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School cancelled again 2/20

I need to vent my frustration again against Hackettstown School district and whoever is in charge of making the cancellation decisions. Once again the schools were cancelled ahead of time, the snow won’t start until later. The safety of the kids is paramount but seriously why cancel? An early dismissal would have been fine. When you cancel school it not only affects the kids but the parents who have to call out. Please start making better judgement calls.

submitted 32 mins ago by hcktownparent

New Indoor Play Center?

I noticed while driving up Main Street, there is a new business coming in which looks like an indoor play center for kids! Does anyone have more information on this, and hiring ages?

submitted 12 hours ago by Pauly

Title of informative game show

Remember a show, aired in the 90’s in which contestants had to identify odd objects. It was more informative than humorous, brief description to start before providing info and history after the guesses, maybe on a PBS station.

submitted 13 hours ago by Roywhite

Large gray cat roaming/lost?

If anyone is missing large charcoal-gray cat, unknown gender, very skittish, it is hanging around in my backyard just off Russling Road in Independence.

submitted 22 hours ago by Lonesome Dove

Prostate Cancer Treatment Centers

Any suggestions for a regional treatment center?

submitted 1 day ago by Geeey

Dress Measurements

Any recommendations as to where I can get measured for a evening dress that is being ordered for a wedding.

submitted 1 day ago by WL

Eye specialist Dr. Bruce kanengiser

Anyone have any idea what happened to Dr Bruce kanengiser?
All of a sudden he disappeared from Dr lalin's practice

submitted 1 day ago by Janet M Bejarano

Super Snow Moon

Supposed to be spectacular tonight!
Starting 10PM.

submitted 1 day ago by happiest girl

Informal Poll: Is Music Education important in a child’s education?

Just an informal poll, and focusing specifically on music education in public and private school. What do all you HLifers think? Is it important or not, and why?

submitted 2 days ago by 3wbdwnj

Places to practice drive

Looking for suggestions for good places to practice driving. Has the permit, has a relative with a car and they would like to know to go to practice driving

Thanks in advance for your time and attention

submitted 2 days ago by GreyHawk

Diesel Mechanic

Tried searching the forum but this didn't appear to be covered. I'm looking for a place that services diesel engines, specifically 6.0 liter Ford (2006).

Any recommendation would be appreciated. I know I can always head to Smith but prefer to deal with someone in town if there is anyone. Need general maintenance and someone that can to routine service (Oil, tune up maybe recommend performance enhancements for long trips.)

submitted 2 days ago by Agust

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