Gutter Cleaning

I see a forum topic on this from 2012 but thinking that is way outdated. I am looking for someone to clean the gutters on a scheduled basis for a historic home with a slate roof (steep pitch) and yankee gutters. Any recommendations?

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning, 800-542-0267, not cheap but has been around a long time and does a good job

I used Ned Stevens once and never again .

janster janster
1 week ago

Do NOT use Ned Stevens. Don't even let them on your property.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
1 week ago

Kody is great from Total Lawn & Tree In Washington!

Janster and Reggie Because?

What happened with Ned Stevens?

Told them that I wanted to be home when they came . I came home and the gutter was nailed up at a bad angle would not fix it and harassed me for payment!

janster janster
1 week ago

They didn't do what they were supposed to, and when I started asking the leader about it, he suddenly forgot how to speak English. So I called the company and got what seemed to be Sopranos HQ. Borderline scary and threatening. Then i realized that they know my address, so I just apologized and said bye.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
1 week ago

once them once and will never use Ned Stevens again.

had a coupon for a low price but when the employee he got there he tried to explain to my wife there was an issue with our gutter and he had to do more work than expected. She couldn't understand a word he was saying so she said ok and then we got a bill for 5x more than what the coupon said we would get. he was on the roof for 10mins total so she had no clue what all this 'extra" work he had to do was and that it would cost 5x more than the coupon. shady business in my eyes.

Maybe I was just lucky, they came cleaned the gutters and left with no problems (twice so far, 1 fall, 1 spring) we'll see!

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