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Any reiki practitioners in the area?

submitted 4 hours ago by HappyTeacher

Cows on farm on Allen Road near Weis

Missing again after being back for several years

submitted 16 hours ago by eapos

Lux + Olive - Hastings Square

Has anyone tried out this new nail spa?? Wondering how it is!

submitted 1 day ago by Soccermom12

National Wine Day 5/25!

National Wine Day 5/25!Enjoy a glass today! Cheers!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Cats and dog

I adopted two cats last weekend. They are 5 years old, and came from a house with 2 dogs.
For whatever reason though, they want nothing to do with my dog. They growl and hiss at her even when she is sitting still just looking at them.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help them getbuse to each other? Ive been letting the cats roam the house while the dog is outside, and if the cats are hiding i will let the dog in the room so she can sniff around and they can get use to eachothers scents. Im... More

submitted 1 day ago by Melissa

Picnic areas in the area

Does anyone know of a picnic place where I can take my 5 relatives in their 50's and up to either grill of just have sandwiches on Memorial Day for a few hours after the parade Originally I was thinking about one of the brew pubs, but they are closed.We would like to have a couple of beers or wine without getting arrested and we don't want a full service restaurant.We want to keep it more in keeping with the observance of the holiday.Is the VFW open to the public that day?

submitted 2 days ago by C.J.

Alumni Field

my son is having his soccer practice in alumni field and i noticed that the road leading to the field is in very very bad shape
does anyone know anything about this problem????

submitted 2 days ago by debbie123

Memorial Day Weekend Events 2017

I find if a bit odd there are no events listed on the calendar here for this weekend. Please post event info here.

Jam Fest at Hunter's Lodge
Sunday 5/28 - 4-8 pm

Live music, clambake with sweetcorn, quoits and badminton.

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

Found Homing Pigeon

I just saw a white homing pigeon in the bridge area by Mine Brook Golf, if anyone is missing one.

submitted 2 days ago by MR

Cheap Activities for Small Children

I'd like some more ideas.
SO far we have been to Hackettstown and WC libraries,
Fed animals at Alstede Farm in Chester,
Gone to Rock Spring Park playground in Chester,
Visited Godlewski Farm for plants and flowers in Great Meadows,
Visited the fish at Hackettstown Pets,
And gone bowling in Mansfield

Any more ideas?

submitted 3 days ago by Lili

Cheap outdoor activities

Any suggestions for cheap outdoor activities in the area? Willing to drive up to an hour! Anything such as a cool hiking spot or outdoor bars/eateries. Group is young adults over 21

submitted 3 days ago by Adventureseeking

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