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Tues 4/15 8:45 pm, It's snowing outside my window


when is it gonna be over

submitted 12 hours ago by BrotherDog

04/15 Route 57 Closed in Mansfield

Mansfield TWP: RDCLOSUR-APPROX 5+HRS AT RT 57 E & W [04/15 16:32]

Route 57 closed East and West bound due to a downed utility pole.

Detours set up by DOT.

Detour is Hazen Road to Watters Road to Heiser Road.

submitted 15 hours ago by NJKID1010

Downed tree on Rusling? Loss of power?

Has anyone heard anything? My neighbor just called and is heading home when her husband called her to let her know. ARGH!!!!

submitted 17 hours ago by azgirl69

Does your carpet match your drapes?

Just wondering how many people believe in buying curtains that are the same color as their carpet and how many choose for a contrast in colors.

submitted 22 hours ago by iPhone-imal

Cats by West Valley View & Canal Way

if you have seen any stray cats in this area, please message me. I am in the process of trapping them for spay/neuter/shots......but am having trouble locating a few of them.

submitted 1 day ago by Hastings

Happy Birthday KimS!

Happy Birthday KimS!Happy Birthday! Have a super day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Happy Birthday John C!

Happy Birthday John C!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

What happened on Rt 57 this afternoon 4/14

Does anyone know what was happening on rt.57 just past Washington? I drove through this afternoon and it was closed in both directions past the new WaWa. All traffic had to turn right down brass Castle rd. I have no idea how much further down it was closed. There was just a sign that said 'traffic emergency ahead'. Is it reopened yet?

submitted 1 day ago by bac

Thanks HPD, HFD and HFARS! Busy Afternoon!

Well it's been a busy afternoon in HKTWN - Hackettstown Police Department, Hackettstown Fire Department and Hackettstown First Aid & Rescue - Thanks for your hard work!! Hoping the evening is much quieter for you!

First and accident at Moore & Madison, Then a Transformer blows with brush fires and now a Rear end accident on Mountain Ave and Little Street.

What the heck!! Be careful out there people!

submitted 1 day ago by trekster3-

Djimbe or other Drum Circles Are there any in area ?

Several months ago I rec'd a Djimbe Drum as a gift. I have never played any musical instrument BUT truly love this. Stress less and just follow your thoughts. Are there any Drum Circles in the area ? Thanks

submitted 1 day ago by Jo Anne

Church Street sidewalks to be redone

Anyone else get that wonderful notice today that the town and college are going to redo the sidewalks on Church between Jefferson and Washington! Trees and new sidewalks...so excited!

submitted 1 day ago by JMC

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