30 Burgers Opening 12/3/19

Soft opening starting today.


thomasnj thomasnj
December 3rd

Let the complaining begin! LOL

Calico696 Calico696
December 3rd

Would be nice if they had a Gluten Free Bun - but I doubt it.

December 3rd

And it has ;-)

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 3rd

Gluten free? That’s still a thing?

December 3rd

Consigliere, for my daughter who has Celiac Disease it is.

@calico no truer words LOL!

Weebiekins Weebiekins
December 3rd

Anybody have a menu link?

I found these:



Calico696 Calico696
December 3rd

That first link is incorrect. It should be:


Also check out this from FB for anyone who is thinking of going today:

"Due to some delays our open time is now 4:30, we apologize and hope to see you soon"

I've been to the one in Fairfield. not the best burger I've ever had but it was definitely solid and looking forward to hitting the new one in town. good shakes too!

I used to go to the one in Fairfield awhile back when I worked out there. Was quality stuff.

"That first link is incorrect. It should be:


Yikes, sorry about that. That was what was listed on their FB page.

Calico696 Calico696
December 3rd

"Let the complaining begin! LOL"

hah exactly what I thought too!

Joe Friday Joe Friday
December 3rd

They should get rid of the sign "KRAUSERS" on the top of the store front. AND the sign out front saying OPENING SOON.

People will complain about anythinggggggg. I’m sure the new signage is on the way. Jeezus Christttttttt

What, Krausers is opening soon? Cool. I miss them.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 3rd

Well I tried it and I have a list of complaints! I'll start with it tasted too good. They were too friendly. It was priced reasonably too. My kid also complained their burger was too tastey as well. It was devoured in minutes. I know someone won't recognize this is sarcasm so please take it as that. All in all was real great.

Yesimpo - love the review! Can't wait to try it. It's capable of being a great location, if they are good. It's a nice, new business to welcome. I like the menu online. Looks good to me! Glad you enjoyed it. To those who may whine, remember, it's brand new and working out the kinks. Happy to have them in town!

December 3rd

If it's as good as Yesimpc says, it's going to be very dangerous for me. I drive right past there every night on my way home from work. Which is to say, dinner time.

We tried it last night and it was DELICIOUS! We got three burgers and one order of fries and it was under $30 which I thought was more than fair for giant, non-frozen beef patties. The bacon was cooked to perfection. The only complaint I have is my bacon and blue cheese burger had, what seemed like, blue cheese dressing instead of blue cheese crumbles. Even so, I was very happy with it. I’ll be going back for sure.

December 4th

Good to hear. I haven't been to the OMG due to all the negative reviews. Glad our local place is off to a good start!

Best burgers around. My daughter is (was) a Five Guys fan until she had 30 Burger. She said it was one of the best burgers she's ever had. I agree, they are really good.

Thank you for all the great reviews, and suggestions we truly appreciate it. New sign above building is supposed to be delivered Tomorrow. I am also looking at gluten free bakeries to produce a bun for all our locations, the only thing with this is that our facility is not gluten free and the buns may come into contact with gluten items.

30BurgersHKT 30BurgersHKT
December 6th

Looking forward to trying this place!

Wanted to give it a whirl last night-mobbed.
Looked like they were giving out free food.
Must be doing something right!
Good for them.

A burger on a Miami Onion Roll...heaven! We tried it on Thursday night, no complaints, great fries too!

Re: 30 Burgers Opening 12/3/19

Definitely try the fries - nacho chili fries!

I wanna try this place, I'll wait for it to calm down. By these reviews I know it'll worth it.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
December 7th

Just finished my takeout order - very good and look forward to going back.

My wife tried the Tilapia burger and really enjoyed it. The standard burger was good as well. Fries were excellent and I liked the sauces that came with them and the onion rings.

It’s a nice looking store inside - may look at dining in the next time.

I’m sitting in 30 Burger right now enjoying an amazing bacon cheeseburger & onion rings. Great shake too. A little disorganized still but the team is working hard and are very nice. It’s going to do well. I’ll be back often.

Texaskeystone Texaskeystone
December 7th

I've been to several of their other locations many times. They do make a great burger. Obviously quite a few options for sure. Beefy goodness! It figures- I just lost 40 pounds and finally got my triglycerides to a gentlemanly level over the summer and these folks come to town! LOL

So good. Great food and nice staff...also super clean!

