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Poll: Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks

I personally loved Dunkin Donuts

submitted 5 hours ago by Proud liberal

Loss of water pressure

Water pressure at all faucets and shower head have decreased dramatically.......guessing it could be well pump or filters clogged of sediments......anyone do side work that knows how to pinpoint and remedy this? I'm located in Liberty Township on Mtn.Lake......

submitted 8 hours ago by Ando

New gourmet dessert shop

http://dalcourtsdesserts.com/about-us/ check the website out! A kid from centenary is opening his first store in the crossroads plaza on 517 it started off as a project.

submitted 9 hours ago by Michael


My daughter unwittingly left her wallet in the shopping cart at Shoprite on Rt31 in Washington. A woman who found it instead of doing the right thing and return it to customer service, she was caught red-handed going through the wallet by lost prevention and the managers and instead of just saying yes i found it. She argued with them until my daughter's fiance gave a detail description of the wallet. And she was still trying to say it was her's. Thank god there was no money in the wallet. I just want to say Thank you to the lost... More

submitted 9 hours ago by anniea

Route 80 W Emergency Work 2/22

Any word on Route 80 W @ Exit 27. Leaving Cedar Knolls and hearing major traffic delays due to Emergency Road Work.

submitted 10 hours ago by Bessie

Happy Birthday The Rhyme Animal!

Happy Birthday The Rhyme Animal!Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

submitted 19 hours ago by Calico696

Happy Birthday 2cents!

Happy Birthday 2cents!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 19 hours ago by Calico696

Deceased cat :( Willow Grove St.

I saw a black and white cat on Willow Grove St on the side going towards town, right before Franklin St on the shoulder. I was traveling away from town around 4pm when I saw it. Not sure if anyone is looking for him/her but thought I would post in case someone is. :(

submitted 1 day ago by Cherie2

Lawsuit against Hackettstown School District


submitted 1 day ago by Nancy

Zane's Car Wash

Does anyone know what the status of Zane's Car Wash is? Is it for sale?

submitted 1 day ago by Elizabeth

Dunkin Donuts on Main Street?

A couple of friends from town have told me that there is a Dunkin Doughnuts going in on Main Street, kind of close to Quick Check on Stiger Street. Has anyone else heard this or know if it's true. There are so many around us that I find that hard to believe.

I would rather see a small niche coffee shop go in. I frequent The Coffee Potter in Long Valley and would love to see them open a shop on Main Street. It would be so much easier to get a good cup of coffee on my way to... More

submitted 1 day ago by whoseit

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