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Laundry pick up in or near Washington?

Is there a laundry pickup and delivery service anywhere near Washington (Warren)?

submitted 5 hours ago by Jenn

Great customer service

Being that there is too much negativity in the world, thought I would "give props" to great customer service. People are always so fast to complain about things, lets post good things that happen to us. I was in One Stop in Washington yesterday and the people working there couldn't have been more helpful. Friendly and nice too.
Today I was at Home Depot and the man that helped me was the friendliest guy I have ever dealt with there. Made suggestions and saved me money. I like that. :)
Maybe its the weather changing into... More

submitted 11 hours ago by botheredbyuu2

Just Curious about some questions asked here

I've been on the forum for around two years and I've noticed something that puzzles me. Why do people ask questions about which most of us can only speculate - rather than making contact with someone/company who would actually have the answers?

This is a great place for all kinds of resources and recommendations. It's often good for laughs. And often wonderful photos are posted. I just don't get it about the other kinds of questions.

I fearfully ask you, the experts in this case, why this is.

submitted 15 hours ago by 5catmom

Verizon DSL outage - College View

Our dsl has been out all day ever since the storms last night. Went through all the usual reboots and tests. Wondering if anyone else has been out. College view section. Thanks

submitted 1 day ago by Stevericc

Favorite Restaurants and Meals In The Area?

To mods: I searched for this, could not find another topic like this.

My favorites: Halulu (Stanhope)(chicken teriyaki, avocado salad, miso soup)
Cinnamon (Indian restaurant in Morris Plains)(Chicken Makani, mattar paneer)
Grato (Morris Plains)

submitted 1 day ago by checkonetwo

Construction by Piggy's Deli Mall

What are they building by the Piggy's deli mall on rt 57 in mansfield? They tore down a house

submitted 1 day ago by Brad2

Road work Rt 57 starting 3/30

Milling/Paving work will start Monday night, 3/30 at 8pm, from Claremont Rd (Diamond Hill) to Penwell Rd. Will be done overnight from 8pm until 6am. Great they are doing it and doing it when there is less traffic, but boy oh boy, it will be noisy overnight. Should take 1 week, they are saying. That portion of Rt 57 is a mess, so glad its getting done.

submitted 1 day ago by botheredbyuu2

Happy Birthday Deadhead!

Happy Birthday Deadhead!Wishing you a very WONDERFUL Day my son! We miss you very much! Hoping life is what you want in Denver Colorado!!

Happy 23rd Birthday!


submitted 1 day ago by Christine

Spring Snow

Anybody else looking out the window and seeing everything covered with snow????

submitted 1 day ago by RAD

Waterloo Rd. Frog Crossing 3/26

The frog whisperers are back on Waterloo Road assisting the little hoppy guys get to the river side. Be careful on Waterloo in the area of Continental. They will walk in front of a moving car to make sure the frogs get to the side safely.

submitted 2 days ago by Andrew's Mom

Found-Black & White Shih Tzu-Washington (REUNITED)

Found-Black & White Shih Tzu-Washington (REUNITED)Anyone missing a dog? Washington area

Wearing red harness

submitted 2 days ago by Nik

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