Trading of Goods for Services or Vice Versa

Bumping up a thread on HL from 2012 and bringing it into 2021 where finances in most families are stretched to their max.. might be a good idea once more to offer a service or item that you can trade/barter for to another who might be able to do the same for you....In other words...if you can do shopping,make a meal... taxes, yard work, have a gift card or even a gift you are not planning to use,..and can trade/barter your offer to another person who might also have a service or something you are looking for or need done or a item you can exchange without any cost to each other..might be a very good thing to do...

joyful joyful
Jan '21

I agree. Looking for someone to install a car radio in exchange for dog grooming

surprised there are not dedicated barter always was and still is a great way to do business in a personal and non-monetary way....seems like it would be doable to set up and control.....but in this day and age, a chicken for the doctor might be a bit simplistic.....

zentravl zentravl
Jan '21

...that’ll be 547 chickens please.

Roywhite Roywhite
Jan '21

Bumping up this post!

Will trade a 7 foot artificial Christmas tree and some decorations in exchange for someone to bake me some Christmas cookies or pie.. (not a very good baker, myself).. Please PM me if you have interest...

Hi Joy, certainly don’t need the try but I’m the same as you, not a great baker, but love when friends bake and share with me.

joyful and Bessie,, do either of you knit? would love to learn since I'm partially disabled now., either way, I will make cookies for both of you

, Bessie, (you are a good baker)... you made some wonderful zucchini bread for me at one time if I recall...

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