Ed Hanna on WFMZ 69

Does anybody know why, Ed Hanna is not giving the weather anymore? I haven't seen him in months

May '18

Saw a post he made around holidays in which he stated he was fine but taking a much needed break. Haven t seen any other articles regarding his absence . He use to help host Freddie's awards at the state theatre every year as well as being involved with the science center in easton pa. https://m.facebook.com/edhanna.weather/

Per his Facebook page he is on a break. He has a video posted.

happycamper happycamper
May '18


Sounds like he had some kind of nervous breakdown or something...

ianimal ianimal
May '18

sad to hear, he is very talented and a nice man as well :)

is ed hanna coming back? 8/13/18?

brenda famularo brenda famularo
Aug '18


I would simply call the station and ask them. I'm sure they could answer your question.

hi, they said he is no longer with the station, as of a month ago

My wife and I met Ed at Stabler Arena many years ago. I can say he's really a nice guy. I met Philadelphia's own Jim O'Brian in 1975 at Montgomeryville Honda Suzuki while doing a TV commercial. The dealership sponsored a motorcycle trip that he and Steve Levy took together to Texas, my point being, I saw a lot of similarity in the way they both presented the weather. Both made the topic of weather very entertaining by using lots of wit and hummer, not to mention body language as well. I certainly hope Ed is ok? I hope he realizes he has a large and loving family of viewers that really enjoy his wonderful gift presentation. "Please come back soon Ed"

Lin Ligrest Lin Ligrest
Sep '18

What happened to Ed Hanna he was my favorite weatherman

Helen Miller Helen Miller
Oct '18

read my comment above

My prayers are with you Mr. Hanna ..
Hope all is , and goes well for you ..
I have greatly missed you on the 69 news .....
Take good care ..

Funny that the station says he’s no longer employed there… He still listed on their website as their chief meteorologist. He has an active email account with them. I just saw him in the grocery store a few minutes ago and he looks well. I really wanted to approach him but decided not to intrude on his privacy.

I just checked the website as I was wondering also if he was ever coming back.

He is no longer listed so I'm going to say he is not.

That stinks he was wonderful**

Loved Jim O'Brien RIP on channel 6 back in the early 70s … good guys, bad guys, bombers … he demystified weather forecasting :-D

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
3 weeks ago

Was he once a Hackettstown police officer

Caged Animal Caged Animal
3 weeks ago

You're thinking Ed Heneck CA, way back in the 70's.

Could it have anything to do with Ed Hanna being Syrian and Channel 69 being headed by ‘conservative’ Christians?

Louise Legun Louise Legun
3 weeks ago

Is Ed Hanna coming back and when? We all miss him

Betty Caroff Betty Caroff
3 weeks ago

I hope he comes back as well. I don't know him but with all the positive things I read I feel like I missed out on something..

dodgebaal dodgebaal
2 weeks ago

I don't know if Ed Hanna is Syrian, but considering he graduated from Messiah College and does a lot of charity work for Everlasting Life Ministries and the Easter Seals... I'd be willing to bet that the conservative Christian ownership at WFMZ isn't at the root of his issues. Christians comprise a relatively large minority of the Syrian population... 10% or so.

Heard Mr Hanna moved to New England

I really miss ed Hanna he is the best I hope they bring him back soon or I am not going to watch the 69 news anymore

Donna Tag Donna Tag
14 hours ago

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