Planet Fitness coming to Hackettstown?

From the Planet Fitness Website; anyone hear anything about a start date?

Based on the address it looks like the ShopRite plaza in Mansfield.

Hackettstown, NJ
7000 Route 57, 13-2
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Get Directions
Pre-Grand Opening Sale Coming Soon!

Glass Half Empty Glass Half Empty
Mar '20

Heres a picture

Hackettstown, New Jersey

Mar '20

I read that a month ago and haven't seen or heard anything about it. Ledgewood didn't have a clue.

I just called corporate headquarters and they said it is still in the works and being built. Also to check the website every few days.

Has anyone seen an activity by the movie theater? That's where the address is.

Hopeful Hopeful
Mar '20

Party city ?

stephen stephen
Mar '20

The picture is of the storefront next to Dollar Tree - last business there was discount store - one in Ledgewood/Rt. 10. Next to movie theater - they just completed reno

SS2cats SS2cats
Mar '20

Great that is going to make getting out of the parking lot there to go on 57 toward route 46 even worse than it is now

Mar '20

As much as I'd like a Planet Fitness in town I really hope that's not where it goes. Parking and navigating the lots there is already terrible.

If it were a Trader Joe's no one would be complaining about anything!

callitlikeIseeit callitlikeIseeit
Mar '20

Fill the empty buildings and extra 2 minutes sitting in a park lot or at a light won’t kill you. Be patient

ok and thank you for the life's lesson on patience you totally changed my life

Mar '20

Hey Jim so glad I could help!

There are no signs of activity inside the building and the for rent signs are still on the windows as of today.

hktownie hktownie
Mar '20

Bye bye Shoprite, can't stand that parking lot and this will make it worse. Time to find another store.

If you want to go to a good gym in Hackettstown try Real Time Fitness!

True, this plaza has the worst ingress/egress, needs to be completely revamped.

Thats is a very small storefront for planet fitness

Mar '20

I love Real-Time Fitness the former achieve 24 Fitness.

I just wish I had time to get there. I like the fact that Mike went out and got brand new treadmills. There is limited space but what are you going to do. You have everything you need.

If they at least put a rear entrance to some of those stores I think that might alleviate some of the traffic problems both car and foot

Anyone hear anything new about when it would open?

Amanda Amanda
Jan '21

I wish I felt comfortable going to the gym- I had been taking 4 senior classes a week until it all hit the fan- - at Powerhouse Gym

Nan Davis Nan Davis
Jan '21

anyone know when they’re opening up the gym ?!

Joseph Cintron Joseph Cintron
Feb '21

Good old "Pizza Planet" or "Pizza Fitness" as some of the fitness fails channels on Youtube often call them. Lots of good "footage" from there. No judgements, unless you are serious about Fitness, in many of their opinions, that is. I remember seeing one clip from the Ledgewood location, OMG, funny!

Phil D. Phil D.
Feb '21

I believe Planet Fitness has canceled plans to open a location in Hackettstown. This location has been removed from the Planet Fitness website and their is no new updates about this location. I guess Covid-19 killed plans for this location.

pittsburghmike pittsburghmike
Apr '21

Well that stinks. I liked using Planet Fitness when I was in college. Cant beat the price

MakoMiller1984 MakoMiller1984
Apr '21

Re: Planet Fitness coming to Hackettstown?

Photo of flyer received. The flyer indicates a pre-opening office next to Shoprite with hours:
M-F 10am-7pm
Sat & Sun 9am-3pm

The gym itself will be next to Dollar Tree

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
2 weeks ago

They should do quite well at that location.

"The new gym is slated to open in late December at 1965 Rte. 57, #13 in the Mansfield Plaza, a representative told Daily Voice."

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
1 week ago

Does anyone know what will be the gym hours?

Re: Planet Fitness coming to Hackettstown?

Golds, see pic.

Pre-sale is 10 cents to become a member.

Maybe that's until they staff up. Usually they are 24/7 I've heard.

Im ready to get my pump on!!!!!!

GWliberty GWliberty
1 week ago

maja2, Where do you see ten cents?
I see 25 cents and 10 dollars a month.

1 week ago

Does anyone know how the presale works? Are they still charging for the time before its even open or does it only start charging upon open?

Makomiller1984 Makomiller1984
1 week ago

The schedule that MAJA2 posted are the hours of the pre-open office which is located adjacent to Shoprite (the old SUBWAY) location.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
1 week ago

Golds -- I was sent a mailing. It says Hours Once Open -- 24/5 -- open 24 hours Monday thru Friday -- but then says "closing at 9pm on Friday"
Sat & Sun - 7am - 9pm.
Join now & save -- no commitment, offer ends November 30.
Join now -- 25c down, $10 month.

Classic $10 month gets unlimited access & Free Fitness Training (*with membership)
Black Card $22.99 month gets extras like Bring a Guest Free Anytime, Unlimited use of Massage Chairs, Unlimited use of HydroMassage, and other things.

happiest girl
1 week ago

The more restricted hours are just for the sales office… their typically hours will be the hours happiest girl indicated above.

Thanks for correcting my post!

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