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Christmas lights

Has anyone ever hired someone to install Christmas lights on the outside of their house?
I'd love to do that this year. Any recommendations?

submitted 2 hours ago by Heidi

What?? GPS week number rollover

Received this from Verizon (my service providor):

There could be potential service impacts to your device(s) ending in xxxxxxc
Starting November 3, 2019, for specific devices sold between 2006 and 2016, users may experience Global Positioning System (GPS) location-related issues due to the GPS Week Number Rollover. Voice, text and data services will not be impacted by this rollover.
GPS accuracy may impact the performance of navigation applications used on these devices. For additional information, please visit verizonwireless.com/legal/notices/global-positioning-system/.

submitted 1 day ago by OnTheEdge

Flu shot

Just curious - How many folks get the flu shot. Im late 50's, active, non-smoker, non-drinker, no health issues. Last 5 years I have gotten the flu shot but toying with the idea of skipping it this year. Knock on wood have not had the flu in 20 years - every time I get the shot I walk around with a sore arm for 5 days. Just re-thinking it this year. What is everyone else doing?

submitted 1 day ago by Treetops

Cat hit on Rockport Road

In case anyone is looking for a missing cat, this afternoon I noticed a black long haired cat apparently hit by a car on Rockport Road between Karrsville and Mt. Bethel. I moved it off the road onto the grass.

submitted 1 day ago by plc

Accident Rt80 10/18

Bad accident east in Parsippany. 3 people killed.Lanes closed.
Cant post link.

submitted 1 day ago by Botheredbyuu2

Name That Movie- Part II


"I miss my donkey".... (answer hint and post new movie line for next post).....

submitted 2 days ago by AJMS

Looking to donate towels sheets blankets to Pet place

anyone know a Pet place in the area that takes sheets, towels blankets etc? I heard they are always looking for something for the Pets to be adopted? Any idea's?

submitted 2 days ago by carol

Comcast 2019 Outage Thread

Winds are howling and lost Comcast internet about an hour ago in Oxford.

Anyone else?

submitted 2 days ago by Lenny Rock

Need suggestions for travel time to new job

I am starting a new job on November 12th in Morris Plains. I haven't traveled that way since the early 2000's. I will be coming from Rockport Road area. Up and over Schooleys Mountain, through Chester....etc. I start at 8am. I was thinking about leaving at 7am. Is that accurate?

submitted 3 days ago by Breathe..

How to get homeless 28 year old into a shelter

She is spending nights on couches at friends and relatives houses. Her boyfriend beat her up and is in jail. She is extremely depressed and unemployed. Who can help this Hackettstown woman?

submitted 4 days ago by Keri

Ghost Train at Centenary

Thinking about going to see it this coming weekend....anyone see it yet?

submitted 5 days ago by Breathe..

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