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Happy Birthday kb2755!

Happy Birthday kb2755!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 4 hours ago by Calico696

Is anyone missing a cat: black, orange and white

Is anyone missing a cat: black, orange and whiteIs anyone missing their cat? Or do you recognize this cat? I see pictures coming up on a trail camera as she walks past at night for the last week or so. I saw her/him out during the daylight and grabbed a picture - it's a pretty cat, white tip on the end of the tail. I am located at the Hackettstown/Independence Twp line between the Hills of Independence and 2nd Street Hackettstown area. The cat would not come to me and ran off.

submitted 17 hours ago by jennymc

Philadelphia Flower Show 2016

I always kicked around the idea of going to this. Has anyone ever gone? Was it worth the trip out there? Can you do it all in one day or do you suggest a two day experience? It's in March and contemplating going. The tickets are $27. Just wondering what others thought. Thanks!

submitted 21 hours ago by behappydaily

Companies in the ITC

Does anyone know where I can find a listing of the companies in the ITC in Budd Lake/Mount Olive area? All I find when I search is a listing of the stores. I'm trying to job search and I know there are a lot of companies in there.

submitted 22 hours ago by job hunting

Suggestions for Valentine's Day Gift

Anyone doing anything special this Valentine's Day for that significant other person in your life or your spouse?

submitted 1 day ago by joyful

How long ago was this forum started?

I'm just curious to learn how long the forum began. Who started it?

submitted 1 day ago by Darleen

Happy Birthday jrsemom!

Happy Birthday jrsemom!Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

The stuff you'd love to say to the people who've gotten under your skin

I have a lot to say to people I know and do not like. Sad to say I don't have the ovaries..unless I had more than a couple of drinks. Lol!

What would you like to say to certain people that have irritated you to the point of losing it?

submitted 1 day ago by positive

HL Lounge Continued

It's been a while since this great thread has been resurrected. So glad it has popped up again. Figured it would be easier to post on a much less lengthy one.

Danny so glad you've found The Lounge, I'm sure your cooking expertise will be a great benefit!

submitted 1 day ago by positive

Come be part of the St. Patrick's Parade 2016!

Hi! Who will be marching down Main Street in the 2016 Hackettstown St. Patrick's Day, Sunday March 13!?

We welcome vendors, marchers, volunteers, sponsors, so sign up if you're interested as an individual, a business or organization. Students/groups are welcome to volunteer to complete community service hours! Pets are welcome to walk the parade, too!

Find event details and register here:

submitted 1 day ago by HKTWN BID

Anyone here a Radiology Technician?

Thinking about a career change and just looking to get an idea about the field and what to expect. A lot of fields have changed drastically since about 2008 specifically my current field of IT. Salaries have gone down and expected time at work has gone up. Thanks folks.

submitted 2 days ago by TimeForAChange

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