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Found Cat Mansfield Village

Found Cat Mansfield VillageFound cat Mansfield Village. Will be scanned for a chip. If your cat, pm me. Obviously not an outside cat, would have died if outside much longer.

submitted 2 hours ago by Worried

Highly paid Warren County freeholders


8th highest in the state..more than morris,sussex and hunterdon..with a much smaller county..what a gig

submitted 22 hours ago by Bug3

Delivery options for elderly parent

hello all. I live out of state and am looking for food & medicine delivery options to an elderly, sometimes immobile parent who resides in Hackettstown. From the thread below ([1]) and from web searches, I found the following stores delivered:

- Shoprite of Byram
- Target of Washington Twp

Does anyone have any experience with them delivering to Hackettstown? If so, how much do they cost, how did you order (e.g., app?), and how timely were they.

I welcome any other suggestions for delivery options.

Thank you for your help!

1: http://www.hackettstownlife.com/forum/872354#t872492

submitted 22 hours ago by asdf

School Delay Openings 1/22

Hackettstown Public Schools 90 min delayed opening

submitted 23 hours ago by rose

Texting etiquette

Just want to get some opinion on what are the feelings of HL lifers are about texting etiquette.

I just had a person who called my son "terse" because he texted without using full sentences. He texted the response in simple terms- "we use distilled water in batteries" instead of " yes, we can certainly honor that and use distilled water in batteries". Does it matter what the added words are if he only has a short time to text back?

If someone is texting someone after hours, is there any harm in texting "just the facts' as a reply?
Isn't "terse"... More

submitted 1 day ago by AJMS

Custom wood work

Hello, does anyone know a good contractor who does custom wood work (such as shelves, car cabinets)? Thanks

submitted 2 days ago by woodlikehelp

Cable in panther valley 1/19

ours is saying temp unavailable!! omg!

submitted 2 days ago by jrn

School closings and delays 1/18/19

Got the call Hackettstown is on a 90 minute delay.....

submitted 4 days ago by littlelu

Nintendo Switch Repair

Is there anywhere local that can repair a broken LCD on a Nintendo Switch?

submitted 4 days ago by JustMe

BASF Building Mt Olive / Morris Crossroads

Drove past this and around it the other day it looks so depressing that’s it still empty. Has anyone heard anything or plans for it ? How has a business not come here or how are these townships so not smart to be able to attract anyone?

submitted 5 days ago by Drew

Dr Andrew Balysky, DO

Any one have experience with this eye dr?

submitted 5 days ago by Mar

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