Does anyone know a semi local labradoodle or goldendoodle breeder? I have been searching but can not find either. Thanks!

Doodles Doodles
Apr '17

Betty Nykun in Blairstown breeds Labradoodles and they are beautiful.

Has anyone had experience with Cha Cha Doodles?

At first I thought that was another cross breed....they look cute. We just got a St Berdoodle. Great personality, going to be a big goofball.

JWolfe75 JWolfe75
Apr '17

My wife and I just got a Mini goldendoodle (although he is far from mini already at 15 pounds at 12 weeks) from a breeder using Unfortunately they were not local (2 hour drive) but they were very professional.

Wasn't a bad drive either, got to see Amish county haha.

BrooklynNetsFan BrooklynNetsFan
Apr '17

My friend's Labradoodle came from a breeder in Pennington, NJ. Her name is Patricia Hess. He is the sweetest, cutest dog. If I could figure out how to pupnap him without them finding out I would, LOL!

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Apr '17

Betty Nykun in Blairstown breeds Labradoodles. She also has other non-shed breeds. Her dogs are beautiful. Her number is 908797096.

red76nj red76nj
Apr '17

we got our 2 goldendoodles from a breeder in sussex boro nj
i don't remember the name of the breeder though other than steve
no i don'tuse punctuation or capital letters

mike weiss
Apr '17

Thanks for all of your help local friends. Trying to decide between Bella Pups Patricia Hess (mini goldendoodles) and Cha Cha goldendoodles. Price difference is substantial. Is there a great difference in a mini and regular?

I want a sheepadoodle is in Sussex Boro and it appears they will have puppies available late Spring/Summer

lizzy458 lizzy458
Apr '17

Re: Labradoodle/Goldendoodle

Chester is from bella pups.

Re: Labradoodle/Goldendoodle

Charlie is from

Betty nyukun!

Extra Extra
May '18

When I was growing up my sweet dog was a "mutt" I guess she would be a pedigree Labradoodle. go figure

honestyseasy honestyseasy
May '18

a mutt is a mutt is a mutt

Love my mutt!

Acl76 Acl76
May '18

Bliss Kennel
Sussex Borough

nutty nutty
May '18

English Manor Labradoodles
West Milford, NJ
Joann Colao

Jpb3302 Jpb3302
Jun '18

Hi, in considering a breeder, always ask to see the sire and the dam of the pup you are wanting to buy, BEFORE you buy or look at all the cute, adorable puppies. You should ask this request before you come, to avoid any unpleasantries or confusion..
If they refuse or get "cagey". walk away immediately!
Also, ask to see a tour of the kennel area as well. Sometimes, the viewing/adoption area is sweet, but the breeding/kennel area(s) are detestful.

All dogs at 8 weeks should have already received their first Parvo/DPT (diphtheria) shots as a first booster already, and this Rx should already be included with the adoption price! No "add-ons" (ie-none of the following: "You mean you want Shots? That' s extra! )... Also, you should be allowed to pick pretty much whichever dog you would like, not have a breeder insist on picking one for you. ..

BTW> 40 + years experience in the field. So you know that I really do know!

Ps mini is max of about 30-35 lbs, regular is about 65-75 lbs.

So yes, BIG difference in the size!

PPS Go with Cha-Cha Doodles, from what I can ascertain.

This is changing the subject a bit! Goldendoodle and Labradoodle owners, do you have a recommendation for a local groomer? We have a 5 month mini goldendoodle puppy who is ready for her first haircut...we just don't want her "look" to change and we certainly don't want her trimmed like a poodle!! Thank you for any recommendations! They are greatly appreciated!

Jun '18

Re: Labradoodle/Goldendoodle

I have the best golden doodle ever from Patricia Hess in Pennington. He was almost potty trained when I got him. Her house was clean and lovely and my dog has the best temperament of any dog I’ve ever met. I get stopped daily by people wanting a doodle like him!

Buster Buster
Dec '18

My wife and I have been trying for over 2 years to get a Sheepadoodle.

It apparently is impossible to do in the real world.

We have contacted everybody we came across that lists that type of dog- put down deposits, and are 'on the lists'... and are willing to travel pretty much anywhere to pick up.


I love the dog specially the sheepadoodles they are the best so last year I bought the two mini & micro sheepadoodle. Now I am happy with them and love to do their training.

If anyone if still reading this thread, PLEASE stay away from puppies anywhere near Lancaster, PA! This includes Greenfield Puppies which is like a wholesale broker ( The Amish which are notorious for puppy mills and inbreeding. I have seen it firsthand. You will not be receiving a healthy dog.

