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Found CAT

Found CATLocated near Donaldson Farm in Alexandria at Mansfield apartments. Black and white cat, very friendly, very hungry followed me to my front door and is following my neighbors around. He nibbles on my fingers and lets me pet him. Anyone know someone that is missing a kitty?

submitted 6 hours ago by Brett

Sweet 16

We are looking into having a sweet 16 party for our daughter and would love some opinions on fairly local and special locations during the winter months.

submitted 3 days ago by Girl mom

Xfinity/Comcast email problems

Anyone having problems in the Long valley area getting or sending email? i can't get or receive emails on any devices since early this morning.

submitted 4 days ago by LVNEIGHBOR


I’m looking for recommendations for an electrician in the Hackettstown area.

submitted 7 days ago by Heidi

Uncle Tony's Hot Dog House

Uncle Tony's Hot Dog HouseThere is a banner in front of Hackettstown Bagels (on Mountain Ave with Rt 57 intersection) with NOW OPEN, Uncle Tony's Hot Dog House. Logo says "The ORIGINAL ITALIAN HOT DOG".

Anyone try yet? Is there an Uncle Tony's working there? What is an Italian hot dog?

submitted 7 days ago by OnTheEdge


I am painting our house and noticed the paint can reads 1 gallon 124 ounces. Has anyone else found other shrinkflation?

submitted 2 weeks ago by Robert

DAB radio

Does anyone know if a DAB radio can pick up new York stations reaonably well? You may ask 'What is a DAB radio?'. All I know is that it picks up digital signals as opposed to the antenna beamed radio stations.

submitted 2 weeks ago by Evv

Warren County in the News 2024

Sorry to post such a tragic story as the first for this new thread. Still no info on if they knew each other.


submitted 2 weeks ago by 3wbdwnj

Stolen bike on Willow Grove Street

Stolen bike on Willow Grove StreetAt approximately 2:45pm this afternoon I had a Fuji 12 speed road bike in front of my house chained to a large rolling cart with a large for sale sign on it. I was working in my garage and checking every once in a while to see if anyone had stopped, ( I can see from my garage ). I checked at about 2:30pm and about 2:45pm I walked out to my driveway to bring in the rack and bike. Someone had unbolted the chain and took the bike. If you happen to be reading this , that big sign... More

submitted 2 weeks ago by Should have known

Downed Tree Limbs Clean Up

Does anyone know if the town is planning on going around picking up tree branches/limbs from the storm last night if they're put on the curb?

submitted 3 weeks ago by Bernie Riggs

Nearby Restaurants on Water

Any recommendations for nearby dinner restaurants (maybe within 30 min drive of htown) that are on a body of water with great outdoor seating? Body of water can include anything like a river, pond, lake, etc!


submitted 3 weeks ago by DinnerWithAView

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