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Asian Beetle

Does anyone have a problem with Asian Beetles (they resemble Ladybugs) in their home?

If so, what did you do?


submitted 16 hours ago by MAN

Anything going on for Mother’s Day? Or any events

I checked the calendar but I didn’t see anything listed. Is there anything going on for Sunday may 12th for Mother’s Day or any events etc in general?

submitted 21 hours ago by Ally

Cancer support

hi does anyone know of a local support group thanks

submitted 2 days ago by AJMS

"The Old Elm Tree"

"The Old Elm Tree"I found this postcard titled "Hackettstown, NJ The Old Em Tree." Claiming that it is the oldest tree in New Jersey. I could not find any information. It may be long gone by now (Dutch Elm disease?). Hopefully someone knows something about it. The card has a divided back which would indicate that it was printed sometime after 1907.

submitted 3 days ago by Mike V

Missing Feral Male Cat

Missing Feral Male CatHas anyone seen a gray cat with white markings under his nose and chin and down his chest in the Hackettstown High School, Greenview Garden, and Warren Street area in town?

He has been missing for almost 6 weeks now and the caregiver is very upset. Hoping that someone has seen him or knows what happened to him.

I am trying to post a photo, but so far have not been able to do so. Please contact me and I will send one directly to you

Thank you!

submitted 5 days ago by Rudy

Sod Farm Question

We want to sod our lawn. Can anybody recommend a Sod Farm in Great Meadows? There are several. Also, have any Hackettstowlifers used a Lawn Service that was reliable? We need to put in a new lawn. This is for a property located in Independence. Thank you.

submitted 5 days ago by Mrs. Pipes

Suspicious Person in Vehicle

In the past week, students from both HMS and Centenary have reported a suspicious person in a vehicle following them in the evening after sports practice or class. Police have been informed, and are currently investigating the issue. Please remind your kids (any age) of stranger danger!

submitted 1 week ago by ConcernedParent

town wide garage sale.

Does anyone know if Mansfield Twp. is having a town wide garage sale?

submitted 1 week ago by Patti

Solar Eclipse

Are any of the local schools being dismissed early tomorrow because of the eclipse?
Starting at 2:09 PM the news said

submitted 1 week ago by Rose

Hackettstown Spring Festival

Is there going to be a Hackettstown Spring Festival this year? I do not see anything posted on the HackettstownLIFE calendar.

submitted 1 week ago by Pooder

What was that noise?

Anyone just go thru that noise? Earthquake?

submitted 2 weeks ago by Denise

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