Any Acme with Philadelphia Zoo Discounts?

Hi, just a quick question. Does anyone know of any ACME stores that are offering the discounted Philadelphia Zoo tickets? Some are offering the zoo or Dorney Park. All of the ones that I have called are doing the Dorney Park tickets. Thanks in advance!

If you plan to go even just twice in a year it pays to become a member. With admission prices of $20 adult and $18 children, plus parking which is $15, depending on how many in your family, they have several different membership options You also get a discount on food (I think 10%) I always get mailings with discounted membership offerings ----- unfortunately I don't have any paperwork in the house at the moment. Maybe if you call the zoo and ask they might give you a code or discount option.
I got an "individual" membership for $68 which gets me and one person into the zoo. One visit for me & my husband plus parking would otherwise cost $55 ---- so you see how even 2 visits saves you money.

happiest girl
Jul '14

I would assume it would be the ACME's closer to south Jersey honestly.

Sandy Sandy
Jul '14

If you have children under 18.... get a family memebership.
Mine was discounted to $105, and can bring two adults and up to 6 children under 18 (I have three) Free parking, paid off in one visit...

BrownEyesGuy BrownEyesGuy
Jul '14

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