Liberty school

Liberty school has been closed for years now. Just wondering as to the maintenance and repairs that need to be done on the building. Who is in charge of maintaining it? Sad that it just sits there unused.

Indie Indie
Jan '22

I assume the BOE still owns it, if so that is who should be maintaining the building and grounds. If not the owner of record is easy to find. If it is the BOE still if I were a taxpayer there, I would like to know what the short and long term plans are with that facility. Maybe a quick call or email to the school district would get the info.

Future charter school? Get rid of union teachers and get back to real education.

danny zucko danny zucko
Jan '22

We are paying for an empty school in our taxes! They should be looking into renting it to someone for special needs school, Adult daycare.....anything is better than it sitting empty!

Suburbia Suburbia
Jan '22

The BOE and the teachers union would never let a charter school in. Wonder if there is any long term plan or discussions on it.

Indie Indie
Jan '22

This is a shame. Sell the building and give taxpayers relief

Curious resident Curious resident
Feb '22

When the Liberty Township school closed there was an issue with the septic system.Nothing has been publicly disclosed about whether the system has been repaired since the closure of the building.

Feb '22

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