Bad gas at delta gas stations

Beware these gas stations sell bad (diluted) gas. The result of using this gas is check engine light, lesser performance, compromised O2 sensors, compromised catalytic converter and ECU error codes.
These are the stations in fault:
Delta in Kenvil at Rt. 40 & Kenvil ave (rd)
Delta in Stanhope at Rt. 206 (accross lake)

Stay away from these gas stations, if you don't want any possible damage to your cars.

Do you have an substantiation for this claim? Just curious where this information came from.

Bemused Bemused
Nov '20

and what regulatory agency did you report it to?

2catmom 2catmom
Nov '20

“(Diluted)” suggests water added. Is that the claim? I’ve heard of accidental contamination but never an effort to defraud which it likely would be if more than one location. Whats the story?

Roywhite Roywhite
Nov '20

when a gas delivery is in progress by a tanker truck, there could be a mixing of water condensation or runoff in a layer of the gasoline...a car filling up at the time could be subject to has happened to me...

Robert Langenburg Robert Langenburg
Nov '20

I can understand that scenario Robert. But a claim of stations selling diluted gas suggests wide spread fraud on their part. If it was some sort of unintentional contamination and the station knew of it and took a proactive approach to inform consumers that is fine. But unless the OP shares facts and or a real press release either way, it sounds like it could be just a case of conjecture. It could be considered libelous as well.

I got water at a reputable station. Used it in a finicky engine and had issues, had no issues, never did, in any car. So, yes, I agree with Robert and more. It's a more common occurrence than one might think:

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Nov '20

This is libel.

Knock it off.

At best (worst) you would have a hard start condition.

If you know what a cat is, what an O2 sensor is, no damage would be done.

You can put an awful lot of water into an engine before it misfires.

I literally installed a water injection system on an old car of mine...and while tuning it- if I went too far it would just sputter for a couple seconds- back off that- and it ran BETTER than no injection at all.

Why the sour grapes at the Delta? Do you work for, or run a competing station?

I once was behind a gas tanker when it pulled out of an Exxon station and then what he’d it pull into one of the “cheapy” stations. Same gas. Exxon just charges 30 cents more per gallon. Ok not 30 cents but at least 15-20.

Independent observer Independent observer
Nov '20

nice replies, guys.
I can't support my observation with a lab test, because I, as most folks, don't have "free" money to spend on the lab test. Knowing this, gas stations may, in theory, and do, in practice, "play" with a gas. The only evidence (indirect) that I have, is a computer codes a few miles after I've filled up my car with gas. These codes were gone after I used most of the gas and filled the tank at another gas station.
It's very difficult to document every step of our lives just in case that I have to prove if something may go wrong in the future.
either water or lower octate grade (it was 87 octane).
car's computer won't produce error codes without a reason - sensors, timing etc were affected. Again - I know (from experience) how cars run with recommended and higher octane gas (how they run, how emissions change). water injection system may be forgiving in pre-1996 cars. In general, old engines are more forgiving. No, I don't work for delta not it's competitor.
Reputability may not matter, sometimes. Long time ago I used Mobil and spilt some gas on a bumper. That spill froze.
when ECL comes on with error codes after highway driving (about 50-80 miles), comes off after most of the gas is burnt and replaced at another station, what one would think of it? act of god? or sun's flare?

Premium brands have one quart of detergents added to a 10k gallon tanker truck. I'll take detergent gas any day, AKA Top Tier gas. BTW, Costco sells it but not QC, Delta, etc.

or a loose gas cap

The flaw in your story is that error codes do not erase themselves. they stay there until someone actually uses a code reader and manually erases the code. Also newer cars computers are designed to compensate for different octane gasolines. I have two cars that call for premium octane gas and I use regular with no problem whatsoever.Just in case you're wondering, one I've owned since new and has 154,000 miles on it problem free. I think you may have had other problems with these stations and have concocted and embellished this story to try and discredit them. I've been in the auto business most of my life and your story doesn't hold up. Get a life.

Judge Judy Judge Judy
Nov '20

The car I put the water injection in was a modern fuel injected, variable intake manifold, variable cam timing, 4 valve head, 2 cats, 4 O2 sensors. Water injection if done correctly can make any engine run better.

