Town Wide Garage Sale 2018

Does anyone know when the garage sale will be this year, looked on H', but could not find any info.

Thank you

It has not been officially announced yet but history points to April 28th & 29th.

It was just posted as April 28th and 29th 2018

**Hackettstown Community For Crime Prevention 2018 FUNDRAISER**


9 AM – 5 PM



How/who do you pay the $10 to? We've never participated but want to this year!

Hackettstown Committee for Crime Prevention. (HCCP)
PO Box 695
Hackettstown 07840

Include your address to be listed on the map on your check.

You must pay by April 20th.

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
March 21st

Checks must be received by FRIDAY, APRIL 20th to get your address on the
Thank you
Bill Conforti

Bill Conforti Bill Conforti
April 12th

I'm glad someone said something, my mom is currently in the garage in a whirlwind organizing everything. Either that or the neighbor's cat Bootz is more talented than I thought. ;-)

I'm glad I can still get the check there in time...

Thank you for info, I never got my paper in the mail! Mailing check tomorrow

Sunshine Sunshine
April 15th

Starting to get some things together for the sale. Would be nice for anyone participating to give a hint what they’re selling. Might help some of us that would like to buy but are participating as sellers.

I think that is a excellent idea, Bessie. Is there anything special that you or others are selling that some of us might like to buy?

Most of the sales get put in the Classifieds. We're kind of heavy on the furniture this year for a change.

Not 100% sure yet what we will have, still going through stuff. I know I have a lot of clothes including lularoe, purses, costume jewelry and shoes. We are multi family so haven't gotten a list from them yet.

Sunshine Sunshine
April 18th

Anyone know where these maps can be picked up at?

Happy6189 Happy6189
April 19th

Last year they were available at the HKTWN BID office on Main Street, but not until a few days before the sale.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
April 20th

Mansfield town wide sale is same weekend. I've lived here 26 years and never, ever have received anything saying town was having a sale. I see Hackettstown advertises their town wide and puts you on the map. Nothing from Mansfield. Not even a mailer.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
April 20th

Maps are usually available at Town Hall, the BID office, Harpers, and on line at the town web site. Often there are other places too.

I've found out about the Mansfield sale the past two years same way I found out about Hackettstown's, by looking at Hackettstownlife's calendar of events. Some years Mansfield makes it even easier by making an online Google map of participating houses that I can refer to on my phone while on the go.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
April 20th

I never look at the calendar. Lol!
I would think they would let Mansfield residents know ahead of time, so they can participate. I never got any "invite"
Send something out. Knew nothing about it.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
April 20th

Anyone selling garden statues? Not really interested in animals or gnomes, but more like a pagoda or a Buddha.

I know two other people looking for gardening items like clippers and shovels, so post that and I can pass the info along.


I'm looking for small bookcases, end tables, stools, and chairs - looking to furnish a classroom as inexpensively as possible since it's out of my own pocket.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
April 22nd

Is there a rule of thumb when pricing garage sale items? I’ve never sold items at a garage sale and it’s been several years since I’ve shopped garage sales, so I’m not sure what would be considered too much or too little to ask. I realize the condition of the item plays a big part in setting a price, but was wondering if there’s a starting point. Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Ebeth - No, there is no real rule of thumb. If you look through something like Craigslist you can see what other people are asking for common items. If I look for special items on eBay I always remember when you look at a listing, it hasn't sold. So chances are the price is too high and you're going to need to cut down from that. But otherwise prices are just what people are willing to pay. And how do you really guess at that? Mostly I just put things down low enough that price won't be an issue, but there's still room when somebody wants to haggle.

My rule of thumb is do you want to bring it back inside, lol. Better to start out a little higher, people will always try to get a lower price. Start out at $10, an offer of $8.00, sold!

Children (and sometimes the parents also).. that come to the garage sales usually love the tables especially designated to be 10, 25 and 50 cents for items on that particular table. (usually odds and ends of toys, costume jewelry, scarfs, baskets, etc. Keeps them busy while the parents shop for the "bigger and more expensive stuff"...

