Osa Electronics closed for good?

Anyone know what happened to Bill Osa? Before COVID I used to come into his store and hang out; he let me play some of his pinball machines, and he let me take some VHS tapes home. Since then, the shop's been closed and it appears most of the stuff inside is gone and the building's for sale. Anyone know if he's still hanging in there? There was a woman helping him who I can't remember the name of, she wore a hat with a shamrock on it and she was skilled with computers. Can anyone help solve this mystery?

Timothy Mischka Timothy Mischka
1 week ago

I've known Bill for many years. I'll inquire. I must say I have not talked with him since late last year as well. I do hope he is ok.

Bill hasn't been to is store for quite a while as he's getting quite old (he's almost 90). They liquidated all of the pinball and arcade machines and have sold the building already I have heard.

TownResident TownResident
1 week ago

bill is a wizard with repair. he can fix anything ! i would go in just to talk to him often i bought 2 pinball machines , touch screen video games and a chain saw. they all still work fine. he even repaired my older pinball machines for me. the guy is salty truthfully straight to the point and i think he's a great guy . his friend and helper in the store name is Kate and she is very nice as well and knowledgeable in computers. i haven't been there in a while but hope all is well with Bill and Kate i'm gonna stop by today hope the door is open.

rob the roofer rob the roofer
1 day ago

Bill's GOT to be getting old. I'M old, and I was just a teen working at the Strand Theater when Bill ran the projector there!

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
22 hours ago

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