Halloween Decorating/Decorations 2020

Just wondering what everyone is doing for Halloween this year and if they are decorating their homes and how exactly.

We are deciding to go the purple light tree route with a spot light and an 8 ft skeleton (small house not alot of room to cover)........ :)

Anyone else? Elaborate?

I put carved pumpkins over my landscape lights. A couple weeks before Halloween I put out carved craft pumpkins (from Michaels), then a couple days before Halloween, I put out real carved pumpkins. I don’t put the real pumpkins out early, so they still look good on Halloween - not shriveled or missing pieces because of nibbles from squirrels, though rubbing cayenne pepper on the pumpkins does help keep the squirrels from eating the pumpkins. I will probably put out my pumpkins this year.

2 weeks ago

I think we need Halloween decorating and fun more than ever this year. We're planning to go all out with real carved pumpkins, ghosts, spiders and large sized candy bars for the kids. We are hoping to see all our neighbors out and about with their children and/or with an occasional dog or two on Halloween night.

PVresident PVresident
2 weeks ago

Sadly I doubt anyone will be allowed to trick or treat this year...

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
2 weeks ago

MARS announces "Virtual Trick or Treat" Site.

Check it out.


Ead great info tyvm

Highly doubt kids are trick or treating this year....

Ty ead

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

Try the MARS site above.

Might be fun for kids.

But with masks, kids will probably still be able Trick or Treat in their neighborhoods.

Still nice to decorate even if no one comes!

We also are planning to go all out. Not 100% sure how just yet.

I also think if you put the porch lights on they will come. It’s a Saturday this year which also helps

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