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Missing Kitty from Hills of Indy

Missing Kitty from Hills of IndyA neighbor's kitty went missing Monday from the Hills of Independence. She's an indoor cat that wandered out an open door. Large snow white long-haired girl, with orange ears and a black tail. Her name is Marshmellow, she's very timid.

Please post any sightings, very worried Mom at home!

submitted 7 hours ago by Indy Kitty Neighbor

Power outages

Power out in schooley mountain area. According to jcp&l over 1700 in long valley with no power and 25 in hackettstown (that sounds low). The issue is on newburgh rd. 11 pm is estimated restore time.

submitted 8 hours ago by Scott

PB2110 and and super flex 2110 piping

Anyone ever have experience with this piping in their house. I'm In the process of buying a townhome and this piping is found in laundry and furnace room. Don't know if it is limited to those sections or whole house. Home inspector says this is a defective type of pipe. Its seems chlorine reacts with pipe and causes leaking. Read conflicting opinions and reports on line. Called a few plumbers to get their opinion but so far none have responded.

Any help or opinions appreciated.

submitted 11 hours ago by marjon

School from home instead of a snowday

What a concept

In the near future, a snowy day may not translate into a day away from schoolwork. Soon, Pennsylvania’s schools may be allowed to give out school assignments students can do at home on days when school buildings are closed due to heavy snowfall or...

submitted 21 hours ago by Bug3

Greenview Gardens Apt

Any reviews of these apts? Any history of break-ins? Noisy, quiet? Cats allowed? Must cats be declawed?

submitted 1 day ago by Cherry

Hammondsport , Prattsburgh , or Dundee NY...has anyone been??

Wondering if anyone has been to these towns and could share any info? Looking for similarities/differences to our area, if any? Likes/dislikes?

submitted 1 day ago by JRT

piano class books

Does anyone know the title/author of the piano books used in class at the high school? I am looking to purchase for my son, who after many years, would like to resume learning and wants the same books.

submitted 1 day ago by rleaf

Recall: Walmart Parent's Choice Formula

Parent's Choice formula sold at Walmart may contain metal. Please let parents of infants know in case they use the brand. They should return the formula to the store for a refund.


submitted 2 days ago by maja2

Shattered glass in front of stage dolls

Last night a large amount of shattered glass was across rte 46 in front of stage dolls Officer just said to drive over it any body hear what happened there ?

submitted 2 days ago by Momma joe

Mr Gary

Does anyone remember the teacher from the 1980's Mr Gary? I think he taught math. Was Gary was his first name or last? Trying to settle a "discussion" I'm having with a friend .

submitted 2 days ago by Mishy1342

Happy Birthday lola!

Happy Birthday lola!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

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