Good for you, Greg! There's nothing wrong with an occasional treat. Glad to hear that everyone is enjoying this place.

Calico696 Calico696
December 8th

Just went there tonight for take out. YUM! We ordered bacon cheeseburger, N.Y. hot dog, classic fries, black bean burger, and onion rings....came to $29.56. All the food was great! The burgers are HUGE! We will definitely go again!!

Went there yesterday and had the mushroom swiss burger. It was perhaps the best burger I've ever eaten. Freshly made food, so you will have to wait longer than a drive through, but the wait is more than worth it. Burger was cooked to perfection on a flat griddle. The slight crust on the burger was beyond good. The swiss cheese was melted to the point where it did not disappear onto the grill. And of course the freshness of the bun all added to an experience that has ruined any desire to have burgers anywhere else. Good Luck to All That Made This Happen In Our Area.

Can You Tell I Enjoyed This Burger Joint.

PS Clean and Wonderful Staff

USAfirst USAfirst
December 8th

I'm hoping someone will try the turkey burger and review it soon.

Calico696 Calico696
December 9th

Wow... HL isn't crucifying this place? HAHAHAHAHA

Looking forward to going!!!

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 9th

JR - It's a Christmas miracle!!! LOL

Calico696 Calico696
December 9th

Good one, Calico!!!!!

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 9th

I'm picking things off the menu, so I'm prepared when I go this week. Sounds great.
What a welcome addition and close by.

December 9th

Maybe no negative criticism because it isn't warranted? Unlike OMG this place sounds like it's hitting on all cylinders. Not to mention it's a burger, OMG managed to screw up a simple burger, by overcharging and a la carting fries. They still suck to this day.

There is one negative review on their FB page. Sounds like the woman who wrote it was at a completely different place than the other reviews described.

Calico696 Calico696
December 9th

Re: 30 Burgers Opening 12/3/19

Calico - I've had the Turkey Tex Mex at a different location before and thought it was good.

My personal favorite is this gyro burger. Number two would be the Chipotle Bison.

My wife and I went last night and were very impressed. I had the bacon cheeseburger with the fried egg on top (I think it was called the Royal, or something?), and she had the mushroom swiss burger. We shared an order of seasoned fries. Everything was very good. With two fountain sodas the total was roughly $30. Staff was great. We'll definitely be going back.

Thanks GC.

Calico696 Calico696
December 9th

Re: 30 Burgers Opening 12/3/19

Monty - Yes, that's a "Bacon Royal".

This is the Bison chipotle left, and the crispy chicken right.,

So if Monty is saying it was 30$ for 2 burgers 1 fry and 2 drinks that's almost on par with OMG pricing, no?

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
December 9th

Pricing may be on par..but the food sounds leaps and bounds better. OMG sucks on so many levels. Long Valley can keep it.

The pricing says 30b, less than $9 a burger, OMG try $12 and above. Think 30b will be noticeably less.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 9th

Just wanted to let everyone know we are byob for beer and wine. We are still working out kinks and hiring more cashiers to help with the front end cleaning, taking orders, and mainly for our milkshakes as they take longer to produce.

Omg burgers start at $14... 30 burgers about $ 7 to 10.....no comparison in price

Bug3 - In fairness OMG does have some burgers cheaper than their signature "OMG Burger". I think they start at $10.50 if you don't want cheese. And remember they were charging that without fries to begin with, but then threw them in. When you take that into consideration, burger + fries, OMG is about $1-$2 more per person. It's more but not a lot more.

Yes but they suck

Shouldn't it be "Bacon Royale"? Bacon Royal just doesn't sound right, lol.

I tried the turkey bacon burger and it was excellent. Both the burger and the bacon were turkey. The sauce they had on it was very good, multi grain bun.

Burger is huge, I could only eat half and saved half for another meal. Also had a side of fries, they were also very good nice and crispy with great dipping sauce, not sure what it was but it was tasty!

We'll be visiting often.

hktownie hktownie
December 9th

Good onion rings & sauce that comes with it.

Great to see all the good reviews! Impressive for a food establishment that just opened.

No lunchtime issues so far? Was thinking the lunch hour could potentially be problematic with all those hungry M&M/Mars employees directly across the street! LOL

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
December 9th

"So if Monty is saying it was 30$ for 2 burgers 1 fry and 2 drinks that's almost on par with OMG pricing, no?"

