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Instrument cluster repair

My Chrysler T&C van starts and then dies after 1 or 2 seconds. I researched the problem, and it may be one (or many) cracked solder joints on the instrument cluster board. I removed the board to hopefully repair it, but my weak eyesight makes it hard to find the problematic area(s), let alone repair them.

Are there any local businesses (or qualified people) that can diagnose and fix the problem?

submitted 5 hours ago by Ned

RIP Darryl Dawkins

Thanks for the memories, "Chocolate Thunder"... #4 is one of the most iconic moments of my sports-watching childhood.


submitted 6 hours ago by ianimal

Earthlink for Internet?

Does anyone use Earthlink and if so what do you think about it? Do you have WiFi and approximately how many devices are running at the same time? We are thinking of switching from Comcast. Thank you.

submitted 6 hours ago by Mike's Mom

Drive-In Movie Theatre

Hey Hackettstown,

would anyone go to a drive in movie theatre in or around Hackettstown if we had one? I feel the time is right for a resurgence in the old school and was wondering what everyone thought.

submitted 9 hours ago by Anonymous112

Chimney Sweep

I'm looking for someone to sweep my chimney that's not going to try and sell me all the solutions and tell me there's to much creosote. Are there any reliable companies that do this in the area? Thanks in advance.

submitted 10 hours ago by Tbone

Middle School homeroom

I have a soon to be 5th grader who is anxiously awaiting word on who her homeroom teacher will be. Do letters go out or are they still posting the list on the front door of the middle school and thats how you find out?

When will this information come out?


submitted 21 hours ago by H-town Mama

Before Comcast

Ok, so my boyfriend and I have been racking our skulls with this for a while now. Does anyone remember what Comcast was before it was Storer Cable? We're pretty sure it was another name. Think my fellow locals. ..THINK. thank you :)

submitted 23 hours ago by Wild Angel

You Got Ashley Madison


Looks like we have some of the "fools" round' here LOL, anyone want to fess up on this forum...

submitted 1 day ago by iJay

Coal prices

Any one else burn coal? How much do you get per ton and where from

submitted 2 days ago by OK then

Help catch vandals at Allamuchy State park

Some little punk is spray painting the trail signs and map/info holder at allamuchy mountain state park's 517 entrance. This is the trailhead behind tranquility farms. this had been going on for months and every time someone repairs/cleans it, the punk does it again. Anybody have a game camera? The pointless destruction has got to stop. Any ideas?

submitted 2 days ago by Talleyho!

American Pickers in Branchville NJ

American Pickers in Branchville NJThe American Pickers TV show was in Branchville NJ last friday to film an episode. Here is a link to the story. http://www.njherald.com/story/29858618/american-pickers-roll-into-branchville

submitted 2 days ago by Urf

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