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10/24/14 Accident on Waterloo Road

I was driving near Saxton Falls at about 5 P.M. and there was a power and light pole sheared in half along side the road. No wrecked vehicles in the area. There was a cleanup taking place around the damaged transformers from the pole.

submitted 4 hours ago by from

Reasonable reliable roofers?

We have some leaks and need some repair any recommendations?

submitted 9 hours ago by Mommajoe

Endoscopy & colonoscopy at the same time?

My doctor wants to do both at the same time. How much more anesthesia would one have? that's what worries me!

submitted 15 hours ago by sal

New York Gets First Ebola Case

Figure it's time to start a new thread to help spread the histeria.

But don't worry he had limited contact with people because no one takes the subway, uses Uber, or goes to bowling alleys.


submitted 1 day ago by radeo

Epoxy floor covering for garage or basement

Has anyone ever tried this? Thinking of this for a basement area........any recommendations?

submitted 1 day ago by jrn

Nearest Kmart-Off Route 10 in Dover to close :(

I've only been there once and I had no problems with it. It is very sad because you must remember that all the employees will need to find new jobs. Best of luck to them.

submitted 1 day ago by LngVly22

Hackettstown's history questions

I love history. I love hearing stories and knowing what kind of things happened in the areas I live in. Does anyone have any links or photos of Hackettstown's past? From any time -- 10 years ago or stories that happened hundreds of years ago...

Also, when did the Hackettstown Diner open/close? When was it torn down? Why did it go out of business?

submitted 1 day ago by checkonetwo

Window Installation

Does anyone have experience installing new windows in their home - I currently have vinyl windows throughout, but of very low quality (builder grade). Cold air is very noticeable and they seem to not hide outside noise too well. Just wondering how big of a job it is to replace windows yourself - if you buy them from Home Depot. I want to remove the entire window frame - not a fan of keeping the same frame or renewal by Andersen. Thanks.

submitted 1 day ago by Oak HIll Resident

10/22 Meeting at High School

Did anybody go to the meeting? I had to work and was curious about what was said - especially about all the changes and the punishments (like Sat detentions, etc) that have been implemented.

submitted 1 day ago by Heidi

Why so many kids with brain tumors in Hackettstown

On another post it says 4200 kids a year in the us are diagnosed with brain/spinal cancerous rumors. I know of 3 kids in our area in the last year and half. Is that statistically high?

submitted 1 day ago by Jc

What happened to Shades and Shapes hair salon?

I drove by there and it was empty.

submitted 2 days ago by sharpie

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