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Good morning,

I am looking to have some photos taken of my son's communion. i am looking for some photographer recommendations.

Thank you!

submitted 8 hours ago by Soccrgrl08

AOL Mail

My computer just won't load my mail, compose, read, or send. I seem to get everything else without a problem. Including AOL home page. Is it my computer or a problem with AOL mail.

submitted 9 hours ago by USAfirst

Lost wallet @ Walmart 8/2

Lost wallet at Walmart on Sunday afternoon August 2nd. Approximately 4:30 pm. Hopefully someone found it and would return.

Thank you.

submitted 1 day ago by TJ88

M & T Saving Bank Hackettstown Closing

M & T Saving Bank in Hackettstown closing October 29, 2020, it's posted on their door.

submitted 4 days ago by Kitty

Is anyone seeing Monarch butterflys

I have seen only 1 Monarch Butterfly . Is anyone seeing any?....in Hackettstown

submitted 4 days ago by toni torchia

Hand Sanitizer Recall

Got a recall issued for any Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer that uses Methanol.

7/27/2020 PRESS RELEASE - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Reiterates Warning About Dangerous Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers Containing Methanol, Takes Additional Action to Address Concerning Products
7/2/2020: UPDATE - FDA warns consumers of risk of methanol contamination in certain hand sanitizers


Mostly from Mexico.

submitted 4 days ago by strangerdanger


anyone know where I can get some fresh dill need about 6 heads thanks

submitted 4 days ago by JK

Handheld UVC sanitizer


I searched the Forum and I did not find anything. I am interested in buying one of those handheld sanitizer thar use some sort of UV or UVC light. Are they reliable or how reliable are they? Anyone using it and perhpas may recommend something?

I am also thinking of using this to sanitize soccer balls now that fall soccer is coming and we are so far playing. As a volunteer coach I need to make sure I do my due diligence to protect the team.

I am also interested on handheld thermometer that you poupint towards... More

submitted 5 days ago by SoccerMomof2

List of natural GI doctors or digestive disorder Naturopaths ?

Any good ones within an hour or so ? Been looking for help for awhile and so far a lot of dead ends.

submitted 6 days ago by Jack S

Fun outdoor activities for kids during covid

I have a 2.5 year old and we've been very cautious and careful during covid especially since I have an underlying health condition. We did however, go to Land of Make Believe right when they reopened and only did the park (not the water rides.) We felt comfortable doing this because we were outdoors, able to socially distance, didn't have to wear masks all day in the heat (we put them on when we were entering and exiting rides) and sanitized after every ride. Unfortunately, zoos are all requiring masks outdoors as well as other outdoor places. Does anyone have... More

submitted 7 days ago by Anom

2020 MLB Season

Saw quite a bit of baseball over the weekend and saw my very first socially-distant manager/umpire argument yesterday in the Bucs/Cards game. Strange days, indeed...

Interestingly, no team even made it to 3-0 (or 0-3) this weekend. I wonder when was the last time THAT happened. There seems to be at least one team that runs off 8 or 9 wins or losses to start a season most years. (Not that I have statistical data to back that up... just a feeling).

submitted 7 days ago by ianimal

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