A sensor doing it's job- whether a knock sensor, o2 sensor etc- is not the same as a sensor 'compromised'.

You clearly phrased it as such to invoke thoughts of damage to the o2 and cats.

You wrote a smear campaign. Complete rubbish- but own it- don't act like you didn't.

You may have simply had a bad tank of gas- can happen at any station.

But you came on here- literally by name and locations of the stations and accused them of purposely watering down their gas.

If they don't press charges against you- then be happy you only made yourself look like a fool.

Support the 'replace gas cap" recommendation.

Years ago I got gas somewhere west of Rt. 46 in Hackettstown (on the eastbound side), and the gas did ruin something expensive in my car. i don't recall if i had to get rid of the car. But I attributed it to the gas that I got the night before!

Hackresident Hackresident
Nov '20

Josh, if water injection was equivalent to adding water to gas, why did you need extra equipment or why doesn’t everyone just start adding water to gas if it improves, not degrades, engine performance?

As noted in the article above, diluting gas for profit happens. Many of us have gotten “bad” gas; in my case I suspected water, knew the station, however just small engine affecting, not auto, and never happened again after I returned some time later. Doubtful it was anything I did.

I agree the chance of this guy hitting it at two stations is slim; he doesn’t indicate whether it’s even the same ownership since more chance of local malfeasance than corporate. But libel? Good luck with that.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Nov '20

If he did not get the code when the check engine light was on I would suspect his fuel pump was the issue. Depending on how low his tank was drained there could be dirt on the bottom of the tank that was stirred up and partially clogged the filter. The next tank of gas with a detergent may have freed enough of the dirt from the intake of the filter to make the check engine light go away on that tank of gas. I seriously doubt any station would defeat all the filters, traps, and devices to prevent water from being pumped with the gas you get. Over 60 years of driving and maybe 3,000 fill ups at maybe 2,000 different stations over the years I have only had to remove water from condensation occasionally in all those years. And it was more a preventive thing than a performance problem with the water from condensation.

I never had water in the gas , but in the early 90s my fuel filter clogged with dirt from buying the lowest priced gas in the area at Raceway .The worker at Citgo said all the customers are coming back since Raceway buys the gas at the bottom of the tank no one else wants - true or not I don't know . I use nothing but Top Tier now , which really is no more expensive than other brands .

Nov '20

This isn't the first time I've been told to beware delta but it had nothing to do with diluting gas

Noname Noname
Nov '20

@Judge Judy "The flaw in your story is that error codes do not erase themselves. they stay there until someone actually uses a code reader and manually erases the code"

This statement is not true, codes clear themselves after 3 successful trips without the same code showing back up and the trip being long enough to meet all the computer have been in the auto industry most of your life and you do not know this???

Darrin Darrin
Nov '20

Re: Bad gas at delta gas stations

I searched who owns delta gas.....

Independent observer Independent observer
Nov '20

You should know better than to disagree with someone that calls themselves "Judge Judy."

dodgebaaall dodgebaaall
Nov '20

the light goes out but the code remains in the permanent history until removed. check your facts before you disagree.

Judge Judy Judge Judy
Nov '20

I know my facts just fine, once the "light goes out" (if we are going to lower ourselves to that level) the car will pass emissions and is considered non problematic.

Yes, there is a code history, but that is only a history and has no bearing whatsoever on the emissions system or the car itself.

With that being said, someone would have to look at historical codes to see the code, not pending or current codes, and to the point of the OP's they stated that once fresh gas was used, the code was no longer current

"The only evidence (indirect) that I have, is a computer codes a few miles after I've filled up my car with gas. These codes were gone after I used most of the gas and filled the tank at another gas station."

pretty obvious what codes they are speaking of in that statement, and for you to bring historical codes into the statement and claim the OP's story is flawed is ridiculous.

Darrin Darrin
Nov '20

Thanks for the laugh IO. Not sure it’s the same company, lots of Deltas in this world.

From what I can see, think the stations are franchised, not corporate owned. The corporate risk to tamper before delivery is brutally high. More chance that an independent operator would do such a thing.

