Geese by Panera

Has anyone seen the two geese by Panera? It looks like ones laying on eggs, while her mate is on patrol. They have a bowl next to each of them and lots of food. It’s nice to see people care about them and make sure they are being taken care of. ☺️
Has anyone else seen these two?

I have, There have been geese there as well as near the hatchery having goslings every year for as long as I can remember. Always nice to see.

Yes I drive by every day and night. Not the best place for the pair to lay eggs. As some people love to drive very fast through there. It may be employee's from the restaurant feeding them. If fish and game were contacted which I hope they haven't they will destroy the eggs.

Outdoor Women
May 12th

Geese eat grass and drink water. Bread is not good for them. The hatchery had 50 plus nests all were destroyed by raccoons and foxes. Too many predators around. Lots of wood duck babies hanging in there.

May 16th

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