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Happy Birthday Clyde Potts!

Happy Birthday Clyde Potts!Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Oil Tank Installation

Anyone have any recommendations for an above ground oil tank installation company?

submitted 1 day ago by Time for a tank


Wondering if anyone is selling on EBAY or are you using other selling platforms? Also, wondering what you are selling if successful at it. I have some Fisher Price toys from the 80’s that I would like to sell and wondering if that’s the way to go. I sold Vintage Barbie things years ago, but gather the fees have changed. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

submitted 1 day ago by Bessie

Tom's Diner Ledgewood

Tom's Diner LedgewoodTom's diner in Ledgewood , NJ has been demolished. Sad to see this old diner torn down. Cindy Lauper filmed part of her " Time after Time" video there.

submitted 2 days ago by Zipp

Local acupuncture in Hackettstown

I see nothing recent on this topic in the forum I see a Acupuncture place in the same mall as IHOP....does anyone have any opinion/knowledge of this place and how the service is? Or any other Acupuncture place sin Hackettstown? I've never gone. goin for back/neck/shoulder pain...middle aged male

submitted 2 days ago by Donald Duck

Tile-able shower pan

Hi All,

I’m remodeling a bathroom and was wondering if you guys have any recommendations for someone who can build me a shower Pan. Either the old school hot mop style or installing a preformed tileable shower Pan. Any recommends would be greatly appreciated.

submitted 3 days ago by Consigliere

Something that a young person would not understand...

Saw this on Facebook today ....Without revealing your age...say something that a young person today would not understand:

"Going to listen to my favorite singer today on the radio....His name is Perry Como!"

submitted 3 days ago by joyful

Small garage sale in a public park

Does anyone know if a permit is needed to do a small garage sale in a public park in Hackettstown? If yes where should I go to get it?


submitted 4 days ago by Nathalie f Munoz

New construction around Towpath Apartments/Rte 517?

I saw land surveyors today in the wooded area between Deer Run in Towpath and 517. Does anyone know if they're planning construction? I desperately hope not. I live in that area and have a lovely view of the forest.

submitted 5 days ago by NatureLover85

Happy Birthday MK!

Happy Birthday MK!Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day!

submitted 6 days ago by Calico696

Hackettstown in NBC program "Debris"

Hi. I don't really post, but I thought someone might be interested to hear that Hackettstown was mentioned in the NBC program "Debris" most recent episode (#5).
I thought it was pretty cool.
If you've not seen the show, the storyline is "Two agents from two different continents, and two different mindsets, must work together to investigate when wreckage from a destroyed alien spacecraft has mysterious effects on humankind."

submitted 7 days ago by AnnaT

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