Missing Person - Washington (Warren Co.) FOUND

Missing Person - Washington (Warren Co.) FOUND

From Facebook:

As of a few hours ago my Dad has been declared a missing person by the Washington police. If anyone has any information please contact the police directly at (908)689-1630 and ask for the detective working the Scott Beto case. We ask that you respect our privacy and limit calls as my family and I are trying to keep the lines open for tips from the police. Below is the most recent photo we have. *We Are Asking That Everyone Please Share This Post*

Calico696 Calico696
4 weeks ago

So sorry, Calico. Please put this on Facebook or tag me and I will be happy to share...

joyful - I don't know this person. Just asking people to share because it's local. I shared it on my FB page. You should be able to share it from there.

Calico696 Calico696
4 weeks ago

Real sorry to hear this, I know Scott through mutual friends but haven't seen him in a while. Please spread the word, he is a good guy.

4 weeks ago

OK, Calico...I will do that...

I heard he was in rehab but I am not sure. I dont know him but I have a friend that does.

He has been found. I don't know any details.

I'm amazed at how few comments there were. Missing kid, 1017 posts. Missing adult.......

Calico696 Calico696
4 weeks ago

Im glad he's been found. I did share a facebook post by a relative.

Calico, should have said his nickname was Spot or Fluffy; then you get some interest.

Glad he is found.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
4 weeks ago

True SD.

Calico696 Calico696
4 weeks ago

I'm glad Scott Beto was found too.

"I'm amazed at how few comments there were. Missing kid, 1017 posts. Missing adult ....."

Well, isn't the reason obvious?

"should have said his name was Spot or Fluffy, then you get some interest"
"true SD"

Not saying people shouldn't be on the lookout ---- but the Police, CIA and FBI are in charge of missing people.
You don't call them for lost pets.

happiest girl
4 weeks ago

If the family had asked for specific help, I would have assisted. Police don't do too much when an adult is missing, unless they basically are assumed to be lost in the woods. ACLU wins gave even adults with issues the right to be not bothered by anyone.

Generally when grown men go missing they don’t want to be found. The same cannot be said for dogs or children.

Matilda Fuentess Matilda Fuentess
3 weeks ago

Grown men usually DO the kidnapping. They are not often the victims of kidnapping. When a grown man goes missing, most of the time he's taken off of his own volition. The exception is an elderly person.

As for missing dogs, I'm always amazed how people who can't be apart from their dogs for a minute and who simply HAVE to have Fluffy with them at a restaurant or supermarket or sitting on their lap in the car, can pry themselves away long enough for the dog to go missing in the first place. Maybe that's just it. The dogs can't take all that smothering and try to run off!

Maja: interesting. I looked, couldn't find. Do you have case?

strangerdanger strangerdanger
3 weeks ago

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