Flying from Trenton Airport

Has anyone flown out of Trenton Airport and what was your experience? Some of the flights are extremely inexpensive, and I was just wondering if there was a reason to why. Daily parking is pretty reasonable too. I haven't flown in over 20 years but left from Newark when I did. I know a lot has changed since then. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

LadySkiDog LadySkiDog
May 4th

I have family member who fly from Trenton quite often and love it. They have never had a problem. I flew often from Allentown which is also easy to navigate.

happycamper happycamper
May 5th

I flew out of Trenton once. The next year, there was no flight going where I/it went the year before. No problem flying. Pleasant experience. I parked there for the week. It wasn't a bad price, but that was several years ago.

tmb6123 tmb6123
May 5th

I have flown out of Trenton on several occasions and it was always a pleasant experience. I recommend it highly.

Annmarie Lubas Annmarie Lubas
May 7th

Anywhere but Newark!

May 7th

Trenton is good if you're going to Florida or North Carolina. Otherwise, you're probably flying to Atlanta to switch planes.

ianimal ianimal
May 7th

Fly out of Allentown PA closer and less hassle

Robert Robert
May 7th

Trenton can be great if everything works out - meaning as long as the plane is there and there are no maintenance issues, delays are almost non-existent and it's a tiny airport, making for a nice experience. The issue arises if the plane has issues, or weather or traffic issues elsewhere in the country have the domino effect, and the plane isn't there. Frontier does not have extra aircraft at Trenton, and they only fly several days/week to most if not all destinations. So it's not unheard of to have to wait a day or two for the next flight. At least at Newark (United hub), a new aircraft is generally available within a few hours. Pros and cons to both. My advice is if it's extremely important to reach your destination at a specific time, spend a little more and go to EWR. If not, maybe you roll the dice. Everything at Trenton is great until it's not. And trust me, I know EWR is a pain. Air travel is a pretty unpleasant experience anymore!

The R The R
May 8th

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