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National Popcorn Day 1/19!

National Popcorn Day 1/19!Happy National Popcorn Day! Enjoy!

submitted 1 hour ago by Calico696

The Best Family

I'm so sad to hear that Mrs. Best passed away. Her kindness will be deeply missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the Best family.

submitted 16 hours ago by Independence Farmer

Found old dog in a pink sweater

Found old dog in a pink sweaterThis dog was at my house in liberty township when I came home. Very friendly. She is an old dog.

submitted 17 hours ago by Libertydogfound

Laughing gas for tooth extraction

I would love any feedback, suggestions, or input regarding using only laughing gas during wisdom teeth removal. I'm in my early 30's and need all my wisdom teeth extracted. My insurance company has slim pickings for oral surgeons unfortunately, and I feel like a doctor's reputation is more important than what kind of pain management they use..So please, someone tell me if you ever had laughing gas? What is it like? Am I crazy for not getting put under (which I would prefer)? Is laughing gas (vs anesthesia) safer? I'm totally freaking out..Thank You

submitted 19 hours ago by MaryMiss

Thai Yoga Massage

I'm looking for a Thai yoga massage in the area. Any leads?

submitted 1 day ago by HappyTeacher

Where are the parents

On several different occasions I see very young kids walking home by themselves! They're not with any other kids. They live in the rentals above the buildings on Main Street and down the road from the new CVS. I'm not sure their parents understand that they need to supervise their children. I contacted Hackettstown police and they said they were fully aware of the situation and can only keep an eye out for them.

submitted 1 day ago by FredFinger

Stabbing/Shooting in Buttzville

I believe there was a stabbing and/or shooting in Buttzville and a victim was medevac out

Did anyone hear about this?

I hope everyone is OK

submitted 1 day ago by Summer

Bradley Manning aka Chelsea released

I one final act of ultimate hypocrisy Obama commutes the sentence for this traitor who leaked secret military documents to Wikileaks. The same organization that the he and all the Dems have railed against these last few months. Become a traitor to your country while you are an active member of the military, and the government will commute your sentence, and pay for your sex change operation. Disgraceful!

submitted 1 day ago by Denis

Fishing Bait / Tackle Store

Are there any local bait and tackle shops around? The one on 46 (by advance auto) closed a few years back. I know some of the convenience stores sell worms but any other places might have other live bait?

submitted 1 day ago by Tdog

Stomach Virus

Anyone else plagued by this miserable bug?? An alert went out last week in Great Meadows School District that several students had it and they were taking extra measures to stop it.
My whole family got it. Not fun at all!!

submitted 2 days ago by LivingLifeLovingLife

Happy Birthday Tweety!

Happy Birthday Tweety!Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

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