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Beloved Black Squirrel

Wondering if anyone has seen a black squirrel in Hackettstown recently? I had one living near my house in the Washington St/ Warren St. / Madison area. He was delightful and would gladly enjoy nuts i left for him. There are very few black squirrels in the area and this little guy was last seen in February. Im hoping he is fine....and the trees were just greener a few blocks away. Has anyone seen George Washington a beloved black squirrel?

submitted 8 hours ago by MeH

Taking a pic of your food

Can someone explain to me why someone would take a pic of their food?

submitted 9 hours ago by Mr Happy

Old Electronics and Cords and Cords and Cords

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this scenario..in the process of cleaning out some drawers and closets, I'm overwhelmed with the number of old phones, cords, tablets, video recorders, that I've found. The person trying to downsize and get rid of the things no longer used says "toss", who want's this stuff but the hoarder in me says you might be looking for that cord, recorder, etc. someday. We have new earbuds that used to come with the I-phone, earphones we've tried only to discover they weren't really the ones wanted, WHAT DO YOU DO... More

submitted 12 hours ago by Bessie

Record Store Day 2017

The day has arrived! It isRecord Store Day 2017! Just thought I'd pop out a little reminder on here that our local Sound Effects Records down on Main Street is participating and I, for one, can't wait to get down there and see what Jerry has stocked for today! Happy digging everybody! :)

PS You can find the official list of today's releases at recordstoreday.com, but just note that not every record store will receive every release and limited copies of others... Go.. Run! And have a great day all :)

submitted 16 hours ago by weebiekins

Lost Cat-Rigby (REUNITED)

Lost Cat-Rigby (REUNITED)He's been missing since last night. He is VERY friendly and will come to his name, Rigby. He has a collar with his name and our phone number. He lives on Madison St. Between Church and Moore.

I just drove around about 4 block radius and didnt see him. He MAY be stuck in someones garage. Like I said he's friendly........PLEASE we have four two legged family members in tears........

submitted 19 hours ago by littlelu

My uncle the angry hoarder

My uncle is a horder and if I tell him or try to help him get rid of things he gets so angry and makes this growling noise I know it's weird I'm about to give up and he will drowned in old egg cartons and wawa soup cups any suggestions

submitted 1 day ago by Rocket man

Property Management Company

I will be moving out of Hackettstown for a couple of years, but plan on returning. I will be renting my house and am looking for a property management company to deal with all the hassles of renting, repairs, collection of rent, etc while I am away. Any recommendations are appreciated.

(I've made it sound like I'm off to jail. I'm not. Just going to be caring for an ailing relative out of state)

submitted 1 day ago by HHZ

Lost Cat - Bailey

There is a Facebook posting on the Pet Adoption League's FB page about a black and white cat named Bailey, last seen on Richard Drive (by Hackettstown Hospital), went missing on 4/16.

The FB link is : https://www.facebook.com/palspetsonparade/ There is a photo posted.

submitted 1 day ago by Nature Lover

Septic Contractor

Looking for someone to replace our leach field who is knowledgeable, honest and reasonable!! Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

submitted 1 day ago by VG

Vote for Hackettstown!

Vote for our town! You can vote everyday!


submitted 2 days ago by infogirl

Activities for 8 yr old this Saturday 4/22?

Recommendations appreciated.

submitted 2 days ago by EVV

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