Sorry, I can't compare with OMG. After reading the reviews here and on Yelp, I see no reason to go there. But to be on-the-nose about it, I just checked my credit card app and our bill at 30 Burgers was exactly $30.85, and that included a tip. Seems like folks on here are all over the map regarding what they consider to be a good price, but that seems very reasonable to me for such a tasty, filling meal for two adults.

We've eaten there twice. The prices seem fair to me for the quality of the food you get, and the burgers have been delicious.

If you want cheap burgers, I recommend Wendy's, and cheaper still is McDonalds.

The_Bishop The_Bishop
December 10th

We ordered from them tonight and definitely will be going back. Absolutely delicious. My husband got a classic cheeseburger(He is the burger king) and fries. My daughter got a Spicy Baja Chicken Burger substituted the jalapeno peppers for onion straws. They both "picky eaters" are devouring them...
I got the Tuscany Panini and cheese fries. Haven't eaten them yet, but from the smell I can tell it's going to be delicious. Total for all 3 meals was $32.95 in which I find completely reasonable.
If you want a cheap burger go to McDonald's and shop on the dollar menu. Lol!
I highly recommend 30 Burgers

Thanks for clearing that up Monty. 30$ with tip is very fair. OMG burger was definitely a mistake/ bad investment for LV brew pub.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
December 10th

OMG still has a shot but it will require a major adjustment to the menu.
Increased value leads to increased sales at the cost of a lower profit margin.
They need to either refi the note on the improvements or lengthen the term of repayment.
Figured there was going to be a problem with such high site costs for a burger joint.

I've never been to OMG and never will based on the horrible reviews.

I welcome the future lawn & garden center though. ;)

I *love* 30 burgers in Branchburg- and have introduced several friends and family to it.

(of course we eat in the Royal, but the burgers the same)..

I haven't been to the new one yet- but if the food is as good, it will succeed!!

30 burgers makes their french fries / sweet potato fries / onion rings / vegetarian in a separate oil basket not mixed with any meat product. Waiting to hear from them about how they can prepare the vegetarian burgers so as not to be contaminated with meat products. Sounds like it might be a place vegetarians can go for a burger & fries. Happy about that!!

happiest girl
December 10th

Whats going in next door to 30 burger?

Trader Joes maybe?

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 12th

There are three reviews on Yelp now. All 5 star.


Calico696 Calico696
December 12th

I heard Olive Garden

Philliesman Philliesman
December 12th

We thought it was OK. Burgers were good, fries were excellent. Staff was pleasant and quick. Presentation of food was good.
Things we didn’t like:
Front door has no vestibule so every time it opened the entire restaurant was hit with a draft of freezing cold air.
I was offered the option to tip when I ordered and paid, before I received any service. Turns out there is no service. You go up and get your own food so I’m not sure why tipping is suggested?
Menu is in small print up high above the register. Hard to see.
Lastly, a bathroom that opens right into a restaurant is a big no for me.

Bottom line, it’s a fast food restaurant so nine dollars for a hamburger seems a bit steep.

Res2 give me a break, their burgers are way better than fast food burgers.

places like 30 burgers and five guys are not typical "fast food" restaurants. They are cooked to order, which means your food isn't cooked until you order it. Unlike McDonalds or Burger King where they take your patty out of a heating tray and stick it on a bun when you order it. Or worse have it already completely made and sitting under a heating light. Can't compare these newer burger joints to the crappy old style you're used too.

Good comments on both doors. I would avoid eating in on cold days; I just hate those door drafts. And the other....never want to draft that.

Had an old house with one bath on second floor and only place to build one was off kitchen on first floor. But knew I had to avoid this problem. Figured I needed a door, hallway, something. Spent months moving an upside down 5-gallon bucket, sitting on it, considering walls and access to be close yet far at the same time. Ultimately, built off basement stairs huuge landing off the kitchen creating the two door “experience.” Had to install an extra door top of stairs so you didn’t feel you were walking into a pit ;-). And a powerful fan......

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 13th

Went today and it was excellent!!! They had their act together even though it just opened, service was very good and food was excellent! A very welcome addition to the Hackettstown area. Will be going back again. $23 for two burgers and two fries, no drinks, which is pretty good considering that it's honestly a much tastier and larger burger than you would get at other new burger joints in rhe area...

Somechick1 Somechick1
December 14th

wow somebody is doing it right.what a burger.fresh and tasty.been ther twice cant wait to go back

Strangerdanger, that was my only complaint too!!

