Anybody playing pickleball in Hackettstown?

May '22

Is there a court in Hackettstown?
I'm in, just started playing last year but only a few times.


! been trying to get my friends to play on Saturday mornings but to no avail thus far. I am Interested to play, let me know if you can get a group together would love to join in.

Gus B Gus B
May '22

Courts at Field of Dreams in Great Meadows.

Stymie Stymie
May '22

*immediately googles pickle ball*

May '22

There is a court near the high school.

As above, let me know if there is any interest, I might have one or more interested parties as well. LBI last summer: significant # of tennis courts converted or under
conversion. I'm a Sr citizen but still get around well...

New2this New2this
May '22

anybody still wanting to play?
I am a beginner only have played twice but I'm up for some games.
maybe next weekend at the court next to the HS.

Hey! just trying to keep this thread alive...We are heading down to LBI for the week...the pickleball center of NJ...lots of courts (used to be tennis)...lots of players including Sr citizens (me)...looking forward to it...also hoping to jump start some local interest when I get back...the best way to move this forward would be to talk it up...start
spreading the word...with friends, family alike...the thing about this sport is that it works for all levels, all ages, all levels of playing ability.
that's the speech....
for now...

New2this New2this
Aug '22

I am in

Had Enough Had Enough
Aug '22

I think the Hackettstown High School gym classes may still play Pickleball.

I have never played. But willing to play.

BrownEyesGuy BrownEyesGuy
Aug '22

I feel the groundswell building...building...well....maybe not so much. I went over and
looked at the HS court. They took one of the three tennis courts to build it. Thankfully it was an end one so it cuts down on the errant ball traveling on 3 sides.
Anyhow...there is a court in Independence as well at the Field of Dreams. Now we just
need some coordination to pull it together. I believe I have one other guy interested and my wife might play as well (if there is any interest in mixed doubles). Again, I am a senior but still moving pretty good...

New2this New2this
Aug '22

Bumping this back up seems to be a lot of interest in getting some folks together at the courts by HHS now that the good weather is upon us !

We are looking to see how the condition of the courts are and look to start some informal meet ups to play

Possibly get some commitments for social and more advanced players as we go forward to keep it fun and active

Please share this with anyone interested and post here

Dates and times to follow !

Gus. I am in for Saturday morning. I also have a group of people interested in playing. We just need a date and time.

A group of us are trying to establish specific dates and times to meet up for pickle ball.

We will be there:

Mondays at 6 pm
Fridays at 6 pm
Saturdays at 830 am

Courts by HHS. See you there.

I am very interested, but have never played before. Do you allow newbies?

Yes to newbies. We are all newbies.

Brendan Brendan
1 week ago

Anyone up for playing at field of dreams in Great Meadows?

Hadenough Hadenough
7 days ago

My wife and I are looking to join if this group is actually got it some times going to play. We are both fairly new to this game. I have previous high School tennis experience. My wife is a true beginner but love to join. If anything is going on with this please let us know when we'd love to meet you and play

1 day ago

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