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Road conditions 3/2

Anyone out yet this morning? Schooleys Mt Rd I'm assuming is good to go.

submitted 15 mins ago by botheredbyuu2

Panther Valley Roads

Cars are stuck on the hill near the tennis courts.

Has anyone else noticed the difference in snow removal this year?

submitted 15 hours ago by WaitingforSpring

Happy Birthday Clawdia!

Happy Birthday Clawdia!Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day!

submitted 1 day ago by Calico696

Where to get wigs?

I have a rather strange request. I am in need of a wig for someone who is losing their hair (duh) due to liver disease. She won't be starting the proper medication until May because paper work takes forever and she is on the very bottom of the transplant list. She has very little money since she is too ill to work and I myself can't even afford to buy her one, as much as I would like too. She doesn't even leave the house because of her hair and it's just all around making her... More

submitted 1 day ago by Smack

Pohatcong Creek at Valley Road

Does anyone know this area well? You take Jackson Valley Rd. to Valley Road and it winds around to Mitchell Rd. Mt. Hope is located there. Remains of an old iron foundry (?) and the old Karrville Post Office and General Store. Does it flood the road there? Is it bad?

submitted 1 day ago by John Dees

New Meet up Group for Single Ladies

There is a new meet up group that just started here in town...If you are single and looking to meet some other women for outings and fun activities check it out...


submitted 1 day ago by single again

Pension Lost Thread

A couple fools added to the list:


I know India is as corrupt as hell, but it is great to hear some of the offenders in NJ get caught...

submitted 1 day ago by iJay

Happy Birthday Longhorn!

Happy Birthday Longhorn!Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

submitted 2 days ago by Calico696

Comcast Outage? (2-28-15)

Is anyone else down since about 6:00am?

submitted 2 days ago by The_Bishop

When you are absolutely sure that what you know is "right"....

This applies to all of us, whether our religion be Catholicism, Statism, or Sciencism:


The only certain thing in the world is that knowledge *will* change the things we are certain about, so the next time we get to arguing a point and feel the need to name-call the other guy about being so wrong or stupid or idiotic or some other nonsensical thing, remember that it is impossible to be 100% *certain*.

But we'll still try, I know... ;-)

submitted 2 days ago by justintime

Hackettstown Schools

Are plans finalized for what is going to happen 're locations for elementary and middle school kids in Hackettstown? Heard a teaser on WRNJ but did not catch the report.

submitted 2 days ago by Papa

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