Looking for recommendations for a child therapist

We are looking for a child therapist. Can anyone recommend someone they trust? Does anyone have any experience with Lori Graham? Thank you for any help you can provide.

parent seeking help parent seeking help
Mar '19

Sorry, never heard of Lori. Dr. Matthew Dailey, PHD is a psychologist in Hackettstown. He has lots of experience with children and the school system. Very nice staff, also. Office on Washington street. Ph # 908 813 2455 Hope everything works out.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
Apr '19

Hi My 8 year old daughter-and myself as well have had a great experience at Center for ASsessment and Treatment in Hackettstown, on Mountain Ave. The therapists there are amazing with children and they always are warm friendly and make you (and your kids) feel comfortable. Youre even welcome to sit in if you'd like.

Highly recommend Dr. Anthony Aquino who is child/adolescent therapist and also certified in marriage/family therapy.


He is part of a small group located on Route 46 in Hackettstown.

Robin Robin
Apr '19

I also recommend Dr. Anthony Aquino. He is a great therapist and works well with my 8 year old son. Best of luck in getting the help you need

Liberty_Mom Liberty_Mom
Apr '19

"We are looking for a child therapist."


I also recommend Dr Aquino. He has helped my teenage son. Glad to have found him.

Leslie Leslie
Apr '19

Props to you for recognizing that your child might need some outside help. This process will highly benefit them in the long run, I can assure you. Too many parents think they can handle it themselves or deny their child needs help altogether.

Therapy is a wonderful tool. I always say that everyone needs therapy. It doesn't mean you're crazy, it doesn't mean you have "issues"... it just means you're human, and you need an unbiased third party to help you understand and categorize your thoughts.

My child was having some minor behavioral issues and depressive symptoms at the young age of 10. We decided to have him talk to somebody and after a year, his life turned around completely. Now he is a very happy and successful adult. WORTH IT!

HarmonySun HarmonySun
Apr '19

@parent seeking
What is it that you're seeking help for?
And why did you just assume that it's something a therapist is needed for?

Dr.Benway Dr.Benway
Apr '19

Probably personal issues.
Why are you assuming that they're assuming it's something a therapist is needed for?

HappyTeacher HappyTeacher
Apr '19

I lost my mother when I was young and my brothers were even younger. We went to a therapist in both a group (done by age group) and individual both of which were helpful in their own ways. The individual therapist who we went to worked for my brothers and not for me. I tried to tell my dad this but he thought I was just being a defiant teenager. After showing him how defiant I could be and refusing to get out of the car, we tried a few other places and I found what worked best for me. If your child is not responsive to one, it doesn't mean they are not a good therapist, just not a good fit. It is great to take suggestions and try them out, please just make sure it is a good fit!

Mel81 Mel81
Apr '19

Warren County Play Therapy!
(908) 509-1373

Dr, Benway,
I think the parents should be a good judges enough of their child to decide that they could benefit for a child therapist. Kind of a strange comment, in my opinion.

Joyce Polack Joyce Polack
Feb '22

My daughter has been trying to get some therapy for her daughter. If {and that's a big if} she gets a callback, she's told they are not accepting new patients. But most times she leaves a message and never hears from them again. I don't know the names of those she has contacted, but there were many.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
Feb '22

The parents should go for therapy if their child needs it since they raised them.

Then the therapist can fix the problem at the source.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Feb '22

I'm trying to find a therapist for my daughter in Hackettstown. Been trying to contact Psychological Associates of North Jersey for two days with no return calls. Looked at some older posts but they're pretty old, was hoping for some new information.

Preferably in-person, the only response I got was online-only.

SeekingHelp SeekingHelp
August 11th

Did you try Saint Clare’s in Denville?

@Seeking, you could also ask your pediatrician for references too.

Are you sure you have the correct ph number? Their website looks live and well: https://www.psychassocnj.com/

Maybe try here

Blackcat Blackcat
August 12th

Robin: Looking into that now. Trying to stay as local as possible, not sure a hospital is the right venue.

3wbdwnj: Have a message in to her doctor, waiting on a response.

4catmom: Yes, the page is good, and the phone number rings into voicemail. However despite two calls/messages and messaging via the web page, I've received no responses. I even tried going directly to their new office, and there was nobody there.

SeekingHelp SeekingHelp
August 12th

Dr Aquino helped my son a great deal. Highly recommend him.

Both of my sons had success with and really liked Meredith Lynar. She used to be in Hackettstown, but I think she’s in Chester now. Not a therapist, but we were really happy with her

TiffanyTwisted TiffanyTwisted
August 19th

Are you sure you have the correct ph number? Their website looks live and well:

The website could be really caustic if the ph number is over 12

dodgebaal dodgebaal
August 22nd

Highly recommend Dr Aquino! But he is popular and may be booked, so if you can't get appointment with him there are other therapists in that office that see children.

Hatcherymom Hatcherymom
August 22nd

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