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National Milk Chocolate Day 7/28!

National Milk Chocolate Day 7/28!Milk chocolate is my favorite chocolate! I'm not a dark or white chocolate person at all. Dark is too bitter and white is too sweet. Milk is just right. :-)

Enjoy the day milk chocolate lovers!!!!

submitted 44 mins ago by Calico696

Lost Wallet Returned

There are still good and honest people in this world. My son lost his wallet on Route 57 today in Hackettstown. We spent hours looking for it this afternoon. So happy when the police called to say that it had been turned in. Thank you to the person who did the right thing- we are very grateful!!

submitted 12 hours ago by Gratefultoday

Netcong gas station robbed at gunpoint, suspect at large

I hope he gets caught. At least they provided a decent description.


NETCONG – Police are searching for a man who robbed a borough gas station at gunpoint.

At 3:38 a.m. on Tuesday, police received a 911 call regarding an armed robbery that occurred at the Valero Gas Station, located on Route 46 and Route 183.

Police were told that a man entered the gas station on foot from Route 46 and robbed an employee at gun point.

The man made off with about $500 in cash and then fled the scene, heading back onto Route 46 east, police said. There were no injuries... More

submitted 13 hours ago by Joe M

Hackettstown Police appreciation gifts

Just saw the wonderful appreciation gifts the Hackettstown Police just got , would love to know who created them , Our son is on the Sheriffs Dept in NC we would love to send them ,, and Thanks to the Hackettstown and all the Police officers protecting us ,, Stay Safe out there

submitted 18 hours ago by DW

Looking for a local sewing teacher

Someone to teach my 9 year old sewing 101 in our home.

I know that Joann Fabrics offers classes, but prefer weekday times and so far have only seen late evening and weekend dates for Joann classes.

submitted 21 hours ago by Harris

Beware guy selling meat door to door

A man just drove up to our house saying he had high quality steaks that he needed to get rid of for cheap, that he was out in our area making deliveries and needed to unload the leftovers.

Just a heads up to anyone in Hackettstown. These are classic scams. Don't fall for it.

submitted 21 hours ago by millionyearpicnic

Another Mansfield Official in Trouble

First it was the DPW Supervisor and now a committee person.What is going on over there.

submitted 1 day ago by boomer

By the year 2050

By the year 2050Interesting...

By the year 2050 we will need the resources of three worlds to support the expected population. Today is a good day to consider reducing waste and increasing the use of renewable resources.

submitted 1 day ago by Larry M Darst

Stolen laptop

Is there anyway to trace a stolen laptop to all you Tech
Experts out there? My daughter's apartment was broken
into and they stole her laptop. I know this is far
reached, but I thought it was worth a try for I want
these thieves to fry ;) Tx

submitted 2 days ago by Jacqui

Just bought a motorcycle

Just bought a motorcycleI searched, but surprisingly didn't see a thread about bikes?

I'd name the thread "Calling all Bikers" like the Hophead thread- but the term has negative associations to many..

Anyway- Last week, I purchased another streetbike. My friends reply was- could you have picked a hotter day? :) I always wear full gear, regardless of the temp.

Does anyone on here ride? I saw a guy with a ZRX while I was metal detecting a few weeks ago in Hackettstown- spoke with him briefly.

So here is the new scoot-

submitted 2 days ago by Josh

Camping at Stephens State Park

Has anyone camped there? Is it okay to bring a cooler with beer, wine etc? Are there outhouses and other amenities? Looking for a place to camp for a few days just to get away.

submitted 3 days ago by mel

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