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Best/Proper way of removing gel nails

Hi! Can anyone out there tell me the best, proper, and safest way to remove a gel manicure. In the past the nail technicians would soak then scrape it off but now I'm finding they use a machine to grind it off. I feel like my nails are getting quite thin and brittle but not sure if that could be why. Does anyone have knowledge regarding this and can let me know if one way is better than another for removal?


submitted 8 hours ago by Missymiss

Walmart grocery

Does anyone know when the grocery shop at home service will be available at Walmart? I’m very anxious to have something local here.

submitted 11 hours ago by Rmmjs

Grief help for a pet

Is there any such thing? Thank you for your help.

submitted 1 day ago by happiest girl

Non classical violin teacher

Can anyone recommend a non classical violin teacher? My daughter has been playin for 10 years almost exclusively classical music. Time to broaden some horizons. Thank you for your info and time!

submitted 1 day ago by Independent observer

hackettstown family dentistry

Hi all,

I'm looking for a new dentist in the area and was wondering if anyone has used hackettstown family dentistry? If so how are they?


submitted 1 day ago by Dre

High School Football Field

Does anyone know if there's anything happening in the high school football field this Saturday the 24th?

submitted 1 day ago by Bernie Riggs

Temporary Storage At A Residential Property

I have a friend who will need some temporary storage for 6 weeks or so on his property. We are aware of the Pods, U-pack etc scenario. I am curious if anyone knows someone local that could drop a shipping container or even a 40' trailer? He has plenty of property so that is not an issue. He needs to have access at various times as some deliveries will be made directly to the storage unit. Conversely, items will be removed at all different hours as well. This may exclude most storage facilities in our area particularly if a... More

submitted 1 day ago by Greg

New to town!

Hello there everyone! I was so happy to have found this forum. Hackettstown will be my new home and there are so many questions i do not know! Could anyone give me a walk through to what living in Hackettstown is like? Along with main things i should know for example garbage pickup. I appreciate all your help in Advance!

submitted 1 day ago by Monique

Bat issues

I need a bat relocated. It’s been hanging on my storm window every night and day. It might have rabies. I’ll like it removed. Does anyone relocate bats?

submitted 3 days ago by Jay24

New sex offender warning

New sex offender warningI just received the attached from my gov. monitoring service - apparently this person is living in the Walmart parking lot, is that possible?

submitted 4 days ago by Reggie Voter

A HUGE Thank you!

Thank you SO MUCH to whoever found my wallet today at the food truck festival and turned it in. I asked who you were so I could thank you in person and buy you a treat from the trucks, but no one could say. I was carrying my nephew and I must've dislodged my wallet from my pocket when I shifted him on my hip... It had all my money for the festival and my gas money for the week... You're a truly good person, God Bless!!!

submitted 4 days ago by Weebiekins

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