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Mothers Day Brunch?

Where is a good place to go for a Mother's Day brunch that is good quality food that won't cost my arm to pay? Thank you!

submitted 5 hours ago by DesperateDad

Morris Canal Greenway

So does anyone know what has or is happening to preserve Hackettstown's portion of the Morris Canal. We have FLORENCE W. KUIPERS MEMORIAL PARK but I don't have a clue where or what that is.

Here are some descriptive sites but I can't find out what has happened or, more important, if anything is happening to actual preserve the site and truly turn it into a real greenway.



I have travelled the C&O canal from Antietam to Georgetown and would love to do the same end to end someday on the Morris. Or just from one end to the other... More

submitted 7 hours ago by mistergoogle

Panther Valley Interent

Is anyone else down this afternoon?

submitted 11 hours ago by Dc10

A joke or for REAL? (Items in classifieds)

I came across these 2 items for sale. Are they really worth that much? I am just curious. I tend to think I know a lot about antiques but never have seen this


I have seen these bottles before in Jamaica on vacation many moons ago. I think I saw them for under $50.


If these are real I apologize now but I am really curious. Anyone out there have different info.

submitted 11 hours ago by Teenie

Sheriff Sale Auction

Does anyone have any experience buying a home from a sheriffs sale auction?

submitted 11 hours ago by helper

Dead Bear Rte 517 Allamuchy

Hi Does anyone have any information as to what happened to the dead bear that has been laying on the side of the road of Rt 517 south in Allamuchy ( in the area past Mattar's ) ? It has been there all morning, so sad to see, such a beautiful animal. Thank you in advance if anyone knows what happened.

submitted 11 hours ago by just a thought

2015 Memorial Day Parade - Mon. May 25th

FYI - This came across our desk today and thought you all would like the info -

The American Legion once again hosts the Hackettstown Memorial Day Parade on Mon. May 25, 2015. Scheduled to start at 9:30 am depending of participant readiness it will conclude with the Memorial Day Service at Union Cemetery.

The parade will run regardless of weather.

For any information please contact:
Donald Hendershot
American Legion Post 164
Parade Chairperson

For full info go to the following link:

submitted 12 hours ago by Wendy @ Hkt BID

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Did anybody go to target sunday to get the Lilly pulitzer line? I heard it was sold out by 8:30am. I went there and I don't even understand where it was set up!

submitted 14 hours ago by Kevin Sweeney

Power Outage - Diamond Hill 4/20

Anybody else? Went off about 9:45 and didn't come back on, makes me think maybe it's not a small problem?

submitted 16 hours ago by JeffersonRepub

Helicopters dropping water in Knowlton by Triple Brook

Is there a fire in that area ?

submitted 16 hours ago by Jo Anne

FOUND Grey/white intact male cat, Petersburg Rd.

FOUND Grey/white intact male cat, Petersburg Rd. Is anyone missing a cat near Petersburg Road? There is this really adorable stray who has made a bush in my yard his home. He meows a lot. For a while he was very skittish and wouldn't come near anyone. Now I can't keep him out of my lap. He loves people is very affectionate and purrs a lot and loves to be pet and all the attention he can get. He is not fixed. Would love to keep him and give him a home but I can't afford another animal and my dog wouldn't like that very... More

submitted 18 hours ago by Theresa Cole

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