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White Rabbit on High St

I have seen a mostly white rabbit with a few light brown spots on it near properties on High st between St Marys and the funeral home. Just mentioning in case anyone is or knows someone who is missing their bunny.

submitted 5 hours ago by Neo

Jack O Lantern event in Skylands Augusta NJ

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has gone to this event this year. Is it good for a 4 and 5 year old boys and is it really $24 a person to attend ?

submitted 1 day ago by Jimt

Wood Stove burning Larix laricina / American larch / tamarack

Someone gave us firewood that is in the Larix laricina / American larch / tamarack family. Is it good to burn in our stove? I don't want to waste time splitting it for next year if not. I've read contradicting articles on the web. Thanks in advance

submitted 2 days ago by Wood Splitting Fool

Women golfers

Any women in the Hackettstown area interested in playing golf. This coming Fri

submitted 2 days ago by Patti Donaldson

Asbestos tile

Has anybody recently had asbestos tile removed if so who did you use? Did you like them?

submitted 6 days ago by Irisheyes

spin class

HI, does anyone know where you can take a spin class or yoga class withtou having to actually join a gym? TIA

submitted 6 days ago by Pumpkin43

Lack of squirrels and chipmunks

This time of year my lawn is usually teaming with squirrels and chipmunks gathering nuts. This year there are very few. I am wondering what happened to them all.

submitted 6 days ago by Jimt1058


Was wondering if any others have noticed the unusual amount of dead and decaying deer in the area due to the spread of EHD.

submitted 7 days ago by Raptor

Is anyone missing their cat

Is anyone missing their catI am giving this one more attempt and hopefully someone claims this beautiful cat.

Is anyone missing their cat in the vicinity of Warren Street Hackettstown? I have been feeding him faithfully at night for the last 2 months. I tried to trap him, but he is waay too smart and I wind up with a raccoon instead. Lol! And No! He doesn't come during the day.. Only at night. If no one claims him I just plan on building him an outdoor shelter and continuing to feed him. I named him Grayston

submitted 7 days ago by Jacqui

Heavy Brush Removal

The back part of my yard is basically trees, shrubs, bushes & heavy brush. The past couple years an invasive weed, called a million mile weed, has taken it over. Does anyone know who does heavy brush removal & treatment to kill that weed. It's probably hopeless getting rid of it entirely, but I want to beat it back a bit.

submitted 7 days ago by Lonesome Dove

ITC Longhorn’s Old Spot

Hi all - I was driving through ITC and saw what appeared to be the start of a construction project where the old Longhorn was. Does anyone know if it is being rebuilt or if something else is going there? Thanks!

submitted 1 week ago by Patch

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