Re: Labradoodle/Goldendoodle

Yaca- we bought a sheepadoodle puppy at the end of January.

Tons of work, stressful, but fun.

If you want to get together sometime at a park or something, I’m sure my wife would be cool with that as we love to socialize her with other dogs and people. And my puppy too.

We have a golden doodle (Oliver) that is an absolute doll! We take him to Sandie’s Shed across from St. Peter and Pauls Church in Great Meadows). She does a wonderful job on his cut! Highly recommend

Dachsundlover Dachsundlover
Jun '19

Just curious, is anyone concerned about the HEALTH of their new puppy?

Very disheartening that our society spends more time buying a car than we do researching and educating ourselves about a breed and how to buy a puppy.

All 8 week old puppies are cute but what about the health testing that reputable breeders do on their breeding dogs PRIOR to even considering throwing two dogs together to produce a litter? And don't think that because the breeder told you his/her adult dogs are healthy that you are on the right track. Show me the proof. Show me the results of the health testing that you have done on your breeding dogs. So many genetic problems come from both sides of the pedigree. In other words, the sire could be physically fine BUT he is a carrier of a certain disease (cataracts, glaucoma, Progressive retinal atrophy, etc, etc) and when bred to a female who outwardly looks fine but is also a carrier this breeding CAN produce a litter with potential health issues ($$$$ expensive).

PLEASE stop buying from anyone in Lancaster, PA, (the Amish are notorious for contributing to the Puppy mill problem) and don't buy a puppy online from PuppyFinder. Find a local breeder and visit their home to see how the dogs are kept and raised. See what that cute 8 week old puppy will look and act like as an adult dog. Temperament IS hereditary so if you don't like the temperament of the sire or dam don't expect your puppy to be any different.

Oh and remember, regardless of how much you spend on your goldendoodle, labradoodle, morkie, cockapoo, Schnoodle, maltiepoo, pomsky, bernadoodle, cavapoo….. it is still a mutt and you were scammed into thinking you purchased something of great quality.

Jackie Jackie
Jul '19


Most of the ‘real’ dogs, in the fancy shows on tv were mixed breed mutts at first way back when.

It’s a shame humans just reproduce left and right. No testing, no pedigree. ;)

It's a shame people would rather spend hundreds, sometimes over a thousand dollars on a dog from a breeder, when there are shelters/rescues overflowing with dogs who often get euthanized to make room for more. The adoption fee is substantially lower than the price of buying a dog. If you're willing to travel to a breeder, call around to all the shelters/rescues first, they may have the dog you're looking for, it's not just "mutts" that get dumped. You would be saving a life and the dog will be forever grateful.

Thecatsmeow Thecatsmeow
Jul '19

We have always had rescue dogs, but we tried recently to get a one year old Lab mix from the Eleventh Hour Rescue. The price was $480. As much as we wanted that dog, we were not prepared to spend that much money. We have always paid a fee when we got our rescues, but nowhere near that amount. I understand they have expenses, but charging that amount will discourage people from rescuing a dog from a shelter. We did rescue a dog, but from a private owner who could no longer keep him. I've spoken to people who were told the fee was even higher than that and they also walked away. If they would lower the fee charged, perhaps the shelters would not be so overcrowded.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
Jul '19

We have always gotten rescue horses, cats, n dogs. All psychologically damaged, all redeemable, all very special creatures and family members. Last Lab was a breeders cast off, obviously an apartment dog with too much energy for that, impeccably trained for show retrieval, and a huge bouncing mush pot. Did not pay much, was fine once she learned about stairs and the sights n sounds of the country, but often it’s the early vet bills that tip the scale. Like $600 for bringing two cats up to snuff. Pure bred, pure mutt, each was so special and unique. Perhaps its the escape from hell into a safer life that makes the difference. Note; sometimes it takes a lifetime to get rid of some of the mental aspects, have some patience. The lab, being caged-kept until we got her, always slept under a pretty small table. We just moved her bean bag to there. Think the NYC rescue cat was the strangest mental case. Biggest vocabulary of any cat I ever had, could comprehend much of what you said, would hold a grudge for days, couldn’t meow, just gurgled, took two years to gurgle-purr, could glare scare people like no other, never went outside, and kept trying to sleep on the pellet stove. Interesting personality for sure. In her last half year of her short life after we knew the future, our other two cats treated her like the queen even though she was far smaller. They knew. At the end, I often took her outside and we walked together. I think she really liked that and it will always be part of me. Only cat to share my man cave tool shop! Can’t get that from store bought!