My husband and I went the other day. I had the black bean burger which was very good and huge, couldn't finish it. He had the bacon cheeseburger and we shared an order of fries which were also very good. I did make 3 suggestions to them, #1-to start recycling and #2-get rid of plastic straws (they could replace with paper straws) #3-offer a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. We'll see...
I would also like to see a smaller burger on the menu.
Will definitely go back, great addition to our dining pleasures!

Burgers are definitely bigger then i expected. The fries were great. I think next time I'm getting the kids meal. I've been trying to cut down on over eatting in my old age. Over all I will definitely be going back. Nice addition to town.

We did take out last night. Very good and certainly fresh. Two burgers w/fries just under $25. Better quality than any fast food, maybe on par with a five guys? (never had it). Lots of choices on the menu. Nice to have a good burger place local and looks like they're off to a great start.

Paper straws are really not an answer to anything. It's tokenism. They make people "feel good" about themselves but in reality they take more energy to produce than a similar plastic straw. Plus they generally suck at their job (not in the good way)
Here's an idea. Be even more environmentally friendly: don't use any straw. There's no need.

We went yesterday. I was a fan of theirs when I worked in Fairfield several years ago. The quality is still there. Look forward to eating there more in the future now that they are only across town.

Disney went the paper straw route. Nothing like using a disintegrating piece of paper on a hot day. Oh, and nothing like starbucks handing you a paper straw for their GIANT plastic cup!

We've become so stupid.

Re: 30 Burgers Opening 12/3/19

We took our kids and everyone loved every single thing they got!
From grilled cheese, hot dogs, onion rings, seasoned fries, cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches. SO YUMMY!!
I will absolutely be back.

LivingLifeLovingLife LivingLifeLovingLife
December 16th

Re: 30 Burgers Opening 12/3/19

Just Incase you needed another photo to see how yummy...

LivingLifeLovingLife LivingLifeLovingLife
December 16th

Those fries look amazing!

December 16th

Had takeout over the weekend. Regular cheeseburger with Onion Rings. Probably the best burger I've ever had. So fresh and juicy. Loved the dipping sauce that came with the Onion Rings. Definitely will be back to try the seasoned fries. May try the turkey burger with turkey bacon. Worth the 30 min wait in line. Went at dinnertime so was to be expected.

Iris..Lettuce wrap is available as a sub for the bun. Probably just need to ask.

englishe30 englishe30
December 16th

Awesome customer service ---- they are going to get skillets for the vegetarian burgers for people who don't want them made on the grill. They really care about accommodating their customers.

happiest girl
December 16th

"Iris..Lettuce wrap is available as a sub for the bun. Probably just need to ask."

If you build a burger online through their website, lettuce wrap is an available choice of "bun".

Per the photos, the onion rings look great, but I'm not all that impressed with the fries. Looks like it's got that Burger King starchy coating on it.

This place is really good. Better than Five Guys and Wendy's

alpha1beta alpha1beta
December 16th

Really enjoyed our takeout - cheeseburgers, crispy chicken sandwich, bacon cheese fries and sweet potato fries. Zero complaints and looking forward to another round this weekend! Pleased with the menu options, and lots to keep us coming back for. Thanks to the owners for a job well done and providing a delicious new local option :)

Everything has been good so far. Shakes are great. The only thing I’m worried about is the owner/manager disconnecting from the business and letting the kids run the place. If that happens the quality will go down the toilet quickly. Hopefully the owner stays engaged and active. Would be nice to see him or her go around and meet some of the customers and ask for feedback.

Downtown Pete Downtown Pete
December 18th

ianimal, the fries are great - especially the seasoned ones! They also come with a really good chipotle ranch dipping sauce. You know what they say...don't judge a book by its cover! :)

htownfoodie123 htownfoodie123
December 19th

Taste and food starch are two different things. With or without the special food starch coating, fries can taste great. It’s just that some of us prefer a great tasting fry without the food starch coding. The main purpose of the coating is crispness with easier cooking and a greater crisp time post cooking.

I would say important for diabetics too but that ship left port when you ordered the fries. ;-)

However, I have seen many a fry without a food starch coating that look like these in the picture. McD’s intro’d a few years back and now they are everywhere, even the frozen ones you buy at the grocery.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 19th

I guess I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "food starch coating," but IMO the 30 Burgers fries are nothing like Burger King's fries.

