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Hackettstown High School Sweatshirt

How do you get a sweatshirt? We should do a "Hackettstown Life" sweatshirt or t-shirt and donate the profits to a charity. How about that? What do you think?

submitted 8 hours ago by Singlemaleinnj

Abandoned? Himalayan Type Cat Stephens State Park

Anybody know who to call to check on a cat that looks abandoned and hurt or sick?

We took a walk with Grandkids down there around 2pm and poor little kitty came waddling out into parking lot looking for attention. Very pretty Cat but looked either hurt or sick and I couldn't take chance of touching because of kids.

I called Garden State Vet hospital and they gave me a number for Warren County
ASPCA but the number didn't work. Anyone know who to call?

Hate to leave the poor thing down there especially if it was abandoned.

submitted 11 hours ago by sha44ss

DMP-debt management plans

Has anybody worked with an association that specializes in debt management plans? I have tried to obtain a debt consolidation loan and have been denied. I then read about DMP's and that would help me if I could find a reputable company. I went to the FTC.gov site looking for recommendations of an association that can help but did not find any that they would recommend.

If you have worked with an agency/company with success can you share their info?

submitted 14 hours ago by fjp

Hopatcong Pound Project Wine Tasting event

Recently in the news, there was a fire in a home in Hopatcong. There were many cats that were displaced on account of this. Wendy and the kind people from the pound were over at the house for hours rescuing many cats and taking them back to the pound for shelter and help. Recently, Wendy and her partner Ed put in $56,000 to rebuild and build a new addition to the pound. The building is not finished as of yet but her first priority was the fire cats and their own who are living in this new addition. There were... More

submitted 14 hours ago by just the facts maam

Fraud Alert - BofA

FYI. Just got a fraudulent call from an automated system saying it was Bank of America and that my debit card was locked. No caller ID. I hung up and called BofA directly. Card is fine. It was a fishing call. Beware.

submitted 16 hours ago by MeisterNJ

Ledgewood - New Buildings

Does anyone know what is going to be going into the buildings next to Boston Market in Ledgewood?


submitted 17 hours ago by Nik

Panther Valley Fire and Police Activity

Does anyone know what happened in Panther Valley this morning around 8:00. So much police, fire and first aid activity- hope everyone is okay

submitted 18 hours ago by conceredinpv

A Prayer for my Father

On Thursday my dad will have heart surgery to implant a defibulator in his heart last Monday I sent him to hospital with heart failure the warren county nurse was at the house when happened and she started cpr on him we were lucky that day
so may the hands of the doctors be guided as they do this for my dad I will pray that my spirit guide the wolf watch over him in this time of need blessed be to the care givers and thank... More

submitted 19 hours ago by Caged Animal

Happy Birthday Mom of 1&1!

Happy Birthday Mom of 1&1!Happy Birthday! Enjoy yourself!

submitted 20 hours ago by Calico696

Happy Birthday Chickadee!

Happy Birthday Chickadee!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 20 hours ago by Calico696

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