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Centenary College Pool

Does anyone know if there is still frre swim, open to Hackettstown residents at Centenary College? I know last year the college had free swim on Sunday afternoons for a couple of hours. It's only November and I've got to get these little darlings out of the house for a while and last year this was a great way for them to burn off lots of energy.

submitted 6 hours ago by fallen angel

wed-thurs. possible snow

Weather nj says could be snow. Other news sources keeping an eye on a developing coastal storm.

submitted 6 hours ago by justcoach

Kean University

Please settle a bet I have with my know -it-all 17year old son...
Is it Pronounced "Kane" or "Keen"? He won't believe me or Wikipedia so maybe he will believe the all knowing 'Lifers!

submitted 11 hours ago by H-town Mama

Kids Cooking Classes

Anyone know where I can find kids cooking classes. My kids have a great interest in this, so I think it would make s great gift.

submitted 11 hours ago by Nicholas

ATV riding.

Hello everyone I just purchased a new quad and was wondering If there are any trails around warren county area that I can go riding at. I have trails at my neighbors house and heard of some trails in Pennsylvania

submitted 14 hours ago by townie1

Hardwood Floor

Hello, recently installed engineered hardwood floor (high impact flooring) - the floor is very slippery, even with shoes. Anyone have a recommendation on what can be done to make it less slippery, aside from area rugs. Thanks

submitted 14 hours ago by htownfun

American Sign Language

Does anyone know of a place I could go to learn ASL? Maybe there are local colleges offering courses? I did a very small amount of research with no luck so far.

submitted 15 hours ago by aptpupil

Rifle or gun shot

At about 6:35am i heard shots. There was 5 shots 1 first and then 4 consecutive. It was loud to me. Is it hunting season? I had leave in Diamond Hill for 3 years and i neve heard shots so close!

submitted 19 hours ago by Bella76

The First of the Firsts (Re: Grieving)

A dear friend told me that when someone you love passes on, you go through a year of the "Firsts". Well, as some of you know my Mom passed on in July and this Sunday, November 23 is the First of the Firsts. It would have been my Mom's birthday. I think its going to be a very tough day. Another tough day is going to be my birthday. Nobody to wish me a happy birthday. Please say a prayer and hope I can get through it. She is all I had... More

submitted 1 day ago by Singlemaleinnj

Defrosting turkey

Is it too early to defrost am almost 19lb turkey? Just bought at Shop Rite this afternoon and put it in on a tray in fridge.

submitted 1 day ago by Gardenfish

Does anyone have a direct vent instant boiler

I am looking to install a Direct vent wall hung boiler that does both my hot water baseboards and my domestic hot water. I know this is a newer design of units, but I was wondering if anyone has one, how they like it, and what maintenance is involved?

All pros/cons are welcome

submitted 1 day ago by Darrin

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