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Fireworks in Washinton tomorrow?

Does anyone know if they are having the fireworks at the middle school on the 4th this year? I don't see anything listed.

submitted 3 mins ago by Blackcat

Fireworks at Rutherford Hall

It was my third time at this event --- great event -- friendly crowd -- and fabulous fireworks......I hope some of you were there.........pictures may follow --- I hope

submitted 9 hours ago by 5catmom

Things to do with infants?

We have a 4 month old and would like to get out and about tomorrow.

Any recommendations of outings in or around Morris/Warren with baby?

submitted 13 hours ago by MamaBear

Fixed patio awning contractor

does anyone know a local company that fabricates and installs 3 season patio awnings.? I am looking for the type with a frame, not a retractable. Thanks!

submitted 15 hours ago by subsailor joe

Happy Independence Day

hope you all have a good holiday

submitted 15 hours ago by skippy

Cat rescued in Hackettstown after 28 mile car ride

What a great story! Good job by all!


submitted 15 hours ago by ooonoo

The best classified ad

This ad is great. Used Depends.... Nice. Anyone got any used panties to sell as well?


Free Depends Undergarment w/ straps & Velcro Large

I have a package of 18 Men Or women Depends undergarment that are used with straps-also several packages of straps included. Also have another 1/2 bag opened. PLUS about 1/2 a plastic bag of ones that are out of the package BUT these have the Velcro pieces attached so you don't need the straps. I believe they are all size large-free if you can use them.

submitted 19 hours ago by sack

Is anyone missing a black cat on Pequest Road?

There is a semi long-haired black cat that has been around my house.
I've been putting food out each day I was wondering if anyone is missing a black cat?

submitted 22 hours ago by Summer

MISSING CAT Flocktown Road

MISSING CAT Flocktown RoadMISSING: 6 year old neutered male cat

Tico has been missing from Flocktown Road (closer to Drakestown) for a few days. He is a gray striped cat with a spotted belly and a white flea collar. He is very friendly and comes when you call him.

If anyone has seen him please let me know! Thank you!!

submitted 23 hours ago by dsw83

Suggestion for outdoor 1st birthday that allows liquor

I am looking for a place that will let us throw a first birthday and also allow beer and wine! Any suggestions

submitted 1 day ago by Crissi

LL Bean Catalog Coupon?

I am looking to purchase something from LL Bean and typically get their catalog int he mail with a free $10 off any purchase. The coupon code for this is located on the back of the catalog in a pink box marked "Promo Code." I do not currently have a code- does anyone have one they are not using? Can I use it? Thank you!

submitted 1 day ago by Sara

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