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In Need of Historical Photos of Warren County

Hi, I am looking for some help. My senior capstone project for college is going to be a photo essay that involves photographs around Warren County. I am in need of any historical photos people may have of Hackettstown/Washington/Chester/Belvidere/Etc. Pretty much any place that I can drive to and take a picture of what it is now. If anyone has any pictures they are willing to share plus a little blurb about the history of the place that would be appreciated. Again, this is just for my capstone and these photos will only be used for the project. Thanks!

submitted 9 hours ago by helpthekitty

Solar Panels on All Electric House - thoughts?

I am thinking about installing solar panels. I have an all electric house. If there is anyone out there who has an all electric house and had solar installed I would like to know their opinion on if its working for them and the pros and cons.

submitted 10 hours ago by Mayda Windt

Happy Birthday Metsman!

Happy Birthday Metsman!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 15 hours ago by Calico696

Chef Uniform?

Need some help need chef uniform for Monday.
Anyone know where to purchase tomorrow?


submitted 22 hours ago by MikeL

Apple Festival by Wolfe Rd

there is a sign for an apple festival over by 46 and wolfe rd.....when and where is it....I never have enough time to read it

submitted 1 day ago by apples

LOST Beagle, Ridge Road; "Harley"

There is a lost 9 year old female beagle named Harley. She has only been living on Ridge Road for a couple of months, so is not familiar with the area. She is a 13 inch beagle. She got out of the yard this evening.

If she is seen please call her owner - do not have their name, just helping them put her on the forum.

I will call her with Tim Norton's information and Kim Bennett. I think it is in a previous post.


submitted 1 day ago by Nature Lover

License Plate Question

Can you exchange you old license plates for new plates?

Just bought a new vehicle & my old plates are nasty 13 years old plates and don't want to put them on the new vehicle...will the state exchange them without a fee? lol

Anybody ever do this before?

submitted 1 day ago by RU

Bad gas?

Has anyone had any problems with the gas at the quick check on 517?? I have gotten gas there twice in the past couple months.. I usually go to Hess on Main Street.. In May I went there and filled my tank with regular gas and the next day my fuel pump went, last night I stopped for gas filled it with regular and my fuel pump went again today.. Round two of having the fuel pump replaced.

submitted 1 day ago by Concerned driver

Lots of Police Cars with Guns & Helicopters on Rte 80

near Truckstop before exit 19

Anyone know what is going on?? Maybe that guy they are looking for killing trooper??

submitted 1 day ago by sha44ss

Local trash company (paying late/service suspended)

I need some input... have been dealing with same trash co. for years. I pay 60.00/mo. I fall behind, sometimes very far and they usually work with me. They suspend my service after about 3 to 4 months late, when I finally get the money they start service up again, sometimes its weeks even months without a pick up, but they never credit me for the months they didn't come, which I never complained about, until now. I was about 4 months late and suspended for months, I paid 245. aug 1 to get me up to date. Money... More

submitted 1 day ago by Maisysmom

Litter on Willow Grove Street

Looks like a lot of litter over there between the hospital and the senior center. Also in front of the dentist's office across the street. There's also a lot by the railroad tracks on 517 and by the library on Route 46 going towards Great Meadows.

I wonder how many pollutants are getting into our drinking water because of this. Gross.

submitted 1 day ago by LeRoy Grimace

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