Septic Engineer

Just found out I've got a cesspool and it has to be replaced with a septic system. Appreciate any recommendations for a septic engineer and a few installers.

D Tree D Tree
Apr '19

I have used Jeff Careaga for a cesspool to septic system. He is excellent and local in Budd Lake.

Thanks Greg, I have to do the same, and mine is in a low spot, I will probably have to use some type of advanced wastewater treatment device. $$$. Did you?

D Tree D Tree
Apr '19

Yes. The area I had to use was very small. I had a peat system, designed by Jeff installed. It was in the 55k range when all completed. I should add the system was for a large- 5 bath 5 bedroom home.

Here is an overview of a peat system.

Thanks again! I will contact him.

D Tree D Tree
Apr '19

Edward Norton,Brooklyn NY

Apr '19

Suburban Consultanting Engineers, Flanders. Very good.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
Apr '19

Contact Jewell Excavating in Mansfield NJ.They do this all the time and have engineers who will design a system for your property. The phone number is 908-852-4763.

Apr '19

I have used VIPE Engineering PA in the past. (908) 852-8111 located in Hackettstown. Does a very good job for a fair price.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
Apr '19

Canger Engineering local guys - great and affordable. 908-850-1615

Diana F Diana F
Apr '19

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