Berry Bowls

A new place opened up today on Mountain Ave in the same strip mall where iHop is. It's called Berry Bowls and they have acai/pitaya bowls, smoothies, juices, salads, sandwiches, and wraps. I tried it out this morning and everything seemed super fresh. I got an acai bowl that was delicious and a large portion. Everything on their menu was under $10, and their bowls are significantly cheaper than the ones at Playa Bowls in Chester. I'm so glad to see a healthy place like this in town. I will definitely go back and I hope they do well!!

htown123 htown123
3 weeks ago

Vanilla Market in Panther Valley has great Acai Berry Bowls as well!!

Foodielover123 Foodielover123
3 weeks ago

Hackettstown Health Food is another one to check out.

Doesn't sound like my bowl of berries (lol) but I'm glad to see a new business open up in town. Good luck to them!

honestyseasy honestyseasy
3 weeks ago

This is the best news I've hear about Htown!!!

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the heads up htown123. I'll stop in after my oil change today.

Went today but don’t think I’ll go back. The bathroom was disgusting and they’ve only been open a day. The food was okay- not great. I’d make the trip to Chester for Playa Bowl instead.

Where is the Vanilla Market in the Panther Valley mall -- by the shell station and the Panther Pub?

Hackresident Hackresident
3 weeks ago

Re: Berry Bowls

Went today and loved it ,I wish them good luck and I’ll return again ! I had a creamsicle protein drink and a pineapple craze açaí bowl.

I went there on Friday and had their Tex Chicken wrap and a PB Banana protein shake. They were both delicious. I will definitely going back again and again.

htownlifer htownlifer
2 weeks ago

@hackresident ~ right by the Panther Pub

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
2 weeks ago

Had a juice there today!
Great healthy place here!
I’ll be going back.

Re: Berry Bowls

Hi guys
I am owner of berry bowls smoothie and salad bar thank you for supporting us we moved from ny here in Hackettstown and we buy all produce from local guy live in Washington and strictly support locals and just become part of gold gym any customers came from gold gets 10% discount when show us tag... and any business raise from gold gym members till oct 26th we gave 5% donation to henry fundraising from now...
keep support and keep healthy
Thanks again

Berry bowls Berry bowls
2 weeks ago

Ive been to both, the Vanilla Market is way better. Plus the owner told me she is now working on putting in a smoothie bar with all different kinds of proteins, supplement add ins etc. Plus the food at Vanilla Market is way fresher and the atmosphere is very nice and very clean.

My husband and I had the chicken Cesar wraps from Berry Bowl tonight and they were delicious! We have tried wraps from every single restaurant in Htown (and panther valley) and these are by far the best and freshest.

We will definitely be going back and I wish the owners the best of luck.

Went to give Berry Bowls a try today but they weren’t opened though the sign shows 8:30 am. Willing to give it a try.......

Have been to Vanilla Market, decent wraps, etc. Definitely not the greatest option for smoothies and bowls, but this was a few months ago and I was told there wasn’t a demand for it at the time but hoping we can get this in our area.

Playa Bowls by far is the best thing around; worth the trip for sure!

Vanilla Markert is putting a smoothie bar in its going to be great!

Tried the açaí bowl. The açaí they use was the wrong consistency. Açaí was icy consistency instead of more like a sherbet. All they need to do is use a little more liquid when blending the açaí. Next time I’ll try the smoothies.

Big Bobby Big Bobby
1 week ago

Tried Berry Bowls again, even worse this time. Its a wanna be Playa Bowls but its not even close!

What did you get/didn't like Momof6? I was wanting to try the dragonfruit bowl and vegan panini for lunch tomorrow

Just had salad and stress minimizer smoothie this is my 2nd time and great experience I will bring my friends next time

4 days ago

No offense and please don’t take personally this is what I think I read more positive comments then negative I think @ momof6 just promoting vanilla market nothing else .

4 days ago

Funny how Jenny21 and Berry bowls have similar writing styles...

@Jenny21 agree. Believe she did the same thing on another post.

whocares whocares
4 days ago

Went there there last week and ordered a grilled shrimp salad and grilled chicken panini, shrimp was popcorn shrimp microwaved, not grilled. The chicken is some preformed chicken patty , neither were very appetizing. Smoothies were just ehh, nothing special or really worth the price. I wish them well but most likely won’t be back.

Infiniti2510 Infiniti2510
4 days ago

Im not promoting anything. Im just saying I prefer the bowls from Vanilla Market and didnt like the ones I got from Berry Bowls. Now Playa Bowls is definitely the best!!! Am I promoting them now to? If so I should be getting paid. The bowl from Berry Bowls just wasnt good, very watery and the fruit was not fresh.

Playa Bowls is the best. I will drive all the way to Chester no problem for one. I will go to Denville when I'm in the area. This place is a knock off for sure.

It's a shame this town can't support top notch places.

Playa Bowls is way better and fresher.

ah thanks for the feedback

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