Any fry, any where, can be treated with this coating to better insure crispness and keeping warm longer. All types of fries so whether here or there, it can be coated. Tasteless, it’s more of a sight/feel thing for me to tell it’s there. And, as far as I can tell, nothing wrong except some worthless calories, and like I said, that ship leaves when I order any fries to begin with.

I like both but prefer the uncoated. Can’t really tell until I see/taste them.

And like I said, I have no idea what’s being used here. Matter of fact, I love Hot Dog Johnies fries and can’t remember if they evolved to the coating or not.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 19th

We went. Last Monday and it was really nice the staff was more then Friendly. The food was wonderful so much better the fast food.
We will be back

Tis very good and yes, the fries have the coating. Still good.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 20th

The fries don't look fresh cut. Nothing beats fresh cut fries.

Went there yesterday for lunch, excellent burger not a fan of the coated fries though. A little disappointed that a franchise like this doesn’t have the staff wearing 30 burger shirts and the paint scheme made me feel like I was in a Surgicenter. Nonetheless would definitely go back.

Hadenough Hadenough
December 20th

Surgicenter — that’s a good one. And not even the waiting room..... it is clean though....

That cold air does rip right in though and it was a cold one today.

If fries are coated, they are never fresh cut. But always crispy! Very crispy. By design, not by cooking. Taste great though.

I give them a score of five napkins; which is what I needed to keep clean ;-)

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
December 20th

SD I second the 5 napkin score(:)

Hadenough Hadenough
December 20th

Had a burger and fries. Loved it!

Htownerrrr Htownerrrr
December 21st

Went tonight and I agree with the decor/atmosphere. Very cold and sterile looking. However the burgers are fantastic. Definitely bigger than 5 Guys. The fries I could take or leave. They were good but not as good as 5 Guys. Will definitely be back if I’m in the area again.

5 guys are fresh cut. Fresh cut is the king!

Went back today for the second time - still good to awesome.

Great onion rings...

iJay, agreed!

You can do a relatively healthy fries at home. Just fresh cut and cook in Canola oil in a wok, then drain.

Right after I melt down those soap chips to make my own soap...….:>)

Cooking in oil...….what to do with the oil?

Just kidding, but I yield to convenience on this one. Now, oven bakes --- I rule there! I suggest McCormick's Montreal Chicken spice as the coating. No kidding. Not Montreal Steak though --- that's very spicy. Or any spice blend, even salad spice blends seem to work. Just cube the taters, skins on, spray baking pan, put taters on, skin side down, spray or coat with oil, sprinkle spice, and bake at 450 like taters, 45 minutes or so, flip once or twice.

Use tin foil and no oil to clean up, maybe not even the pan!!! Reheat well too.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
December 22nd

Went for a second time....we agree, the burgers are still great. Best Turkey Royal Burger I ever had. Husband loved his bacon cheeseburger. Wings were good. Yummy fries. We have told all our family and friends to give it a try!

Well SD, you can use an air fryer for even less oil. I use a small amount of Canola oil for this as well...

air fryer for home made sweet potato fries and/or white potato fries are incredible - low oil and season however you want - my favorite - sweet potato cut into "fries" with a little olive oil, rosemary, a little salt and pepper - yummy

Getting back to 30 Burgers.............My friend has been there 3 times already. I want to go, but of course have a massive cold, so I wouldn't enjoy it. I can't wait, though. I hope they keep up whatever they're doing.

December 27th

Couple of things:

The owner/manager/crew need to get their information straight. They do NOT offer gluten free buns. They offer lettuce wraps instead of buns. Which is fine, BUT:

The cashier said "we don't have gluten free buns, let me double check".
"No, we don't have gluten free buns."
OK then, a lettuce wrap.
By the time we paid for the order, he came back and said "I was mistaken, we DO have gluten free buns"
OK, go ahead and put it on the gluten free bun then.
It came out on the tray in a lettuce wrap. They took it back and put it on the gluten free bun.
Halfway through the meal, the cashier came out and said, "I'm sorry, but I was wrong- we do NOT have gluten free buns, that is not a gluten free bun".

Now... obviously there was a bit of a language barrier/communication problem with the kitchen (it was obvious, the guy in kitchen was hispanic, we saw the whole exchange, and it was pretty obvious he was only kind of understanding what he was being asked.)

