Weis eliminating Cashiers

Went to Weis the other day and they only had one line open with a cashier. The rest are Self Checkout. The Girl told me they are looking to eliminate cashiers. If that is true, I will no longer shop there.

Mr 4Paws Mr 4Paws
August 8th

They may be forced to eliminate staff as no one wants to fill positions anyway. With the minimum wage increasing, inflation skyrocketing unchecked, as well as the growing recession, retail has to do anything they can to keep afloat these days.

I may be in the minority but I always prefer the self check out. I do understand that is not helpful for many who require a person to check them out. There should always be at least one person at minimum for folks.

+1 Greg. I can't remember the last time I DIDN'T self-checkout, whether it was Weis, Shoprite, Walmart, or even grocery stores while I was on vacation. But there should always be at least one "manned" checkout aisle.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
August 9th

I agree with Greg and JR. I prefer self-checkout partly because I cannot stand waiting on lines, lol. Also, when I do the bagging, I don't smash my fruit by placing large jars of pickles on top of them! I also agree that you always need a couple of manned checkout aisles for various reasons.

Rob Durana Rob Durana
August 9th

How do you guys feel about pumping your own gas?

I always do self checkout because the cashiers never seem to be able to make Apple Pay work, whereas I have had 100% success when doing it myself. But I do agree that there should be the option of a live cashier for those who need/prefer it.

I don't care one way or the other about pumping my own gas.

I'm old enough to remember the days when self-serve gas was cheaper than full service. (I'm originally from Ohio). Only the elderly used full service. EVERYONE pumped their own gas. NJ is soft.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
August 9th

My issue with self checkout is they don't build them with support for large shopping lists. Only Walmart has more than a tiny shelf for your stuff. Shoprite of all places needs to look at how people use their cashier lanes and learn how to do self checkout better.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
August 9th

Don’t be lazy. I hate the self checks out as well. But at the end of the day it’s an American company still providing a business in our small town and paying employees. someone still needs to slice the fruit and turkey. Walmart shopeite etc moved to the model as well…

Think... who wants to do the pure repetition job of being a supermarket cashier; scanning many dozens of items per customer? Technology will improve the situation even further.

More often than not I also try to pump my own gas here in Jersey. Usually the attendant allows it sometimes they intercede for some reason LOL.

JR, are you crazy! A manned lane!!?? You can't say that in this day and age. LOL. I'm sure you meant to say human occupied lane. ROTFL.

The checkout station isn't the only thing that was removed. So was the bench just past the checkout, where a companion could wait, or a shopper could gather their goods or change, check their list or receipt, or catch their breath before heading out to the parking lot. Not a very friendly move.

alligor alligor
August 9th

Yeah sorry, I should have said a -pronoun of your choice- lane LOL.

But no worries- soon we won't have to worry about it because we'll have robots/androids with artificial intelligence "androiding" those lanes... no pronouns necessary!

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
August 9th

Get used to supermarket cashiers going away. Supermarkets everywhere in the country are slashing payroll . The cashiers and front end workers get hit the hardest. If you like pumping your own gas enjoy the experience until you spill gasoline on your clothes and skin.See how long it takes to wash the gasoline smell from your clothes!

This thread reminded me of the article I read the other day about restaurants moving toward robots to serve food now: https://nj1015.com/love-it-or-hate-it-restaurant-robots-are-coming-to-new-jersey/

I prefer to self checkout but I don't think any computer programmer at Shop Rite has ever even entered a grocery store. Their system is terrible. It's constantly stopping and you have to jump up and down to get the attention of the supervising cashier. There is no room to put a full cart of bagged groceries. I will say that I am very grateful they got rid of the ridiculous weighing system.

Target's is great, they just need more of them.

I wish they would let me use a traditional check out line. I could empty my entire cart onto the rolly thing. Then I could checkout myself and pack my groceries into a cart full of empty bags. So efficient.

They also have eliminated their hand baskets like Walmart did.

August 9th

Good idea, Res2. The self-checkouts are very convenient for less items (altho I do use them even for a week's worth of groceries), it would be easier with larger areas for the pre and post purchase of everything.

