direct tv loses CBS

Looks like direct tv can't come to terms with CBS. Have not had CBS for the past 3 days. I think this might be the last straw for Direct tv. Not saying it is or isn't their fault-CBS is probably being greedy but between what we pay and now losing a major channel, it might be time to think about cable-though I've heard horror stories about them too. I'm hoping they come to an agreement before football season and the new September shows, but who knows.

Very annoying. Wondering if it’s permanent or if they are trying to work things out. Agree it might be time to switch Anyone have Dish?

From At&T's website

"The CBS playbook
CBS has removed many of these same local stations for DISH Network and Charter Spectrum customers before. They’ve also threatened to remove stations from hundreds of thousands of other viewers to try to increase fees.

CBS senior executives have been boasting to Wall Street about new “all-time highs” in operating income and revenue. At the same time, CBS has hit cable and satellite TV providers and local station affiliates with $1.6 billion in fees the past year. These fees are expected to soar nearly 60 percent to $2.5 billion in the next 18 months."

If that is true not sure one can blame direct tv.. plus how I understand it is CBS pulled the channels for leverage while negotiating. So if those costs are legit it means cable will go up also no doubt. I do agree though the cost has risen plenty over the last two years. I'm not sure cable is any better? Anyone try a rooftop or seperate antenna from Hackettstown to see if they can pick up NY stations? I know back in the 70's it was all we had and it worked fine.

July 22nd

Thanks for the info. Based on that you’re correct we can’t blame direct. Guess we wait
And see what happens ....

If you have a roku or firetv I recommend "locast". Its in the ap store and is a free ap that has wcbs in it

Direct Tv also has Locast.. but I activated it and when it loads the channels. I go to click a channel and the whole app closes.. unless I'm doing something wrong?

July 22nd

Its the ap on directv...much much better on roku or firetv

I called direct tv today and waited over 30 minute to speak with a rep. They said they will mail me an antenna that I have to install free of charge. Its an indoor antenna you attached somewhere on the box? I'll wait and see what its entails, and I can call them back and they will help over the phone - its so frustrating

July 22nd

Had the same problem, Grascal. Anyone have experience with Verizon Fios or Xfinity?

Locast constantly freezes up on my Roku. We use Sling and they don't have CBS and ABC is extra. They might be losing the YES network too. If that happens, I'll find another streaming service.

Smilingbecs Smilingbecs
July 22nd

Funny that they are supposed to make money based on how many people watch, yet they are doing all they can to make sure fewer people watch.

Strange world we live in.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
July 22nd

Andy, I was thinking the same thing. These are commercial stations. The less viewers they have, the less ad revenue they get.

Maureen J McDowell Maureen J McDowell
July 22nd

I'll stick with DirecTV because I can get out-of-town sports networks, but I'm not your typical Hackettstown area viewer in that respect. But, if I can't watch M*A*S*H, Gilligan's Island, or Batman on MeTV anymore, then I'll be mad. Then they would be messing with my life!

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
July 22nd

Does anyone even WATCH channel 2 (CBS)? I haven't watched that train-wreck in years except for the Big Bang Theory finale back in May or whenever it was (I TIVO'd it, actually).

Their news sucks SO freakin' bad and their programming sucks even worse. If it weren't for the popularity of Big Bang, they'd have no skin in this game at all. In fact, since Big Bang is done, what leverage DOES this station have????? LOL.

We get CBS with our Xfinity cable but if CBS were to disappear from the lineup tomorrow, I wouldn't even realize it - or care.

The biggest piece of leverage that CBS has is the NFL. But at this moment, it's 6 weeks from mattering unless you care about the Jets preseason games.

The other thing is that their Network news ratings are struggling....any loss in viewership isn't going to help that either. And they just installed a new evening's possible this could push them a bit in negotiations.

Route 46
4 weeks ago

The locast app is working if anyone wants to use. You have to access it thru direct tv apps, and go to the link provided in the app on your phone, and enter the code.

As long as they come to an agreement before Sept. 6! Jets/Bills game

cut the cord and never look back. so many streaming options now available that are superior and cheaper than satellite and cable.

Joe Friday Joe Friday
4 weeks ago

+1 on streaming.
Cutting the cord is one of the best decisions we ever made regarding home entertainment. (The other was going all-in on Sonos audio.)

I just bought roku because of cbs loss. I bought the express one and was wondering if you can record shows?
Or do I have to return it and get another roku that records?

