I fell down my garages steps the other day and really hurt my ankle to the point where I’m certain I need crutches. I know Trinity Church had a medical equipment program where they lend stuff out, but I cannot find any info about it on their site. Is there a specific person I need to contact? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Antimony Antimony
2 weeks ago

There are many crutches at Salvation Army store.

Have you seen a doctor? Had it xrayed?

Hi I broke my foot in several places early December. I used a scooter the whole month. If you can’t put weight on your foot that may be the way to go I heard they had one at Salvation Army store
If you are hoping to just use crutches I would look there as well. I’d give you mine but unfortunately I still need them
Good luck! Hope you feel better soon

I have a pair you can have. DM me if interested.

lifeistooshort lifeistooshort
2 weeks ago

Call the church and leave a message. They are stored in the yellow building and they aren't open on the weekend but maybe someone checks the answering machine.

Thanks everyone! My husband’s friend had a pair! I’m good!

Antimony Antimony
2 weeks ago

I have a pair if you have not found any. can drop off if you are local.

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