Route 80 W Emergency Work 2/22

Any word on Route 80 W @ Exit 27. Leaving Cedar Knolls and hearing major traffic delays due to Emergency Road Work.

You’re hearing right,it was backed up and down to one lane at 12:30 when I came through that area....good luck !

I used Waze. From Randolph it had me go thru Chester over Schooleys Mtn to get home, Hackettstown. Regular route via Rte 80 would’ve taken double the time

Walking Girl Walking Girl
3 weeks ago

Was caught up in this earlier in the afternoon. Took an hour to get from the mall to exit 19. Avoid 80 at all costs if you can.

Roxbury pd posted on Facebook that they are trying to find out if this will be going on tomorrow also. At one point news 12 was saying 2 hours and 47 minutes from 287 to exit 19!!!!

NJDOT is laughable at best. Way to go guys!

Waze saved me too, I wondered why it was diverting me from Rt. 80, know I know.

incompetence and thoughtlessness at best - honey got stuck in it and spent forever trying to get home.........................

Maybe if we all put some money together we could have a fund to better take care of the...oh...right.

3 weeks ago

I do believe there was a hazmat cleanup due to an earlier accident

Thanks for everyone's input..took 10 part of the way, then worked my through Succasunna, into Budd Lake, long ride home. Hope it's not that way tomorrow. I really have to learn to trust my WAZE more. I stayed away from 80, but 10 was not good either.

It was announced on the radio this morning, Rt. 80 will be the same nightmare today and the commute as it was last night. Tell your friends and family.

I see it backed up already. Why weren't these brain dead fools out there last night fixing these potholes while we slept?

I just looked on and it says the repairs will be done at 11:30am.

That's good, I hope WRNJ will announce it. I can hear it and call hubby to tell him clear sailing. Hate to see him go around that mess, when him commute is only 25 min.

Hope not tonight.
Took me 2 hours last night from Denville to Hackettstown.

This was reported as pot hole repair....what on earth is taking so long to fix? They started the repairs midday yesterday and are STILL working? Has the entire road surface crumbled?

Tracy - I don't know about 80, because I don't travel it, but 78 has potholes in the center lane about every 150 feet for about 25 miles. Not to mention the ones in the other lanes. It's crazy, and not surprising that it would take weeks to fix them all. I've seen it bad before, but this year seems to be the worst I have ever seen.

Calico696 Calico696
3 weeks ago

Tracy, someone at work told me the road crumbled and that’s the problem. Not sure if that’s actually the case but i hope it’s all fixed by 4:30.

I just came from Ledgewood at 1:30 on route 46 and I looked up on 80 and it was moving along at a regular pace everything seems to be cleaned up and finished.

I got back from Hackensack about 2pm - no problems anywhere on 80 -

I hope it's not bad today. took me over 2 1/2 hrs to get home from East Hanover.

there was a crawl heading west this morning but there is no construction work now -so no closed lanes - traffic was moving fast and smoothly an hour ago

Thanks for the update everyone, greatly appreciated.

Ditto. Texting hubby now he gets out at 4. Randolph

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