Window Screens

Anyone know where to get window screens fixed in Hackettstown area?

kikinj kikinj
Jul '16

It was discussed previously but the best place is Warren County Glass, entrance on Washington Street by the Pres Church parking lot. Great business and will replace splines, cut the screens and even custom make a whole new frame if you need it.

Thanks so much. Perfect.

kikinj kikinj
Jul '16

Hackettstown Towne Hardware

Michele Blinn-Barrei Michele Blinn-Barrei
Jul '16

Second Warren County Glass. I have never used them for screens, but had windows replaced there. Very good job.

Jul '16

How much do the charge to replace the screens?
I took my screens someplace else once to get replaced and foolishly didn't ask the price. I almost fell over when I picked them up and charged me about $25 per screen.

nutty nutty
Jul '16

I second Hometown Hardware. It was a long time ago so I don't remember the price but they did it very quickly for me.

I remember the custom screens and storm windows on grandma's house on Prospect street. They had numbered tacks on the frames and windows because they were built on site and were not interchangeable.

donw2 donw2
Jul '16

I recently had a fiberglass window screen fitted up for my window which I got fitted up by my neighbouring window installer called heritage home design windows and doors Fibergalss is flexible and easy to install.They do not dent easily and they don’t unravel.They are mostly available in charcoal and silver gray colors.The mesh would be about 18X16 and the diameter about .011

House House
Sep '16

are the stores listed above still replacing screens?

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Apr '17

I just used Amish Mike in Mt. Olive to redo my sliding glass door screens

colem11 colem11
Apr '17

LibertyThinker - The posts are not even a year old, they're all current. I definitely recommend Warren County Glass not only for the screens, but windows, storm doors, etc.

Hometown Hardware was pretty cheap and quick for just the screen replacement- not the frame.

Blackcat Blackcat
Apr '17

One of the advantages of using WC Glass over some other places is cutting out the middle man. Some stores will provide the service, but all they really do is sub the work out to another place like WC glass, anyway, and take a cut of your money.

I had some screens done at WC Glass, earlier this year. It's kind of a "hole in the wall" place, but as always, they were friendly, professional, and got the jobs done quickly and for a good price, with no hassle.

JerseyWolf JerseyWolf
Apr '17

Did WC Glass guy retire yet?

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Apr '17

Warren County Glass helped me out when I needed them many years ago. Great job!

Apr '17

"Did WC Glass guy retire yet?"

No, his house in the south is not ready yet

The Man The Man
Apr '17

Another thumbs up for Warren County Glass!! Hopefully the business isn't going to close up for good when the "Glass Guy" retires???

We highly recommend Warren County Glass - dropped off a few got them back on time... now we will drop off the rest ... with 4 cats you can imagine we had issues...

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Apr '17

Guessing Warren County Glass is now closed with the owner retired out of state? Anyone local to rescreen beat up window screens?

Netcong Hardware can replace screens.

Hackresident Hackresident
May '18

One Stop in Washington.

Calico696 Calico696
May '18

we used - Netcong Hardware - they did a great job ... highly recommend ....

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
May '18

I called One Stop today. They said they take about a week to work on the screens and run $20 a screen for an avg size window. I saw Blue Ridge Lumber mentioned on here in another thread for screens so I gave them a call. They don't do screens and pointed me back to One Stop in Washington on Route 31 for any rescreening work. Also saw Lowes mentioned and they don't do screens either (At least not the Hackettstown location). My commute to work takes me through Netcong...will give Netcong Hardware a call for pricing.

I thought the screens I took to One Stop were average size..but 2 of them cost $78.00 to repair...OUCH....

Smile every day Smile every day
Jun '18

If all else fails, it’s not too difficult to replace the screens yourself! I did quite a few of my own a few years ago when I was pregnant and Zika was a huge threat. You can buy the replacement mesh screening and the tool you need to secure the edges at Home Depot or Lowes.