Mansfield advertises their garage sale weekend as well as the information to get your sale on the map on their website for months leading up to the sale weekend.

Anyone looking for Prescius Moments collectibles? I have over 50 of them if interested.

Snow-that's fine, it you have a reason to go on their website. I don't.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
April 23rd

Do many participants start their sale on Friday? I already saw one sale in Hackettstown advertised for Friday thru Sunday. I try to make it to your town sale every year. I have other obligations on Saturday and Sunday. I would love to hit some sales on Friday though if anyone is having them that day.

Heather Emmel Heather Emmel
April 23rd

Hackettstown is not official on Friday so only a few sales will be open. And the map is often not ready on Thursday. Mansfield on the other hand makes Friday part of the schedule. You'll probably find a number of sales there.

" would think they would let Mansfield residents know ahead of time, so they can participate. I never got any "invite""

"Snow-that's fine, it you have a reason to go on their website. I don't."

Man I just love that mentality especially in 2018. The information is available to you. you just choose not to be informed. What kind of "invite" were you looking for?

JimL-maybe flyer in mail.Hackettstown did more then just post on their website, to get the word out.

Do you spend YOUR time on town websites? Sorry I dont.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
April 24th

4/28 & 4/29 Town Wide Sale - Hunter's Brook 2018 Hackettstown Town Wide Yard Sale - Rain or Shine.

4/28 & 4/29 Town Wide Sale - Hunter's Brook

2018 Hackettstown Town Wide Yard Sale - Rain or Shine

Dalton Road, Hackettstown

Willow Grove St to Crane Rd to Helms Mill Road to Dalton Rd

Saturday April 28 8:00 - 4:00
Sunday April 29 9:00 - 1:00

Baby Clothes, toys, and odd and ends

Anyone know how to confirm that you’re on the map? I mailed a check on the 15th and it still hasn’t been cashed, so I’m worried that maybe my address didn’t get on th the map

KDT - The checks aren't cashed until after the event, so that's very normal. To confirm you need to either call the phone number listed on the initial flyer on the town web site. or email someone on the committee. For that, you will see Mr Conforti's name from a post about a week ago. Click on that and have him check up for you. (that's what I did)


307 West Valley View,

New tools
wrenches, nail guns, ridgid portable gas compressors, truck box, straps, husky mechanics set 300 pc+, ridgid 18v drill, husky 30gal compressor, husky toolbox

other items
New dyson vacuums, used portable cable power tool set, craftsmen leaf vac, honda self propelled push mower, armor all tire shine, dash wipes, used ridgid shop vac, new nest 3 pack camera, new canary camera, new amazon tap, new platform ladder 4ft?,

younggen younggen
4 weeks ago

For Bothered and everyone else interested, Mansfield Township has posted their map for the townwide sale this weekend:

honestyseasy honestyseasy
4 weeks ago

Assorted items, including a compact refrigerator
Saturday 9 - 4

easy going guy
4 weeks ago

Maps for the Town Wide Yard will be distributed today at:
Hackettstown Municipal Bldg.....also available on website
Hackettstown BID office...............also available on website
Harpers Bagel & Bake
Jack's Scissor Wiz
Rico Pan
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this annual event in support of the
D.A.R.E program and Teen nights.
Bill Conforti

Bill Conforti Bill Conforti
4 weeks ago

Does anyone have the link for the map. I looked on both of those pages but can't find.

Thank you

Sunshine Sunshine
4 weeks ago

Thank you Jim L!!!

Sunshine Sunshine
4 weeks ago

Not on map.. 13 and 15 Dalton Road in Hunters Brook will be participating on Saturday.

Anybody selling VHS tapes? I'm looking mainly for cult flicks (horror/scifi/martial arts/etc.) and also old home recordings of movies and television shows recorded off television.

3 weeks ago

I can't help but wonder who approved the font used on Unreadable.

