In Search of a Hackettstown Flag

Hi...I have a lonely flag pole in the front yard that needs a Hackettstown-themed flag. Where can I get a decent sized flag that has the Hackettstown decor (Orange, tiger, or just bearing the Hackettstown name) for an 18-foot tall flag pole?

You would most likely need to have one made. There are scores of company's online that make custom banners and flags. Some more expensive than others. Perhaps to lower the cost have several made and offer them for sale. I'd bet others would be interested in a Hackettstown flag. Perhaps incorporate the logo on the town website or inquire at the municipal building to see if there is an official stamp or logo in use for the town. Once a design is drafted, maybe run it by council for other thoughts and opinions. Who knows you could be our Betsy Ross of sorts! LOL.

I like the idea!

I could swear there was a house on Rt. 46 W somewhere West of town that used to have all sorts of flags for sale. It used to have a number of flags flying in the yard too. Am I just imagining that, or did they close?

You could contact these places to see if they're open and/or have local designs available or contact the High School adminstration to see where they get their banners/flags made at. (in Andover) (shows as Tufts Trail in Hopatcong) (Newton-Sparta Rd.)

There's also these places as well: (Out of Wharton) (Out of NYC, according to the weblink from Google search that stated Bassett Highway in Dover I believe)

The closest one to it on this site is for the Rochester Institute of Technology's Licensed NCAA Flag, which is actually pretty close, except for the sidelooking Tiger and college name:

5kount seems to be the licensed manufacturer for the Hackettstown Tigers Team logo, since they make a Wrestling Team Flag and hats, singlets and various other products:

That flag place On 46 in great meadows has been gone for a while now

Superchefsgirl Superchefsgirl
4 weeks ago

That guy on RT.46 was there forever! His place burned but he continued to sell flags for some time. As stated however he has been gone for a few years now. It was an attraction of sorts as one traveled west on 46 out that way.

Thanks Superchefsgirl and Greg.

I knew I remembered it being there for a long time, but knew that I don't remember seeing it recently when going that way so had no idea if they were or weren't in business anymore. Thanks for clearing that up. It was always a cool sight to see all the flags as I went by! Sorry to hear they're no longer in business.

The flag lady in question lost her house and went into a nursing home a few years ago, now the house is being renovated and is for sale.

big sports fan big sports fan
3 weeks ago

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