Senior Apts across from River Star?

Anyone know the name of the ones across from the River Star Diner?


Contacted them two days ago...told there’s a 3-4 year wait list...

Sandy Sindlinger Sandy Sindlinger
Mar '19

What is the rent per month?

Hackresident Hackresident
Mar '19

Sounds right! They are nice and big! Everyone knocks Van Paftinos but he built this beautiful place (plus the one by the hospital) for the older folks. Wish his family would keep building there!

Acl76 Acl76
Mar '19

Riverwalk is not just for Senior, but I don't think it's open to families. Seniors and Young adults with no kids.

Outdoor Woman Outdoor Woman
Mar '19

Its 55 and older community.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
Mar '19

@Acl76 The neighbors there would beg to differ. He was told to leave all the trees that bordered the other properties untouched, and he cut them all down anway. I'm not sure what about these generic brick buildings or the ones by the hospital, or the countless others all over town would be considered beautiful.

Denis Denis
Mar '19

Denis, who told him to the leave the trees - the town? Neighboring property owners who own the trees? Neighboring property owners who did not own the trees but were telling him what to do with his property?

No regrets
Mar '19

The town told him to. It was well documented in another thread when construction was starting.

Denis Denis
Mar '19

Denis the brick is better than vinyl which will show dirt/mildew over time...

Vans apartments by the hospital and Riverwalk are beautiful and very well kept. I know many people who live there and love it.

Be Kind Be Kind
Mar '19

@iJay, true but I wasn't commenting on the functionality, just rejecting the statement that they are beautiful buildings.

Denis Denis
Mar '19

Understood, I only have seen them from the road. They seem nice but it does look a little cookie cutter. In any case can we agree it looks better than the River Star diner on the outside :)

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Bricks are strong and will resist fire better than vinyl or wood. I

Trudy Trudy
May 6th

I’ve never understood why Paftinos always use brick on their many properties they’ve built including the one next to their old food joint Leo’s (still miss it) but l assume it has to do with lower maintenance costs.

Eperot Eperot
May 7th

Build with brick, keep America strong and fireproof !

Brick is great, not used as much due to cost. But, if you plan on keeping a property for decades it makes sense.

Exactly ....iJay

I live in the over 55 apartments across from the hospital...Beautiful large apartments well maintained and if I have a problem it is always immediately taken care of...I grew up in Manhattan and have never seen such care given to any apartments I lived in. Just my two cents.....

CityChick CityChick
May 9th

Used to live in old house, three bricks thick. Was very cold in the winter until you dropped $$$ and got all the brick heated up; then oh so nice. Took a couple of weeks of heat to really warm it through. Stayed cool in the summer, too cool in early Spring, and then in mid-late when the brick finally heated through and then it was heck on earth. Even with many trees sooner or later it heated up...…Was extremely air tight. Nice, quiet, and unmoving in any wind. Soft brick, could almost put a finger through it, had to paint it to keep it from deteriorating. Could paint all four sides, sans cutting in, in a day. Kinda fun.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
May 9th

Is there a website for the "riverwalk" apartments or the complex across from the hospital? My search results have not come up with anything.

whocares whocares
May 9th

SD, construction today will have 2x6 with insulation then a brick layer facade. Pretty efficient. Even back to the 1960s there was 2x4.


True that, depending on the homebuilder/developer. Some industrial buildings will be steel frame with brick and mortar outside, whereas regular homes, such as the ones I worked on in the mid 70's were normal "stick built" with 2x4 or 2x6 studs on 16"centers with plywood in the corners and pressed board "on the flats".

It was then clad with tar paper, now other materials, such as Tyvek and brick "tie ins" were nailed into the wall at regular intervals. The brick is one row thickness. The tie ins would lie on top of a course of bricks in the mortar below the next course of brick with an air gap between the bricks and the inner actual structural wall.

Phil D. Phil D.
May 11th

Mine was 1864 and the boys in blue matched right through our fields. Had 2x4’s, true sized, lathe and plaster. Between the studs was rubble. It was what is was because it had far more R’s than today’s methods. But don’t get me wrong, we loved it. It was just so darned insulated that it took forever to turn hot to cold and vice-versa. For example, once we heated er up; outside temp could go from 40 to -10 in an evening and we barely burned an extra log.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
May 11th

How do I get in touch with the Paftinos to get info on Riverwalk or the other complex near the hospital? Phone voicemail is full and unable to receive messages.

ChristineM ChristineM
1 week ago

There is an office in the gazebo in the complex across from HCH. This is the office. Try stopping in in the am.

Mmadone Mmadone
1 week ago

SD, you are talking about thermal mass. The actual R value may not be as high as you think but thermal mass, like to a greater extent in Earthship homes, keeps homes at a stable temperature.

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