The grove

Seems odd the grove would announce a retirement and then say it’s closed permanently anyone know what happened hopefully just a great retirement

Michigan Michigan
May '21

His statement says it all. No mystery.

Like I am always reminded of- Nothing is forever!

"After 37 years of serving this wonderful community I decided to retire. My hope was that The Grove would continue long after I left but unfortunately that did not come to fruition. I want to thank everyone for all the support over the years. I have met so many wonderful people that I consider family. I wish everyone much success and happiness. I’m sure we will meet up again. The Grove is permanently closed."

There was an arrangement for a takeover of the business to keep the name but it did not come about.

What kind of business is The Grove, and where is (was) it?

Hackresident Hackresident
May '21

Re: The grove

It was a deli on Willow Grove street opposite the hospital.

Aw, it's sad to see the mom & pop stores go....

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
May '21

It was Cozy Corner many years ago. Sad to see it go, wishing Brian an amazing retirement!

hktownie hktownie
May '21

I wish he'd pass on the recipe for that chicken salad!! I am going to miss it so much!! Such great food there. Wish him the best!

kelleo22 kelleo22
May '21

I lived five houses up the street growing up back in the 50 & 60's. The German couple who had it always had good sandwiches. Not as many choices back then.
Sad !!

His breakfast sandwiches were good! Along with all the other ones as well as his chicken salad which was the best I’ve ever had!

Michael Michael
May '21

Brian had this place. Did he retire or go somewhere else? I remember Brian was not that old.

Bernie Bernie
May '21

Have gift certificates. Wish I knew it was closing, I would have used them.

Sad to see a good business close. Best wishes.

May '21

The gift certificates should still be viable. Unless the owner declared bankruptcy or put up a notification that they were closing and an advanced notice to redeem your gift certificates was not filed. I am sure the owner would honor this request since he is retiring.

Michigan Michigan
May '21

Sad to see it go, but I hope something else moves into the space. I'd assume a sandwich shop/deli does well there for the hospital crowd.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
May '21

Best steak sandwiches in town! Will be greatly missed. Best wishes on your retirement Brian!

Wendy Wendy
May '21

Good sandwiches and I loved Brian’s cole slaw! Best I’ve had anywhere! So convenient to run there from my townhouse! Will miss you!

Janet E Janet E
Jun '21

Maybe Dan will come back.

The Man The Man
Jun '21

Does anyone know what might be going in that space? Looks like there is some work going on…

Townies Townies
Jun '21

Is this place for sale?

Michigan Michigan
July 24th

It's going to be another deli so that's good.

janster janster
July 25th

Sign at the Grove location.
Cozy Corner Bagel and Deli coming soon

Wasn’t it the Cozy Corner before it became the Grove?

It was Cozy Corner for years

Is Brian coming back under a new Name? I hope so!

Hotdogchili Hotdogchili
2 weeks ago

Is Brian coming back? Does anyone know why he left? Did he retire?

Michigan Michigan
2 weeks ago

Brian isn't coming back.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
2 weeks ago

I hear Brian works at David's Country Inn now

Sign up now that Cozy Corner bagel and deli coming soon! Lived around the block my whole life very excited about this. It is and always will be the cozy corner

Good for Brian. He has worked hard all his life. I remember when Brian was a young person just learning how to butcher meat. Always liked him.

Good to know, Sara. I hope it's a great deli. You can never have enough of them! I do wish there were a close Italian deli. lol

2 weeks ago

An Italian Deli would be wonderful! Toscana has a Deli in Clinton. I wish they would open one here. I mentioned that to Sal once. Even if they provided a list of items that could be ordered at Toscana in H'town and picked up once a week at Toscana in H'town that would be wonderful.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
2 weeks ago

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