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Dog got skunked! Advice?

Roxi just made a friend. Any thoughts on cleaning?

submitted 11 hours ago by Greg

Question for the ladies

I'd like to get an idea on how other women feel about being called ma'am and how often does this occur?

I'm 49 and a little sensitive about getting up there, so when people call me ma'am it really bothers the heck out of me.

I know it's a term used to be respectful, but is it just used towards older women?

Oversensitive these days....

submitted 11 hours ago by positive

Escaped Cat - Great Meadows - Hillcrest Drive

Escaped Cat - Great Meadows - Hillcrest DriveDomestic short hair, "Tuxedo" cat - black with white paws, underbelly and chin. Named "Domino" - not an outside cat, probably scared. Somehow knocked a screen out of a window and fell out. Missing since afternoon of Aug. 24 in the vicinity of Hillcrest Drive/Quenby Mt. Road. Please call if you've seen him - 908-637-4239. Thanks...

submitted 14 hours ago by Frank Altamura

Hackettstown High School Parent Portal

Has anything changed here? I can't login anymore.

submitted 15 hours ago by jmo517

Rock Creek Tavern

Has anybody been there yet? I have been dying to try it, but just haven't gotten there yet. Wondering if it's any good and what the menu is like. They don't seem to have a website, only a Facebook page. It also seems that they took the Facebook page over from the old Skoogy's, as it still has Skoogy's menu posted.


submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Recycle goods

I don't use garbage pickup in Hackettstown so how and where can I get rid of recycle bottles. Plastic glass ect. Are there drop off points?

submitted 1 day ago by Speill

Mold remediation

Does anyone have a good name of a mold remediation company to clean mold in the attic?

submitted 1 day ago by Kate

Problem Contractor

Hey folks, any suggestions for dealing with a contractor who has not completed work? Unfortunately he was paid in full and continues to fail to show up when he has committed (weeks/months of excuses). Permit is still unconfirmed but major work is done.

submitted 1 day ago by PWMS

Volunteering ideas

I am looking to volunteer.Seniors or homeless
Anybody have any places where they give some time.

submitted 1 day ago by Outside

End-of-Summer Events

Not trying to depress anyone, but summer is coming to a close in just two weeks. Does anyone know of any good things to do in NJ, East PA or NY before fall arrives?

submitted 1 day ago by 1988LJ

Andover Property Tax Assessor lowers hers while increase others


This must be a new low on NJ's corrupt municipal/township officials - Not only do they relentlessly work around the 2% Property Tax cap, but also poach more (pay less in taxes) like their 6digit salaries are not enough, with secure jobs [they can't be fired or voted out by the community] and get free benefits [health/dental/etc.] on the taxpayers bill.

I'm very happy a fellow citizen took the long length to take a stand against those corrupt officials. Let's stand behind Jesse Wolosky and look for other Property Tax shenanigans & hooligans in our own backyard.

submitted 2 days ago by LLC

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