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
Jul '19

But again buying a dog is easily over $700. So 480 is still cheaper. Perhaps thay dog need extra medical attention when brought in so the fee is a little more. Did you ask why it was so much? Maybe they would have lowered it a little. Some rescues and shelters have "sales" where they reduce the fee for certain dogs that may be a little older or have been there for awhile. But like you said they have expenses. I cant imagine what their monthly costs are to care for every dog.

As long as there are ignorant people who abandon their dogs at the drop of a hat as if they mean nothing, and as long as people continue to ignore the problem of over population and continue to breed and allow their pets to have litters, the shelters will always be overflowing.

Thecatsmeow Thecatsmeow
Jul '19

I think it’s a little weird that 11th hour rescue is where Pet Pouree (sp?) used to be. They were raising money for a new shelter and ended up at the ROCKAWAY MALL! That rent is insane. They’re set up EXACTLY like Pet Pouree. Puppies in cages, with little signs on their cages like: Hi! I’m from Georgia. Female. 12 weeks. Shepherd mix. Sale price...$489.” No health screening on the parents.
Pet stores used to sell puppies, from PA breeders. It is now illegal to sell puppies unless they’re from a rescue. The rescue puppies come from scrupulously run kennels (seized in a raid), or individuals who couldn’t deal with the health or temperament of said puppy. Retail rescues are the thing, now. I just don’t see the difference...except that it’s almost impossible to find a puppy, in NJ, that is 8 weeks old, healthy physically and mentally and not $2000. The war on puppies is being handled like the war on drugs. When people want something bad enough, they’ll buy it on the black market. Prices go up. Greed comes out. Supply and demand. Remember “free to good home”? In NJ...not since 1980. That was the last of town run dog pounds, where the adoption fee was a flat rate. Now that price is based on age, looks, and health...just like Pet Pouree. The setup is almost identical!
Most folks would rather save a life, than get a puppy from a breeder and I think that’s great, but also should be a personal choice. Dog breeders are still subject to obeying the laws regarding care of animals. I’m sure there’s horror stories, from both sides of this argument.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
Jul '19

People virtue signal with 'rescue' a pet- but then for some reason still have their own children.

Don't feel bad Josh, it's OK :>) Sorry if you feel guilted :>) But no desire for virtue signaling here. Just cheaper pets that, IME, always pay off with personality. Seems like a win-win in my life but each to their own. I would never buy from a store, period. Perhaps from a known, recommended, breeder with a history, that I visit, and with whom I would have already had much trust. Beyond that, I will roll the dice with rescue. While lower cost is not my priority goal, I just want a new pet. My results have been fantastic although I blame the wife for being so darned good at her selections.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jul '19

I can't tell you how many times I've WANTED to rescue a doggie from 11th Hour or some other animal rescue organization and the truth is, they make it SO damned hard or impossible that I end up going to a breeder.

In between the forms you have to fill out, the hoops you have to jump through, the house inspection some of these places insist on conducting, the reference check, the vet calls etc. etc. etc. etc., it just becomes too much of a hassle for a lot of people.

I only want little doggies like 3 pound Chihuahuas or Miniature Doxies, etc. Big dogs overwhelm me. But one rescue STILL insisted I needed to have a house AND a backyard and everything else when I wanted to adopt a shaky little 3 pound dog Chihuahua who had no desire to go out running and chasing squirrels in the yard.

My sister-in-law wanted a Yorkie badly and went to a couple of rescues in the Easton area. She too was given a really hard time at one of them (and she owns a house and a yard!!!) and she ended up going to a private breeder, just like I did.

I understand that there needs to be a vetting process for adopting - I DO get it. But I think SOMETIMES, these poor dogs and cats are forced to live in cages not because people don't want to adopt them, but because the over-militant vetting process can chase prospective owners off. I'm one of them and my sister-in-law is another so I KNOW it happens.

Since I didn't adopt from 11th Hour, I chose instead to be a "Silver Member" who donates monthly to help alleviate costs for the animals.

Cathy R Cathy R
Jul '19

From 11th Hour 5 years ago we had a vet reference, interview when we met the dog, and that was it. I donated over the $350 adoption price on an adult dog. I don't have a fenced in yard - made it clear I exercise the dog running etc on leash daily. There was no hassle!

Jul '19

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