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Hi Folks,

I was planning to sell homemade baked items as my main income has been lost during covid items. Come to know, its illegal to sell homemade Food anywhere in NJ (Cottage law - which does not apply to only NJ state). Its Legal to get license and sell Food out of your home kitchen in all of the other states.
Although there are people who are selling baked food items from their kitchens, my understanding after the call with Food dept is that it gets you in big soupy trouble. So, I dont want to even try that.

Looking for Plan B - Is there a Community kitchen or Commercial Kitchen which I can rent for low cost? Trinity Kitchen is booked already. I am not sure of other places. Could you please help me out if you know any places?

Thank you so much.

I would try any of the local civic organizations as well as other churches in the area. I would think there are some that have a full kitchen. Naturally it would need to be a facility that is inspected by a local health department and in good standing. In addition I would expect to show your proof of insurance. Assuming you are set up as a LLC or similar carrying insurance as required.

"Its Legal to get license and sell Food out of your home kitchen in all of the other states."

I don't think this is true.... I may be wrong.


Maybe you could check with the American Legion? They do have the dinners every Friday, so I'm guessing the kitchen may be idle most other times of the week, unless they already have bookings.

An old friend in PA was setting up to make Gluten-Free Baked goods in their home kitchen. She had to get it inspected before she could start up. I'm not sure if that was to be able to have it certified a Gluten-free kitchen or just because she was selling baked goods prepared in her home kitchen.

I would call the Health Department directly instead of taking well-intended tips from on here. You do not want to get caught in a bind.Plus, the health department may be able to elaborate on places that would qualify.

The Legion is a great idea!

If Trinity is booked, have you tried any other churches in the area? St. Mary's? First Presbyterian?

Good luck with your endeavor and thank you for being transparent.

For reals For reals
2 weeks ago

Just read this ad a few days ago...

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
2 weeks ago

Thank you so much. I will look call the Health dept but also check all the other options you all graciously provided.

When I say Legal in other states, after the Health dept inspects the kitchen and certifies the kitchen meets the criteria for selling Food. In NJ, we cant even apply for inspection.

Try St. James Episcopal church....

FarmerJake FarmerJake
2 weeks ago

There is a place in Fairfield. Culinary concepts.

Trinity Methodist has a commercial kitchen that they rent.

check churches and firehouses

kelleo22 kelleo22
2 weeks ago

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