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Netflix series - Anne with an E

Is anyone watching this? I've watched the first two episodes and while I don't love it as much as adored the 1985 version with Megan Follows, I have to say that I think it's pretty good. The cinematography, casting and writing are very well done.

submitted 31 mins ago by Antimony

LOST White/Orange Cat, Hastings Square

LOST White/Orange Cat, Hastings SquareMy cat went missing last night from Hastings Square, Hackettstown. She is mostly white with orange spots on her face and back. Her name is "cat." She is longer haired, pretty small, maybe 6-7 pounds. If anyone finds her, please call me at (908) 566-2478 or email at scd315@nyu.edu. Thanks!

submitted 1 hour ago by Stephanie D'Agostini

Blue Streaks

What's happening with the Blue Streaks? Seems like a lot of turnover with the coaching staffs in a lot of different sports, including some winning coaches. And seems like this years teams are not quite having the same success of past years? Just a blip in the road? Everybody else catching up? Or is there a problem at Warren Hills high school???

submitted 2 hours ago by Blue 4 Ever

New Hot Dog Joint - Washington

I see they are opening a new hot dog place by the DMV in Washington. Does anyone know anything about it? Rippers like Rutts Hut? Italian like Jimmy Buffs?

submitted 2 hours ago by Hot under the collar

FOUND Parakeet

Very tame budgie found last around Center and Washington
Please call 908-852-4694 To claim Bird.

submitted 5 hours ago by Bonnie

Trump: Version 6.0

"Time for a new thread. Ready, set, discuss!"

"It's Miller time!"

submitted 5 hours ago by strangerdanger

RIP Roger Moore

Spent many a summer in my youth watching his Bond films.

submitted 6 hours ago by MeisterNJ

New establishment going in to Buddy's space?

Does anyone know what may be going in where Buddy's was? I drove past yesterday and the "For Lease" signs were down and the interior lights were on.

submitted 6 hours ago by ErinCat

Happy Birthday Colette!

Happy Birthday Colette!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 8 hours ago by Calico696

RIP Nicky Hayden (motorcycle racer)


I know we have a lot of bikers here. A great American MotoGP racer, tragic accident taking his life at 35.

submitted 8 hours ago by iJay

WRNJ - Appalling Conversation today

While I was listening to WRNJ at 4:50 pm, Dr Trevedi (Now head of Hackettstown Hospital Emergency Room) was speaking about the Health program tomorrow, Tuesday. One of the topics was about strokes, and how important the time factor is. Following that, there was a joke made about people who have strokes, how one side of their mouth does not work properly. Maybe Mr. Worth can check back on the tapes. I will never give a single penny to that facility again.

Anyone else hear this, or Mr. Worth, comments??

submitted 17 hours ago by Daninnj

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