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Favorite Non Super Bowl Day memory

Mine was either 1999 or 2000. I forget the year. It was in Hackettstown at my place and I had a dear friend over. We spent the day together and watched "16 Great Hours of Andy Griffith" on TBS. We had a ball. Had some beverages and made Shephards Pie. We had a wonderful day together and never watched a single play of the Super Bowl.

At least I have some good memories.

submitted 6 hours ago by Singlemaleinnj

Short term part time work?

Does anybody know of any places in or around Hackettstown who would be willing to hire a recent college graduate for part time work for about two months?

submitted 6 hours ago by dmp

Buffalo Wings for Super Bowl Sunday

Where is your favorite place for buffalo wings? Not looking to make my own. Personally think Marley"s are a little on the large/fatty side for me. Wondering where you all prefer wings?

submitted 11 hours ago by chichi

Panther Valley Arrest?

On 1/29/15 around 1pm a white Jetta was pulled over with like eight state troopers with their rifles drawn. Was an older man, older like 70. Does anyone know what happened???? His car was parked there for several hours after.

submitted 11 hours ago by Brie

Cars for Cash service

Has anyone utilized this online service? If yes, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Is it as simple as they say? Do they give you cash? I just chatted online with someone from the site and they said they would give me a guaranteed check when they picked up the car and take care of the paperwork. Not sure what paperwork is involved besides signing over the title of the vehicle and taking my plates off before they tow it away.

submitted 13 hours ago by Information Needed

Ashley's Restaurant

Wife and I ate at Ashley' s for first time last night. It was terrific! Extensive Latin American menu. Great and abundant food for a reasonable price. It's BYOB. With this, Marley's, Topo, Mezza House and Stella G's, no need to stray from Main St. when you're hungry.

submitted 15 hours ago by Dave Sullivan

Town plows hitting mailboxes

I have seen a lot of mailboxes hit after the recent storms . Does Independence Twp. do anything to reimburse for this? I found mine hit this morning after this little storm.

submitted 16 hours ago by bky

Sheet metal for heat shield for wood stove

Finally getting ready for the new wood stove install and we're looking for a store/business where we can buy a sheet of 24 gauge sheet metal of a specific size to use as a heat shield.
Would the company on Willow Grove that does the railings- I can't recall the name- be a possible resource?

submitted 17 hours ago by Blackcat

You can't pay kids to shovel snow?! (NJ sucks)

Seriously.... has ALL common sense been lost?!?! You can't have a lemonade stand, you can't shovel snow for pay..... come on......


submitted 19 hours ago by JeffersonRepub

Restaurant.com coupons

Anyone have any discount codes for Restaurant.com?

submitted 19 hours ago by tigermom

Hackettstown High School Group 3 Sports

Increased population entering the high school,I understand that the high school is moving into group 3 competition. Also Newton,Lenape Valley,and some of the sussex county schools could be dropping to group 1.It seems Sparta is holding its own,as well as High Point,and Vernon! This should really open up the league in football,as well as other sports.

submitted 19 hours ago by LoBo

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