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Where can I rent a two families house?

Does anyone know about a duplex house around hackettstown or close that is for rent, by duplex I mean two houses that share the bill payments or two families house?

submitted 7 hours ago by Nathalie Munoz

Comcast Internet Issues

I have COMCAST Internet service and My high speed modem has been going off line intermittently since last Friday. Anyone else been having similar issues?

submitted 1 day ago by BC

Looking for owner of found prescription sunglasses

Found glasses at intersection of Hurley and Ashley dr. They are Carrera brand. Just want to give the glasses back to the owner. Thanks

submitted 1 day ago by Audionut

Life Alert System

Looking for any updated information on the life alert system. I am considering for my elderly grandmother.

submitted 1 day ago by Marissa

Drywall installer?

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a drywall contractor. I need some old paneling taken down and new drywall installed. It would be nice if they also did painting too.
Thanks for your help.

submitted 1 day ago by JBJSKJ

Disposal of shrub?

We just removed a large shrub from in front of our home. Where can I bring it to dispose of it?

submitted 2 days ago by Just wondering

What's with the gay flag flying at the hospital?

It looks like a rainbow flag is flying under the American flag at the hospital.

submitted 2 days ago by Trish

Non resident PV Pool membership

Does anyone happen to know how much they are?

submitted 2 days ago by HEREINTOWN

Esthetician Recommendation

Can anyone recommend a good esthetician that does a good job of removing blackheads? Would prefer not to go to one of those places where you have to buy a membership like Massage Envy.

submitted 2 days ago by Jules

Replacing fence

If I am replacing a fence, do I need a permit? It's going to be in the same place be old one is being removed from. Specifications are to code (height, etc). Thanks!

submitted 2 days ago by Mindi

Local Window/Insulated Glass Unit Repair?

I want to get the Insulated Glass Units repaired in a couple of home windows (the seals are broken and they're fogging between the window panes). For various reasons, it's not practical to replace the windows or even to replace the existing IGUs. There are companies that come to your house and do such work, but I have been unable to locate one in the area. (Maybe Warren County Glass could do it, but they are retiring and closing up shop, very soon.) Has anyone had such work done and have a company to recommend?

submitted 2 days ago by JerseyWolf

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