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Tribute to Sears

As it looks like they are going bye bye, a tribute to a vanguard in the past; they created mail order! Heck, you could order the materials for a small home back in the day! Today, sadly they have lost their way and will not survive for long.

submitted 2 hours ago by iJay

Gravity Weighted Blankets

I'm trying to help a friend get some feedback on gravity weighted blankets. Does anyone here use one and if so, can you tell me how you like it? Also, how do you choose the size and weight? This would be for a queen size bed. Online reviews were looked at, but would appreciate some input from HL'ers.

submitted 13 hours ago by SueR

Car inspection

Does anyone know if the motor vehicle inspection station in Washington is still open? It used to be by reservation only. The state website says to click to make an appointment but the link takes you to a page not found.

submitted 14 hours ago by town friend

Did you leave your cane at Walmart?

Did you leave your cane at Walmart? I found a silver walking cane in one of the shopping carts in the parking lot corral. Brought it to customer service.

submitted 17 hours ago by Cherie2

Brief loss of power Sunday 10/14

Sunday morning around noon JCP&L will be turning off power to some of Hackettstown and Mansfield for 5 to 15 minutes. Service will be briefly interupted and restored.

submitted 22 hours ago by CJ.

Light and Windows

Any peeps good at decorating the inside of a home?. My apartment only has two windows, one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom. There are none in the kitchen and living room. Other than a ton of lamps any suggestions to brighten the spaces. without natural light it makes me feel claustrophobic:( Suggestions appreciated, thank you!

submitted 1 day ago by rose

Middle school lunch squads

Do any parents have concerns about the defined lunch groups at the middle school? My daughter has been in Middle School for several years now and the way the kids talk it's as if you are a prisoner to a lunch squad that you sit with. If you don't sit with your group you become an outcast? I would really love for my child to be friends with lots of different kids and I discourage the behavior but it sounds so engrained in the school culture.

submitted 1 day ago by middleschoolmom

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Happy Birthday Courtney!Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day!

submitted 3 days ago by Calico696

New place on Main Street? [Dragon's Hoard expanding]

Anyone know what's moving in next to Dragon's Hoard on Main Street? There had been a thrift store there and now i notice there's a curtain up on the window. Obvious nail salon/ barber shop joke is obvious, please don't bother.

submitted 3 days ago by Dancicus Fighticus

Airplane Route?

My wife and I just moved to Mansfield on Tuesday from Delaware and we were really shocked by the sheer number of low-flying jumbo jets during the daytime. It was like one after another every few minutes. We didn't see this any of the times we visited the house or drove by before we bought it. Is this normal?

I found a bunch of flight maps from when they redrew the routes a few years ago and it looks like everything going over from Newark is outbound only so they'd be really high up and going west, and the only... More

submitted 3 days ago by John B

New phone scam

Called both Hackettstown and Mt Olive police to report this scam. They said there has been an increase in these particular calls lately.
Here is a copy of the phone message they left on my machine this afternoon.

"Yes this is Sgt. James like Donna with the Warren County Sheriff's Office calling to speak with the MY NAME and I need to contact us as soon as possible. This is in regards to ongoing civil matter on an emergency service number is 908-462-3755. Again that's 908-462-3755. Ma'am this matter is very urgent and requires your immediate attention. Again I'm Sgt.... More

submitted 4 days ago by just coach

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