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Police activity evening of 9/26?

Any body know what's the ruckus all about with police heading to east side of town?

submitted 7 hours ago by Hackettstownian

2016 Presidential Debates

Starting this now. This is the second step. All other threads about Trump and Hillary can come to an end. I thought the importance of this event needs it's own thread. I'll start off with saying I won't be watching but will be tapping it. Bedtime comes early for very early risers. Hold on tight it's gonna be quite a show. Who knows what's going to happen?? Waiting for everyone's feedback later tonight or in the morning. Whatever floats your boat. Have fun!!!

submitted 9 hours ago by auntiel

Phones at All About Women

I've called 5 times so far this morning and I get a recording that says I've reached a non-working number. Called them last week with no problem. Anyone out there know what's going on?
Very strange.

submitted 16 hours ago by Botheredbyuu2

Maltese or Yorkie breeders

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a maltese or yorkie breeder in NJ. Thank you for your help!

submitted 20 hours ago by annuniz

Just a heads up... coyotes in Old Farm Village

Be aware on evening, nightly, and early morning walks.... howling and yelping just took place right outside of my window. I have video but can't upload here. Stay safe :)

submitted 1 day ago by Cha

Flag Football

Hey everyone,

A buddy of mine and myself were trying to find out if there is anyone interested in playing a pick up game of Flag Football or Two-Hand Touch. Since it is football season what better time to throw the pigskin around and have some friendly competition.

We are new to Hackettstown so we do not know any good fields around, so if anyone could give suggestions that would be great!

18+ and older.

submitted 1 day ago by esoler47

Anyone find a license plate?

Fell off the front of my truck this week if anyone finds it came off a 1999 dodge ram 1500 red 908-391-6123

submitted 1 day ago by Matthew

Where to get necropsy for cat?

Wanting info on where and how much for a necropsy necropsy on a cat? TNR'jng a colony, one found dead. Want to make sure not poisoned

submitted 1 day ago by Worried

Happy Belated Birthday Metsman and Old Gent!

Happy Belated Birthday Metsman and Old Gent!Oh boy! I missed both of these birthdays this week. I never looked at the calendar once this week. I should be taken out back and shot! ;-)

So very sorry, I hope you both had great days!

submitted 3 days ago by Calico696

LED Solar Street Lights in town

I am curious to know what the cost would be to fix all the broke street lights in town and replace them with the solar panel with the LED fixture on existing poles. Would that be expensive or would it be cost savings?

submitted 4 days ago by David T.

Yard Sale Advertising

I am planning to host a yard sale in a few weeks (Friday and Saturday Columbus Day Weekend).

I will post signs at the bottom of my driveway and at either end of the main road.

I will also advertise in the Hackettstown Life Classifieds.

What other advertising options would you suggest to get the word out?


submitted 4 days ago by Hickory Dog

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