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Public Springs in the area?

Hello, everyone.
I wonder if there are any springs in the area with public access.
There was one in Mine Hill - it's closed now.
Jenny Jump's (by the lake) is private.
Any suggestion?

submitted 3 hours ago by Pyc

Monday Morning crash on Schooleys Mountain Road

Just heard Schooley's Mountain Road is closed due to a crash at 10 this morning there.

submitted 13 hours ago by joyful

2018-19 Heating Oil Prices

Starting a new thread for this heating season.

submitted 15 hours ago by hktownie

Bald Eagles in Town!

Bald Eagles in Town!Yesterday November 17, 2018 - 2 pm. Asbury Anderson Road ....

submitted 1 day ago by Sister Jane

Recommendations for a sturdy refrigerator

My Frigidaire model has never worked properly--loud motor, door handle breaking off as soon as I would replace it, and it runs almost constantly. I'd like to find something that works well without spending a few months salary on the item. Appreciate any advice anyone can offer as to reliable brands. Thanks.

submitted 1 day ago by christina

Vacuum suggestions

Sadly my Dyson animal vacuum stopped working like it used to. Its been about six years. Loved the Dyson it worked great. Would love to get another but I am open to other options. Any suggestions going forward? Is dyson still the best in the market? Would love to hear reviews and feedback.

submitted 1 day ago by Youfriend

Advice needed. New snowblower shoots blue flames

Yep, you read it right. Bought a $1400 snowblower from a power equipment dealer and it was delivered the day before the storm. It performed well even in that heavy slop but the muffler shoots blue flames and got to a point where the whole muffler was glowing cherry red.

Called the dealer and they are picking it up Tuesday to look at it. My question is, should I give them a crack at fixing it or demand a new snowblower? It could be running lean but I’m fearful the problem could be an exhaust valve clearance issue causing gas... More

submitted 1 day ago by Consigliere

Orange cat spotted on Kings Hwy

I just opened my door to let my dog out and there was an orange cat sitting on my porch. I didn't see it was there when I opened the door, and I startled it accidentally. It ran away towards my shed. I live in a pretty secluded area of Kings Hwy, surrounded by forest.

Is anyone missing a cat? If it's a stray/feral, how can I tell if it needs help?

submitted 1 day ago by millypicnic


I’m looking for reasonably priced dog CBD, does anyone know anywhere near where I can buy it and the price it’s around. Sadly I need it today and tickners is closed today so please mention other options

submitted 1 day ago by Maria

Christmas Cookware Recommendations

A thread for counter top appliances.

Any recommendation for one of those new ceramic-clad frying pans you can use metal tools, machine wash, and never scratches?

How about Pressure Cooker, Multi Cooker. Rice Steamer, Slow Cooker, or Instant Pot. All electric, not stove top. Can you get only one and which version?

submitted 1 day ago by strangerdanger

Recommendations for a TV Repair Company

Hi everyone!

We purchased a very expensive 75 "Sony TV at Best Buy almost 3 years ago. However, we were idiots and purchased a floor model. I tried to get them down on price, and they did come down a little. We also purchased a 65" Samsung. When we checked out, nobody gave us info on an extended warranty/service plan, and I didn't even think of it.

I called Best Buy's Geek Squad, and I was told as of September, they don't come out to people that don't have the service plan with them even though we... More

submitted 1 day ago by Dog Mom

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