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anybody know

does anybody know what there building next to rancho on 46 ?
they have clear the lot and put gravel down in shape of a large rectangle building

submitted 4 hours ago by tangerine

Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich

Where in Hackettstown can I get the best Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich?

submitted 1 day ago by Richie


Was told I need a breast biopsy done. Just wondering what the best place to go for this? Is it painful?
Appreciate any comments re biopsy, Nervous about it.
thank you!

submitted 2 days ago by Dog Lover

Marijuana growth

Within all the farming land around Hackettstown and legalization of marijuana in NJ, would people here have an issue with farming it in local grounds. Interested in local perspectives.

submitted 2 days ago by Remi Martin

Best neighborhood for Trick or Treating?

Hi everyone,

We have lived in Washington Township for years but this will be the first Halloween we spend here with our toddler.

Our street has never gotten a single trick-or-treater in the decade we've been here, so I am wondering where we can go so my toddler can get a nice Halloween experience?

Thinking of just doing the downtown trick-or-treating, or maybe a trunk-or-treat, but I grew up with a traditional door to door neighborhood Halloween and want to find that for my own family.

Anyway, is there a local neighborhood that regularly participates in Halloween night festivities, and also would it be... More

submitted 4 days ago by WT_Hackettstowner

Will Allamuchy ever get a supermarket?

It's not too big of a deal to drive 22 minutes to Shoprite from Panther Valley.... Actually IT IS. Does anyone know if Allamuchy will ever develop some more commercial space, shops and a supermarket? It's kind of ridiculous that you have 3100 people living in a community with no market to service it in the vicinity. And Panther Valley is not the boondocks, it's right off route 80.

submitted 4 days ago by Remi Martin

School Board Elections

I'm having trouble finding information about the platforms of the people running for school board election this year. Does anyone have links to somewhere I can read about their positions? I like to make an informed vote.

According to the mail-in ballot I got, the people running this year are Jill Adamec, Jessica A. Thompson, Mary Beth Maciag, and Jami Cavanagh (plus anyone running as a write-in of course). If anyone has info on their platforms I'd appreciate it!

I know it's politics, but try to keep things civil lol :)

submitted 6 days ago by SeptJT

villa venice Great Meadows

Does anyone know if Villa Venice in Great Meadows is open for business.
Nobody answers their phone and after many rings, there is a message saying that their mail box is full.
I tried calling them a couple of weeks ago and again today.

submitted 7 days ago by pizzaguy

No Gallon Size Jugs of Water?

No stores (Walmart, Shop-Rite or Weis) in the area have any Gallon size jugs of Brand Name water on their shelves. Is that size container no longer being made?

submitted 7 days ago by Pooder

Did jets or something just fly over loudly?

I couldn't see out, but there was a very loud sound going on. Anyone know if anything passed over Allamuchy/Hackettstown just now? (2:40ish)

submitted 7 days ago by DogDayAfternoon

Hackettstown Street Festival Today (Saturday)?

Is Hackettstown having a Main Street Festival today, Sept. 24th?

submitted 1 week ago by Hackresident

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