China Garden

don't know what has happened with this promising restaurant...the various dishes were originally very tasty and we considered it the best in the area....and now, of 5 or so visits, the quality has gradually degraded with our last 3 or so visits....tonight we ordered Szechuan Chicken, Chicken and Broccoli, and Shrimp Toast.....both the chicken dishes contained no discernible chicken meat, just chicken fat and chicken skin....the shrimp toast had a bland, almost fatty texture and taste....disgusting.....we let them know......hope they pay attention.....

That's the problem with these places . Business is slow so in turn they
offer a lesser quality product. That's what the trend has been lately
at least. It stinks.

Go to Hong Kong Palace. Top quality, and they will cook your food to your dietary preference.

happiest girl
December 10th

We were very disappointed with Hong Kong Palace- when we were there last..............


happiest girl
December 10th

Here we go again. lol
Back and forth and having to explain who likes what place or why not.

Don't like a place: don't go. I swear, sometimes I feel like competitors rag on each other on the forum.

December 10th

Now you have to explain why people don’t have to explain.
Then the definition of a forum comes out.
Thread highjack!

Never tried either, tried Yummy House over in Belv/White area, was real good.

Got sick off of China Garden’s beef they make there, 3 weeks ago. Won’t go back.
The Bamboo Kitchen on 517 has turned into my new place!

I like their General Tso's chicken a lot. Haven't had any issues.

I have not had any bad experiences with China Garden. They are my go-to Chinese takeout place.

SquirrelGirl SquirrelGirl
December 11th

They were our go to until we got that disgusting mess of chicken skin rather than actual chicken...............

We love China Garden - so far, so good for a few years. Got Palace once and it was huge balls for Tso and didn't like the rice. Bamboo Kitchen also very nice. I think it's all a matter of taste.

December 11th

It’s gross I’m not expert and don’t claim to be but that place is beyond dirty. Hunan wok is easily the cleanest and best tasting around my Friday night go to

Unfortunately, I have to take back the positive feedback I gave about China Garden here. There’s a beef dish I get there regularly and the last two times it has been subpar. Tonight takes the cake though. The beef smelled like chemicals and smelled/tasted like chlorine. The dish was saltier and greasier than ever before.

I’m bummed to have to find another place, but something is definitely up at CG.

SquirrelGirl SquirrelGirl
1 week ago

I hope you passed on eating that one.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
1 week ago

I saw that they are putting a brand new Chinese/ thai place in riverside plaza at the end store. The signs just went up. Might be worth a try

1 week ago


The new restaurant at Riverside are family of the Asian Kitchen Chinese/Thai place in Washington
My favorite Chinese restaurant in the area! Delicious food !! Wonderful Won Ton Soup!! People are very friendly polite and courteous! Very Clean Place too!!
I was told this place is opening up this month !!
Cannot wait!!

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