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Apple vs. PC

The Family PC just died! We are now in the market for another computer. I'm looking into the iMac - but wonder if it's worth the extra $? Any thoughts? Is there a huge learning curve moving from Windows?

submitted 3 hours ago by stayintune

Cost of Braces

My son will be needing braces soon. Just regular braces, no palate expander or anything else needed. We have no dental insurance so I'm curious as to what others have recently paid. I'm particularly interested in Dr. Orenstein or Dr. Mellas. Thanks!

submitted 6 hours ago by Natalie82

Another suicide at RTSP gun range

At the risk of starting a big gun control debate (and possibly suicide), I am going to post this. Seems there was another suicide at the RTSP gun range in Randolph. Although there are background checks for buying a gun, I guess it's very easy to rent one at a shooting range. I did rent there one time and it was not difficult at all. This is the second occurrence this year that someone walked into this place, rented a gun, and killed himself in public. This is horrible that someone can do this and traumatize the people there enjoying... More

submitted 6 hours ago by JB400

1952 NYC Christmas Tree was from Allamuchy

1952 NYC Christmas Tree was from AllamuchyYesterday I was doing some research on the history of radio and NBC, and came across this, just in time for tomorrow's lighting.

submitted 8 hours ago by Reggie Voter

Ski/snow board resort advice

I know absolutely nothing since I don't ski or snowboard, I am looking for ideas for a Christmas gift to send someone for 2 days but don't want to send them to Shawnee or Camelback since they go there all the time. I am looking for a place that they can just walk outside their hotel and ski without driving or getting on a shuttle. Looking for pa or ny locations.

submitted 22 hours ago by rierie

Hunter orange clothing question

Is it mandatory for hunters to wear orange? I ask because I ran into 5 hunters today in the woods and only 1 had an orange hat. They are difficult to see in the area I was in. This was Stephens state park.

submitted 23 hours ago by A good day

Fresh Duck

Anyone know where I may be able to purchase a fresh duck to surprise a relative.. ? Local butchers? Thank you!

submitted 1 day ago by rose

FOUND Brown/White Pitbull on Main St

Brown and White Pit Bull found on Main Street by Rico Pan..Took to police station.

submitted 1 day ago by Jaimie

Mansfield Police K9 Unit

I have been seeing facebook posts from the Mansfield Police Department about starting a K9 unit. It seems like a good addition to the community. What do you guys think?


submitted 1 day ago by GreenerPastures

Toys for Tots drop off in Mansfield

Where can I drop off toys & what are the hours.

submitted 1 day ago by Nina

HL pop up ads frustrating

Is anyone else having the repeated frustrating experience of loading up HL forum and selecting a topic, clicking, only to have the forum "jump" down due to slow loading ads at the top - and then, of course, you have opened the wrong topic, and so you go back to the forum, it loads the ad, think it's done and click, only to have it jump again and you've opened the wrong topic... LOL, maybe I am being too impatient, or a slow learner, but it's happened so many times - wondering if anyone else is... More

submitted 1 day ago by pmnsk

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