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Banking Scam

I recently received a bank statement from Customers Bank. I do not have an account with that bank. I looked it up on Google, and it appears to be a legitimate bank in Pennsylvania. I also googled the phone number on the statement and it also seems to be registered to that bank. There is no money showing as being on deposit in this "account".
Today I received a second monthly statement, again with a zero balance, with the notation "Account Closed" on it.
I originally thought this was some creative way of duping me into opening an... More

submitted 1 day ago by Lonesome Dove

Barricaded parking lot on Washington Street

Hello Townies! Does anyone know why the parking lot on the corner of Valentine
and Washington Streets (right before the post office) has concrete barricades?


submitted 5 days ago by MAN


It was nice to see all that turned out for this event. Great food samples with the soup contest, great discounts to the shops, and of course great beer. Hackettstown bid did a great job with it.

submitted 5 days ago by Johnny

Local TV repair service

Looking for references on TV repair services. LG tech support remotely diagnosed my tv and confirmed it needs a repair. My Costco Visa extended warranty will cover repair services but it's up to me to find a service.

Per Google, I found:
- Mike's TV Shop - Saxton Lane, Hackettstown
- Tinos TV Repair LLC - Whitehouse Station
- Warren Sontos TV Repair - Denville
- Electronics Service Unlimited - Newton

All seem to have good reviews albeit the number of reviews is really low.

submitted 6 days ago by emaxxman

Hackettstown 2023 Townwide Garage Sale

Does anyone have any info as to when or if Hackettstown is having their annual townwide garage sale this year? It's usually in April.

submitted 6 days ago by SpongeBob

Passing on the right on Rt 57.

Despite my handle, I do obey the traffic laws. I don’t think they’ve changed much in the last 40 years (shhh…dating myself). As far as I know, passing on the right is illegal, in most cases. Definitely on Rt. 57. It’s very dangerous….especially by Taco Bell and ShopRite. Yet, I still see ALOT of drivers still doing it. I stop. The folks behind get angry because they can’t see the person in front of me, waiting to make their left, or they don’t know the law. Anyway, I’m not risking serious injuries just to catch up with the “passing drivers”... More

submitted 1 week ago by Guilty-Remnant

Fish Fry Fundraiser?

Does anyone know of a company thats comes out and does this service. I've tried Tastefully British and there was no response

submitted 1 week ago by rose

Can anyone identify ring maker mark?

Can anyone identify ring maker mark?Found this buried in the woods-

submitted 2 weeks ago by Josh

Long Valley Animal Hospital

Is Long Valley Animal Hospital owned by a corporation or partnered with a corporation?

submitted 2 weeks ago by TJS

Another Found Cat

I hesitate to post this because there seem to be so many "found" cats lately.
But, just in case someone is looking for their fur baby.... I have a long-haired, pale yellow cat hanging around my yard in the Highlands in Independence. I don't know if it's male or female. He/she has been here for at least a month to six weeks. He/she is very skittish and won't let me get within 20 feet. But he/she does come to eat the food I put out.
When (if) I manage to trap him, I will take him to a vet... More

submitted 2 weeks ago by Lonesome Dove

Hackettstown in the News 2023 edition

Catalytic converter thieves hit fleet of Amazon delivery trucks in Warren County


submitted 2 weeks ago by Bug3

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