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Bob's Family Barber Shop in GM

any one know whats going on at bobs family barber shop in Great Meadows? Heard the building is being sold. Is the shop relocating?

submitted 9 hours ago by hairup

Gas stove left on

Hello! I have a quick important question.

My husband accidentally left the gas stove on (no flame) for about less than an hour. He noticed it when he walked in to the kitchen to clean and saw the knob turned. Neither of us noticed the smell until I took our dog out to walk and when I came back in, I noticed the smell. We opened all of the windows and we already had a fan going in the dining room before this whole thing happened. How long is a "safe" time for the gas and the smell to dissipate?... More

submitted 12 hours ago by ab90

Hackettstown Army Sgt. Honored at NY Yankee Game Tonight

What a pleasant surprise that the 7th inning stretch honorary military guest is from Hackettstown. US Army Reserve Sgt. 1st Class, Scott Stocker, who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, I do not know you, but THANK YOU for your service!!

submitted 12 hours ago by Lifeistooshort

Cheap oil change

Any recommendations in the surrounding area?

submitted 14 hours ago by Greg14

Coupons for Knoebels?

Does Weis Markets still have discount coupons for Knoebels? I thought they did have them awhile back. Thanks for any help.

submitted 18 hours ago by mansfield mama

Missing Gray and White Cat in Blairstown

Missing Gray and White Cat in BlairstownNot sure how many people from Blairstown read this forum but I thought I'd give it a shot. The Blairstown Community Forum has not been updated since 2013 so I don't think that will lead anywhere.

I'm attaching a picture of Mouse. She is two years old. She has a fluffy curled up tail which is unique. She is skittish....will probably not come to you. I called the Blairstown Animal Control officer who was very helpful. He took all of the information and said if he receives any calls, he will get in touch with... More

submitted 20 hours ago by catlover1

Fruit Recall At Sam's Club

Sam's Club- Mt Olive recalled peaches, plums and nectarines. They have a bacteria called listeria. As I was eating a peach, I got a text. Please be aware.

submitted 22 hours ago by crazy jane

Painting Rims

Anyone know someone who paints rims? Solid and reputable work!!!

submitted 1 day ago by Mitch

Traffic light at 5 corners

What is the problem with the light on the Mountain Ave side? I come home this way on Monday nights and for the past 2 weeks the light is not changing? I sat there for 20 min tonight ~ so frustrating!!! Typically after Willow Grove St. goes, we would be next. Not happening.

submitted 1 day ago by JRT

Caller ID question

On caller ID, instead of a name, you see a long set of numbers beginning with V.
Does anyone know what that is?

submitted 1 day ago by PBM

Doggie Waste bags

Doggie Waste bagsIt's a wonderful thing the BID has done by putting up a bag dispenser for dog waste. It would REALLY be a wonderful thing if it was kept full. Even after the BID official has been notified, they can't seem to replace the empty bags. But.....it is very impressive looking to see the dispenser hanging under the sign explaining that bagging doggie waste is MANDATORY under town ordinance. :) :) :)

submitted 1 day ago by Fred

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