Saxon falls

Any one remember the cabins on Saxon lake?

Wayne Gary Wayne Gary
October 27th

Wayne do you mean along the Musconetcong by Saxon Falls? I know there were a bunch of small cabins along that stretch.

There is a collection of scanned pictures at the Hackettstown Historical Society Museum that were taken years ago. Images of the cabins are included.

October 28th

There are still some old buildings there, you can walk by and check them out. Also foundations and other remnants.

yes the cabins along the Musconetcong, my father and grandfather built the cabin down along the river, I spent my youth there awesome memories Elsie's was to the left of our cabin. I fished and learned to swim there. Went swimming in what we called the pool at saxton falls and ice skated.

Sorry to highjack the thread but can someone tell me where the Hackettstown Museum is and when they are open? This is the second time in as many weeks I’ve heard about it and am very interested in checking it out.

October 28th

Stumbled on this photo.

October 28th

Great picture, our cabin was upriver a bit. I'm going to the Historical Society museum this up coming week and see what I can find.

Grascal, great image!
How did you research site to find this picture?
Interested, always trying to learn new things :)
Please inform, thank you.

Wayne, I also lived up river a bit from there as well back in the late 80's. At the end of Sunrise parkway. I greatly enjoyed living there on the river.

AJMS I had previously searched Saxton Falls Nj via Google and found this image and had saved the link...I have seen more but cannot find the links.

October 28th


I recommend coming to the Museum between 2-4pm on Wednesdays, since Ray Lemasters helms the Museum on those days. As Hackettstown's Historian, and the Museum's Archivist, he's the most qualified of us to answer any of your questions and find exactly what you're looking for, if it's there to be found. I kind of think of him as the living encyclopedia of Hackettstown.

Just as a side note. Grascal is correct that it's actually "Saxton" Falls, Lake, etc. Fortunately if you accidentally search for saxon lake, nj Google finds it for you, since so many have misnamed it that way. You do get a load of other places come up in your results as well though. You get closer results higher up by searching on "saxton lake" or "saxton lake nj":

Consig- The museum in next to the Library at 106 Church street. As Phil pointed out Mr. Lemasters while perhaps not a National treasure, he is most certainly a Hackettstown treasure without equal!

As an aside, I should look through the documents and thousands of photos and tin types I have from the area. I'm am sure I have related information to that area, Waterloo, as well as Hackettstown. Lots of Smith items as that family was synonymous with Waterloo and Hackettstown.


That's actually the wrong address. The one you gave is for one which was hoped to replace the official one, but is not our official website.

The correct address is:

Once we get our new website finished, it will be replacing the one at the address I just posted. The other one will be completely deleted, and yes, I'm in a position to know this firsthand.

Ah. I just did a quick Google search for that query. I thought you meant the physical address for a moment.! I know there has been a new website in the works for a few years now. Glad to see progress.

Greg u lived on sunrise ? I know lots of people who lived there. Colony rd. Sunrise parkway and minisink. Hell I remember the old bar on Waterloo. So who do you remember. Last names?

The bar was Elsie's. Our cabin was the last rode going up in before the bar.

Greg do you remember Sara stocker or sabo

When I was there I lived in the end house to the left next to the Applegates when you came down to the end of Sunrise. I believe it was the Gallagher's place prior tp me living there. I recall Armstrong's lived up across from Ray Mattison's mother. Also the Providakis' lived up next to the Armstrong's. I can't recall the ladies that lived on the other side of the Applegate's.

Sara Stockers house was next to my uncles cabin above ours and I also remember Sabo, he was a plumber if I remember. we used to call him Slammer.

Ok so your uncles last name stated with the letter B ? I can’t spell it something pronounced like boo shard

If your looking at Sara’s house my uncles was to the right their name was Gurinko

Wayne Gary Wayne Gary
3 weeks ago

Carl his son Mikey and a Christopher?

Sara was down by the river. Was that Mickey ? Your uncle

yes Mick Gurinko was my uncle, my aunt also had a cabin next to his on the right her name was Minnie, we were down on the waters edge. now keep in mind I'm talking 60s and 70s

Lol. All good. Mick loved fishing!

It’s used to be such a beautiful area on a beautiful stretch of river…. Now it’s over grown woods loaded with debris from the state knocking down houses and not cleaning up. It’s sad what it turned into. Still a nice area with a few people still living there.

lol You have no idea how much!
Do you remember meeting his son! Mick? he was my cousin he was the brother I never had.
Like I remember we drove up the road that is blocked up now, is there a way to get to that area from another way?

Not really I would just park at the old bar and try walking up the old road hopefully most of the brush is dying off now that winter is coming

Wayne I only remember your uncle and him fishing out of a canoe plus drove a van. He showed me how to use a goose caller so I could feed the geese bread when I was little lol

Yup he used to fly fish with poppers for bluegills in the lily pads!
He fished for hours from that canoe. do you remember the year?

