LMR Disposal Rate Hike

Was looking at my garbage bill today, when I noticed that it seemed lower than usual, until I looked at the 'service dates billed for' and realized they're billing for two months at a time as opposed to the quarterly billing done previously. However, I'm seeing a charge for recycling that wasn't there before. End result is the bill ends up being a little higher than it was before.

I'm also a little annoyed that 'regular' LRM customers pay $65 a quarter, while as a former Global customer I (was) being charged $75 a quarter. When I inquired to ask about it I was told, "Sorry, as a former global customer, that's what you pay."

End result, I'm looking for a new garbage collection company. Any recommendations?

The_Bishop The_Bishop
Apr '19

As someone who did a lot of shopping around a couple of years ago I can tell you that if you're in Mansfield or Hackettstown area your only choice is Waste Management or LMR. While I was with Waste Management for years I saw my bill increase every quarter by about $3.00. EVERY QUARTER. I'd call and complain when it reached about $135.00 a quarter; they said they were sorry but, yada,yada,yada. The next bill was down by about $20.00, but sure enough the following quarter the bill went up again. So I called around and Global was the only one I found to switch to for $81.00 a quarter. Mind you that it would only be once a week pick-up which was fine since that was all Waste Management was doing.
My advice, for what's it's worth....... stay with LMR and be happy you're not with Waste Management.

Patti Patti
Apr '19

We have used Waste Management for nearly 30 years. They try to apply increases every few quarters but always concede to our current price of $71 per quarter when we call and indicate we will switch providers. When you call simply state you will switch to whomever (be sure to have their current price ready) and WM will match then beat that number.

There are three companies locally, not two. LMR, Waste Management, and Sanico. Sanico will also meet/beat the other two providers. Sanico also gives you a rebate for recycling, not charge you extra. I use them because of the small household container for $52/quarter.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know how much the dump in oxford charges?

I’m in Hackettstown and have had Sanico for 15 years. Never a problem, they take everything and even come up my driveway to grab my can if I’m away and didn’t put it out to the curb.

Jim L Jim L
Apr '19

LMR has owed me for an overpayment for when I moved 10 MONTHS AGO NOW!!! I’ve called multiple times and each time they say it’ll be handled... still no refund. Screw them.

beeznuts beeznuts
Apr '19

Sanico owes me a credit because I prepaid my bill and they did not have the decency to tell me they raised the rates in January, and there is a possibility they will do so again.

pampurr pampurr
Apr '19

I’m with Greg on WM. Ty HL thread for listing prices. I called WM based on that and they lowered to Greg’s level. They will match.

StrangerDanger StrangerDanger
Apr '19

Is WM single stream recycling or do you have to separate?
I like LMR because it is single stream and they pick every week.

BrownEyesGuy BrownEyesGuy
Apr '19

WM is single stream recycling as well

LMR is a rip off. Dump them if you have them. Their rates are higher than their competitors and they make their customers think they are saving money one year they are actually paying more than what their competitors are charging. A complete and total opposite of what Global stood for. I decided to go with Sanico after I realized the garbage LMR was about.

Ty Apgar Ty Apgar
Apr '19

"LMR is a rip off. Dump them if you have them. Their rates are higher than their competitors and they make their customers think they are saving money one year they are actually paying more than what their competitors are charging."

um.....no. they are the cheapest in Califon.

LMR = $360/yr (just went up from $312)
WM = $480/yr after starting at $360/ yr then jacked it
KWS = $420/yr as per neighbor that is customer.

Now, same neighbor is billed bi-monthly by KWS. was told by pick up personnel that KWS is buying LMR
LMR just went to bi-monthly billing after neighbor heard this which is quite the coincidence

All the rates are going to go up. Local Landfill is not accepting trash. Our trash is going to PA right now.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Apr '19

GLOBAL garbage was sold out to LMR a year ago (around here) so stayed with them at time of transition.

I am so pleased with them. And when I call office, they are so professional and polite in my conversation with them.

They are here in all weather, on day of pickup at seven in the morning, and take any recycle that I put out that day. Cardboard is picked up with little preparation and the can is always placed back on the curb.

I like this business the best of the three sited here.

I think you all are being a little criticizing without doing proper research on service and money charged of these companies.

Bernie Bernie
Apr '19

Sanico is horrible. Driver missed my house three times this year alone. Had to call them to tell them.

pampurr pampurr
Apr '19

Thank you pampurr about Sanico! I ended up canceling them . They kept missing us even though we had paid what was asked of us. I called and they had the nerve to tell us we had not paid the bill in full that had come ONE DAY PRIOR. I said are you serious? The CSR said that she had to go the extra mile just to get them to pick it up. Seems like you have to know someone that works there just to get your garbage picked up! Anyway, we now have Republic Services. They charge $100 + 45 can drop off fee with recycling just placed in same can. but you can get $45 off - just say that someone referred you and they are your neighbor and were in the area anyway and shouldn't be charged a $45 fee for dropping off a can!

I've had Sanico for 14 years and have never had a problem with them. The times that I was very late with my payment, all I did was just call them and tell them that it's on the way, and they picked up my garbage. I pay $79.50/3-months, and that gives me a 100 Gallon can (cart). If you pay early, then the next bill is discounted further.

