Any reviews for Trinity Air? (Central air conditioning)

Hey all,

At the end of last season my outdoor condenser unit (at least, I think that’s what it’s called) was running sporadically and the house wasn’t cooling like it used to. I’d like someone to come over and give the old unit a once-over and also go into the attic and check the air handler etc. I did a little googling and found Trinity Air, LLC. I believe the guy’s name is Scott. Has anyone used him? If so, can you give me a quick “yea or nay” in regards to a recommendation?


March 31st

I personally use air group one not air group they can do same day 973 929 2080

There’s an Air Group and an Air Group One? And they are different businesses?

March 31st

I've used Trinity a few times. The owner is a super nice guy. My system is on it's last legs and I will definitely use Trinity to replace it.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
March 31st

Yes Trinty air is 100% honest and does not sell you anything you don’t need! He does amazing work for more than a fair price. I can promise you, that you won’t be disappointed.

Kevin e Kevin e
March 31st

Yes and I gave the wrong number ! Air group is a different owner than air group one is 973 794 4636. I would use air group one they now there stuff

I used Trinity Air to replace my central AC. Great job and nice guy. I would recommend.

Scott at Trinity Air is Awesome!!!!!

Racal on the Mnt Racal on the Mnt
March 31st

Thanks everyone! Will call Scott!

March 31st

He is excellent, my furnace wasn’t working in the beginning of winter and I told him I would love to try to make it 1 more season, and he made it happen. Not pushy, rushed over after hours, great prices! All around nice guy who knows what he is doing without the run around

Trinity (Scott) very nice and honest!

Worried Worried
April 1st

Well, he hasn’t done any work for me yet but I called him yesterday and we talked extensively. He must have spent 30 minutes on the phone with me discussing possible causes of my issue and just generally explaining central air systems and their known weaknesses. VERY personable guy. Looking forward to meeting him and doing business. Thanks again to my fellow HLers. Really appreciate the responses.

April 1st

An absolute yes for Trinity Air. My system is 20 years old and had a leak last year. He told us he can try to patch but couldn’t say if it would last 2 days or 2 years. Then if the patch didn’t work out he would take the cost of his time and putting the patch off of the price to replace the unit. I wont use anybody else for my central air needs.

April 4th

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