2018-19 Heating Oil Prices

Starting a new thread for this heating season.

hktownie hktownie
3 weeks ago

Good idea, hktownie. We started the season with a delivery from Budd Oil (without a contract) and plan to do our future deliveries with who offers the best prices at the time when we are in need again.

Got oil delivered today from Liberty Discount Fuel. 472 gallons @2.6990

Hackettstown Oil is at $2.77/gallon if you order online and over 200 gallons (or is it 150?) and then another $25 off with one of their coupon codes. We just ordered 250 gallons and got a confirmation email for a Friday delivery. After the coupon, it comes out to $2.67 for our order of 250 gallons.

Reggie Voter Reggie Voter
3 weeks ago

WTI has now lost 34 percent of its value from its peak on Oct. 3 to the trough on Friday. Brent has fallen as much as 32 percent.

Liberty @ $2.649/gal

Hello guys,

We converted to Natural gas and still have over half a tank left (approximately 175 gallons). Do you know who we could donate to? Or perhaps get a few dollars back? Just not sure what to do to empty the tank before we have it removed. Perhaps a needy family?

MommyNJ4 MommyNJ4
2 weeks ago

Try calling Habitat for Humanity in Washington. I think that's 908-835-1300. I know they take left over building materials and other items for houses they work on. They might be working on something with oil heat and maybe could use it.

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Re: 2018-19 Heating Oil Prices
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