my lilacs are starting to bloom

seems a bit strange but my lilacs are starting to seem strange for this normal. anyone else have this happening

Due to the dry summer I cut the dried out remains of my annuals and they all started to come back.

Roywhite Roywhite
Sep '22

My lilac bush is dead, I hope it comes back in spring. However, It bloomed last February. I couldn’t believe it. No leaves just flowers. Never saw that before.

auntiel auntiel
Sep '22

Yes, mine too!!! I thought it was odd!

townie1235 townie1235
Sep '22

Many trees and shrubs prepare their blooms in the fall, then actually bloom in spring. It's been unusually dry and a bit hotter than normal. It's odd but really completely abnormal.

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Re: my lilacs are starting to bloom
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