Halloween Store, Hackettstown

This store has a very unique/inconvenient way to run business! It sells clothing, but does not have fitting rooms to try anything on. It allows only same day exchange, but no return or refund. It does not give back any price difference even if you exchange same day item for a lower priced one.
Customs sizes are very tricky! Certain ones are labelled as "Medium to Large" , other 10-14, some others "Fits for All"! Since no fitting room offered, buyers need to guess! If wrong size was selected first, customer needs to go back same day to store, otherwise you take what you guessed!
Do you think this is a new way to sell clothing in this country?
Personally, I would never buy anything there again!!
Buyers be aware!

Ha! Want to want? It is just a pop up store for a few weeks. It's akin to a a vendor at an outdoor temporary market and such. The only difference is there is a door and a roof there for a bit. Otherwise same "cheap and greasy" business model. LOL

This is why no one wants to work retail.

I don't know about the sizing issues, but the return thing is likely only because we are so close to Halloween now. I had to return a costume earlier in the season, end of September I think or early October, and had no such issue.

Remember the old saying,"you get what you paid for"

They don’t want people buying a costume, wearing it to a one-off party and returning it. I understand that, but you’re right. If there aren’t dressing rooms, how do you know if it fits? If it’s me, I’m shopping at either Walmart or ordering multiple costumes from Amazon and returning the ones I didn’t want/didn’t fit. I’ve been in that store in years past and the costumes are double to triple the cost of Amazon. Usually for the same exact costume. You could piece together a costume with actual, real articles of clothing that can survive a washing machine for the price of some of those costumes.

October 28th

I went on their site to inquire about a cauldron and they said there were none in the store. had to ship out and they were "out of stock"? are you kidding when they are a Halloween store?
Come 'on! went elsewhere !

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