How to get the car title after paying off the loan

Hi, I was hoping if anyone could help me.

I paid off my car loan and received a letter of lien release from the bank.
I need to get the title, but I'm not sure what form to fill out.

I thought "Universal Title Application" ( was what I needed to mail in to DMV, but any of the types listed in "Step 1 – Title Transaction Type" don't seems to applicable to my situation.

Here are types listed:
- Initial NJ Title (New Owner) : Applications must include this form and a completed out-of-state title. In-state title transfers only require the submission of the
previous NJ title.

- Duplicate Title: Duplicate titles are issued if the current New Jersey title has been lost or stolen.

- Replacement/Corrected Titles: Replacement titles are issued when a New Jersey title is being surrendered in order to obtain a new title due to the
surrendered title being damaged or filled out incorrectly.

If anyone could guide me to the right direction, greatly appreciated!!

It is a Duplicate Title - you're asking for another copy of an existing title.

When it prints, since the lien is satisfied, it will print without the lien. I've been through that before and that's what they told me when I did it in person.

The bank just sent it to us after our final payment. We didn’t have to ask for it. Maybe check with the bank that had the loan before you do anything?

On the Universal Title Application from NJ MVC Step 1 Title Transaction Type, it looks like you check Duplicate Title & Remove Lien boxes. Then in step 6, check Lien Release Letter. It is usually not necessary to get a new title to sell the car, but you should get a new title if you want the state to have updated records that you have satisfied the loan.

Best of luck. My son is in the same situation, but he will wait until lines at dmv have gone down (doesn't want to send original lien release documents in the mail).

The bank will send it to you.

Happy my fam is safe Happy my fam is safe
September 19th

Yes, it's the loan company's responsibility to send you the title. I would contact them, as well as ask them for a Lien Release Statement. Years down the road (or sooner) you may need a copy of that to show that the lien has been satisfied and the loan company no longer has any fiduciary interest in the vehicle.

When applying for a historic plate for my car I showed up with the title, pictures, etc. that was needed, but they told me I needed a lien release too. It took weeks, and was a real pain trying to get it from the loan company 20 years after it was paid off!

I’m in the same exact situation. Paid off our cars and got the original title plus lease release letters. However, there is technically still a lien on the cars according the DMV since their records are not updated. Which is ridiculous as every other state has it so an electronic notification is sent to the DMV notifying them the lien has been satisfied. Needless to say, I don’t trust sending in alll the documents, nor do I want to spend hours waiting in line.

I worked for DMV years ago and when a lien was satisfied and paid in full, the bank will send it to you.
Call the bank and follow up

The Bank or loan company should mail it to you. Call them!

September 20th

Thank you all for commenting!
Wish me luck for a smooth process :)

Akako how long ago did you pay it off? Banks will sometimes send the letter stating you satisfied the loan+lien release before sending the title. Titles should be mailed anywhere from 2 weeks to a month after the loan is paid. Also be aware that the title may be sent in a plain white envelope so make sure not to discard it thinking it is junk mail!

If its been more than a month definitely contact the bank. Most likely they are still trying to catch up since the dmv was closed for a bit. If they say they mailed it out awhile ago, then you can fill out the duplicate title form, just know that it will cost 60$.

Good luck!

Thecatsmeow Thecatsmeow
September 21st


Certainly, best of luck to you! Let us know how everything works out for you. Hopefully fairly quickly and painlessly!

When i have paid off cars they have sent it to me in the mail after a few months.

When I paid off my truck the bank signed and mailed me the title.

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