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coyotes in Brooks Hollow across from the Hospital

Found a Coyote gnawing at a deer carcass this morning in Brooks Hollow across from the hosptial, has anyone else seen or heard of coyotes in the area?

submitted 5 hours ago by JRJ

Happy Birthday Gene.

My husband, Gene, is having a Birthday tomorrow on the 20th. He is a great husband and father. Just wanted to let you all know.

submitted 6 hours ago by mansfield mama

Why is it not okay for adults to trick-or-treat?

I was just thinking about this on my way home from the store, but why is it sort of un-said, but frowned upon for adults to trick or treat? Shouldn't anyone be able to dress up and enjoy the holiday?

submitted 8 hours ago by Darrin

Getting the smoke smell out of a house.

Hello my very informative friends!

There is a house on the market that I am interested in but the previous owners were smokers.

Has anyone had the experience of getting the smell out? From what I read, I would have to rip out all the carpet and repaint the walls.

If nothing can get it 100% out I have accepted that this house might not be for me and have to move on. I have nothing against smokers but the smell triggers my migraines.

submitted 17 hours ago by fujixt1

Lantern Tour of Hackettstown 2014

I have seen this event advertised but I would like a little more detail than what is on the website and the ads. If any of you have done this tour in the pas will you please tell me about it?

submitted 19 hours ago by Curiously

Power outage Sunday 10/19

The power is out in Great Meadows Anyone know what happened??

submitted 20 hours ago by peg

Wallpaper remover?

Which is the best way and or chemical to use to remove wallpaper border. Any suggestions?!

submitted 1 day ago by Bella76

Fall leaf pick-up?

Could someone remind me when leaf pick up starts in Hackettstown. There must be a 'link' but I can't figure it out. I'm in the College View area. Also does the town do smaller branches? Thanks

submitted 1 day ago by USAfirst

HL Sunday Breakfast - 10/19 Mt Lake Firehouse

Forum Sunday Breakfast Get Together

Everyone invited, come out and meet with your fellow HL participants while supporting a good cause. One of the best breakfasts around with great food and great hosts.

Place: Mt Lake Firehouse, Tamarack Road

Date: Sunday 10/19

Time: 9:30 AM

For more details about the breakfast and costs, see the HL calendar


submitted 1 day ago by GC

Why no Chik Fil A near?

There is one in PA, but why not closer? Honestly, you can not get a better fast food chicken sandwich -- and I've tried most of them. Their chicken nuggets, spicy chicken sandwich, fries, drinks... honestly everything on their menu is to die for.

submitted 1 day ago by checkonetwo

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