New Tea shop

Saw a new tea shop open in town by the fire station. Is it a tea room or tea shop?

Outdoor Women Outdoor Women
Sep '22

I think it is both

Which of the fire stations?? What's the name and exact address??

I know some people who are definitely going to want to know more.


Re: New Tea shop

It’s Elizabeth’s Tea shop & room. 107 west Moore Street…the old Niper studio building…they have a nice Facebook page.

So if that's the West Moore station then it's where the antique shop (Across The Pond) had been previously. Wondering if there is some relationship to the previous store.

Their FB page says they no longer operate as a restaurant.

Hoppy Hoppy
Sep '22

I looked at the FB page and didn’t see anything that said that they weren’t open as a restaurant. Hoppy, where did you see that?

Maythree Maythree
Sep '22

Looks really cute. Can't wait to stop in.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Sep '22

I found the FB page and it leads directly to their active web site:

Hoppy: They only opened about a week ago. Whatever you found must be some other place.

Yes I must have been on another site because I don't see it now which I'm very happy about. Can't wait to go there for tea!

Hoppy Hoppy
Sep '22

Love the whole vibe of their website. I'll need to take a trip over. I'm not a tea person but I'm sure I can buy some gifts for friends that do. Love to support a business like this.

Sep '22

Stopped in here today with a friend and we had a lovely time. It's an absolutely charming spot....delicious tea and scones, and a nice assortment of gifts and such.

LVMomOfBoys LVMomOfBoys
Oct '22

Sad to see the tea shop closed. Does anyone know why?

happiest girl
November 1st

@happiest girl. They were closed most of the summer then reopened the middle of September and then announced they were closing the end of September. Life was leading them in another direction(per instagram).

happycamper happycamper
November 1st

It appears they have closed.

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