclairs, macarons, cannolis...it all depends on the day, since it's new every morning. And the flavors and combinations change too.

Their subs and sandwiches are FILLED so those of you who were complaining about skimpy subs might be pleased. And although I haven't tried their breakfasts, their photos look pretty yummy.

They show specials each day on their page. And take great photos so you can see what I'm talking about.

Highly recommend.


submitted 5 days ago by Jules

T mobile 55 and older plan or Verizon

My sister and I are on a shared Verizon plan. We have pretty basic stuff, no bells or whistles. I get a discount through my job plus we save for going paperless and doing autopay. The bill is $135 total. I just got a mailing from T mobile about a 55 and older plan. It would be $27.50 for two lines. Unlimited, etc. This sounds too good to be true. That, or we are getting severely ripped off with Verizon. Does anyone have this plan with T mobile?

submitted 7 days ago by Nutcracker

Professional Cleaner for Leather Handbag

I searched the Forum, and couldn’t find this particular subject posted. Can anyone recommend, (and has had it done) a local Cleaner that specifically will clean staining from a leather handbag? I would rather not do it myself as it is very special to me, but in dire need of cleaning.

submitted 1 week ago by TimeClock

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