Late 80s possibly early 90s

George & Wayne...Vicki Mc Morrow lived on Colony , past Ray's Mom's house, turn right.She was the cottage on the left side. She later moved further down and had a house right on the water. That was back in the 80's and 90's.

Suburbia Suburbia
3 weeks ago

My father sold the cabin if I remember correctly late seventies early eighties.
I got into sports, my grandparents had passed and we just didn't go up anymore.
I am in the process digitizing my fathers slides so I can share with anyone with anyone who would like to see how beautiful that area was.
I took Phil's recommendation and went to the Hackettstown Museum, great experience looked at some pictures they had and even saw our cabin. I want to get some pictures to the museum as well.

I remember Vicki and her daughter Amy. Amy was a real winner lol

Was Amy the girl who moved or lived in the house on the river but on Waterloo road that had the pony or donkey or something?

What ever happened to Tom Mcevilly who lived in a cabin near Claus tavern ? I saw him hitch hiking on Waterloo Road several times.

I do not remember Amy ever having a pony or donkey. I worked with her mom , Vicki and also babysat Stacy & Amy when they were little. Vicki lived on Colony near Rays mother then later moved down the road to a house on the River. Vicki passed from cancer & that house was left to fall down as the state does when someone moves out. It was once a nice little neighborhood. It’s a shame.

Suburbia Suburbia
3 weeks ago

Pony was Chrissy kale. She still lives along river past the old bar on right. House should be Condemned lol

Tom Mcgueverly still rides his bike on Waterloo. Pretty sure he lives at one of those white house near the concert field along river

Question for everyone
can pictures be posted on the forum?

Yes. Just below your name and email is the "Add Photo" in blue. Click that and choose your photo to upload.

I wanna see photos !!!!!

Re: Saxon falls

our cabin pic taken from the dock, Elsies bar is to right

Re: Saxon falls

looking down river from our dock

Nice! I lived just beyond that big rock down stream a bit. I'll have to look for some pics myself.

I know someone that lives right in that area now, possibly close to where Greg's house was.

Awesome pics Wayne. There are only two house left on colony rd.

Wayne and Greg are you part of the Hackettstown historical society?

I am not but have spent time chatting with Mr. Lemasters over the years. I should add I worked at Waterloo Village from 1980-2009. I grew up in Stanhope then moved to the house on the river prior to moving to Hackettstown nearly 30 years ago.

It was during my tenure at Waterloo that I began exploring the history of the area, naturally the Morris canal (Elsie's was a lock tender house) and it's history. When I moved there while the "heydays" were gone, it was fun to live in that little community.

Re: Saxon falls

I am not, but that place is awesome. I am in the process of digitizing my fathers slides of our cabin and the lake. I always said that was the best time of my life going there I will be posting more pics and plan on taking hike to see if I can get back in there or at least close. I live in Hackettstown now and always very interested in the history of that area also. This picture is our cabin looking from the road.

Re: Saxon falls

Water skiing on Saxton Lake, right above the falls heading back up river

Awesome pics!

Not an area native.
Great pics!
We all have that special place.
When we were young.
Without care….


Funny thing is that I actually am part of the Hackettstown Historical Society. By the way would the house you mention as being the house owned by the lady who had the pony be the one that seems to have the foundation/basement actually IN the old Morris Canal, with two sides actually being the stone lining of the Canal?


You may know Dolly and/or Jeff then. I think they've lived on Colony for about 30 years or so now.

Possibly Phil. It’s the first house on the right past the old bar If you’re headed towards Byram. Also did you happen to talk to the man who lives right by the falls?

Re: Saxon falls

This is the front of the house Greg & I lived in off Sunrise on Charlnor.

Walking Girl Walking Girl
2 weeks ago

Re: Saxon falls

We had a great oversized two car garage.

Walking Girl Walking Girl
2 weeks ago

Re: Saxon falls

"Back" of the house. When you live on the river it's really the front of the house.

Walking Girl Walking Girl
2 weeks ago

Epic pics!

Walking Girl, that looks like a wonderful place to live!

Peggy C. Peggy C.
2 weeks ago

That was prior to me painting the entire place , same color scheme, and planting flowers in the raised bed in front of the door. I also cleaned up the grounds quite a bit too.

Loved that T-bird too! LOL

I left there in 91. I don't recall a Jeff or Dolly to tell the truth. I should add I don't recall what I had for lunch yesterday either! LOL

Peggy- the entire interior was knotty pine. It had an enormous kitchen. One bedroom up stairs with a half bath connected. Full bath on the main level. Great view of the Musky too. There was a large lazy willow tree in the yard at the waters edge that was great. The kick was the rent. I paid $190 per month. It was still under control of the Division Of Water Resources in DEP. Once DEP turned over those homes in the area to the Treasury Department, rents went to market value.

I can't remember.... were there ever any lifeguards at the state park swimming area at Saxton Falls?

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