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2016-17 NHL Season

It's "Hockey Night in Canada". ;-)

So what are you watching?? Heaven help you if it's Brian Lawton's horrible haircut that's even worse than Don Cherry's ego. Grape's sport coats were buried in the 70's when he was falsely accused of being successful. What's CBC's excuse now??

submitted 23 mins ago by GC

stolen sign from ART (children's art studio on main)

stolen sign from ART (children's art studio on main)Someone earlier this week stole a sign that my students and I made, right off of our front porch. It was a toilet seat that said "No Potty Talk in Art Class"(photo included). I know some of you may be reading this and feel that this is no big deal or an over reaction....just a silly sign, but the kids and I are heart broken that someone would just walk up and steal something that we all worked hard on. It's been there for well over a year and all of us are very attached to it. In the 7... More

submitted 1 hour ago by Miss Rebecca

Happy Birthday Embryodad!

Happy Birthday Embryodad!Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

submitted 10 hours ago by Calico696

Accident at high school?

Anyone know what just happened saw ambulance and rescue

submitted 23 hours ago by Lives in PV

The Walking Dead Season 7

53 hours, give or take, until the season premiere. So, who gets to meet Lucille up close and personal? I tend to think that it WON'T be Glenn, because they'll want to diverge somewhat from the comic book story line. I'm thinking Maggie... or maybe Michonne.

submitted 1 day ago by ianimal

Does Donaldson's really need a fund drive?

Saw this posting this morning:


Although I patronize Donaldson's because I like to support local business, however it is appalling that they should now be considered a charity. Adequate insurance should cover their losses including any business interruption.

From what I have seen their business continues to be busy.

Before I give I would like to know what kind of loss was not covered by insurance. From what I understood, much of the equipment inside was saved and that the structure and hay bales were lost.

Most businesses rebuild through continued hardword and patronage of their customers...not entitlements.

submitted 1 day ago by Greg P

What are your favorite horror movies?

I've always loved horror movies especially the classics from the late 70's-80's.

I just got my movies from Amazon today. All originals; Halloween, The Shining, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and Amityville Horror.

I love The Purge, but I lent it out and never got it back. :(

What are your favorites?

submitted 1 day ago by positive

Where to Purchase Children's Eyeglasses?

What is the best local place to purchase children's eyeglasses. Not necessarily looking for the cheapest price, just an excellent optician that can help with frame selection for a first pair for a child who might be self-conscious with the idea. RecSpec options a plus.

submitted 2 days ago by 3wbdwnj

Where to dispose of leaves?

I searched the forum, but no one had an answer.

If you are willing to pick up and bag your own leaves (instead of hiring a landscaper to do it), WHERE can they be taken? I imagine all the landscaper have to take them SOMEWHERE... (for example, I know Andover has someplace to take them, but that's a little far when you have as many leaves as I do...

submitted 2 days ago by JeffersonRepub

FOUND - gray tabby kitten Sharp St.

Found on Sharp St. Gray tabby kitten. looks to be about 6-8 weeks old and in good health from what I can tell.

submitted 3 days ago by DonnaV

Bagged ice

Does anyone know by chance the cheapest place to buy bagged ice? There is a horse sanctuary in Newton with a sick horse and needs many bags of ice urgently. I want to bring some up and would like to get it at the cheapest price! Thanks in advance!!

submitted 3 days ago by Molly

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