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Sign and Banner Ordinance

Does anyone know if Hackettstown has a written Sign and Banner Ordinance?

submitted 2 hours ago by hot under the collar

RIP Scooter Jolley

Just heard my friend Scooter passed in Sept. I know a few of you will remember the kind hearted man.

He touched our lives for the first time in 2010. My son and I went and met him for the first time around Christmas of that year. We invited him to stay with us over Christmas. My son then 7 cried all the way home because he was upset that Scooter was going to be alone for Christmas. I posted about it on here and when Scooter saw it he called me with an idea. He had told my son that... More

submitted 5 hours ago by littlelu

Is the cinema / movie theatre gone too?

I wake up to read that WNTI is gone- and I have noticed the cinema's movie board has been empty for days.... has the movie theatre closed as well???

submitted 5 hours ago by JeffersonRepub

Farewell WNTI

WNTI went dark today. Centenary sold the license and gave no advance notice to anyone, including the DJs until today when they closed shop. The station will supposedly only be broadcast via the Internet, if that. There just simply is nothing being broadcast on the radio now. It's gone.

This was my go-to station and it was better than satellite radio. 54 years on the air and poof. Gone.

submitted 16 hours ago by Nikki

No power, no worries :)

No power, no worries :)Finally getting this bad boy setup after the hurricane scare

submitted 1 day ago by Forcefed4door

“Conspiracy Theorists, Crazies,...."

'Conspiracy Theorists, Crazies, and the proud wearer of a Tin Foil Hat”

A Very Good Read!


submitted 1 day ago by sha44ss

Main Street, What a Bumpy Ride

With all the repaving projects going on....Wouldn't it be nice to see Main Street repaved?

It's a real bum shaker heading west on Main from the Speedway to past High Street.

submitted 1 day ago by Rick

60 minutes -- new Holocaust info. on tonight

CBS 60 minutes program will have new 2 segments on tonite --- one being new information about the holocaust -- on right now, 7:30 -8:30.

submitted 1 day ago by hapiest girl

Septic Design Consultant

had anyone every used Gregory VandeRydt of Rydt Consulting for a septic design or any other work? want to make sure he is honest and good at what he does.

submitted 2 days ago by BarbV

Tsa Football Results against Randolph

Who won last night,all three levels ?

submitted 2 days ago by LoBo

Happy Birthday Jersey Girl!

Happy Birthday Jersey Girl!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

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