Boxelder bugs

Are you guys having the same issue with these critters as we are having down here in Southern WC?

They’re horrendous this year!

Haven’t seen any around the house but picked up my car yesterday from service in Roxbury and there must have been 15 crawling around the outside of the car.

October 26th

Just millions of "lady beetles" echhh

They'll be froze next week.

If anything a fewer amount of box elder here in the H-town area. But agreed the lady bugs are what it most numerous at the moment.

I have a bumper crop this year. Literally hundreds, and hundreds on the shed doors They get full sun for a large portion of the day and really attract them.

I'll snap a picture or two tomorrow. I find it really kind of cool.

Field of Dreams parking lot by the Firehouse is loaded with them. Didn't realize they live in Maple trees....

Re: Boxelder bugs


Just read a bit about them. Surprisingly, they aren’t an invasive species from China. Would have bet money they came over attached to cargo like our old friend the stink bug

October 28th

Glad to see we're not the only ones inundated with boxelder and lady bugs. Been in this house 7 years never seen one before, now there are hundreds on the sunny side of the house. Also read up on them, more of a nuisance than anything.

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Re: Boxelder bugs
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