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Greta Latona - WRNJ

Does anyone know if Great Latona still on WRNJ? Love her on the afternoons but she has not been on for a week with no reason explained for why she is out.

Like her positivity on the air and the way WRNJ operates they let their great talent (see Doc South) go with no explanation which makes me worry if Greta is still on the station.

submitted 2 hours ago by reisident08

Sandra Wyatt

Does anyone know a Sandra Wyatt that painted scenes on wooden apples?

submitted 4 hours ago by Gail


Does anyone know of any notaries currently open in the area? Just got a document that needs notarization ASAP.

submitted 5 hours ago by honestyseasy

What is going on at RDJ Shell Station In Great Meadows.

Went by RDJ Shell Station in Great Meadows today all the gas pumps were blocked off and shut down.A large excavator is parked near the station building.

submitted 1 day ago by Zipp

Tranquility Farm

Anyone know about the new construction behind the Tranquility Farm and Ice Cream Stand?

submitted 1 day ago by Goldfinch

Weird Noise by Hospital/Brook Hollow

All day I’ve heard this loud humming/machinery type noise that has continued past midnight in the area of the hospital/Willow Grove Street/Brook Hollow neighborhood. Does anyone else hear it and know what it’s from? Could the hospital’s HVAC system be that loud?

submitted 2 days ago by Htown Gal

has anyone used this general contractor and what was your experience?

has anyone used this general contractor and what was your experience?I am trying to find out if anyone in the local area has used this contractor who's ad is in the photo enclosed and what was your experience, thanks for your feed back, its really needed.

submitted 3 days ago by concerned

Local Outdoor Picnic Tables

Anyone know of a place in town that has a few outdoor tables a small group can sit at

submitted 3 days ago by rose eskow

Clothing drop off

Hey all,

The local clothing drop box is taped off for some reason and I have two giant garbage bags full of baby/toddler clothes. It would kill me to throw them out but the few boxes I know of seemed roped off. Any suggestions? Being very busy these days, I was looking to drop and run rather than donating and having someone look through every item.


submitted 3 days ago by Consigliere

Lost men’s wedding band

Did anyone happen to find a man’s silver wedding band? Thinking Memorial Day at Pequest Cemetery ? Hoping someone found it while walking ..... thanks in advance

submitted 3 days ago by Ziggy

Happy Birthday Sandi R.

To my Wife, my best friend & the keeper of my heart.

submitted 3 days ago by Pooder

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