I actually forgot my bags the other day, I refused to walk back to the car LOL, so I just checked everything out... right back into my cart LOL. Wheeled it out to the car THEN put everything in my bags.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
August 10th

As far as pumping my own gas, I think it's ridiculous that you can't pump your own in this ridiculous state. I live in the Catskills 50% of the time so am very used to it. The station I go to is usually pretty busy, and it sometime takes several minutes for an attendant to get to my car. When the tank is full, again it often takes quite a while before he/she returns. I'd SO much rather do it myself. Plus, I like to round up to the next dollar, yes I'm OCD, ..... but the attendants aren't allowed to do that. I've never over-filled or spilled gas yet, lol!!

Rob Durana Rob Durana
August 10th

Now that we have to bring our own bags, I use the Shop Rite mobile scan app. I scan each item as I pick them up and place them in my shopping bags. Then, I just go to the self checkout lane, scan the bar code at the register, pay and I'm outta there. Much easier.

Oh, and as for gas, I really wish we could pump our own. Why is it that no one else in the country has issues or problems pumping gas?

Tom NJ — never realized scan as you go is an option, going to have to try it! That would make grocery trips SO much easier!

I know its pretty unrelated, but does anyone know what year Weiss opened in Mansfield? Trying to settle a disagreement

MakoMiller1984 MakoMiller1984
August 10th

I know it took forever to build but circa 2000

I moved here at the very last week of 2000. It was not open then, and not open by 4th of July, but was by Thanksgiving of 2001.


Actually Weis converted their normal checkout lanes to self checkout so it’s one of the few stores to support large shopping hauls in a self checkout. Very nice! We love Weis!

Friendly mcfacex Friendly mcfacex
August 11th

I don't mind having someone pumping my gas. I've been spoiled for so long I don't know how to pump my own gas as sad as that is. I also don't have to worry about going to work smelling like gasoline which is a plus. Not to mention these are JOBS for actual people and I appreciate them for it. Theft has always been an issue but with self checkout it's getting worse and this affect's the prices we pay as well. People can't even be trusted to use baskets at Walmart when asked to bring their own bags for goodness sake. "We love having robots do our jobs but we don't create a system of universal income so that we can have money after the robots take our jobs. It makes no sense."

Each and every one of these job eliminating actions are only enacted to increase the business owners bottom line profits.
Do you believe the person pumping our gas gets any benefits?
Or receives a living wage?
Or works all the hours they can get and still depends on govt. programs to make ends meet?
Or that eliminating them will reduce our prices at the pump?
A huge percentage of Walmart’s workforce depends on some sort of public assistance.
The Walton kids and stockholders reap the benefits and we pay the bill via our federal taxes.

Universal income = welfare

It's called minimum wage for a reason. Minimum amount for minimum work. Someone has to sign our paychecks. Every time minimum wage goes up so does the cost of living. Perhaps these government programs that even our employers have to pay into are the reason why we don't get insurance packages. Welfare was not designed to be universal income btw

Universal income is for those who don't work


I almost never go to weis but I can see how that could be annoying. Ever since the bag ban I have changed the way I shop. I use shoprites mobile scan app and scan the groceries on my phone as I shop and bag them at the same time. Takes a little longer while I am shopping, but then I just head to self checkout, scan my phone and I am done in less than 30 seconds. Paid and bagged groceries done. It truly is the best way to do it.

Now that Weis will be eliminating cashiers, their overhead will be much less. I assume they will pass the savings onto the customers, right? I mean, after all, when cashiers are given raises, they pass the expenses onto the customers, so the savings should be passed on, too. Right?

NPGA- They may not be employing less people just reassigning the few who choose to work to different tasks as they have a "solution" for a cashier position.

No savings for you!! LOL

All this talk about scanning with your phone and bagging, self checkout, and such may be fine for a number of folks, but there are a number of older people who do not have or know this technology. It doesn't mean these people are stupid, but they just don't understand and really don't want to learn. Remember it was these "older" people who taught you how to wipe your bottoms or how to walk or use a spoon or even drive. I know of a number of people who still do not own a computer or have a cell phone. I have no doubt that in a few years as these people pass on that what you are doing today will be common place. But by then what will be taking place may very well inconvenience you.

Mr 4Paws Mr 4Paws
August 15th

The Scan App sounds great! Scan each item on your phone and then scan code at self checkout
But isn’t that Easy for Dishonest Shoppers to take without paying?
How does the store prevent theft of items?
Just wondering

ChiliDog ChiliDog
August 15th

Chilidog, those cashiers are now monitoring surveillance video from every camera in the store. You are being watched.

