Verizon Cell Phone service issues?

Is anyone having cell service issues with Verizon today? Throughout the day, my phone service has been very spotty. It will work for a while, and then it will say "out of mobile network range." I went to a family member's house over in Roxbury and had no issues. Returned home to Hackettstown (Mansfield area), and sure enough, the cell service became spotty again.

I just moved here a few months ago, and there have been several times where the service went dead for a second, but I restarted my phone and then everything was fine. However, today, it has been the entire day.

Anyone else having issues? Guessing it could be just because of all of the mountains around.

John Branson John Branson
May 7th

I just switched to verizon last summer and usually no problems in town. Some of the back roads going down to 206 I will lose my reception but that happened to me with at&t as well. Then once I clear the mountains no problems. Hopefully it was just a bad day.

Tracefan Tracefan
May 9th

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Re: Verizon Cell Phone service issues?
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