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Great Horned Owl

Heard a pair of Great Horned Owls last night (01/19) around 11pm. Thier hoots were coming from the Madison St. / Moore St. area. First time in the 20 plus years we have lived here. Has anyone else heard any owls in the area? Also, about two weeks ago saw an immature Bald Egle in the neighbor's tree (same area). Often see a mature Bald Egle down along the Musconetcong River.

submitted 2 days ago by Mike

Road Conditions - 1/20?

Checking to see what the road conditions are this morning.

Looking out my windows in Panther Valley it looks a bit sloppy but not sure if that is due to plows not really out and about in the neighborhood yet.

submitted 2 days ago by D-ManPV

Auto Insurance Lawyer (needed)

wanted to know if anyone can provide a referral for an outstanding auto insurance lawyer in the local area.
My auto insurance carrier has overcharged us and has been told that they need to report corrected info. to "Lexis Nexus".

However, it is taking way too long and we are paying too much for our policy.
Can someone let me know if their is a local attorney that can take care of this for us and move the process along. Thanks

submitted 2 days ago by AJMS

Chase Bank, Hackettstown Office

Does anyone know when Chase, Hackettstown Office, will be open for business?
It has been temporarily closed.
It was closed all last week.

submitted 5 days ago by eager banker

Traffic accident hackettstown

Anyone know anything about the accident in front of the hospital involving a police Patrol car
Supposedly hitting a citizens car in rrezr

submitted 5 days ago by Lynn

Ski poles lost

Lost 5 ski poles fell out of our vehicle somewhere in the vicinity of Bilby Road and 517 going towards route 80. If found please respond.

submitted 6 days ago by Dawn

Needs Legal Assistant for Divorce

Young woman is in the process of divorcing but has no legal representation. Her husband comes from a wealthy family and has a trust fund. The young woman is an immigrant from Columbia. She has a job but only makes enough to pay the bills. Is there anywhere she can get free or discounted legal assistance.

Thank you.

submitted 6 days ago by SED

Who Is Stan Buz?

Does anyone know who Stanley C. Buz is? I received a Christmas card from him and it says he was in the Hackettstown Class of 1977. I did not see him in the yearbook and I don't remember a Stanley!
Does anyone in Hackettstown know him or received a mysterious Christmas card from him?

submitted 7 days ago by Reggie Voter

Disturbing Power Grid

What is the deal with the crazy power structures on top of the building across from Man Skirt Brewing in Hackettstown??? This kind of structure represents so much harmful electromagnetic frequencies!! Shouldn't this be kept up and away from the main activities with so much harmful power source?
Hackettstown BID - why would you allow such a harmful grid right in the middle of town? Not to mention how unsightly it looks!! What do all of you Hackettstown residents think about this?

submitted 7 days ago by IrishMom

Power outage on mountain ave 1/13

Anyone know why the powers out on parts of mountain ave?. I woke up just in time to see all the lights flash than fizzle out and the lowes generator come on so far no one seems to know whats happening or when the power will be back.

submitted 1 week ago by Jacob

Gas fireplace question (troubleshooting or no problem?)

Hi. If your gas fireplace usually shows a blue pilot light, but the last day or so, has some occasional yellow/orange flickers - is that a problem? I didn't want to contact someone for nothing. The stove is fine and blue, but didn't know if the really cold weather makes the pilot light a little 'off'.

Thanks in advance. I googled and so on, but would rather hear from people who actually have one or have the same issue.

Thanks a second time! LOL

submitted 1 week ago by DogDayAfternoon

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