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Car Show this weekend 8/13

Anyone have a contact for the car show at Lowes/Wendys parking lot this Saturday?

submitted 1 day ago by 3wbdwnj

Narendra Civunigunta MD

Any experienve with this opthamologist?

submitted 3 days ago by EVV

Trapped Cat

So I was shopping at the Phillipsburg kohl's yesterday and noticed a cat wandering around the vacant area of the mall through the glass doors. I'm not sure how it got in or if it knows how to get out or even if it belongs to anyone but I feel bad for it. Throwing it outside is just going to get it hit by a car on the main road or it could find its way back in plus there's always the possibility of kittens or belonging to a squatter that could be hiding inside. There's been talk of replacing... More

submitted 3 days ago by Summer

Olivia Newton John

RIP Olivia Newton John.
You were a wonderful entertainer.
God Bless you and your family friends and co workers. You will be missed !!

submitted 3 days ago by Bob Kunkel

Weis eliminating Cashiers

Went to Weis the other day and they only had one line open with a cashier. The rest are Self Checkout. The Girl told me they are looking to eliminate cashiers. If that is true, I will no longer shop there.

submitted 4 days ago by Mr 4Paws

Nest thermostat free from Elizabethtown gas

Elizabethtown gas is giving away free first generation Nest thermostats. You just have to pay for shipping. It was very easy to install. We’ve been wanting to try one but didn’t want to pay a hundred dollars and then not like it. This was a good way to do a test run. Nest makes more sophisticated models, this one’s pretty simple. I think the app could be a little more intuitive but it’s not horrible.

You can find them on Elizabethtown Gas Marketplace.

submitted 4 days ago by Res2

Buying from competition

I have noticed that a lot of landscape companies buy materials from vendors that have a stake and or interest in the install business directly competing with you. They win either way by installing the project or selling you the material. There is a new owner in Roxbury doing this at a stone yard and also a nursery in Chester. If it’s broadcast from the beginning, hey we are your competition and we will be competing against you all good. But companies need to stick together and know this.

submitted 6 days ago by Michigan

Grey kitten on the loose!

Grey kitten on the loose!Hi!!! My little grey and white kitten named Kiwi got outside because he is a fast runner and accidentally got out…if anyone sees him please call 908-399-7757 he may be around willow grove street!!! THX

submitted 7 days ago by Geralyn

Hackettstown Elks


Question if anyone can answer, it'd be appreciated. I currently live in Great Meadows and was wondering if I'd be eligible to join the Hackettstown Elks Lodge. Does one have to have a Hackettstown mailing address to be considered for membership? Thank you.

submitted 1 week ago by CockInTheHenHouse

I found your friend (Teddy Bear)

I found your friend (Teddy Bear)Found this bear with a specific marking at Target. I would love to return to the rightful owner and hate the thought of someone missing it. Please message me with the “specific marking” and I will make sure to get it back to you ASAP

submitted 1 week ago by Cmca Laura

Current Propane Prices

I searched for a bit and only found the Fall 2021 propane prices thread and not sure how accurate that is anymore. Im specifically looking to just fill some tanks for the bbq, if anyone knows the cheapest place around for that. But Im sure it will help others to talk about general home heating prices for propane as well.

submitted 1 week ago by MakoMiller1984

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