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VHS Tape Conversion

I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I can get old VHS/Camcorder tapes converted into either a disc or thumb drive? Thank You in Advance.

submitted 1 day ago by grandma d

Cat Missing

Cat MissingHi, unfortunately I lost my cat Maggie about 30 hours ago. She is a gray/black young 5 year old with a little white spot on her neck area and also has green eyes. She’s pretty shy and timid so please don’t chase her. However, she’s pretty friendly if you allow her to approach you.
Last seen on Canal Way; the next street over is west valley view.

submitted 5 days ago by Jeffrey

Anyone know this cat

Anyone know this catSeen on Washington Street. My mom has been leaving food out for it and it has been back multiple times. When it first came around it had a collar, but doesn’t anymore.

submitted 5 days ago by Catlove

Re-Pitch gutters

Does anyone know if there is a company that will re pitch gutters on a house? Recommendations ?

submitted 6 days ago by Jimt1058

Christmas Tree sales

Does anyone know of any boy/girl scout troops or fundraising groups that will be selling Christmas trees? We are going to get a live tree this year and would love to support a good cause :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

submitted 6 days ago by Sapphireblues

Mesh Router Recommendation

Hi, I know this forum has been good to me with regards to recomendations so I am going to ask again the community on this. I did searched the forum but it id embedded withih another topic and the last one I saw was back in 2020. So here we go.

I am in the market for this mesh router/mesh wifi system. I live in a three floor townhome and its always an issue on the last floor. I had bought a long time ago the wifi extender and I know its time to upgrade. I... More

submitted 1 week ago by HcktwnSoccerMom

Are you missing a cat?

We had the misfortune of a cat being located outside our place of business deceased.

Animal control has been called and she has been picked up.

I have a photo of you want to identify her.

submitted 2 weeks ago by Liz

Snow 2022-2023

If this thread already exists, my apologies.

I just saw a winter weather advisory for our area and west from 4pm-7am (11/15-11/16). Looks like up to 2” of wintery mix.

submitted 2 weeks ago by Consigliere

Fresh Milk Hackettstown

Does anyone know of a good farm selling fresh milk? I need for cheese.

Thank you.

submitted 2 weeks ago by JG

Fave Holiday Cookie/Recipe

Just wondering what everyone's baking this year.
Standard gingerbread men and brandy ball baking this year for me

submitted 2 weeks ago by AJMS

Tree Themes and Decoration/Ornaments

Just wondering what everyone is planning on doing with their tree/house this year.
I want to do mauve and gold theme on tree this year, with white/gold garland and gold rain.

Thoughts, anyone this year. Thanks

submitted 2 weeks ago by AJMS

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