Recommendation ?

Geedo Geedo
Jan '18

Dr. Samach in Morristown

Summer fun
Jan '18

Dr. Wallach in Morristown is excellent.

Localchef Localchef
Jan '18

Locally Dr Agarwal for sure.

If you're going out of the area go for the best, Mt Sinai is the top of the top departments. Dr Peter Legnani, award winning patient advocate, speaker, and clinician. Phenomenal for 2nd opinions and emergency consults. Office is on 5th Ave NYC around the corner from Mt Sinai hospital.

Dr. Kahlam. Great doctor and all around nice person. I've been a patient for about 5 years and couldn't be happier. His office is right in Hackettstown on rt 46 next to the Sherwin-Williams store.

Dr. Kahlam. I was in institutions for months for a problem. Once I got to him, he fixed me up in a week.

Old Gent Old Gent
Jan '18

Dr. Suhir Agarwal. Top notch doctor. As a nurse of over 25 years, I have worked with many gastroenterologists in my career, at numerous hospitals. He is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients. Treats all his patients as if they are his friends/family members. I myself, am a patient of his and would highly recommend him.

Terri P
Jan '18

Dr. Agarwal is excellent in both mine and my husbands opinion. A bonus is that he is local.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
Jan '18

Dr. Agarwal is great - used to go to Kahlam but only has hours in Hackettstown Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings and the office staff overbooked for the many years I went there. You can be waiting behind ten other patients for over an hour and he is the only doctor in the practice. Also, office staff not the friendliest, never apologizes for the long wait and parking is scarce and not the best. He also makes you go every two or three months, so if you take medication from him he never gives you refills to make you go back and see him when he found nothing to be a major problem. I go to Agarwal now and it is a much better experience.

Jan '18

Dr Kahalam

FreddyFingers FreddyFingers
Jan '18

Doctor JImmy Chang from plaza family care . I have been to the ones mentioned here in the past. Dr Chang was the only one that diagonosed a blockage. Best gastro doctor around this area I think...

Just me Just me
Jan '18

I would highly recommend Dr. Arsenescu in Morristown. He is the third doctor i have been to for my Crohn's disease and he is the only doctor to actually treat me with the correct medicine. I have been to other doctors in Hackettstown and all they did was put me on anti-inflammatory meds and steroids for months which basically did nothing. Dr. Arsenescu is the real deal.

MrMet MrMet
Jan '18

Summit Medical Group in Florham Park - I've seen Isaac Galandauer and been very pleased - and friends have seen and been helped by the other docs in this practice.

4catmom 4catmom
Jan '18

I would not agree with seeing Dr. Chang. He is very nice but also very passive about any issues you may have. Never really gives a true diagnosis. More script happy then anything else. I liked him at first but after seeing him for years, he does all these test, and never tells me anything. I stopped taking any meds he was prescribing as they were only making me more sick. Not to mention - he is NEVER on time! You have to wait hours to see him. I have been a patient of Plaza Family Care since I was born and their office was in Flanders. I feel the bigger they get, the worse they become.

Jan '18

NoWay - I've never seen Dr. Chang, but have had a similar experience at Plaza Family Care. It's like pulling teeth to get them to give you a diagnosis. Last time I was there for an injury and when I asked for advice on what to do she told me to google it.

Dr. Kahlam. Hands down. Saved my life twice.

I get that Kahlam is good but be prepared, as I mentioned in a previous post, to be aggravated, waiting over an hour to see him, if not longer (and he only sees you for five minutes, tops). Never gives you refills on medications, office staff looks depressed and disgusted and you literally always walk into a waiting room with ten people ahead of you. Plus, even if you have an appointment at a certain time, if a person who has a later appointment comes in before you, they take them ahead of you. It does not seem to matter what time your appointment is, then. The parking lot has very little parking at all, so it is not worth going there. Kahlam's bedside manner is just blah as he really does not have an outgoing or caring personality. Dr. Arghwal is much better. More compassionate, better office staff, and less of a wait when you see him.

Jan '18

I used to go to Dr. Agarwal but I always had to wait at least an hour after my appointment time to see him. That, and I always felt like I was just an appointment when I wanted to be treated as a “case”. Meaning tell me a plan not just come back in a month. I go to Dr. Amber Kahn now. I like her.

Hunterdon gastroenterology at Hunterdon Medial Center is great. They have many experienced doctors. I went there when Dr. Chang at Plaza was booked up.

Jan '18

Dr Agrawal.
Don't go to Chang. He told me over the phone I had cancer and was very short about it..

Dr. Darren Blumberg at the Summitt Medical Group in Florham Park. I know it a drive.

Norman Baron Norman Baron
Jan '18

I second the Darren Blumberg recommendation. I have experienced several of the local GI docs and many from across the country. Blumberg is superior by comparison. None of the staffing, wait, script, or bedside issues I have seen mentioned here either.

texaskeystone texaskeystone
Jan '18

any current thoughts on Gastro drs???

Townmom Townmom
May '19

A few months ago my husband had a consultation with Dr. Sergey Rybalov in Dover. Great doctor, spent time explaining the issue and recommended an excellent surgeon to us. We are so glad that went to him.

Definitely Dr. Kahlam.. No long wait in office and he takes the time to listen and answer questions. Professional & caring. Staff friendly and helpful.

Nothing has changed recently with any of the local doctors. I still stand by my original advice of Dr Agarwal. And if you're going to travel get the best of the best in NYC at Mt Sinai.

Stand by Agarwal. You DO wait long, over an hour in Kahlams office, have to see him every three months as he never gives refills, no decent parking there and a horrible office staff. You are usually behind ten or more other patients when you see him and he is the only doctor in that office and has ZERO personality.

May '19

We go to Dr. Agarwal, and find him to be thorough, professional, easy to talk to (and he really listens to what you're saying, and he may have questions as a result of what you say), and he is a Dr. who really cares about his patients. This is our experience.

Mrs. Pipes```` Mrs. Pipes````
May '19

I still stand by Dr. Carl Wallach in Morristown...developed a moderately severe case of ulcerative colitis and he was aggressive in treating it...not really the "wait and see" type, he goes after it. On top of that, just a very pleasant man, and talks to you on a normal level of understanding.

Local chef
May '19

Anyone know if Dr Kahlam is still open? I call and the phone keeps giving me a busy signal

I vote for Dr Khallam.


HtownNewbie HtownNewbie
1 week ago

I'll second Dr. Wallach in Morristown.

Bemused Bemused
1 week ago

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