Has anyone experienced this illness?Whats the best way to make it manageable?

There was a discussion a few years ago here on HL. The thread is locked but seems to have some helpful information.

There are 10 or so different kinds of colitis, the answer depends on which kind. It has to be very specific. The previous thread was about ulcerative colitis which like Crohn's is IBD.

In any case, all types of colitis need immediate medical care. A CAT or MRI has to be done first to rule out diverticulitis. As long as that is not involved then you can have the colonoscopy then a diagnosis can be made. Then a good gastro can go over the treatment methods.

Get blood work from Genova Diagnostics, Ashville, NC for 87 foods. IgG Food Antibodies - Immunology. Info is on the net.

Find out what foods cause INFLAMMATION in your gut and in your blood stream. Find out what foods you are also allergic to.

Find out if you are Celiac and also Gluten Sensitive or Allergic!

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May '22

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