There’s a glass place on Main Street in Stanhope that is repairing my Anderson window screens-with the metal spline. These are for a bit larger windows as they’re from the front porch-$23 per screeen.

Blackcat Blackcat
Jun '18

Bumping this up with a new question..tried Googling but still have questions. I've replaced the screening twice on the screen insert on my storm door. It's pretty old and no idea of the brand. I would like to replace the entire insert as it has metal strip separating the top from the bottom and I hate it. Feeling like at this point, if I could just be the insert might be a good option. Here's my question, is that a generic thing that I could just take the insert to Home Depot or Lowes or anywhere and get a new one? Tried looking on line but I think I need to know what I'm doing, LOL.

Bessie Bessie
Jul '19

FYI Andresen's run $33 to $70 bucks at Home Depot. Might be easier sometimes to go new.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jul '19

I just got 2 window screens made from scratch for my kitchen. Went to Custom Glass & Design in Stanhope on Main Street.

They fit perfectly.

Ead..did they make you a new frame or just put new screening in your existing frame or did you get a whole new frame? Was it pricey if you got a new frame?

Bessie Bessie
Jul '19

Washington One Stop, Route 31 just north of the Washington Shop Rite did a great job replacing window screens

Outsider Outsider
Jul '19

They made all new frames with the screens. I gave them my broken one.

Pricey, not sure as I couldn't find anyone else to make them. They were about $45 each.

For those living west of Hackettstown, these places in addition to Washington One Stop replace window screens:

Belvidere Glass & Mirror:

Rigo General Hardware:

Ritter Lumber:

Belvidere Glass & Mirror just recently replaced many of my screens. Very reasonable pricing. He's located at a private house right on Route 519 on the White Twp/Harmony Twp border. It's best to call him (number/address in link above) first before stopping by. He can get very busy thus your screens may take more than a week to complete.

Lenny Rock Lenny Rock
Jul '19

my screens are oak frames with metal screening need replace two frames are shot any one round 07840zip do this

Caged Animal Caged Animal
Jul '19

I still replace screening in window or slidder doors in the general area of panther valley

robert a cowan robert a cowan
Jul '19

Any updated recommendations for window screen replacement in the Hackettstown area updated for 2021?

hktownie hktownie
Jun '21

Go to Netcong Hardware on Rt. 206. they're good and reasonable.

MansfieldVillager MansfieldVillager
Jun '21

Can you recommend someone to repair a glass sliding door that doesn't slide very well? It is a very large door about 8ft high and 200 pounds

You can try Matt’s Glass on Rt206 in Flanders.

FarmerJake FarmerJake
3 weeks ago

An 8' sliding door sounds like it may hang on its sliding mechanism like a commercial application, it may not glide on the bottom. It depends on the manufacturer. I have seen both types in a 96" high sliding door assembly. Either way a door that size would be difficult to operate if it's misaligned for sure.

I would check out these folks in Stanhope as they do both residential and commercial glass work. I and a few family members have used them with great success.

Custom Glass & Design
Stanhope, New Jersey
Address: 149 Main St, Stanhope, NJ 07874
Open ⋅ Closes 5:30PM
Phone: (973) 691-7000


Well the people on the phone seemed very helpful and knowledgeable but they told me they were going to call me back as to when they could come out for a estimate. Its been 2 weeks and no callback so I guess its time to move on

That's a bummer. I know they are very busy but if they say they are going to call they should follow through.

I would give them a reminder call.

I just had them cut a simple $30 glass shelf for me. I stopped in with my template and he said it would be a week and they would call when ready. I forgot about it but at the start of the second week I called and was able to pick it up later that day. I don't know if my reminder was the push or they already had the item in the job que for the day.

Good luck!

Thanks Greg

That worked

Great! They really are nice people and do great work. The family members who used them to install large elaborate master bath shower enclosures etc. were both very pleased.

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