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Good salad in town?

Can't find a good salad please help !

submitted 16 hours ago by Tommy

Quilting Club/Classes

My sister-in-law wants to learn how to quilt. Is anyone aware of and quilting clubs or places that do classes in the area?

Thanks in advance

submitted 18 hours ago by Woodbutcher

Emergency responders near Marley's 9/22

Any one know what was going on near MARLEYS at about 5pm? Lots of police, ambulance, fire department folks there.

submitted 1 day ago by LuLaLu

Lost Dog Near Alphano Road 9/22/2017 FOUND

Lost Dog Near Alphano Road 9/22/2017 FOUNDWanda is wandering since yesterday. 15 year old Lab. Reward.


submitted 1 day ago by Greg

Happy Birthday Old Gent!

Happy Birthday Old Gent!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Aresenic in our water?

A list I wish our town was not on!


submitted 2 days ago by JB400

Father David Leaving Saint Mary's

Surprised no one posted this but Saint Mary's Church will be getting a new Pastor soon, as Father David will be moving to Saint Rose Church in Belvidere to be their new Pastor. Wonder if the Bishop made this change, since he is a new Bishop and Saint Mary's School closed years ago and church enrollment is down. I wish Father David the best but hopefully they get a more upbeat and personable Pastor for that Church to revitalize the Church and down the road look to bring back the school.

Interesting that there is no letter from Father David on... More

submitted 2 days ago by keepingitclassy

Pruning Advice Sought

I have two large Endless Summer Hydrangea.....This year I got some flowers but last year I got none. I believe that was because I cut back the wrong way/parts. They are now much larger than I want them to be. Can I cut them way back or do I risk no flowers next year? Help! Also how difficult are they to transplant...
Thanks in advance

submitted 2 days ago by 4catmom

Flood damaged vehicles from TX and FL entering market

Buyer beware. It happens after every major storm, but vehicles that were flood damaged in TX and FL will probably end up on used car dealer lots in other parts of the country.

If you are looking at buying a used car, do your homework and check the entire history of the car and where it came from. Flood damage to cars today can affect the electronics and even lead to mold growth in the carpet / upholstery...often showing up months later.

submitted 2 days ago by b1rd1e

Personal Injury Lawyer

Does anyone have any recommendation for a Personal Injury Lawyer in the Hackettstown area? Thank You in advanced.

submitted 2 days ago by JD4020

Willow Grove School Closed / Mold Remediation

Just got a message that Willow Grove school is closed tomorrow and Friday and possibly next week due to mold remediation

submitted 3 days ago by H-town Mama

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