Mansfield is also having a townwide yard sale this weekend beginning tomorrow. This is the link for the map:

MtBethel MtBethel
3 weeks ago

Re: Town Wide Garage Sale 2018

Strange question. I had a this guy sitting on my front steps this morning, with a blinking light inside a glow stick attached. No note, does this have something to do with the garage sale which I registered for, or was ET at my house?

@Sprockets I have a bunch, but I wasn't planning to put them out. PM me if your interested.

PM sent, Denis!

Sprockets Sprockets
3 weeks ago

Denis - They're coming to take you back. ;-)

Anyone know if posting signs on main roads is allowed? I know some towns have regulations against it - I just moved here in March so I'm not sure what's allowed in Hackettstown.

Are we still posting what we'll be having at our garage sales?

Moving sale at 117 Louis Lane in Hackettstown this weekend! We will have a ton of women, junior, and men's clothes and shoes in like new condition (some designer,) dresses, a wedding gown, kitchen supplies, a guitar, barware, DVDs, books, baby stuff, sports memerobila, electronics, and SO MUCH MORE! COME ON BY!

KDT I have put signs up on the road in the past. If it's ok to do it or not I don't know but I've never had a problem with it. I just go around the next day and take them down.

littlelu littlelu
3 weeks ago

I don't know about Mansfield or Independence, but Hackettstown has never given me an issue with signs. As long as they are removed, all is good. And it's unfortunate some folks that don't ever take them down.

Good luck to everyone selling items this weekend! If you have any leftover items, please consider donating them to the Hackettstown Middle School rummage sale to benefit the Washington DC trip. The sale is May 19th and we will be post dates when we will be accepting donations soon. Any items remaining from your yard sales would be appreciated!

HMS Rummage HMS Rummage
3 weeks ago

Good to know about the rummage sale. Please remember to post donation info here.

Hackettstown Garage Sale. 9 Route 57, located behind Dr. Chi's on corner of Route 57. A lot of kid / baby cloths,crib and mattress, stoller, carseat, walker, high chair, bouncer, kitchen items, women cloths, decorations, picture frames, electric guitar and so much more. Come see us today and tomorrow 9 to 4!

Just was told about the sale. So happy it is tomorrow Sunday or I would have missed it. I am a collector of old Christmas items. Ornaments, Santas, Lights, anything Old even the silver pom pom trees. You can't guess the value. I will give you fair price. Please let me know or you can call me tonight at 2018580189.

Gail Cinone Gail Cinone
3 weeks ago

OMG- I'm pooped. Getting to old for this. Excellent day and great people!! Everyone was nice , polite and LOVED the bargains!! Thanks!!!!

Auntiel I'm so glad you had a good experience! I for one will never participate again. We barely had anyone come down our road even though we were on the map, we wasted the whole weekend for a couple bucks, I had a guy try and haggle with me over a Star Wars glass marked $1 (COME ON!), and kids who touched everything and were running around with a sharp wine bottle opener. No thanks... First and last time for me!

I really think there is a sharp decline in the number of people that actually physically go to garage sales bc of the popularity of the online garage sales via Facebook etc....

I am right on the corner of rt. 57 in the Kenwood section (prime location) and hardly anyone stopped by

H-town Mama H-town Mama
3 weeks ago

We are in Brook Hollow and had loads and loads of people stop. But also any number of drive by's. I'd just say that different areas have different experiences.

Having Hackettstown and Mansfield yard sales on the same weekend is not a good idea in my opinion.

LittlePiglet LittlePiglet
3 weeks ago

LittlePiglet, Long Valley was this week end also!

littlelu littlelu
3 weeks ago

We have noticed a decline in customers since they starting doing other towns on same weekend. We also used to get a ton of resellers and out of towners and they'd show up super early. Last year a few showed up really late and told us they did long valley first cause it's wealthier and better stuff.This year we got mostly locals and people shopping for themselves. Even though it was less people, they were nicer to deal with. Most of them bought and when they haggled they were fair. Not like in years passed people offering you $1 for $20 item cause they want to resell it. I really enjoyed this year, so many nice people. Much more of a relaxing day!

