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Wooden watches

My husband and I will be married one year next month and I want to buy him a wooden watch and have it engraved on the back. Does anybody have any good suggestions on brand or were to buy one?

submitted 31 mins ago by Irisheyes

Spirit $9 Club

Does anyone belong to this? Is it easy to use, or are there so many restrictions it's crazy. Am just curious. I go to FL 2-3 times a year. The ads are very attractive. Thanks.

submitted 8 hours ago by mamadone

Hackettstown Author Update

Hi neighbors, this group helped me last year with my debut novel, so thank you. I'm discussing a book signing event with Legacy Books in town and should have an update on that soon.

My new sci-fi novel is up for nomination to be published by Kindle Press. It's reader-driven, based on reader nomination votes, as well as scrutiny by Amazon's editors.

I wonder if you might go to this link and click Nominate if you like it. In the end, you will get a free copy if I'm selected.


PS For those who helped with the other book last year, it... More

submitted 9 hours ago by Billy DeCarlo

Dark Web?

Several financial security firms are now advertising that they can monitor the "dark web" for intrusions on our privacy. What is the "dark web"? Can anyone explain this to me?

submitted 14 hours ago by DannyC

Loose dog, Riverfront Park around 4:30

Loose dog, Riverfront Park around 4:30friend was walking and saw this dog loose with no one around - he called it but it wouldn't come to him

submitted 1 day ago by 4catmom

Best bagel in town?

does anyone have any insight to who is making the best bagel in town?

submitted 1 day ago by mel

Mouse in my car

For the second time within a month I've found mouse droppings in my car. I keep my car clean, no garbage or food in there. I put a trap in there overnight. I sprayed with mint oils. I dont know what else to do. He keeps returning.
Anyone have any suggestions on what to do? Im lost at this point.

submitted 1 day ago by Mouse

Loud Booms/Fire At Bill's Service Center

For those of you worry about the extremely loud booming sounds about 5 minutes ago, Hackettstown non emergency stated it was a car fire on route 46 by East Ave. I'm sure there will be more info come.

submitted 1 day ago by Bosco chilly pants

Portable wash machine

Anyone use one of these? Any feedback would be appreciated.....moved to a house on mtn lake a few years ago and can't exactly hook up a permanent wash machine in basement due to plumbing issues that are pretty common in the area......tired of going to laundromat! Anyone maybe looking to sell one?

submitted 2 days ago by Anthony the Tree Guy

Infamous Events of each NJ County


do you remember these?

submitted 2 days ago by Hackresident

Old gasoline

I drained some gas (1/2 gallon) from my generator, need to know where i can dispose of it. Any suggestions?



submitted 2 days ago by BobA

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