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Rts. 80 and 57 DOT Projects

Rts. 80 and 57 DOT ProjectsMilling and paving projects began last night.

submitted 2 hours ago by Calico696

Better get used to more bear encounters

Our idiot governor, despite the advice of state biologists, has ceased the bear hunt on NJ Owned and managed property. The biologists reported to his office that other forms of population control were both ineffective and cost prohibitive.

As Hackettstown is surrounded by state land and NJ black bear sow often have litters of 4 - 5 cubs.....we will have an exploded population within a couple of years.

Better keep an eye on your children and pets.

submitted 15 hours ago by Tim

Found glasses, Riverfront Park

Glasses, transparent pink frames. At baseball field, hanging on fence, 3rd base side, Riverfront Park, Htown

submitted 16 hours ago by Roywhite

Helicopters over Mansfield today

It looked like a state police helicopter flying around Allen Rd and Alexandria Apts very low like they were looking for something. Does anybody know why?

submitted 16 hours ago by Patti

Comcast phone issues / incompetent support

Anyone having phone issues? Mine has been out for 2 weeks. I can make calls, but calls are automatically disconnected as soon as the phone rings. I've called 5 times, each time the rep ( located in the Philippines ) I am speaking too insists that they run a diagnostic check on their end, and then reset the modem. It doesn't matter that I explain to them it's already been done. All total I have probably wasted at least 2 hours with them on the phone in the last weeks accomplishing nothing. I've... More

submitted 18 hours ago by Denis

Poodle-type dog found on Rt. 517

Poodle-type dog found on Rt. 517Sharing from Facebook. "Found dog on route 517, dropped off at Tranquility Veterinary clinic. Does anyone recognize her?"

submitted 20 hours ago by Denis

Wireless printers

Hi. Looking for advice on wireless printers that can also do photo printing. We have chrome books and an I pad we would like to use with it. Thank you

submitted 1 day ago by Pumpkin43

Drinking water

Let's talk about drinking water? What do most people do for drinking water? The ever so inconvenient ,plastic waste producing water bottles? Or store bought commercial filters such as brita..Pur...? Healthy water is so important and after hearing rumors about bad quality of Htown water we are considering ditching our Pur pitcher and installing a reverse osmosis under counter filtration.

submitted 1 day ago by Lina

Sharknado Alert

The final Sharknado tonite!
Time travel back in time ..... to dinosaurs, Noah's Ark, the original Sharknado!
Get your popcorn ready .... should be pretty crazy hysterical.

submitted 1 day ago by happiest girl

Essential Oils

Does anyone have experience with essential oils? Particularly the best brands and the best uses? I know about Young Living essential oils, but they seem to be expensive. I would like to be familiar with them before I spend the money. I am interested in using them to make body mist/natural cleaners. Also does anyone know the difference between essential and infused oil?

submitted 2 days ago by Biologist1

Door Installation

Anyone have any door installation contractor recommendations?

submitted 2 days ago by Enjoy

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