Best neighborhood for Trick or Treating?

Hi everyone,

We have lived in Washington Township for years but this will be the first Halloween we spend here with our toddler.

Our street has never gotten a single trick-or-treater in the decade we've been here, so I am wondering where we can go so my toddler can get a nice Halloween experience?

Thinking of just doing the downtown trick-or-treating, or maybe a trunk-or-treat, but I grew up with a traditional door to door neighborhood Halloween and want to find that for my own family.

Anyway, is there a local neighborhood that regularly participates in Halloween night festivities, and also would it be frowned upon to go somewhere if you don't live there? Do people mind having outsiders come into their neighborhood?

Any suggestions appreciated! Thank you!

September 28th

The area in front the hospital usually has a bunch and a decent amount of houses decorate. If you are looking for a tiny drive diamond Hill off 57 in Mansfield also has a bunch of kids and houses decorated

Water Street across from new Quick Chek.

danny zucko danny zucko
September 28th

Usually the developments

Kenwood village! No hills, homes close together.

I lived on College View for 15 years and we had so many trick or treaters we never had much candy left over.

Definitely not Kenwood you're better off going to the developments by the hospital.

September 28th

Exhackettres, just curious, why not Kenwood ?

Warren Village off Allen Road starts at about 3:30pm for the young kids and ends around 7pm with the older kids. Most homes there will participate with trick or treat..

KENWOOD is good. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th STREET (by M&M's) is good also.

Kenwood is not ALL good. I live here and we barely get anyone. We have lights and everything but for some reason we don’t get the crowds. :(

H-Town Mama H-Town Mama
September 29th

We live on Washington Street in town and get a lot of trick or treaters, usually families walking one side and down the other side.

The development across from M&M, as others have mentioned, is prime trick or treating. Homes are close together, it’s a family neighborhood, speed limit is low, and hitting every house would easily take all night. E Prospect, E Valley view, E Baldwin, Hamilton, Countryside, and 7th through 1st streets. Enjoy!

May be different now but when I was still trick or treating (mid 2000’s) we always went to Diamond Hill. Had a couple of friends there. Not sure if that area has grown up or if there is still a strong kid population

MakoMiller1984 MakoMiller1984
October 7th

I’m gonna vote for East Prospect Street area.
Residents really decorate (which is very kind them) and obviously get in the spirit.
Second recommendation would be Hastings Square if you’re looking to max out candy collections.

When I lived in downtown Blairstown many many years ago I remember going through $300 in fun-sized candy handed out one-per-treater (none of that bowl stuff). That was alot in 90s money. Most everyone who lived there wasn't rolling in cash- It was a real economic hardship. Lights off, it didn't matter unattended children will rap/kick on doors, peek in windows, and break and or steal decorations.

I want parents to consider, before they dump there kids off to 'maximize' largesse, if you are more financially well provided for than the neighborhood your visiting consider a donation to the local rotary or scouts. They always came through for the residents in Blairstown.

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