Plus the checkout station probably weighs the bag against the weight of the items you purchased.

Self scan at supermarkets sounds like a great way to steal. Remember that you are on video and being watched during your entire shopping visit to the store. Random scan audits are required for self scan shoppers. Supermarkets have ramped up their loss prevention departments since the Covid pandemic. Shoplifters are being arrested and prosecuted more now than ever.

@Lodge:"Shoplifters are being arrested and prosecuted *more* now than ever." *??

I'm not sure what makes you believe that or meant it sarcastically. You have to know that the bar to arrest and prosecute those who do petty shoplifting and/or other misdemeanors have been dramatically lowered since 2020.

Without needing to elaborate further or link google proof, one thing for sure is the rate of Crime has respectively increased, in many cities, throughout the entire country.

aol123@aol.com aol123@aol.com
August 15th

I live in an area in Independence Twp. that gets no cell service. You cannot get a signal at my house. Therefore, I cannot make use of a cell phone and all the various things that are available. I bought a Trak phone for emergencies but it does not ever get service anywhere around here, so I guess I didn't program it correctly. I tried calling from my home landline to get help and everything they wanted to do required them "sending" me something on my cell phone that doesn't get a signal at my house, round and round. I'm 73 and get extremely frustrated trying to understand all this new stuff.
I just want to buy groceries, check them out and pay for them with a human cashier, put them in my reusable bags, and go the hell home. Smiley face.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
August 15th

You bring up a good point with cell service in stores. It stinks. The Washington SR has wifi but it doesn’t work so the app is useless. I can’t imagine trying to ring up groceries as you shop. BJs is the same way. No service inside.


If you mean the BJ's in Ledgewood, just connect to their wifi, which works perfectly well for me there and you can access the "In Store" part of the app too.

No, we go to Flemington. It’s useless there.

LD, I assume you have internet service at your house. Have you tried connecting your cell phone to your wifi?

Yes. So I can get on Twitter and other internet sites, but still cannot make a phone call, BECAUSE I have no cell phone signal at my house. And then when I'm in my car, if I need to use it for an emergency, I certainly don't have wifi out there. When I sat in the E.R. for 8 hours a couple weeks ago, I was able to send a text to my son and receive them. Not sure how or why that worked, but my phone call didn't go through.
I'm not really looking for help. I never understand what people "explain" to me anyway. All this technology is too confusing for me. That's what Mr. 4Paws was saying and what I'm saying. Some of us "oldsters" are just trying to cope with all this "newfangled" stuff. Smiley face again.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
August 16th

Lonesome Dove

Here are a couple of things to think about and/or try. Is the Tracfone an old 2G or 3G model? If you don't know for sure, do you know the model #? The 2G and 3G networks were being shut down in order to support the newer 4G and 5G networks.
To find the model number, go into the settings, then scroll to the bottom where it says "about phone" and click on that (assuming you have an Android phone, that is.)

If it's not an earlier phone, then your software may be out of date. You can also try turning it off, then back on. You need to do that on occasion to update the antenna listings, etc. I hope this helps

Thanks, Phil D. I turn my phone off every night, so that's not the issue. I looked up my model #XT2163DL but I'm not sure what that tells me either. I just bought this phone from HSN a couple months ago. I got 1500 free minutes and a year of service with it, but of course, can't use the minutes if I have no service signal.
I use it for a couple internet things, like Twitter and watching Yankee games or playing some games. Otherwise, it's just another piece of technical junk.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
August 17th

Lonesome Dove

I think part of your problem may be you got a year of “service” from the Home Shopping Network. Who knows what network they are actually using. Verizon, AT&T, etc? They definitely don’t own their own towers so they have to be piggybacking on one of the major carriers, and whatever one they use might not work well around your house. For example AT&T doesn’t work at all anywhere around my house. So had to get a Verizon service. You probably want to go to an actual cell phone store and get one of their services and possibly phone if you want it to work right. Those phones marketed to older people on the tv shopping networks (I have always heard) were basically just a way to get you to pay for a brick.

