Hackettstown Football Brick Fundraiser...what happened?

Curious...does anybody have any info on the status of the brick fundraiser that was done by the Hackettstown Football Booster Club. It was for the new entrance they were supposed to be building at Morrison Field and the fundraiser was completed back in 2018. They were supposed to begin building in the Summer of 2018. I emailed the contact once or twice before and was told they were waiting approval with the town. Its now 2020 and there have been no updates and no building. I ca't imagine approval would take this long. Was this a scam?

Here's the link to the fundraiser:


H'Townie H'Townie
August 10th

Good question. I doubt very much it was a scam. Perhaps stalled and now indefinitely postponed. If that is the case, I would think refunds are in order.

I would email Mike Herbst the Board of Education President and copy the rest of the board. I'm sure he could update as to the status of that project.


In addition I would give Shannon Drylie at the Hackettstown Construction office a call for any possible status updates as well.

908 850 0660.


I was told they were waiting on a big donation from a company or two and if that doesn’t come through the idea was squashed. The BOE was not involved in this. It was a volunteer who took this on. You may want to reach out to Marty Yudichak.

It wasn't a scam, they just bit off a little more than they could handle. Plus i don't think they got enough interest from the public to be able to pay for the new entrance/gate.

How long is Marty going to keep everyone's money before stepping up and refunding the money. He seems to have vanished ??????

Jim L I hope those that bought a brick get refunded very soon then. I know I paid and would like my money back

I would reach out to the booster club then.

The Hackettstown BOE is not affiliated whatsoever with the Brick Paver Project. I do believe Marty would be the one to contact for the status of the project and/or refunds.

Mike Herbst
President Hackettstown BOE

mike Herbst mike Herbst
August 10th

Money is being returned as we received our refund check Saturday. The note stated the Morrison Gate Project was being cancelled due to the difficulty of raising funds during the pandemic and lack of public interest with hopes of revisiting during better economic time.

Hackettstown Fan Hackettstown Fan
August 10th

I bought a brick to the HHS and the WC 911.... nothing came of either as far as I know....


Annie moss
August 10th

As a follow up to Mr. Herbst's post. The brick project was done solely by Marty Yudichak, and the booster club was used as a name only for the project. The current board was not involved with this project and we are working on trying to figure out and rectify this issue.

If you purchased an online brick, we think you would have to contact the company, https://polarengraving.com/hackettstownfootballboosterclub, for a refund or Marty.

If you have any questions you can email the booster club @hhstigerfootball17@gmail.com
and we will try to assist you in the best way we can. As stated earlier the main contact should be Marty Yudichak he was the sole individual involved in this project.

Hackettstown High School Football Booster Club

HHS Fball Bster Club
August 12th

SpeAking of football, are they playing this fall?

As both these efforts collected money which has not been returned without progress or communication to those who have donated, a call to the county prosecutor’s office or the filing of a complaint in Hackettstown (and Washington for the 9/11 pavers) may be in order if formal request for return of donation has been made.

These projects may take some time, however failure to communicate status is inexcusable.

The board treasurer has received an email from Marty:

As you are aware I tried to rehabilitate Morrison Field Gates, due to many factors including the pandemic and the fundraising restrictions I have decided to cancel the gate project. In addition, last week I began returning all funds deposited via credit cards to the purchaser(s). All checks collected were made out and given to the Hackettstown Football Booster Club in I believe a secondary account.

We have received a list of cancelled checks and are in the process of returning the monies for the gate project. We ask that you be patient because this will take some time. We want to reiterate that we had nothing to do with this gate project and thank you for your patience in this matter.

HHS Football Booster Club

HHS Fball Bster Club
August 13th

Re: Hackettstown Football Brick Fundraiser...what happened?

The WC 9/11 Memorial was built and bricks/pavers were put in. It's located in Franklin Twsp. off of Rt 57 along the entrance road to the 911 center/fire academy. They hold a yearly 9/11 memorial ceremony there.

Weather Buff Weather Buff
August 13th

Since this topic is about football I would like to let you know about a particular football award. In the past an award was given out to a player who showed that he participated with the goals of the TEAM in mind and not for his own personal goals. This individual was given the award at their banquet and their name was added to the plaque to be displayed at HHS. This award is being renamed in memory of a past football player of HHS, Frank Mincevich (Minnie). Frank was an All-American Guard for the University of South Carolina, was inducted into the University's Hall of Fame, remains a top 50 athlete of the college, was drafted by the 49 er's., played semi-pro in Canada for the Wildcats of Ontario and was inducted into the HHS Athletic Hall of Fame. Frank coached many of the youth in Hackettstown in the H'town Biddy Football League. Donations are being accepted on behalf of this award. Checks can be made out to the Hackettstown Football Boosters in his memory and mailed to the high school c/o the Football Boosters. Thank you, his daughter Cindy

I would like to thank Marty for trying to get the project that he was working on done. I know he volunteers many hours for the community and I for one appreciate all that he has done.

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