Weis Pharmacy Closing

Was at Weis today and saw a sign near the courtesy desk that Weis Pharmacy is closing on February 20th. No reason given but hate to say not that surprised.

When Rita, the former Pharmacy Manager left, business and professionalism went down. Her replacements were not the best or customer friendly. One pharmacist leaves the pharmacy open when he roams around the store talking to people in the seafood department, while customers are waiting in line. Not good.

Switched to another pharmacy after Rita left. Wonder what they will do what that space in the store, since it is prominent - you see the Pharmacy when you walk in and when they remodeled the store years ago the Pharmacy moved to a new spot, where it is now, which was more prominent.

February 9th

Store is getting a total remodel. Natural/organics section is going into where Pharmacy is currently located. Refrigerators/Freezers have to be moved. Additional shelving for the rest of the store to accommodate back stock. Should be a nice improvement.

Nancy - they should have the customer service desk replacing the pharmacy since you see it when you walk in and it is a big space. Most food stores have a pharmacy department so it is not a nice improvement putting organic and additional shelving. That store is lucky it stays open.

Stay on why the pharmacy closed as that is a big loss for a food store especially when their pharmacy manager, who was great and courteous left a few months back due to the horrible store management. An organic section will not change those internal issues,

February 9th

The big problem in Weis is the lack of cashiers...only one on saturday

Customers at other Weis Markets have high praise for this chain of supermarkets.Read on. https://weis-markets.pissedconsumer.com/review.html

With the closing of the Pharmacy, I will now shop some place else. I have been a Weis customer for years, but i have seen a decline in Products carried and I have been going to other places to pick those items up.
I liked to drop off my prescriptions and then shop.
Bad move on their part. I can see the store closing.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
February 9th

Sorry to hear Pharmacy is closing, but I do agree with lack of cashiers. We were there the other day and 10 people were at one cashier. The poor girl was frazzled. This store's patrons, for the most part, will not use the self serve. The ridiculous cashier lines would be my prime reason for walking away from this store.

USAfirst USAfirst
February 9th

I agree, horrible to only have one register open. Expecting customers with large orders to use the self check out or stand in line forever for the one register open by a human. People with large orders will go elsewhere next time rather than deal with it. They will lose customers=$$
Unless of course, their goal is to become a large convenience store, then it's working for them.

When using the self check, it's overly sensitive and one wrong move such as opening the grocery bag (if you can) so you can bag as you scan. The weight mechanism checking for bagged items attached to holder gets set off to a "needing assistance" alert. It's rigged to make you feel bad you're using plastic bags! HaHa! Well, makes you wonder. While this seems to be occurring to many others at the same time! We all stand there, lights flashing and have to wait for the ONE employee in charge of handling the self service check out to override it.

This is not user error, other retailers have self checkout registers and I have not seen as much sensitivity to the set ups as there is at Weis. You can get lucky though if you're at the one and only human run line and they need assistance from the always absent front end manager ( guess they don't have one?) So now we wait for lone self check out helper to help human cashier. Keep on waiting, hope you're not in a hurry. This was afternoon around 2:30 pm.
Prime time for Moms getting in their shopping before kids are out of school.

Then if you have a question for the courtesy desk and stand in line patiently for few minutes only to be told they can't help you yet because there is nobody to help the people at self checkout. (Flashing lights again) When asked if there was a manager to help out and given a big nope. Ha!

Human cashier ( young girl) has problems with elderly customer's coupons. Walks away from register to find someone, anyone to help but of course only one to help is currently helping self check out customers setting off the sensitive bag holder! Poor coupon customer apologizes
( She should not have to) to young cashier as she replies " no problem, I have all day" well, isn't that great!?

All of this excitement can really make you want to spend your money there almost as much as after you stand at their deli counter for a very long time waiting for only two small amounts of meats. Takes the friendly gentleman a bit of time to find, slice said meats while three co-workers look on. Maybe they can open a register? The kicker though is watching him wipe his gloved hands on his apron as he is about to touch the meats with those gloved hands. Meats you will eat straight from the package. Food safety issues galore.

I don't think they'll close. They DO need to get their act together, that's for certain. "They" being upper management, store level and department managers (Ahem, front end, Deli!) Training is key and following through with it!

All of those were separate instances but enough for me to decide that maybe they don't want or need my money anymore. If they are closing the pharmacy, may be due to a lack of satisfied customers with the store as a whole. Besides the fact we have an abundance of pharmacies in the area to begin with...

If they handle deli meets the way you speak of, what are they doing with the pills & meds in the pharmacy ??
Sounds like very little oversight or sanitary processes

And ShopRite is always busy!!!

ed eberhard ed eberhard
February 10th

They never looked that busy at that pharmacy, so maybe it wasn't a money maker since you have Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, and so on saturated around the area. I didn't care for the one pharmacist. Same guy that was cranky and rude in town at a medical place. We do have a lot of good pharmacies around the area, though. I love Weis Market and I hope it has a good renovation.

February 10th

Is this the Weis in Hackettstown or Flanders?

Just wondering Just wondering
February 11th

Since this is Hackettstown Life, I think it is safe to say they are talking about Hackettstown...SMH

February 11th

I wish the crap Weis was the old A&P.

Isn't it actually in Mansfield.......

Calico696 Calico696
February 11th

Mansfield for the ratable.

Located in: Mansfield Village Square
Address: 2045 NJ-57, Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Is the pharmacy permanently closing or just until the remodel is completed?

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
February 11th

In Mansfield with a H'town mailing address. Per maps, it seems as if part of the parking lot near Home Depot and the bank are in H'town.

Calico696 Calico696
February 11th

Mr Resident: Pharmacy at Hackettstown/Mansfield store is permanently closing.

Nancy--thanks. What will they do with the prescriptions that need to be picked up? I use that pharmacy and they haven't contacted me yet. Everything looks usual on their pharmacy app.

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
February 11th

Maybe you should call the store and ask the Pharmacy if they are closing

The pharmacist confirmed they are closing next week. He told me all prescriptions will be transferred to the CVS by ShopRite.

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
February 12th

I have always gone to Weis pharmacy and was treated very well. I liked that there was such quick service there and they knew me very well.

Re: Weis store, I go there all the time, because I don't like shop rite because it is too crowded and the parking is awful. The lines are very long also and I don't like the self check out at Shop Rite. Anytime, I tried the self checkout there was always a problem and the bags are very hard to open and took too much time to put the groceries in the bags. I used to try to just place my order on the side and at the end after I paid I would put them in the bag. Also, at Weis I don't have to walk through all those many aisles like I did at shop rite just to get a few items. Shop Rite is too large.
I hope Weis stays in that location

Cannot understand how this store remained open... for years !
Yes store is slower pace ... employees get paid on Friday no matter ... hurry up & wait to get cold cuts ...
Customer Service does the best they can without being able to make a decision

Been using this Pharmacy for 10 years
Time for Pile Pack ... ?

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