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Water leaking in house!!

It’s coming out of my downstairs bathroom vent, which is on the ceiling. I think it’s my refrigerator. What do i do ?
Who shall i call?

submitted 11 hours ago by Guitarguy5

Overcharging Tax

I did take-out for lunch today and realized after leaving they charged 7% sales tax. Why would a store do that ---- I'm pretty sure they can be fined for overcharging tax.

submitted 11 hours ago by happiest girl

Healthiest counties ranked


No surprise where Warren and Morris fall. As much as these studies are open for scrutiny based on how they're calculated, you can pretty much see the difference plain as day once you leave Warren county.

submitted 17 hours ago by Don

Homes not Selling

It seems to me that many homes on the market in our area don't sell quickly. I see the for sale signs on the same houses for months and months. Has anyone noticed this? Why aren't homes selling?

submitted 1 day ago by Susan


Hello all. Wanted to share my experience with my 2yo gas range from Samsung especially if you live in the area. Samsung does an awesome job of finding ANY reason to decline the warranty. 'Not their fault - must be (mice, bugs, etc.)'
If anyone decides to purchase any of these appliances made from Samsung, PLEASE take the warranty from the store where you purchased it. They at least will honor it and make the necessary repairs. (and not insult you in the process)
I do not want anyone to have the same horrible experience that I... More

submitted 1 day ago by cthy1213

iMovie vs. WeVideo Choices

wondered if anyone could recommend which movie editor they prefer, and why

I do have Chrome so was going to use latter, but can always borrow a friend's hard drive computer for iMovie if needed.

Does anyone use it professionally for their business promotion as well on YouTube, etc. and how easy is it then to upload the video files, etc.

Any advice welcome, thanks in advance.

submitted 2 days ago by AJMS

2019 Hackettstown Life Forum Bracketology

It's that time again, kids... everyone who was in the group last year should have received an email invite. For potential newcomers, read on:

I've started a group in Yahoo for fans of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament to compete against one another. The tournament begins Thursday, March 21st and all brackets must be filled out before tip-off of the first game (the "play-in" games Tuesday/Wednesday night do not count).

The scoring by round is as follows:

Round 1 - 1 point per correct pick
Round 2 - 2 points
Round 3 - 4 points (Sweet 16)
Round 4 - 8 points (Elite 8)
Round 5 -... More

submitted 2 days ago by ianimal

2019 Lawn Mowing Services

Please suggest company to contact for lawn mowing service in long valley area. Thanks for the info.

submitted 3 days ago by justwondering

Full box spring disposal

I have a good quality full size box spring that we don’t want anymore. Anyone know how it get rid of it?

submitted 3 days ago by Res2

Please !! Help unmute my TV

I have Fire Stick TV. The other night in the upper left corner of my LG TV screen a White Mute Icon with an X appears out of nowhere!!! There Is No Sound for Regular TV programs but there is sound for movie apps. The LG TV Remote has a Mute Button but it appears in lower right corner of TV. It will not get rid of this White Mute Icon in upper left corner and unmute sound. The Fire Stick remote does not have a Mute Button. I have unplugged the TV etc. but White Mute Icon still pops... More

submitted 3 days ago by Eddie

Neighborhood Watch

Is there a formal process to begin a neighborhood watch program? Are there active neighborhood watch programs active in other parts of the town? Thank you!

submitted 3 days ago by Laurie Terrace Res

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