Like I posted above, it does happen, and if you google it, it has happened in the Delta franchises. Still think it happening twice to the OP at two different locations is a hard one UNLESS both locations owned by the same folks and only then would I change my opinion.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Nov '20

Interesting...when I first moved to NJ and was living in Union County, I tried DELTA a few times for gas. I came to the same conclusion, their gas is garbage. I have never gone back since.

friendlyMcface friendlyMcface
Nov '20


The poster may have mentioned the two gas stations specifically, but did so in a manner to protect other consumers from what he believes as poor quality gas. Perhaps a thanks for the warning is more appropriate than what you accuse he or she of. That said, I'm not understanding your accusations of a "smear campaign". Negativity must be a part of your thought process.

Furthermore, I'm not buying your (likely) fabricated, self serving story about water in your injectors either.

By measure of most of your posts, that's seemingly your go-to option to hide your own shortcomings.

Nov '20

You don't understand what libel is obviously.

A warning that he got a bad tank of gas is different than his claim of diluted- which infers intentional.

And you can simply google water injection, it's history- which is likely longer than you've been alive- and the readily available kits.

I think the point is moot. The Delta gas station in Kenvil hasn't pumped gas in weeks.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Nov '20

...because they got caught watering down gas 1000+s to Pyc -1000 to Josh
Nov '20


"Obviously", with your "clear" understanding of "libel", you should understand that it's only considered libel if the statements are 'proven' to be untrue. Hey, perhaps you can fabricate a self serving story to prove there was NO water in their gas? This would likely be the method in which you back up your own accusations. I'm confident you can find something creative on google to help you along the way.

I just find it odd that you seem so sure that the poster is on a "smear campaign". I amazed you can decipher age through anonymous posts too. You're truly amazing. Does google provide you with these magical powers?

Bottom line, your accusations of the poster is pretty similar to his warning of the gas stations, only speculation.

Nov '20

If I had to guess, I think they are rebranding to a different name. The Delta on the corner of 46 and Howard Boulevard has changed in the last week or so.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Nov '20

"Obviously", with your "clear" understanding of "libel", you should understand that it's only considered libel if the statements are 'proven' to be untrue. Hey, perhaps you can fabricate a self serving

You have it backwards...the accuser has to prove his statement is true....

Nov '20

Josh, After doing a quick google of pvc’s situation and learning stations do water down gas in more common instances that you think (see News report attached), I think *unless you work for Delta* it’s a shame you spent so much time and efforts to discredit pvc’s posting – I had to validate my respect lost to your multiple unnecessary inundated negative comments as if NO stations NEVER water down gas. [To see the only "smear campaign" is yours against the information provided in this post]

Another worse part of your arguments in this post is the way you try convince people believe putting water in gas is a common good thing for someone to do. To better advice others, unless a person in the industry or take their vehicle to a professional shop, do NOT add water to GAS to ‘fix or better’ your engine issue.
Nov '20

Delta gas is the worst! They have had many complaints over the years. Including over charges on credit cards a few years back. They also change names of stations .. Beware

Sofine22 Sofine22
Nov '20


That's incorrect.

Dec '20

I like your replies and want to give more observations:
Gas mileage got worse with this "bad" gas - e.g. instead of 26-27 mpg, I got 22-23.
I drove about 500-600 miles since the initial occurrence.
Now the gas mileage is back to normal.

1- gas cap "throws" a different code - something related to evap system.
2 - judge judy - aggressive is statement your - the codes were cleared and they re-appeared again on the same (renaming) gas.
3 - josh - my observation, that you've judged me, as you judge yourself.
4 - noname - hm. i didn't say "diluted with water"
5 - MK - good point with dirt, but it shouldn't be an excuse.
6 - strangerdanger - .. or these gas stations source gas from the same vendor.
7 - JrzyGirl88 - there are a few deltas in kenvil/mine hill area.

Pyc --- could be. I was assuming that the station owner was the leg in the value chain most prone to cheating. IF it was the supplier, one would think stations would be wise to that sort of crud and test. Maybe not though, good point.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Dec '20

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