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boxes for moving

Hey all, where could I get boxes in the local area? We have quite a bit to pack up. Any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks.

submitted 8 mins ago by John B

I was hacked through eBay, and now have security advise

Some how somebody hacked my ebay and purchased an $800 pair of shoes. EBay caught it and notified me, but PayPal did not help one bit and didn't issue my money back... Luckily my credit card company stopped the money from going through. I did learn something though. Ebay was super helpful during a long phone call and told me about 2 step security... Its super easy to do. So if your like me and worry about this stuff now, the 2 step security forces you to recieve a text and type the code in each... More

submitted 3 hours ago by Forcefed4door

Coy wolf

Last night 3am , taking my dog out we got spooked. This animal was white looked like a dog, but Enormous.
Quick check associate said it was seen there around 130 am.
I'm on rt 46.
It went over the guard rail near Canal street
Anyone see this animal?
Be aware going out, it was big.
Not a dog.

submitted 13 hours ago by Wendy D Cirinelli

Chicken Salad/ Tuna Salad

Since I always get good food advice here, I’m looking for a recipe for Tuna Salad & Chicken Salad. I don’t eat either so asking here. I have to bring a pound of each to a function. I could look up s recipe online and google it myself, but I’m looking for advice from anyone that makes it themselves and gets good reviews on it. I’m also open to buying it already made and embellishing it. Thanks everyone.

submitted 15 hours ago by Bessie

Mt. Lake Spring Water

Mt. Lake Spring WaterIs anyone familiar with this? We've lived in Liberty Twp for almost 25 years and all that time that we've been getting our drinking water from here...we've never seen anything like this. What's up with this?

submitted 21 hours ago by LTR

Earth Day Pondering

I’m curious to gauge how Hackettstown residents would feel about a plastic bag ban in town? Other towns/cities are starting to do this, Will Hackettstown eventually follow suit... thoughts?

submitted 22 hours ago by beeznuts

Important - Mail In Ballot Issue

DO NOT mail in your ballot yet if you live in Hackettstown, Mansfield, Washington Twp. or Washington Borough.


submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Unemployment info needed

can anyone recommend someone who can write an appeal letter for unemployment or know of a lawyer ? I have only 5 days left . thankyou

submitted 1 day ago by tangerine

tree doctor

Looking for a recommendation for someone to look at our cherry tree - the bark is splitting and we want to save it...
any one work with a person/company that they would recommend?
thank you

submitted 1 day ago by rleaf

Single explosion in Mansfield twsp., 5pm Easter 2019

Not sure what it was but it was big...no gun, rattled the windows
I estimate 3 miles radius within Mansfield Fire Dept #1, > 3 tons explosives

submitted 1 day ago by PhilinPort Murray


Does anyone know of insurance companies that will cover trampolines?
We’ve had one for the last 13 years we lived here and now our insurance is kicking us off and it is very difficult to find someone that will cover.
We would take it down but my kids live on that trampoline (by that I mean they absolutely love it. They have a bed and a home) ha ha!

submitted 1 day ago by LivingLifeLovingLife

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