New Bar and Grill-FlavorZ-Rt.46 Belvidere(Old Belvidere Diner)

There is a new bar-grill-eatery locally to give a try, FlavorZ Bar and Grill. Located in the same building that the Belvidere Diner used to be housed in on Rt.46 about a half mile from the Quick Chek, they did major renovation over the past few months to the venue and it looks very nice inside now.

They have not done a full fledged opening just yet with Grand Opening signage because they are still working on getting everything just right. Even so, that did not affect the quality of what they offer or the experience of the bar area where we sat.

The owners are still the same folks that owned the Belvidere Diner. Now, I can say in my 25 years in the area that I never ever went into or ate at the Belvidere Diner, but these owners did seem to pump some money into physical structure and have made it a fairly cozy atmosphere which enticed me to give it a try finally.

Since me and the wife were not too hungry and just wanted to see what inside was about, we ordered some very safe things. Fried Boccatines, basically high end mozzarella balls, but they were fresh with a not too acidic sauce. We also got a grilled cheese with fries. The fries were obviously fresh cut and very good.

Beer was as you would expect, cold and fresh from the tap. Nice new furniture and a new bar. Two nice TV;s provided some entertainment and the bartender was personable and did a nice job to give us some good info about the new venue and how they prepare the meals.

So, with the abundance of places we have in this area, time will tell if they will be able to stand out among the crowd. But the initial impression of FlavorZ was a "Flavorable" one and we will try them again in the future.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Dec '21

Nice review Rhyme Animal. Appreciate knowing about the new restaurant. Frequented the Belvidere Diner awhile back so I'll give this a try.

Hopeful Hopeful
Dec '21

We discovered this place night & pulled in for dinner! Very nice atmosphere. We sat at the bar. Menu had a lot of good choices. We shared the small charcuterie platter and it was great! I then got zucchini sticks and the octopus app for my dinner and my husband had a fried chicken sandwich with amazing fries.

I will them well & will be back!

Is this the old Aluminum Diner almost at the crossroad/Quik Check?

USAfirst USAfirst
Jan '22

Really liked the Belvidere diner always had good food at affordable prices it will be missed!

Outdoor Women
Jan '22

USAfiest, that one literally got sold and driven away.

Jan '22

Love all the great reviews.

Charmer Charmer
Jan '22

My wife and I tried Flavorz this evening.
Nice people and great food.
They have the best Cuban sandwich I ever had,
Definitely worth it.

They still have the surcharge for crdit cards...i will pass

Jan '22

How much of a surcharge ?

We enjoyed dinner a few weeks back - nice atmosphere

We used to frequent the Belvidere Diner, so we were anxious to see its new look, experience the new vibe and try the new menu. The pulled pork bbq sandwiches with slaw were delicious and juicy. Never having tried Greek coffee before, we decided to do so…smooth, slightly sweet, it was a great way to end the meal. We are looking forward to introducing our friends to FlavorZ.

Wonderful One Wonderful One
Jan '22

We did not have a great experience, unfortunately.
They said there was risotto with a dinner - it was wild rice.
A chicken and pasta dish was really bland.
They know the brands of the beers on tap but not which variety for the brand.

It's very pretty inside. Sweet server.
I wish the food were better.

Jan '22

We went last week and were not impressed. My grandson got wings because the only things he would eat were those or a burger, The menu is not very extensive. I got the burger for the same reason. I also felt it was a bit pricey for what we ordered. It was very nice inside, but we both said we would not be back. I liked it much more as the Belvidere Diner.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
Jan '22

My wife and I went to Flavorz again Sunday and again the food was delicious, the waitstaff friendly and courteous, and the prices were reasonable.
It was worth the return trip and we will definitely go again.

We went last Thursday for Prime Rib Night…was delicious. The live music was enjoyable as well. They will begin being open for breakfast on the weekends.

Wonderful One Wonderful One
Jun '22

We’ve wanted to try this place for a while but I just can’t bring myself to spend $17 for a cheeseburger and fries. I know prices have been going up but that seems excessive

MakoMiller1984 MakoMiller1984
Jun '22

Try the Cuban .... it comes with fries and is big and filling for $15.00
It's worth it..

Went here tonight with another couple.
Everything was delicious.
Also, there is a sign stating there is no service charge for credit cards.

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