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New Tick Found in NJ

A tick not normally found in the United States was discovered at a Hunterdon County farm earlier this month.

The exotic East Asian tick, also known as the longhorned or bush tick, was found Nov. 9, said spokesman Jeff Wolfe.


submitted 9 hours ago by Calico696

Happy Birthday Luca!

Happy Birthday Luca!Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

submitted 9 hours ago by Calico696

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!Just wishing all a happy and safe thanksgiving!

submitted 10 hours ago by Darrin

Flanders Valley Monument Company on Mountain Ave

Has anyone ever ordered a monument from them ? I ordered a monument for my mother and father in April. I approved the proof in the middle of May and was told 6 to 8 weeks until it was in and installed. Long story short, it is still not in. I have callled at least 6 times and every time it is a different story. They assure me it is being taken care of and I will get it. We moved out of state so I can not get there in person. Does anyone know what recourse I have and... More

submitted 22 hours ago by Mariann

Happy Birthday Denis!

Happy Birthday Denis!Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

RIP David Cassidy

David Cassidy has died at 67. He was a 70's icon. RIP.


submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Need jump start

Anyone know who I can call? Car is dead in driveway.

submitted 2 days ago by Jackie

Dermatologist Tier 1 recommendations

I know there are other threads for dermatologist recommendations, however natural image is a tier 2 and I need a tier 1. Does anybody have any recommendations in or around the Hackettstown area for a tier-1 dermatologist?

submitted 2 days ago by Blondie781

Where to buy XMAS Tree 2017?

Well I was thinking of going out this weekend which is pretty early for our family. I'd like to try the Great Meadows Belvidere direction for a small tree farm to cut your own. Any suggestions? Looking for 6 ft.

submitted 2 days ago by Lou

Local Pottery Class for a Repair

Local Pottery Class for a RepairI have a lid to an early primitive German spice canister set that "somehow" fell to the floor. Unlike Humpty Dumpty this can't be put back together again.

I recall when I was young my aunt participated in a pottery making class and produced all sorts of things like lamps, animal figures etc. While they were molds I remember some original items too. This lid is very basic and crude. It's bisque in color making it simple to reproduce I would think. It measures 4" x 4-1/8". I have the remains and of course other lids to use as a model.... More

submitted 2 days ago by Greg

Have you ever hit a bear?

I saw on WCPS that there was a MV accident yesterday in front of SRite in Washington. Car VS bear. Huh?
Very odd to me. Anyone ever have that experience?

submitted 2 days ago by Botheredbyuu2

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