Sunshine Sunshine
3 weeks ago

I think the Town of Hackettstown is wrong in having clean-up week the weekend before the garage sale. This should follow the town garage sale.

Now I have to get rid of things.

How do you feel?

The Town has absolutely nothing to do with the the town wide sale. The sale is done by HCCP. So how is this an issue?

A) the town sets their schedule is December while the HCCP usually doesn’t confirm the date of their yard sale until February so we can’t wait for them to set their date. B) the town clean up is for household TRASH.

If you thought you had a chance to sell the item at your yard sale then it probably doesn’t belong in the dump. Better off donating it that trashing it.

I live on Mitchell, first time I've done it in about 10 years. I was mentally prepared for sometimes ridiculous haggling this time so I just took in stride as part of the experience. I actually met some very nice people. Between my friend, son, and myself we took in about $500. Bonus got rid a lot of things I was tired of looking at.

Denis, sounds like you had a very successful day!

Agreed that the towns should really coordinate so they're all not competing for the same buyers. There's not enough time to hit all of the sales in all three towns on one Saturday, or even Saturday and Sunday--especially when many sales are Saturday-only. I'd love if Mansfield was this weekend, Hackettstown next weekend, Long Valley the weekend after, etc.

Too many sales
3 weeks ago

Thanks Bessie, we were out both days. Mostly just Saturday for me.

I agree. Too many on same weekend.

Botheredbyuu2 Botheredbyuu2
3 weeks ago

This was Hackettstown’s 20th yard sale. It’s the last weekend in April. This was Mansfield’s 4th annual one so they jumped on our date. Long Valley’s was in October previously and they jumped in on our date as well. So perhaps you should contact those towns about finding their own weekend to do theirs ;)

I agree with Bernie, it used to be the other way around, with the town cleanup the weekend after the town-wide yard sale.

One man's trash is another man's treasure. It would be convenient to be able to get ride of items that didn't sell the following weekend at the cleanup instead of hanging on to them until September or trying to squeeze them into regular trash.

hktownie hktownie
3 weeks ago

Hey Jim, I have an idea. Change H-town's to October and see what the other towns do. lol. The weather is nicer. End of April has always been iffy. Cold and rainy. Although last year the weather was beautiful.

And that’s why hktownie you should donate the items that didn’t sell vs trashing them. There are plenty of companies that will come pick up your items you can schedule them to come out right after the yard sale. That’s what I did last year. Nothing I didn’t sell went back inside. They were left out and the charity came the next day and picked them all up. Win win win.

I've got enough pictures of more than one year's October snow. No thanks for October, just as iffy.

You can't please everyone. It's ALWAYS the wrong date for someone. They've run it well for 20 years now and have avoided all the Easter's and Mother's Day clashes as best they can.

Donations to Trinity, Habitat, and Salvation Army at people's discretion are year round. So there is always somewhere to take stuff. Depending on what you have there are things like Lupus or Big Brothers. Some others too. The Middle School rummage sale has timed it to make it easy to get rid of stuff. There are many opportunities to donate.

Re: Town Wide Garage Sale 2018

I just called the Veterans donating company to donate a oak tv piece. I was told they couldn't take it. I will even roll it out front. Does anybody want it for free?

Happygirl Happygirl
3 weeks ago

Churches have lots of rummage sales. Maybe you could call around and see if they want donations? My friend’s mom picked up our unpurchased items and brought them to her church.

Happygirl - Trinity will most likely take that. I suspect Habitat in Washington will to but am not sure.

Thank you for replies, I will give them a call. I just don't have a truck to transport. Just want to get rid of the piece.

Happygirl Happygirl
3 weeks ago

Re: Town Wide Garage Sale 2018

Here is the info for our drop off dates for the HMS rummage sale: We are accepting items each day M-F May 1-15 until 3:30 pm. See flyer for more details. Thanks everyone!

HMS Rummage HMS Rummage
3 weeks ago

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