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Large black dog running loose, Grand Ave.

Anyone missing a black dog? I just saw one running across Grand Avenue towards the College, about the third street past the ball field. 9:15pm Tuesday night.

submitted 11 hours ago by Sue

Bald Eagle - another site - Penwell / 57

Bald Eagle - another site - Penwell / 57I was traveling on rt.57 just east of Penwell across from junk yard gate and across the river in a tree Bald Eagle. Try to take some photos in this rain snow mixed weather.

submitted 15 hours ago by cp

Pediatric Urologist

I just gave birth on the 19th of March to an adorable (and chubby) little boy. He needs to see a pediatric urologist due to a small medical issue. I am willing to travel anywhere in north and central NJ. Any recommendations? I know of one person in Morristown, but she doesn't seem to have very good reviews at all. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks!

submitted 19 hours ago by sunshinenj

Lien-free title for vehicle from MVC

I paid off the loan that I used to purchase my company car off lease. The lien was satisfied and I received the title from TD Bank with the appropriate notation. TD Bank, stamped and signed in the field designated for the release of the lien. In the accompanying letter, they advised me to obtain a lien-free title from the State. Here's the question:

-Is it correct that the NJMVC will charge me $85.00 for a new clear title with the lien information removed? (that's the way I interpret their website)
-Has anyone had trouble selling a car (either privately... More

submitted 20 hours ago by DrBob

Stereo receiver repair

Does anyone know any technicians that fix broken stereo receivers in the area?

submitted 21 hours ago by mikey lazor

Kids T-Ball?

Can anyone tell me if there are any T-ball sign ups in the area?
My daughter is 5 and I'm trying to get her involved in something active.

submitted 1 day ago by Octobaby1031

Need help from those who know German food

Please help: a friend who is an older gentleman originally from Germany is in the hospital after a big surgery. He won't eat because he says he doesn't have an appetite and the hospital food does not appeal to him. And the hospital says he cannot leave until he starts eating! He's also feeling blue, and I would like to try to cheer him up by bringing him some home-cooked traditional food from his homeland. The problem is, I have NO idea what that should be. I'm not even sure I could name one single German dish. If anyone could... More

submitted 1 day ago by Rebecka

2015 Roadside and River Trash

2015 Roadside and River TrashHi all
Spring is here and the snow has more or less melted. Revealing lots of roadside and river trash . Hard to believe the number of liquor bottles and beer cans thrown from moving vehicles. Makes me afraid to drive. But I digress.... Let us all get out there and make up for the slobs by cleaning up. Posted a picture from Colombia lake yesterday of trash picked up. Lots of bait cans with beer cans and one used syringe. Thanks for your help.

submitted 1 day ago by A good day

Lots of wrecked cars on Stiger St.

is that lot now a junk yard,is it zoned for that? just wondering

submitted 1 day ago by concerned townie

Warren County April 26 Sunday Hazardous & Electronics Clean Up

Spring time clean up of hazardous waste and electronics. Free!


submitted 2 days ago by TominWashington

Peach Tree Village and Village Green rates

How much is 2 bdrm apt at Peach Tree and Village Green?

submitted 2 days ago by luvmykids

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