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Travel hockey

Hello, where do your mites go for travel hockey? Is there any good programs in the area? My research shows nothing closer than an hour of drive. Thank you

submitted 4 hours ago by AM

Collection of Old and Unusual Coins

I have a couple of dishes full of various coins (don't know why I saved them all these years) and also some of the collectible coins that you were able to buy years ago that were limited edition. Is there anyone local to the Hackettstown area that might be into coin collecting or can help me with deciding if any of these have value?

submitted 7 hours ago by joyful

Summer Movies 2019

Hi just wondering what everyone thinks of the new movies coming out this summer.

Seems alot of them are remakes on the old originals like Marvel Comics...

Does anyone know of a catchy new release that is coming up soon (other than the new Terminator movie in November this year- can't wait!

submitted 18 hours ago by AJMS


Hi everyone
I’m looking to connect with people out there that are suffering from loneliness. I know it’s a major affliction in this world I am one of those people who feel isolated. So if anyone would like support or to support some one please reach out . Thanks

submitted 19 hours ago by Looking forward

A special thank you to calico696

calico696 our birthdays come but once a year and your all ways there with a happy birthday

submitted 23 hours ago by Caged Animal

Toyota Care Plus

I'm coming to the end of the 24 month/20,000 mile Toyota Care which was free. They're offering me Toyota Care Plus which goes up to 4 years or 45,000 miles.
Has anyone purchased this and do you think it is worth it. What did it cost? (of course the card they mailed me does not have the price on it.)

submitted 23 hours ago by happiest girl

Fire vicinity Mountain ave and 57

Ton of units responding, smoke is down now but it was flowing across mountain ave

submitted 1 day ago by DH

Happy Birthday JRT!

Happy Birthday JRT!Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Happy Birthday icicle!

Happy Birthday icicle!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Bus accident, Liberty

Liberty Twp, NJ (Warren County) School bus accident, 129 Hope Rd FD & EMS on scene of an MVA , involving a loaded school bus, MCI for 21 patients, FD requesting additional BLS unit to the scene.
That just posted but apparently was about 4:30pm

submitted 1 day ago by Reggie Voter

Schooley’s Mtn road closed 5/20

Closed between Flocktown Rd and Newburgh Rd due to a tree across the road

submitted 2 days ago by Quiet One

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