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Happy birthday, Lilly!

Happy birthday Lilly!

submitted 5 hours ago by Hackettstownchick

Happy Birthday Denis!

Happy Birthday Denis!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 9 hours ago by Calico696

Happy Birthday Embryodad!

Happy Birthday Embryodad!Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

submitted 9 hours ago by Calico696

Homemade Tomato Soup

Wondering if anyone has a recipe for homemade Tomato Soup. I make several different kinds of soup but have never tried making tomato. I’m in charge of making the soup and would like a recipe that someone actually makes before resorting to finding one online.

submitted 17 hours ago by Bessie

Comcast Xfinity Double play - actual cost

Can someone who has Comcast/Xfinity double play (Internet and TV) tell me what the actual cost is once the first year is up? The $89 a month sounds good but I read it would be extra for a sports fee? A DVR fee?Also what other "extra" charges do they apply. I'd also be adding two other rooms for tv so I'm sure there is an additional room fee? In talking to them I get mixed answers with no definitive number....I have their 25mg internet now and that costs me $49.99 month as is even though I have my own modem.... More

submitted 23 hours ago by Grascal

Shredding Event

Rotary club doing it at PNC Rt57 tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone has done this in the past and was it safe.

submitted 2 days ago by Botheredbyuu2

Happy feet

Looking for personal input of women's shoe experience. I need all day on my feet comfort. I don't mind paying for shoes sneaks or boots that can get the job done. So much out there I need real foot news

submitted 2 days ago by Ilikeflowers

Lost Cat - Panther Valley

Lost Cat - Panther ValleyI saw this on the Lost and Found Pets of Warren County Facebook page and figured I would share it here.


Lost in Panther Valley. Sebastian got out last night and has not come home. He's a bengal cat with distinct markings and very friendly. He's never been out this long and we are very worrried. Please contact admin if you see this cat.

Here's the link to their page:


submitted 3 days ago by Calico696

Allamuchy Litter

I have seen 45 posts about the Allamuchy sign being level or not.

Look to the left and right as you go down the ramp...nice to see people have used this offramp as their personal garbage can.

Take a look the next time you get off and are waiting in the line to go left or right.
This to me is a bigger problem then the sign being off by 1 degree.

Amazing people don't care and just throw their garbage out the window!

submitted 3 days ago by ed

Weight loss

Hi everyone. This may seem like a silly thread but I am well overweight and I was wondering if anyone has any weight loss tips. Recipes, weight loss plans, excerices, or even just share your success stories. Thanks!

submitted 3 days ago by Missy0417

Trailer parks

Are there any reasonably priced trailer parks in the Hackettstown area?

submitted 4 days ago by Bug3

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