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National Memorial Day Concert on TV

This is an FYI - on Sunday, May 24 @ 8pm there is a televised concert on PBS to commemorate Memorial Day. Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise are the hosts. It is truly inspirational and worth the time to watch. It is a tradition in our home and hope others who can will watch. I don't know how to post the link but if you google National Memorial Day Concert PBS you can see what it is.

submitted 14 hours ago by justwondering

Just when you thought it was safe to speed...

Just when you thought it was safe to speed...The "Ghost Car" Coming to an Interstate near you!

submitted 17 hours ago by John C

2015 Memorial Day Parade

My girls and I are looking forward to the parade again this year! We will all be in the parade, with Girls Scouts and Trinity Church.

So I know what time we have to meet our respective groups, but I don't know what time the parade actually starts and I need to let my parents know. Anyone have a start time?

submitted 20 hours ago by Jersey Girl

Happy Birthday icicle!

Happy Birthday icicle!Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

submitted 22 hours ago by Calico696

Recomendations for shady area plants

have a big bald spot outside bedroom window- very shady area. thinking of putting low shrubs ( colorful, fragrant) , azalea, hydrangea or maybe some perennials lillies or something. i planted flower seeds but nothing came up. any suggestions...

submitted 1 day ago by stressed out

Cat health question

I've posted before about my cats (I may be a little over reactive because they are basically my children) but I figured I'd reach out again. The past couple of days my cats have been having liquid stool and each have thrown up once. They are indoor, get fed the same food, get exercised, etc. My issue is, they get a mix of dry and wet so if it is the food that is the culprit, I have to decide between three sources. I mix Purina Complete and Purina One Indoor together as well as serve them wet Fancy Feast.... More

submitted 1 day ago by helpthekitty

Rotary car show this Sunday

Never been to this show, would you recommend going ?

submitted 3 days ago by just coach

St. Mary's Wedding Cost

Does anyone know how much a wedding costs at St. Mary's in town?

submitted 3 days ago by NJHunter

Bottle caps to help student projects

I am asking if you could all please save your bottle caps of soda water whatever and comment below where I can pick them up or private message me that would be fantastic. I work at a private special education school and I am trying to collect for my students to do a project.

submitted 3 days ago by Firstworldproblems

Lost black and white cat (FOUND)

We have not seen our adult female cat for 2 days. She is a large docile black and white domestic short hair with a white tip on her black tail.

submitted 3 days ago by goldie

Best prices for pet food locally?

Who in/around Hackettstown has the best prices on pet food? I checked out Pet Smart for Natural Balance canned food and they are rather high.


submitted 3 days ago by Pet Lover

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