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Lost Phone *$100 REWARD*

I lost my phone around the Centenary College campus, If anyone has found it there is a $100 reward

submitted 11 hours ago by James Iwanicki

HHS looking to replace head football Coach Robinson?

I heard through a couple of local parents that the H'town BOE has put out a job opening for the position of head football coach. Does anyone know if there is any truth to that?

submitted 15 hours ago by Tiger Fan Family

2016 NFL Off Season

Stuff happening already.

LeSean McCoy is suspected of assaulting two off-duty police officers early this morning.


Riley Cooper has been released by the Eagles. Thank goodness!


submitted 18 hours ago by Calico696

Roaming cat?

Black furry cat roaming by our house in Panther Valley

submitted 22 hours ago by Pv resident

Fat Tuesday 2016

Can't believe it's that time again already... Mardi Gras is tomorrow. That means Hurricanes and Muffulettas at our house. Not a big fan of doughnuts (-;

submitted 22 hours ago by ianimal

SB's Great Artists & performances tonight

My absolute favorites, Coldplay, Bruno and Rihanna. What a fantastic show.

Still don't know who's playing. Lol!

My husband is a big Broncos fan..what team are you guys routing for?

submitted 1 day ago by positive

Bomb threat at Applebees minutes before kickoff

Applebees evacuated some one made a bomb threat. Any more info?

submitted 1 day ago by DH

Hit and run on Grand Ave?

Just wondering if anyone else heard of a hit and run on Grand Ave last week? My neighbor said it was a young woman who is a known addict in and around town! I am shocked and saddened to hear this in our community... I also heard that this occurred in the morning hours... I work diligently to keep my family safe and when I hear of scum like this trolling the streets at 11 in the morning, I get MAD!!!!!!!!!! Anybody else? Am I the only one? I hope not!

submitted 1 day ago by Concerned in town

Unique moving question?


We have a somewhat unique situation. We are recently married, after each of us being married for 54 years. Our spouses went to be with the Lord, so we have two houses, 6 children and 12 grandchildren.
Does anyone know of a moving company that will do “partial moves” between now and February 29th within the Hackettstown area??

Thank you in advance. We'll invite you to our 25th Wedding Anniversary!

June & Walter Stuber

908-852-7341, cell 908-619-6356, PTL!

submitted 1 day ago by Walter Stuber

Happy Birthday kb2755!

Happy Birthday kb2755!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

Is anyone missing a cat: black, orange and white

Is anyone missing a cat: black, orange and whiteIs anyone missing their cat? Or do you recognize this cat? I see pictures coming up on a trail camera as she walks past at night for the last week or so. I saw her/him out during the daylight and grabbed a picture - it's a pretty cat, white tip on the end of the tail. I am located at the Hackettstown/Independence Twp line between the Hills of Independence and 2nd Street Hackettstown area. The cat would not come to me and ran off.

submitted 2 days ago by jennymc

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