Anyway, they need to straighten that crap out. You can't serve people with celiac something in error like that. (not me, my buddy). It's unacceptable.

Otherwise, it was pretty good. Not as good as Five Guys, better than OMG Burger, but I won't cross town just to get one of their burgers (Tap House is a mile away from me and has better burgers).

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 27th

Always has to be somebody to complain

Complain about being served a food in error? LOL I think that's a valid complaint.

Imagine if the doctor prescribed you something you were allergic to in error.... no big deal, right?

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 27th

What the heck did people do years ago when there was no such thing as Gluten free... I never even heard of it until about 12 years ago.

I know right? The gluten thing is weird... seems to not have been an issue until recent years, which makes me suspect it has something to do with what they have done to our food supply over the years.... but it's a real thing. It's really bad for some people.

Imagine the worst case of stomach cramps and bloating you've ever had.... x2, at least. Anyone who has had IBS would also understand.

And actually, the cashier told me "the owner is also gluten-free", so THEY MUST understand...

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
December 27th

I guess they got sick, but didn’t know what made them sick.

This is why scientific studies are important, leads us to progression and awareness.

But, than you have SOME people (like my brother n his wife) who are complete neurotics. According to them, they and my niece have every food allergy out there.

I’m surprised they are still alive, since they consider food the enemy. Lol!

I will never invite them over for dinner again,,..

Just give them a tray of organic veggies next time. LOL...


Rather than hijack this thread, I'm going to start a new thread on celiac disease, since we don't seem to have a dedicated thread on the subject.

I think it is very easy to spot a non glutenfree bun...

Ssshhh....or that all the buns on all the plates are the same two or three types... or don’t let the fact that gluten-free is not mentioned on the menu get your special wheat-dtecting-radar up. Sounds like a teachable moment for all. If menu does not offer gluten-free, trust but verify if the staff says it does and then verify again. Thanks for the news.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
4 weeks ago

Well technically, lettuce is gluten free, not technically a bun, but perhaps a "wrap".

Gluten-free buns usually have a different feeling and texture and of course have a different taste, but by the time you find that out it could be too late.

Yeah...I just don’t see that as a menu item. Maybe it’s on the wall version..... or maybe a audible called on the order.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
4 weeks ago

its like comparing a cracker to a slice of bread

Bug3...spot on. Gluten free bun looks, feels and tastes way different.

Englishe30 Englishe30
4 weeks ago


Of course it does, that's why if you don't have gluten issues, then you just don't ask for a gluten-free bun.

It's that simple.

HOWEVER, if you do have medical issues, then you either have to settle for a much less tasty or pleasurable gluten-free bun or something like a lettuce wrap or just no bun at all and use a knife and fork, which as I know, removes much of the "fun" and enjoyment of eating a burger.

I have seen some buns that do give an appearance of a "real" wheat bun, but of course the texture and taste are different when eaten. Since I'm only "gluten sensitive", I can eat it with one of the gluten aid capsules and I won't get the severe bloating from it, but I do still often get pretty bad abdominal pain, so I just suck it up and deal with it if I want the "taste and experience" of a "real" bun. If I was gluten intolerant or allergic, it would be a different story

We went for the first time today. We really enjoyed it. We both had cheeseburgers and split an order of onion rings. 90% of the onion rings came home with us because the burgers were very satisfying. Everything was delicious, the place was clean and the staff was very friendly. Will definitely return!

Weebiekins Weebiekins
3 weeks ago

We have been there three times and we absolutely love it !

Called in a phone order, the girl left me on hold so long I drove there! That was 20 minutes, I walked in and told them there phone is now out of service! ! The guy at the counter looked puzzled!
Train your new help, if I didn't walk in just think how much business you would have lost? Food was good, Decor cold, very clean!

Finally made it last night, to this place which is around the corner from me.

Took the kids so the 3 of us just went.

We had: 3 Bacon Cheeseburgers, 2 Fries with Cheese, 1 Onion Rings and 3 large sodas. Total paid was $49 (rounded off).

I must say that the service was excellent. The food

(especially the burgers) was delicious. I honestly didn't think it would be this good but even my 2 kids LOVED everything!

No doubt, we will be back.