We plan to change to streaming service too. Xfinity picture quality isn't great, even with HD. We've tried it since it's cheaper to include TV with our internet package.

Someone from HL kindly emailed some recommendations for streaming services and some tips. This was some time back. If you are still here, would you mind sharing again? I can't find the email. We have a firestick and Prime.

hktownie hktownie
4 weeks ago

I'm with Cathy R
CBS Stinks...

You can't get every channel with every service with you usually end up with 2 or 3 streaming services...which...drum roll.. require cable when all is said and done you pay as much as you would with cable

Bug3 misrepresents the situation. Or, at least, does not present the whole picture. My streaming saves me a minimum of $60/month over what I was paying for cable. When it is NOT hockey season, I'm saving $100/month. (During hockey season, I pay $40 month for fuboTV, which I drop during non-hockey months.)

If you want full access to all the LIVE tv channels you have with cable, then Bug3 is correct: Your savings will be minimal at best. However, if you are willing to forego live channels and choose your programming through the various "on demand" services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., you can save loads of money.

We use Playstation Vue for streaming. No you dont need a playstation. you can use Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, etc..

Gets all local channels except for CW and PIX.

Get SNY and YES as well which was a bonus for me.

Saving over $100 a month switching

NJSkywatcher NJSkywatcher
4 weeks ago

You are correct have to know what you need with streaming....and maybe give up some things....alot of old tv is on youtube for free

We are senior citizens and are paying $95.80 per month for basic cable from Comcast (Infinity). We have only two TVs in the entire house that we use and that is it. That is all we really want but it just seems a bit pricey for what we are getting. We also pay over $100 to Verizon for Internet use and our landline home phone......Cellphone is another separate bill. Yikes!!

Yes, it depends somewhat on the specific shows you want to see. We lost not one single show when we cut the cord.

But the real beauty of streaming is you cna hop from one service to another at will. Subscribe to Hulu for a month and watch Handmaid's Tale. Then cut Hulu and sign up for CBS All Access and watch Star Trek Discover (or the upcoming Star Trek: Picard). Leave CBS and head over to HBO for Game of Thrones. Etc. etc. It's as close to a la carte viewing as we're likely to ever have.

NJSkywatcher same here, went from paying $170 a month for Directv to $65 with the Elite package for PSVue.

All channels HD, can stream up to 5 devices at once.

I get a ton more sports channels too.

I hardly know anyone who still has cable honestly, there are so many better options out there.

The fact that you can leave at any time with no penalties...and not having to pay for a HD box for every room you have TV is also important.

Rickter1 Rickter1
4 weeks ago

Another vote for Playstation Vue. Comcast internet about $90 + vue about $45 is over $100 savings from our old comcast triple play

Parent of 2 Parent of 2
4 weeks ago

Right there with you joyful. We feel your pain!

i got tired of my prices going up for cable tv that in reality i only watch about 10 channels. i would pay them $1 a month for each channel i watch which is more than i would pay per channel for basic cable per channel. i know they have the ability to do something like that using a cable box but doubt they would offer something like that anytime soon or ever.
i cut the cord over 2 years ago and havent looked back, just pay for my internet and have saved about $120 every month. i have 4 android tv boxes with Mobdro app for tv on each box. works great for me. mobdro used to have bad quality streams but in the last 6 months they have gotten much better. also have a couple mini windows computers hooked up to the TVs with a hdmi cord and have tons of free websites to get any channel i want to see most in HD and they always work, very reliable.

anyone need some sites to use feel free to hit me up...... not sure about link posting policy here

Stuck in PA Stuck in PA
4 weeks ago

The article I read in the Star Ledger today said that CBS is asking for $1.00 more per subscriber and Direct TV/ATT said no. Seems like it goes up much more than that every year for no reason at all. If they kept CBS and charged us $1.00 more, at least we'd know what the increase is for.

My cable company could drop all four broadcast networks and I wouldn't even notice until football season started.

This brings up a curious point... does DirecTV's deal with the NFL to broadcast all NFL games on the NFL Sunday Ticket supersede this dispute?

Streaming all the way! Dumped off my 4 Optimum cable boxes a year ago & use my Amazon Firestick to stream Playstation Vue. Best decision ever.

Since direct is no longer paying cbs then will I get a discount ?

I just got a promotional Direct TV ad in the mail. It offered a $200 gift card for signing on. I looked at the channel line-up and CBS was listed. Isn't that false advertising? I was tempted to call them on it, but decided not to.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
3 weeks ago

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