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Things that always surprise you

Things that always surprise youThere's some things that certainly surprise me every time-like the fact that there's a payphone at Schooley's Mountain Park here in Long Valley that not only is maintained - but people actually use it. Often.
(Credits for the photo go to @Christography who took the picture for a post a long time ago)

submitted 8 hours ago by Lngvly22

Mother's Day 2014

what is everyone getting for mother's day!! Having a hard time deciding!! Any help would be great!!

submitted 11 hours ago by stumped

Please use the "search" feature

Please use the search feature before starting new threads. This prevents multiple threads on the same subject and the moderators' need to delete threads.

It does not matter if a previous thread is older, since you can usually add a new post at the bottom which will bump it up to the top.

The following is a list of some topics that have multiple threads available to view and comment on.

spring yard clean up
auto mechanics
town garage sale
hair salons
nail salons
Chinese food
nursery schools
summer camps
holiday brunches
halls for rent/shower/party locations

submitted 1 day ago by Moderator

Power outage liberty Township

Any one know whats going on that the powers been out for over a hour now

submitted 1 day ago by Caged Animal

What Martial Art Are You? (Quiz)


I'm capoeira. Huh? Never heard of it. I'd better Google it.

You are lively, fun, and open to new experiences. You love to travel and discover new things. You are joyous and prone to celebrate. You are the type of person who likes to work hard and play even harder.

In life, you are intuitive and street smart. You understand others well and are able to predict their next moves. And while you can see what others are up to, few know what your plans are. You like to play it coy.

In a battle, you try to... More

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Happy Birthday Iggy!

Happy Birthday Iggy!Happy Birthday! Hope you get a nice dog treat today!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Littlebrook Nursing Home in Califon?

Looking for reviews before placing a loved one. Any thoughts?

submitted 2 days ago by HHS fan

LOST small light orange CAT, Christopher St.

I live on Christopher street across from te hospital in that area and my s kitty has ran away he is not fixed ..small light orange champagne coloring contact SARA 9089146151

submitted 2 days ago by saralostcat

Found Dog in Hackettstown

Found Dog in HackettstownI saw this on facebook.....the dog was found in Hackettstown and is at Common Sense for Animals. Recently groomed.......MUST belong to somebody
"Found in Hackettstown. Adult neutered male cocker spaniel. Recently groomed. Very sweet. Please share and help get him home. Call 908-859-3060 with any info! "

submitted 2 days ago by Hastings

Exam Proctor Needed

As part of a certification program, I am required to take two proctored exams, and need to find someone local. Does anyone know if Centenary or other institutions offer this service? I will be calling around tomorrow, but any head start would be appreciated.

Once again, thank you in advance.

submitted 2 days ago by CR37


Being without a vehicle while searching for a job is tough. Being.without a vehicle once a job has been found is even more tough! Hi, my name is Evan and I am curious if anyone knows of an early morning carpool from Hackettstown to Washington? Would need to be there around 6:30 am. The bus would have been a great option but it doesn't not arrive early enough /: any help is appreciated
Thank you to reading and enjoy your week (:

submitted 2 days ago by evan

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