Re: LMR Disposal Rate Hike

The Chinese and others no longer want to sift through American garbage and sort the recyclables for little or no profit. Many recyclables are now just being burned, there is a large incinerator just over the border in PA that is burning everything, including garbage shipped from NJ-the costs are rising and will be going up even more soon. The trash haulers are no longer able to sell the recyclables to save you money, so expect more and more increasing of prices.
The schools keep teaching the children to keep recycling-why don't they teach them what is happening with what they recycle? It's a waste of time and energy -and is disingenuous-to have someone perform a task without showing them the full outcome of what is the end result.

"In July 2018, China — the largest purchaser of US recyclables — stopped taking most used paper and plastic from American cities. Other overseas buyers, including India and Thailand, are picking up some of the slack by taking more shipments, but they’ve also begun charging American cities way more to recoup lost profits from so much useless scrap.

According to the Times, different cities are reacting to the issue differently. Philadelphia has taken to burning its plastics to create energy."


dodgebaal dodgebaal
Apr '19

LMR gives a discount if you pay the year in full - That's what I do.

Apr '19

For your own sake, don't complain too loudly. I suspect all three (3) of these companies are owned by "Louie, the Arm" or a member of his "Family". You know, "This thing of ours."

Quack, Quack
Apr '19

"All the rates are going to go up. Local Landfill is not accepting trash. Our trash is going to PA right now.


" But our recycling often has too much non-reusable garbage mixed in, which makes the recyclables unusable."

We love that everything is single stream because it dumps the work off on someone else. I guess it's time to pay for that luxury. Too hard to read a triangle with a number in the middle of it.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Apr '19

It's definitely time to change. I've had WM forever, never had a problem with their service, but our latest bill was $181 / qtr.

Apr '19

We have been using Sanico, although it hasn't been the best service. We feel stuck with them because of the cost. We don't mind separating our recyclables and have always done so out of habit. Sanico has missed our house several times this year and they won't take anything extra they won't go the extra mile for us as some have said happens for them. We pay for the largest amount you can get because we have a large family. Plus we give Christmas giftcards as a way to say thanks because one can assume it isn't an easy job being outside rain or shine. Their customer service is unreliable and always a mess when you call. But it is what it is. We have been thinking that it might be worth paying a little more for better service.

MommyNJ4 MommyNJ4
Apr '19

"It's definitely time to change. I've had WM forever, never had a problem with their service, but our latest bill was $181 / qtr."

they did that to me one quarter and I cancelled immediately. they asked why and I said the over priced bill was ridiculous. about a month after cancelling I got $181 back

We've had Sanico for years in Independence and haven't really had any problem except during the summer when a substitute driver is on for vacation. When they didn't arrive by the usual time I would just call to make sure that they were still coming. Sometimes they missed us and came back and a few times the truck had broken down and was just going to be delayed.

magpie magpie
Apr '19

LMR called today and informed us that our residential curb side monthly rate would be going from $27 to $67 (yes $67) per Month! They have reportedly given various explanations to different customers. Beware

Geez, for $67 a month I'll drive my garbage to the dump myself.

Interesting you got a call. We’ve always been notified of rate increases in writing. Never a phone call.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
April 13th

Something does not sound right there. 3x rate hike. I would call them back.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
April 14th

You should check into Sanico. I pay approx. $72 a quarter. I have the smaller can, but still, the larger one can't be as much as you're being quoted. I know they had to raise their prices after the EFR closed (that's another story) because they have to drive to Pennsylvania now & pay bridge tolls & dumping fees. But still, Sanico only increased my monthly cost by $2. I've never had a problem. And they collect recycling twice a month.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
April 14th

3X rate sure sounds like quarterly rate to me. Otherwise, dump them. Can't help but do better.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
April 14th

We pay $66 with LMR for 2 months, not 1. Haven't got any updates of this rate going up. I guess the rate you pay depends on when you started service somehow?

Had Sanico previously and the rate is slightly lower but I like having recycles picked up every week, so we don't have to find an extra can for overflow and/or guess which week it is. And Sanico had changed my pick up day, we kept forgetting to put the cans out.

hktownie hktownie
April 14th

I previously had Waste Management, bill continually increased. When it went up to over $180 per quarter, decided it was time to leave. I switched to LMR about six months ago, and pay $66 every two months. At the time I switched, LMR and Sanico were priced similarly, but I liked that LMR picks up Recycling every week. I also have the larger sized can. I haven't gotten any notice of any type of increase yet.

April 14th

I pay for the year upfront and when I paid in February it broke down to $22 a month. So $67 per quarter makes sense but not per month. Maybe you misunderstood?

Jrsemom Jrsemom
April 14th

I called and they confirmed a raise of $40 per month. They said they are no longer able to use big trucks around the lake and therefore must create a new route with a new driver with a smaller truck. Waiting for a call back from the manager.

OP on the phone
April 14th

I'm in Great Meadows and have Sanico. They come at somewhere between 5-6 am so the can be brought in before leaving for work. A few times over several years they have missed our road on pick-up day. Since they come so early I call when they aren't here to pick it up by noon. Once the truck was broke down and other times it was a sub driver for vacation time. They always came that day if still in the area or the next to pick it up. They have a large recycle can the size of the large garbage one that they give you on wheels. Every other week is recycle pick-up and they come at the same time as the garbage pick up. There service has been great for several years.

Jrsemom - I did not misunderstand. I repeated it back to the woman and she said yes monthly. We prepaid for the year and she said that did not matter.

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