Recommendations for car audio expert

Hi I just found that my car audio isn't working the power on while volume button kicked off and it's not working can someone recommend someone who is professional reasonable and can get the job done I have a 2011 Sienna if that helps

Exoticustom Main Street, Hackettstown.

I didn't like Exotic Custom. They argued with me about how to do the install. Told me it would cost $150 more to install the way I wanted. Even after I told them that I installed the same system in a different car the way I wanted it. The install was done wrong including miswiring and an install how they wanted it not how I wanted it.
just sharing my experience.
I like Car Craft in Dover. They fixed what Exotic screwed up

Sound Waves in Parsippany. Excellent job on my car audio.
I did all the research a few weeks back and found their reviews above average.

MissingDiMieosPizza MissingDiMieosPizza
2 weeks ago

I would use Exotic custom on main street Hackettstown. Dan and Mike will do the job and it will be safe. Insurance makes them cautious, they don't want your auto to catch fire. Plus if you live in town they are available to adjust their work. When I purchased my auto the radio lights were dim. I took the auto to the dealer and they removed the radio and charged me too much to repair it. Mike and Dan are honest.

Pookietoo Pookietoo
2 weeks ago

Thank you everyone. Does anyone have a rough idea of the rate per hour the experts are charging these days

$55-$75/hr -- not including the parts, that gives them leeway to 'pad' or 'round-up' a little more.

Aside that, just think once you've done your due-diligence, adding this 'fix' is just a one time charge (that won't break your bank acct; even if it costs a little more you expected or maybe another shop could've done it a little cheaper), once its done, eat it & move forward - Being glad to hear your car tunes crisp and clear once again.
2 weeks ago

Ive had a system in every car I e owned except my most recent. Ive had so many sloppy audio installs that I started doing them myself. Takes longer because it’s not what I do on a regular basis obviously but the work is perfect. I’d go into business doing it but no one would want to pay what I’d quote for an install. Perfect work takes longer regardless of how proficient you are and no one wants to pay for perfection. There is so much that will be hidden when you pick your car up from these places. Rats nests of wires, badly cut carpet, broken trim pieces, trim squeaking and rattling after it’s put back because they broke a clip, etc.

2 weeks ago

Consigliere, where do you recco learning how to do it yourself
Can you provide any recommendations or links. refs', etc.

Thanks much.

Youtube has everything

What are your end goals?

Just wanting it louder & more low end thump is completely different than wanting a smooth correct freq response graph, stage imaging depending on where you are sitting, etc.

There is soo much to learn if you jump in the rabbit hole- it isn't even funny.

Same as home theater- most people actually don't notice / care / want quality. They want 'good enough' at a cheap price point.

I would go to Exotic Custom without hesitation, They have been my go to guys for years. Everything from window tint, Audio installation, Garmin map and fish finder on my boat, custom fabrication for air compressor installed on my truck, emergency lighting. They are able to install almost anything I ask for and wire everything professionally. Perhaps they are a little pricey but the work is top notch and as they say you get what you pay for,

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