MakoMiller1984 MakoMiller1984
August 17th

Lonesome Dove

I just sent you a PM

Interesting Mako, since it was recommended on here this past February when I asked for thoughts on getting a pre-paid cell phone. There were several people who strongly recommended HSN and Amazon for getting a newer model of the Tracfone. My phone is a Motorola and this model is sold on several retailers. Over the years, many people and repairmen have been to my house, with just about every telephone service that is available, and no one has gotten a signal at my house. The point of getting a Tracfone was so that I wouldn't have another monthly bill so I'm not going to be heading to a cell phone store.
I didn't mean to turn this topic from automated cashiers to this quagmire, so I will be ending it here.
Thanks to anyone who offered suggestions. Smiley face.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
August 17th

LD did you try turning on your mobile data to make a phone call ? I had a Motorola G- Play and now have a Moto G-Power tracfone . Go into settings and look for mobile data or cellular data -should be right near the top by wifi and bluetooth , Turn on mobile data or cellular data and you should see LTE in the top right of your screen . Try making a call then and be sure to turn data off when finished so not to waste data .

I'm assuming you are on the yearly smartphone plan which gives you 1500 units talk and text as well as 1.5 GB of data . In 20-21 I only paid 75 dollars + tax for a years service with a 50 dollar off promo code(promos in the link below) . I just renewed last month and there is only a 15 dollar promo code available now . I have saved up over 16 GB of data using it only where there is no wifi and use my old phone as a tablet to get internet radio via wifi to bluetooth over to my tv soundbar .Good luck.


In order to use the scan app you have to be connected to the stores wi-fi. That takes care of the reception issue. As far as theft goes they do random checks/audits particularly the first few times you shop, If you have lots of high ticket items or cancellations on the app. Agree for seniors and some others it may not be a solution.

Another derailment of sorts. Some have responded to my initial question about when Weis opened. Is there any way to show/prove when it opened. I’d really like to settle a ridiculous argument

MakoMiller1984 MakoMiller1984
August 17th

Why don't you contact the Weis corporation and ask them.

happiest girl
August 17th

Weis Mansfield opened in the mid 2000s according to the article below . In 2000 the A and P in Mansfield was open where Kohls now is located . I remember going there that year as it was the year I was out of work for awhile recovering from back surgery . Unfortunately that store did not last long at that location .


Call the store. or email, to get the correct answer. The title infers there’s only one lane with a cashier, but in fact there was just one lane with a cashier at that time. There’s still cashiers, and they have had self-checkout on the end closest to customer service for quite a while. On busy days, if all cashiers show up, they have several cashier lanes open.

Re: Weis eliminating Cashiers

ShopRite of Byram has installed a new system by Instacart called Caper Cart. It is a shopping cart that allows the customer to scan as you go through the store and even weigh produce. The cart has a terminal built right in so there is no need to scan items with a cell phone. At the finish of your shopping trip you simply pay and leave.No waiting in line. No quarter deposit is needed for this cart.

With a name like Caper Cart it's just begging for someone to pull a caper and steal it . I'm guessing it has a built in GPS . Maybe put it into a giant aluminium foil potato chip bag to hide it's whereabouts then strip it for parts ?Just kidding of course ,maybe Smart Cart would be a better name .

Even better:


dodgebaal dodgebaal
August 19th

I wonder how long shoprite will put up with the shoplifting with the new scan your own groceries in your cart thing...sounds like other stores see an issue

Wegmans drops SCAN app after too many customers shoplift


I never shop at Weis as their prices are so high; I normally shop at Walmart.

I have no problem with self-checkout at Walmart, BUT they never have the larger ones open that accommodate larger orders! They usually only have the smaller scan 'n go registers open and it's very difficult dealing with a full to heaping cart of groceries but room for only 2 full bags of scanned items in the baggage area. Once you fill those 2 bags, you have to do SOMETHING with them if you want to continue checking out and I can't put them back in my still-full cart, so I end up having to put my bags on the dirty floor while people are trying to maneuver out of the checking area around them. I feel like such a putz doing that. LOL.

As long as the bigger check-out scanners aren't open, I'll stand in line for a cashier because I'm not putting myself through that nonsense anymore. When they open the large self check-outs again, I'll go back to checking myself out.

"Wegmans drops SCAN app after too many customers shoplift"

No one could have seen this coming? lol

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