Canna Campus Closed?

Anyone know why Canna Campus has been closed during regular business hours?

December 19th

Per Facebook:
Canna Campus is closed until further notice. No I do not have any more details so please don't contact me about this. But Scott is currently unavailable. No I do not know when he will be back.
hopefully in a few days.

A sign in the door woulda been nice

December 20th

Friend of mine walked in there last week during business hours and said the sign was still lit up but everything was boxed up...

No license to sell pot maybe ?

That would be my first guess Sara but who knows.

Easier to close down an unlicensed pot shop than Hackettstown's unlicensed heroin dealers I guess

Despite the name I’m fairly certain this was a CBD store and wasn’t illegally selling pot.

One should assume that Kat but there have been several places like this one busted for selling cannabis along with the permitted products here in NJ over the past several months.
There are a myriad of reasons this shop is closed. It's always fun to toss wild speculation around! LOL Seriously hopefully the proprietor is fine. Hate to see an entrepreneur fail unless they don't play by the rules of course.

Any update on this? Heard the Sparta location is closed too… same owners

December 26th

Scheduled to open 1/9. They announced it on Facebook.

Open again and not selling pot

I guess the neon marijuana leaf in their window is wishful thinking. LOL

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