2 weeks ago

We finally got there this afternoon. I had the bleu burger (hold the A1 sauce), my aunt had the Royal, she ate less then half her burger. I ordered onions rings for her and I tried them, they were so good and not greasy at all.My aunt had a bottle of diet Coke and I had a bottle of Poland Spring water. My bill was under 28. A really nice meal. I packed up my aunt's and she will have a little more tonight. I actually like the industrial look, very clean.
I definitely recommend 30 Burgers, the staff was very friendly and able to answer all of my questions. I am glad they are here and am looking forward to future visits.

We have been to 30 Burger for pick up multiple times now and always a great experience! The burgers are large. I usually cut mine in half and save half for later.

hktownie hktownie
1 week ago

I was also there yesterday; everything was super. And since we ate in, we were glad for post lunch low traffic and therefore lack of door draft..... Onion rings indeed were not greasy. Food ready at the speed of light. Funny thing is all the tables have pitted tops. Not sure if works-as-designed or someone is dent-happy. Like pitted. If the design, that a bacteria trap. If someone did it, how crude.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
1 week ago

Is it cafeteria style 'ordering' or sit down with a waiter/waitress?

Just A Neighbor
1 week ago

You order at the counter and they call you up when it’s ready.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
1 week ago

They just need some decor... I get the modern industrial minimalist vibe, but it feels borderline clinical. The food and service was really good!

Boomerang81 Boomerang81
1 week ago

Hey, they have internet; just google fine décor and look at your screen while eating.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
1 week ago

yes a little too sterile inside, but really for me it's a take out place.

Yes, 5 guys has so much more ambiance....Like press compliment signs on the wall and stacks of potato sacks against the wall. Ah, feels like home. Dirty potatoes!

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
1 week ago

Went last night great experience

Ugh! We still haven't gotten there. We were planning on going this Saturday. But it's going to snow and the other half will be out plowing/salting. *&^%$#@!

Calico696 Calico696
1 week ago

Place is clean food is awesome sit down and eat lunch enough said !!!

Yes, it's basic, but it's not fine dining! Will probably never eat inside there, just a take out place for us. An AWESOME take out place with delicious food! But still, not their main gig.

somechick1 somechick1
1 week ago

What do you sit down in a place only if it's fine dining? LMAO.... You must have never taken a child into McDonalds or Burger King to play in the play areas.... Or sat down in a pizzeria....

Metsman Metsman
1 week ago

It sounds like people expecting a Villa Matar's ambiance for something that's a step above Wendy's, an comparable to 5 Guys. Get over it.

I honestly didn't expect to eat there either, but having a wife with a new car sort of forced me to either do that or starve :>) It was just fine, no door drafts, no BR drafts, no angry crowed of minimalist millennials, it was just fine. Clean, spartan, not a bad way to go. Just like Wendy's, Arby's, 5 Guys, Monchys, and so on and so on.

What's next, complaining about the décor at Subway?

OK, the important part: IMO, the burgers are great, messy, and fun. IMO the vege burger pretty on par, not bad but nothing special, better than most, but not the best ever. How's the chicken????

strangerdanger strangerdanger
1 week ago

@Metsman - no, I sit down at plenty of casual places too, but unless I'm on the road or going to be out for a while much prefer to grab and go with a fast food place. It's on par with the places strangerdanger mentioned where decor and atmosphere are not going to be the eateries top priority and I don't expect much more than what they've done. To each their own!

somechick1 somechick1
1 week ago

For those seeking fast food with ambiance, our area has some of the finest period pieces and upscale joints:

1. Hot Dog Johnny’s: 1940’s post war elegance. All the neon, funky old fashioned swings, wood panel ordering windows, and a botanical wonder each summer. Be sure to order the Rt80 Dog, all the cool kids do. Fries to die for, really.... served hot, be sure they don’t burn you all the way down.

2. Humpty Jrs: faithful 1950’s drive-in restoration with period antiques on the walls. Art deco color scheme. Period tables n chairs. Extensive menu. Fantastic grill-fried burger n fries, grass fed or not.

3. OMG Burgers n Brew: year 2000 yuppie period piece complete with lots of wood, over priced food and indifferent wait staff. Sure to make you feel like you’re worth it. Perhaps too upscale to be called fast.

4. Chuck E Cheese: yeah, just listed for you complainers....

5. Monchys: foreign flair from our friends in South America. Here, the people create the ambiance creating that new world aura portraying our America of the future. Great, messy burgers, make provide meals fir a week.

