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New 'Game Store' next to Prickly Pear?

Drove by and saw that a possible 'game store' being set up next to The Prickly Pear Restaurant. Possibly called, 'Stiger Game'? Anyone have any details?

submitted 36 mins ago by Tiger Parent

Where to get clothes made in the US (a.k.a. not made by children)

I just watched the most disturbing video about who actually makes clothes for all major retailers. Children, in places like Bangladesh. It makes perfect sense, why stores can sell clothes so cheap. I realize this is has been going on for many many years and is not new, but for some reason I care enough now to stop buying my clothes at the local retailers. Keep in mind, I am a guy and don't buy clothes often so this maybe easier for me - although I will say that it is NOT easier for me financially... More

submitted 7 hours ago by brown bear

Condo/HOA fees

I have been looking at real estate, anything along the east coast, except New Jersey. Taxes too high. I know, surprising, huh? Anyway, the listings rarely post the fees. Since I am not very serious at this point, I am not ready to have 50 different realtors calling and emailing just yet and don't want to waste their time until I am ready. Does anyone know a site that I could view fees without having to log in, etc. I just want to be able to type in the building name , subdivision, or town and have a "master... More

submitted 10 hours ago by sallysimpson

E-cigs vs Vaping

Wondering what the difference is and which is better to try to quit smoking? E-cigs -which are the best ones. Vaping seems a lot more invovled. Just want a disposable cigarette to quit smoking. Thanks for any info.

submitted 11 hours ago by ajw

Five Guys burger restaurant

Hi. Just an FYI "Five Guys" Burger place is coming to the rockaway mall across from the movie theater by Paneras.

submitted 16 hours ago by Bella76

Need dirt/sod removed from yard

Hi All,

Having an above ground pool installed and looking to have the dirt/sod removed. Installer cleared about 18'x33'x12" which needs to be removed by Tuesday this week.

Any recommendations?



submitted 21 hours ago by Jeff M

How did you do in Townwide Garage Sales? Would you do it Again?

The Duke and I participated with GC and his Mom these past two weekends in their garage sale. For us just being with them is a lot of fun and we enjoyed the fresh air and meeting a lot of people and talking with them. The fact that we made a nice profit from the things we sold was just "gravy" on a tiring, but rewarding weekend.

submitted 22 hours ago by joyful

Party Tent Rental

I need to rent a party tent for an upcoming event. I'll either need a 20'x20' or 20'x30'. I'll pick it up and erect it myself. I know there are several local places to rent from, but I'm wondering if there are any recommended places ( or places to avoid).

submitted 1 day ago by FarmerJake

Stolen stroller

Just figured I will let people know that I had a jogging stroller stolen out of my garage. I usually like leaving the door open so I guess that's a habit I will have to brake. It happened on Thursday and I live on Barkers Mill in Independence.

submitted 1 day ago by Dolce_Vita

Black cat loose in Brook Hollow

We just saw the friendliest little black cat loose in the doctors office parking lot in front of Brook Hollow. She/he came right to us and was purring like a storm. Anyone looking for her?

submitted 1 day ago by Res2

Lost: Ring at field of dreams (RECOVERED)

I lost a ring my daughter asked me to hold during her lacrosse game today at the field of dreams. Please, if anyone found the ring please message me, I will give you a description.

submitted 1 day ago by geekmom

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