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New Leo's Lunch & Cafe

There seems to be some confusion between the newly opened "Leo's Lunch & Cafe" and the older "Leo's Boardwalk" that was new not that long ago. In talking with the folks there, they want to make sure "Leo's Cafe" is recognized on its own merits. The previous thread was starting to blur the distinction and not helping things, so I'm starting this one.

So far I had a very good cheese steak that I mentioned on the other thread. And our Sunday breakfast crew just came back from there with nothing but positive reports. Seems like the... More

submitted 18 hours ago by GC

Who is Your Favorite TV Character of All Time?

Not sure if you saw this, but ME TV, a great new station to Comcast, is running a March Madness bracket of the greatest TV characters of all time. They are down to their final brackets of voting. Here is the link:


It got me thinking, whether the character is on this bracket or not, who is your favorite television character of all time? Thought this would be a great thread to start and share our answers.

submitted 19 hours ago by resident08

Colonial Manor reviews

I need reviews on colonial Manor senior citizen home. Has anybody had any good or bad experiences?

submitted 1 day ago by Bug3

Fox attacking cat in PV

PV- woke to a loud screeching "bark" outside my window at 2am. Looked outside and saw a fox five feet from my house making a racket with all the barking. Walked away and then heard a cat howling- looked again and saw the fox attacking the cat. Needless to say I left well enough alone. I have never heard complaints about aggressive foxes, or that they attack cats- although anything is possible.
Anyone else seen this behavior? I know there are a lot of foxes/coyotes in the area, but this was a bit too close for comfort!

submitted 1 day ago by PVRES

Spring Clean up in Hackettstown

Is there a Hackettstown Spring Clean up for 2017?

submitted 1 day ago by Lucie

What are your favorite talk shows?

Since we have been having a good time recalling all the great game shows that we have watched over the years, thought I would also start a thread on what your favorite talk show is.

There are not as many talk shows as there used to be back in the day, but thought we would have fun recalling some of those as well. I enjoyed watching Sally and Phil Donahue back in the day, and even Ricki Lake.

What are some of your favorite talk shows of all time?

submitted 1 day ago by resident08

Pequest Hatchery Open House Postponed

For those planning to go on April 1 - 2 the event has been postponed until June 3 - 4. The rainy weather predicted for next week and poor condition of the fields are to be blamed. More info will be available soon on their website.

submitted 2 days ago by John C

National Cocktail Day 3/24!

National Cocktail Day 3/24!Thank goodness I read about this before happy hour ends! Enjoy!

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

Thank You Rte 517 gentleman

A huge thank you to the gentleman who helped out my son on 517 this afternoon. You offered him a ride to the gas station to get anti freeze for his overheated car but he declined your offer. No offense, but I'm glad he did as I have taught him not to get in the car with strangers ;). So you kindly brought him a bottle and did not want reimbursement. He forgot to get your name so if you are reading this... Thank you very much and he plans on paying it forward.

submitted 2 days ago by jrsemom

$1.9 Million over paid by GMR to Hackettstown BOE

According to the March 13,2017 G.M.R. Board meeting, over the past four years G.M.R. has over paid the Hackettstown B.O.E. $1.9 Million dollars. No details of how/when or why this major financial mistake were given. Their solution (with some Hackettstown B.O.E. in attendance) was to have Hackettstown pay back this balance in equal payments over 8 years. Effectively giving Hackettstown a 12 year interest free loan.Some of the questions that come to mind is how could two financial (both,G.M.R. and Hackettstown) professionals make such an huge financial mistake? What did Mr. Mango (Superintendent of both school districts) know and when... More

submitted 2 days ago by Hammer

Looking for Amish Roofers

Has anyone had an Amish crew come here and put on a metal roof? Looking into metal and would like some recommendations.

submitted 3 days ago by morgan

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