6. Gunners Landing: Extensive menu perhaps a step above fast food but listed for it’s outdoor riverside dining. Best waterfront ambiance in the area. Fantastic fries and a very good burger.

While each is great, in its own way, and each casts it’s own mood via the carefully planned and well executed ambiance of the setting, none of them have a burger as good as 30 Burgers.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
1 week ago


You forgot Anderson Country Store and Cafe with not only super, farm-fresh ingredient burgers, but also rustic wooden picnic tables inside with local artist and Country Strore decor. Wonderful staff, plus Gluten Free offerings too!

Phil D. Phil D.
1 week ago

Thanks phil; I just couldn’t remember the name :-/

Anderson CS&C: Revolutionary themed deli as Phil noted above, Washington thought about sleeping there. May be a step above fast food, heck of a Reuben, and friendly mother/daughter team, still may not open on Sunday “because there’s more important things in life,” and most certainly, haunted.....

I should note; all the owners of these ambiance-filled fast food fantastics are often on-prem with family working close behind. Well, except for chuck e. c.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
1 week ago

The father of Chuck E Cheese was the father of Atari.

He (smartly) gambled on opening pizza places so as to have a venue to put his own video games.

Modern Atari is about to release a new game console / computer in March. Available to pre-order on Walmart and Gamestop.

I'm old enough to remember going to just about everywhere and being able to play a video game or pinball machine. The local pizza place, the convienance store, the movies, the ice cream parlor.

Wish that trend would come back again.

I second that Josh. Yesercades in Somerville is nice though, not too far.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
7 days ago

Got food from here for a second time. Mushroom swiss burger with bacon.... mmmmmm mmmmm good stuff. I see no need to ever get a burger from Wendy's again.

Metsman Metsman
6 days ago

I always thought there was a 30 Burgers franchise a block away from my job In Flemington and was just recently meaning to check it out.

Well it turns out it WAS a 25 Burgers place and it closed up it appears toward the end of last year: https://www.yelp.com/biz/25-burgers-flemington

Never knew there were two different local burger franchises.... 25 Burgers and 30 Burgers???? Talk about confusion!

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
6 days ago

30 Burgers used to be 25 Burgers... then they got ambitious. Stay tuned for a 32 Burgers coming soon to a strip mall near you, lol.

ianimal ianimal
6 days ago

I made one trip to 25 Burgers in Flemington- one burger later, I never went back to try the other 24 varieties. Awful place, never could understand how it stayed open as long as it did there.

Once 5 Guys opened not far from there, their days were numbered. I believe a new "Burger King" (which I aptly have christened "Dirty King") opened right next door to the 25 Burgers place also. Another place how I don't get how they stay in business, Dirty King.

Burger King in Washington and Hackettstown rarely have cars in their lots.

I look forward to trying the 30 Burgers someday, sounds like it will be good.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
6 days ago

Had takeout from there yesterday - good as always.

When I was leaving the parking lot to turn onto 517 I saw a sign for Do Not Enter. Are they trying to not let cars turn into 517?

6 days ago

Your half right RA, but Washington BK is usually packed during lunch.

Roywhite Roywhite
6 days ago

Yes, the Hackettstown Burger King never has any cars in it's lot anymore...….

Don't forget the 26, 27, and 29 Burgers too. Must be heck on buying logo-ware in volume..... Heinz went through the same thing I think almost 56 times; KFC about a dozen :>)

"I made one trip to 25 Burgers...... one burger later...... Awful place...…" Hard to believe it's great in one place and "awful, never again," in another. However, they do offer franchising.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
6 days ago

So where exactly is this mysterious Burger King in Hackettstown?

The current "Hackettstown" Burger King is the one at Naughright.

We finally got there last night. True that the decor is eh, but no big deal. It was very busy. Take out, eat in and delivery seem to all be hopping. It took about 35 minutes to get our food. The burgers were delicious! I had a turkey cheeseburger with turkey bacon and the other half had a bacon cheeseburger. We also got an order or seasoned fries and onion rings. Both burgers were huge and juicy. The lettuce and tomato was very fresh. They were so big that neither of us could finish them. The fries and onion rings were good, but nothing warranting raving about. Two burgers, two sides and two drinks was $29 and change. A nice addition to H'town.

Calico696 Calico696
7 hours ago

And now we can all rest easy...…...the Eagle has landed :>)

(who goes to 30Burgers to eat a healthy Turkey burger :>) Glad you liked it.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
6 hours ago

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