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Replacing fence

If I am replacing a fence, do I need a permit? It's going to be in the same place be old one is being removed from. Specifications are to code (height, etc). Thanks!

submitted 2 hours ago by Mindi

Local Window/Insulated Glass Unit Repair?

I want to get the Insulated Glass Units repaired in a couple of home windows (the seals are broken and they're fogging between the window panes). For various reasons, it's not practical to replace the windows or even to replace the existing IGUs. There are companies that come to your house and do such work, but I have been unable to locate one in the area. (Maybe Warren County Glass could do it, but they are retiring and closing up shop, very soon.) Has anyone had such work done and have a company to recommend?

submitted 3 hours ago by JerseyWolf

Hackettstown High Asbestos

Hackettstown High has caution tape all around and a sign it is closed for asbestos removal. When did they find this out? Any one have information?

submitted 8 hours ago by Bizzy

Can anyone Identify this car grill

Can anyone Identify this car grillHello found this car grill, but I do not have a clue of what kind of car it came from. Can anyone identify it?

submitted 8 hours ago by animal lover

Chinese Lanterns in Great Meadows

About an hour ago I happened to look up outside my house on Alphano Rd. and saw some Chinese paper lanterns floating through the sky. From what I see there were probably about 30 of them that went by one by one in a line.

Did anybody else happen to catch these in the sky? Anyone know if there was an event where they were launching these, or just an individual who decided to let them go?

submitted 19 hours ago by Marshall Screek

Oxford Furnace Lake

Anyone know if you can pay with a check to sign up for a membership to Oxford Furnace Lake?

submitted 19 hours ago by HappyTeacher

I-80E / exit 26 on-ramp closed from Rte 46, 6/25 eve

Just a heads-up in case anyone else is heading East this evening... or trying to. 80E at 26 closed; 46E is now stop-and-go (at like 5mph), too. Suggest using Rte 517 and exit 19, and checking the traffic reports. This is truly awful. Going to be an hour late for dinner :-(

submitted 1 day ago by Rebecka

Coco Nails on fire?

I hope no one was injured. They just spent a lot of money redecorating the place.

submitted 1 day ago by Heidi

Hackettstown Hospital fire 6/24

Emergency vehicles at Hackettstown ER


submitted 2 days ago by Hacketttstown wife

Power outage 6/24

In panther valley no power since 5am ....Anyone know why ?

submitted 2 days ago by That girl

Fire on Main Street?

Police, EMS, and fire trucks were right in front of homebrew university and marleys. Anyone know what's going on?

submitted 2 days ago by I ❤️ Dogs

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